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Police in a fix over ex-sarpanch’s murder case
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 12
The two-week old sensational murder case of a former sarpanch of Gill village is proving to be a brain teaser for the police here. Officials have been stumped by the claims of the Amritsar police wherein the latter have claimed that four youths caught by them in a robbery case had confessed to the murder of the former village head.

This was in sharp contrast to the facts in the FIR registered against four other persons by the Ludhiana police.

The police here had claimed that they had solved the case and had even arrested one of the main accused but with the new twist in the case tale, there are many red faces in the local Police Department.

Interestingly, the only accused arrested by the city police was Charanjit Singh Channy who was allegedly involved in an unsavoury incident with a SP-rank officer here. The question weighing on the mind of the cops here is that if the claims of the Amritsar police are correct, then Channy would turn out to be a victim rather than an accused. Already there are allegations that Channy has been framed in the case to settle scores.

Former Sarpanch of Gill village, Gurcharan Singh, was brutally murdered by some unidentified youths two weeks ago.

He was shot twice and stabbed nearly 30 times in broad daylight in the village. The genesis of the trouble is in a long dispute over property.

Charanjit Singh Channy, who belonged to a rival group, was listed as the main accused. It was said that he had taken revenge for his humiliation at the hands of the rival party in the office of the senior police Officer in the city. Along with him three other persons, Sachdev Singh, Pal Singh and his son Amrik Singh were booked. They are yet to be arrested.

However, on Friday, the Amritsar police claimed to have busted a gang of robbers and arrested four youths involved in various robberies. They were identified as Amarjit Singh, Kuldip Singh, Suresh and Soni. The Amritsar police claimed in news reports that Kuldip Singh had claimed to have murdered the former Gill village sarpanch with the help of Amarjit and Suresh to avenge the humiliation of Charanjit Channy in a police officer’s office.

All of them belonged to Gill village. Kuldip Singh was the second son of Pal Singh, who is accused according in the case according to Ludhiana police. Local CIA in charge Jaswinder Singh Mangat said that the investigation by the Ludhiana police in the case was correct and they had identified the actual murderers. He claimed that Kuldip Singh had enacted a drama to save his father Pal Singh and brother Amrik Singh, both wanted in the case.

He said the case would be proved with the arrest of Pal Singh and Amrik Singh.



No resolution in sight to DMC crisis
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 12
Thanks to a casual and relaxed attitude of the administration and the managing committee of the DMC, there appears to be no resolution in sight to end the crisis in the DMC Hero Heart Centre which is closed for the past over a week. The morning meeting between the representatives of the striking employees union, the management and the district administration appears to have become a routine now with nothing substantial coming out of these meetings.

Well-placed sources in the DMC revealed that not much could be expected from the negotiations since the people negotiating on behalf of the management, including the managing committee members and the senior officers of the hospital, were not in a position to make any commitments, because the people who matter in the DMC management were yet to come forward as they continued to remain preoccupied with other engagements.

So far, about a dozen rounds of meetings have been held between the striking employees and the management, including two with the district administration. The general feeling among most of the employees who are not interested in the strike and the faculty members is that the district administration was tackling the issue as a mere law and order problem. Mr MS Jaggi, who is mediating the negotiations between the management and the striking employees said it would still take some more time to resolve the issue.

The way the negotiations are being protracted makes it apparent that there will be no solution to the issue for several days more. Senior faculty members are of the opinion that the management should make it a condition with the striking employees that they should call off their strike first and only then the negotiations should be held.

The doctors pointed out that the striking employees had nothing to lose. Ultimately they will get their salary for the strike period. It is the patients who are suffering the most, besides the hospital which is facing huge losses. Moreover, it will take a lot of time for the smooth functioning of the hospital to be restored.

A leading medical practitioner of the city maintained that the administration should not take the DMC strike as another labour dispute. “It is an issue of life and death for patients and the striking employees appear to be callously indifferent towards human lives; they do not deserve any concessions”, the doctor observed, while adding, “about 10 patients who were on ventilators struggling for life in the Hero DMC Heart Centre were forced out of the hospital by the striking employees”. He pointed out that medical services came under the Essential Services Maintenance Act and the government should invoke it to restore normalcy in the hospital. He remarked that the slow pace at which the negotiations were going on, made one wonder whether the management and the administration really understood the seriousness and gravity of the situation.



Jhande village case takes new turn
Complainant booked by police
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 12
The controversy regarding land worth crores of rupees in Jhande village took a new turn with the police booking the complainant for illegally confining his father.

The Sadar police has registered a case against Jatinder Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur under Sections 344 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of his brother Manjinder Singh. Both brothers hail from Jhande village while Jatinder Singh is presently living in Aiyali Kalan village in a rented house. No arrest has been made.

