Matter of vision

Care of Your Eyes
by R.K. Kapoor
UBSPD. Pages: xii+168. Rs. 175.

Care of Your EyesOur environs are getting increasingly polluted, affecting our health adversely. Eyes too are becoming prone to pollution related hazards. It's true that nature has provided several protective 'shields' to our eyes, viz., eyebrows prevent moisture from running into the eyes, eyelids close to cover the eyeballs, eyelashes act as screen to stop particles from entering the eyes. Inside the eyelids a thin membrane called conjunctiva covers the visible sclera. The salty fluid from tear glands lubricates the eyeballs and flushes out unwanted matter on the eye's surface. However, eyes remain vulnerable to infections and diseases like sty, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, cataract etc.

Kapoor has provided useful information about how to take care of our healthy eyes, and also what a patient must do in order to get maximum benefit from treatment of one's diseased eye. He mentions three cardinal principles for care, prevention and cure of eye diseases, viz., acquire practical, routine knowledge of care of healthy eyes; take adequate preventive measures to arrest eye ailments; and cooperate with the eye specialist while he's treating your eyes.

This book warns against entrusting your eyes to the dubious care of quacks.