books received: english

Pride of the Nations: Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam by Mahesh Sharma, P Bhalla and P.K. Das. Diamond Books (P) Ltd. New Delhi. Pages 136. Rs 95.

Winter Whispers by Arun Sharma. Frog Books (An Imprint of Zzebra) Mumbai. Pages 43. Rs 60.

The Green Dragon by Anuradha Gupta. Frog Books. Pages 69. Rs 95.

Hindu Gods And Goddesses by Suresh Narain Mathur and B K Chaturvedi. Diamond Books. Pages 79. Rs 295.

Crafting Peace in Kashmir by Verghese Koithara. Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd. New Delhi. Pages 314. Rs 350.

Adholok (two books on the same Subject) by M L Vashisht. Vashisht Publications. Phagwara Pages 176. Rs 200.

Everything Happens for a Reason by Kavita Daswani. Harper Collins Publishers. New Delhi. Pages 304. Rs 295.

Rock Pebbles (three books on the same subject). International Literary Magazine. Orissa. Pages 96. Rs 50.

Shillong : A Tribal Town in Transition by Sutapa Sengupta and Bibhas Dhar. Reliance Publishing House. New Delhi. Pages 170. Rs 325.

Pearls and Pebbles by Neela Padmanabhan. Reliance Publishing House. Pages 157. Rs 175.

Views on Development by Kristoffel Lieten. Three Essays Collective. New Delhi. Pages 99. Rs 150.

Islam by Chaman Lal Chopra. C L Chopra, V. Shilly. Solan (HP). Pages 97. Rs 50.

Limca Book Of Records 2004 by Vijaya Ghose. Ajanta Offset and Packaging Ltd, New Delhi. Pages 469. Rs 295.

The Death of a Passport by Iqbal Ramoowalia. Diamond Books. Pages 239. Rs 150.

The Magic of Vaastu Shastra by Er. R. Prasad. Published by Diamond Books. Pages 160. Rs 120.

The Mughal Peacock Throne by K.R.N. Swamy and Meera Ravi. Writers Workshop Books. Culcutta. Pages 126. Rs 200.

In Harness by A N Nanda. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 124. Rs 100.

The Supreme Sound:Gan Diva by Rajkumari. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 380. Rs 300.

Meghamitra and other Poems by G S P Rao. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 107. Rs 100.

The Lock at the Gate by G S P Rao. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 130. Rs 100.

A New God and other Poems by Kishori Lal. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 165. Rs 150.

River Poems by Mamang Dai. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 83. 100.

Images that catch the eye by Indrayanee Mukherjee. Writers Workshop Books. Pages 53. Rs 80.