Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Give concrete shape to your future
The boom in construction activity across the country has brightened the prospects in architecture
Manish Kumar Singal
rchitecture is one discipline that encompasses four major streams — humanities, science, art and technology — by giving shape to concepts drawn from them. It uses the philosophic wholesomeness of humanities, the logical rationalism of science, the passionate imagination of art and the inexhaustible resources of technology.

There is so much exciting work to be done in this age of rapid urbanisation and technological advancement. — Manit and Sonali Srivastava Rastogi, architects
Manit and Sonali Srivastava Rastogi

Shaping the builders of tomorrow
Manish Kumar Singal
HE School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi, is one of the pioneer institutions in the field, offering aspiring architects the best possible education and training. The institute, located at the ITO, has no branch and is 100 per cent funded. It is directly controlled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Set your sight on the job of private eye
ITH the growing incidence of corporate crimes, extra-marital affairs, burglaries and murders, detectives are very much in demand. Private investigation is a calling that beckons those looking for thrill and willing to take risks. It is especially suited to those armed with a knowledge of criminology and possessing the knack to crack knotty cases, writes Pramod Chaudhari

Networking is about give & take

by Usha Albuquerque
WHAT is networking, and why do you need it to get ahead? Networking can mean different things to different individuals. You're probably using it all the time without realising it. Think about how you find out about a new dentist, or computer repairman. How do you make your choices about what movies to see, or music to buy? How do you decide which programmes on TV to watch ? How do you know which car to buy?

Does an exit interview help to improve a company’s HR policy?

"It gives an insight into employee's psyche"

"Workers may use it to air biases against seniors"

Channels for creative writing

  • College accreditation

  • Good line for girls

Call centre English course launched
LOBAL language training major inlingua International has launched a new programme aimed at honing the English language skills of those aspiring to enter the competitive call centre industry.

  • Executive MBA programme