According to the FIR, Manjinder Singh had alleged that his father, Mr Amrik Singh had been staying with his brother and his wife for the past many years. But on August 24, the couple drugged the old man with an injection which caused damage to his mind to him and he became mentally upset. He alleged that the accused did so as he wanted to grab the property of his father by getting his signatures on a deed or a will.

Both brothers have been levelling allegations and counter-allegations at each other that they were eyeing five acres of land worth Rs 2 crore owned by their father. While Jatinder Singh had been alleging that his brother supported by some villagers had been trying to grab the land of his father, who had disowned Manjinder some years ago, Manjinder had been alleging that his father was being kept in illegal confinement.

Mr Jatinder Singh had been alleging that his brother was trying to kidnap his father after he had learnt that he suffered from a neurological disorder. He added that his father was suffering from HSV encephalitis and was admitted to CMC hospital also for some days.

He alleged that on August 24, his brother, his wife and their cousin had visited their rented house to enquire about the health of his father. But when they knew that he was not feeling very healthy they allegedly connived to abduct him only to make him sign on some papers.

Interestingly, the case has seen various inquiries by the district administration and most of these have always reported in favour of Jatinder Singh. On the other hand most of the villagers and Sarpanch of Jhande village are supporting Manjinder Singh.

Ms Sukhjinder Kaur, the sarpanch of Jhande village alleged that Amrik Singh, had himself told Manjinder, in her presence that he was being beaten up and injected sedatives everyday. She said that Jatinder Singh had forced his father to sign on an affidavit by him declaring disowning of the younger one.

She claimed that Manjinder, his wife alongwith some villagers had gone to meet the old man at Jatinder’s place in Aiyali Kalan village on August 24 but the latter did not allow him to talk to them and gave him sedatives. She claimed that he was even beaten up by his son and he had pleaded before them they he wanted to go back.

Mr Jatinder Singh, however produced a certificate by Dr Mohit Walia of Department of Neurology, CMC issued on August 17 that ‘‘Mr Amrik Singh was admitted with a diagnosis of HSV encephalitis from July 21 to August 3 in CMC hospital. He improved but had significant residual cognitive impairment which may improve over months. Till then he will not be able to give any statement before any authority.’’



Pakistan legal expert hopeful of Indo-Pak detente
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 12
Chaudhary Mohammad Anwar Bhinder, legal adviser to Pakistan Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, today said that Indo-Pak relations were heading in the right direction as the rulers of the two countries were adopting a positive approach to solve the pending issues. Mr Bhinder was here at the residence of Mr Ratinder Singh Bhinder, who he said, was his “blood” cousin.

Chaudhary Mohammad Anwar is also the chairman of the Functional Committee of the Government of Pakistan. He has served twice as the Speaker of the Pakistan National Assembly and once as the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly. He was here as one of the members of a delegation of parliamentarians which had come to Delhi and Chandigarh, under the leadership of Mr Gohar Ayub Khan, a former External Affairs Minister of Pakistan.

He maintained that Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf was quite serious about solving the Kashmir problem as it was the root cause of the strained relations between the two countries. And he is being supported by the people of the country in his mission.

Mr Bhinder maintained that he had seen a visible change in the mood of people on the both sides of border and there was a growing yearning for peace and cooperation. He said, he was very much impressed with the progress made in this part of Punjab in both rural as well as urban areas. He said, while the rural Punjab was flourishing in agriculture, the urban Punjab had set new records in industrial growth and it was an outstanding combination. He was so much fascinated by the progress over here that he visited all the parts of the state and stayed here for six days.

Chaudhary Mohd Anwar had specially come here to meet Mr Pritam Singh Bhinder, who he said was his uncle. The Bhinders originally belonged to village Aroop in district Gujranwala. The Bhinders belonged to both the Muslim as well as Sikh religions and there are strong ties between the members of the two communities who believed they have common origin. Mr Anwar said, he was so much impressed by the warmth and hospitality extended to him by the people here and at no point of time he felt that he was in some foreign land. “It looked as if I was staying in my own home with same people, same fields, same buildings, same language and much more”, he pointed out.



Caste discrimination rampant in state,
says SC/ST panel

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 12
Unlike the visible caste discrimination in states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, it is more deep rooted in Punjab and is being practiced more subtly, observes former member of the National SC /ST Commission Harinder Singh Khalsa, who is also the chief patron of the Vishv Guru Ravidass Mission. He was addressing mediapersons at the local Circuit House today. It is a matter of concern that such discrimination was rampant in a state like Punjab which is not only prosperous but also enjoys a high literacy rate, he said.

Mr Khalsa said there were numerous instances in Punjab where the police and bureaucrats had deliberately harmed the interests of the dalits just because they had dared to stand up to upper class.

He said a minor Dalit girl of Killi Nihalsinghwala in Bathinda District was raped by a 50-year-old man but no action was taken by the police even after a week. It was on their intervention that a medical examination was conducted and a case registered. Sadly, the case was later dropped by the police just because the accused belonged to upper caste.

In yet another case, he said a sarpanch of Bonkar Gujran village in Ludhiana district was murdered about two months ago. Instead of investigating the case, the brother of the deceased, who is a Deputy Superintendent of Jails, got the Dalit sarpanch of the village, Amarjit Singh, picked up by the Batala CIA staff.

He was tortured by the police but he did not confess to the crime. Amarjit suffered serious injuries and was under treatment at the local Civil Hospital. The Batala SSP had washed his hands off the entire matter, he alleged.

Mr Khalsa said they had written to the Chief Minister and the DGP to get the cases investigated so that the Dalits in the state feel safe. In case, the needful was not done, the spread of lawlessness on the part of police officers could not be curbed.



MCPI flays ‘anti-people’ policies of UPA govt
Our Correspondent

Doraha, September 12
A meeting of the MCPI (Marxist Communist Party of India) was held here today under the president- ship of Pawan Kumar Kaushal. Providing details of the proceedings of the meeting, Mr Jandeep Kaushal, secretary, MCPI, Doraha, said the existing socio-political and economic issues were discussed at the meeting.

Putting forth his views, he said selling public sector units to multinational companies under the guidance of the World Bank was against the interests of the common man.

The UPA government led by the Congress and supported by the Left parties i.e. CPM CPI, RSP and Forward Block is pursuing policies of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation firmly. The government had increased the prices of petrol and diesel and LPG repeatedly despite opposition from the Left parties and cut EPF interest rate to 8.5 per cent. The Left parties could do nothing except for showing resentment. Handing over the control of telecommunication to foreigners is going to prove disastrous for the internal security of the country, he added.

Members expressed the view that the Left parties should withdraw their support to the government and resist the “anti-people” policies of the government.

Mr Lakwinder Singh Buani, Mr Kuldeep Singh, Mr Parveen Kumar, Mr Swarn Singh and Mr Sukhdev Singh were also present in the meeting.



Councillor rescues unknown child
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 12
A local municipal councillor has rescued a helpless child who had been frisked away from the local railway station after he was left behind on Friday night. He had got down from the train here to have water and could not board the train. He was travelling along with his father.

Sandeep Kumar (12), who is unable to tell his address, had started his journey from Ludhiana along with his father on Friday night. While his father was asleep, he had dropped at the local railway station to take water. The helpless child was noticed by Mr Mohinder Singh Multani, a local municipal councillor, who has been taking his care since then.

Fragments of conversation with the puzzled child showed that he originally belonged to Haryana. His father, Mr Ramesh Kumar, worked in Delhi. He has a brother, Raju, and a sister, Sunam. They were returning to Haryana after visiting his maternal uncle, Amit, at Ludhiana.

Mr Multani has now approached media to help the child reach his parents. Mr Multani may be contacted on his mobile number 9814775960.



Impressive artefacts on display
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 12
Twenty craftsmen from different states have put up their creations under the aegis of the Akhil Bhartiya Dastkar Samiti at Nehru Sidhant Kender from September 10 to 19. The craftsmen are recognised by the Development Commissioner (Handicraft), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

Colourful Khurja pottery shows the skills of a potter in creating different articles. Handloom fabrics intricately woven by Orissa artisans in sober colours are attractive. They have woven bedcovers, dresses and shawls besides fabrics for dresses. Hyderabadi jewellery made out of stones depicts the craftsmenship of centuries-old jewellery setters of courts of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Leather bags in different designs are captivating and colourful. Artificial jewellery vies with real jewellery. The purpose of the Akhil Bhartiya Dastkar is to bring the dastkars’ work directly to customers and remove middlemen.



Bairagi Mahamandal to enrol 3 lakh members
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 12
The Bairagi Mahan Mandal, Punjab has drawn up a comprehensive programme to enrol three lakh members by the end of this year. Giving this information, Mr Krishan Kumar Bawa, President of the mandal said that on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Bairagi Baba Banda Singh Bahadur on October 16, the madal would organise functions at six places in the state.

Mr Bawa informed that to make arrangements for these functions, various sub-committees had been formed. The mandal has also begun the exercise to celebrate 300th anniversary of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur in 2010. Mr Bawa released membership forms at a function held her today.



Foundation to work for uplift of the poor
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, September 12
A meeting of office-bearers of the Gobind Foundation International was held at Dehlon village near here, yesterday. Mr Jagjit Singh Mukandpuri, Director of Punjab Energy Development Agency and chairman of the foundation, presided over the meeting.

Mr Mukandpuri said the foundation would confine its functioning to the service of weaker sections of society only and no person associated with it would be allowed to take political mileage. Besides arranging medical, eye and blood donation camps, it would try to make people aware about various evils of the modern society. 



Office-bearers of Dasehra and Ram Lila committees
Our Correspondent

Samrala, September 12
The followings have been elected as officer-bearers of the Dasehra Committee here President — Surinder Kumar Thukral, Chairman — Mr Gurmel Singh Raju; Senior Vice-President — Barinder Singh; Vice-Chairman — Raj Kumar Thapar; Vice-President — Jagjit Singh Jaggu; Joint-Secretary — Harchand Lal Mattu and Mela In charge Karamjeet Singh.

Mr Satish Khullar is elected President of the Ram Lila Committee, here and Chairman Mr S.K. Vashishat, Vice-Chairman — Gurmel Singh Kang; General-Secretary — Ashwani Kaushal and Chief Patron — Raj Kumar Kaushal Advocate.



Man beaten up over land dispute
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 12
The Koom Kalan police has registered a case on the statement of Mr Preetam Singh, a resident of Koom Kalan village, against Arjan Singh, Avtar Singh, Biri, Palwinder Singh Channi, Kuldeep Singh and some other persons accompanying them.

The complainant had stated that because of an on-going dispute over the shamlat land of the village, the accused forced their way into his house, beat him up and also threatened him on Friday night. No arrest has been made so far.

Cases of fraud: The Civil Lines police yesterday registered a case on the statement of Ms Neelam, who lives in Fauji Mohalla near Ramsar Gurdwara, against Sanjay Sharma.

The complainant had stated that she had paid Rs 11,600 to the accused as membership fee of a software company which promised to pay Rs 4,500 per member recruited by her. But the accused locked up their office and ran away, added the complainant. No arrest has been made so far.

On the statement of Mr Ajit Singh, managing director of a construction company located on the main road in Model Town, the police registered a case against Jasbir Singh, owner of Panjab Glass House in Dhian Singh Complex.

The complainant had stated that he had drawn an agreement with the accused according to which he was to fix glasses of the City Tower in Model Town. But the accused used material of a low quality. When he was asked to explain it, the accused threatened the complainant.

Gamblers held: The Division No 6 police yesterday arrested Rai Chand Gupta, Arun Piara, Ashwani Kumar, and Sham Sunder and booked them under the Gambling Act.

The police said today that the accused were gambling at a public park opposite the Manju Cinema on Saturday afternoon when they were arrested. A deck of playing cards and Rs 820 were seized from their possession, added the police.

Liquor seized: The Model Town police arrested Sewa Singh and Mani Chand from near the unmanned crossing on the Dhuri railway lines and seized nine bottles of whisky from their possession. They have been booked them under the Excise Act.

The Sahnewal police arrested Mewa Singh, a resident of Barwala village, and seized 12 bottles of Bagpiper whisky from his possession and booked him under the Excise Act. The accused was intercepted in Kot Gangu Rai village on Saturday evening, said the police.

3 booked for assault:
Bhupinder Singh, Surjit Singh, Buta Singh of Tusse village have been booked on the statement of Mohinder Singh of the same village by the Sudhar police. According to the information, the trio assaulted the complainant due to a land dispute.

Poppy husk seized: The police in three separate incidents has seized 58.5kg of poppy husk, arrested three persons , whereas one is alleged to have managed to escape.

The Jagraon police arrested Balwinder Singh of Sheikh daulat near Nanaksar and seized 15kg of poppy husk from his possession. In another incident, the Dakha police arrested Nirmal Singh of Faridpur in the Bhanaur area and seized 12.5 kg of poppy husk.

In another whereas case, the Humbran police has arrested Binder Singh of Bhoali and seized 31 kg of the narcotic whereas his accomplice Buta Singh of Bhode managed to flee.

The police has registered cases under Sections 15, 61, 85 of the NDPS Act against the accused.



Survey on aviation industry
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 12
Air Hostesses and Flight Stewards of Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training here conducted a survey on 200 Ludhianavis for aspects of profession in the aviation industry.

The respondents were given a questionnaire. As much as 48.5 per cent respondents said an air hostess should be caring and friendly while only 12 per cent said she should be beautiful. They preferred communication skills as topmost trait of an air hostess/flight steward followed by smartness and good looks. As to what are the two disadvantages of cabin crew as a profession, the answers were ‘separation from family’ and ‘odd working hours’

The respondents preferred Indian Airlines to Jet Airways, Air India and Air Sahara.

The winners of the slogan contest for aviation / cabin crew are Mr Dinesh Jain and Ms Richa Mongia.


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