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GNEC students block traffic
Allege manhandling of a student by teacher
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 14
Students of Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College boycotted classes and blocked the Ludhiana-Malerkotla road for two hours today morning and again in the evening to protest against the alleged manhandling of a student by a college teacher.

The police had succeeded in lifting the road blockade in the morning and mediated between the students and college authorities.

However, the talks failed and the students again blocked the road. The dharna was on till the filing of this report.

The authorities have denied the charge and alleged that few students of the third year, who had failed in the examination, were holding the college to ransom for the past one month in order to force Punjab Technical University for a re-examination.

Mr R.P. Singh, Principal of the college, said the college teachers were just preventing these students from bullying other students, especially girls, to boycott classes.

“As the plan of the students failed, they resorted to levelling false charges against a teacher” he said.

He claimed that girl students had complained to him that some boys were forcing and teasing them if they attended classes. He also claimed that majority of the students were willing to attend classes but were gripped by the fear-psychosis of these few students.

The incident took place at about 9.30 a.m. when a teacher, Mr J.S. Jha, confronted a student, Akaljot Singh, who was stopping some girls from attending classes.

The students and the college authorities have different version about the sequence of events. A spokesman of the students, Amrinder Singh Sekhon, claimed that the teacher had slapped the boy while the authorities claimed that the teacher did not use any physical force to do so.

The students claimed that the college authorities were willing for apologising in private to the student concerned but this was not acceptable to them, as the students want nothing less than suspension of the teacher and an apology before all students. The authorities, however, claimed that there was no scope of any apology by the teacher, as he did not manhandle the student. The Principal claimed that he had complained about the student's behaviour to his father, who is a Superintendent Engineer with the Punjab State Electricity Board.

Mr R.P. Singh said they had not interfered with the month-long strike of the students of the third year against the PTU. However, students in other colleges had started conducting the classes recently. He was informed by his teachers that though majority of the students were willing to attend classes, few students were preventing them from reaching the college by stopping them outside the premises.

The college authorities have already informed the parents of the striking students by post.



DMC managing panel to consider employees’ demands
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 14
At last some headway appears to have been made in the ongoing negotiations between the striking employees of the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital and the managing committee being conducted by the SDM West, Mr MS Jaggi. For the first time the managing committee agreed to consider the charter of demands submitted by three separate factions of the employees with each of these claiming itself to be the real representative of the employees.

Mr Jaggi, who conducted the latest round of talks, told Ludhiana Tribune that he was hopeful about the resolution of the problem in a couple of days. He said, the charter of demands submitted by the unions was forwarded to the managing committee. The managing committee on its part sought two days time to consider and examine various legal aspects of the demands. Another round of talks will now be held day after tomorrow (on Thursday).

However, the employees refused to withdraw their strike till then. They have been insisting that they will continue with their strike till their demands are not met. It needs to be mentioned that only one faction of the employees led by Chander Mohan Kalia has been enforcing the strike in the Hero DMC Heart Centre, while the other two employees’ unions want the work to be restored in the Heart Centre also.

Mr Jaggi said, for the first time during the several rounds of negotiations he had observed a positive approach among all the participating groups. “Our efforts are likely to bear the fruit in a couple of days as the managing committee has assured that it will consider and examine the legal aspects of the demands of the employees”, he said, while expressing confidence that the normal functioning of the Heart Centre will be resumed soon.

Meanwhile a spokesperson of the Dayanand Medical College and the Hospital sought to clarify that the functioning of the hospital was normal and it was only the Hero DMC Heart Centre which is closed. The spokesperson clarified that only the Hero DMC Heart Centre, which is a unit of the DMCH was closed and it should not be confused with the main hospital which was functioning normally. 



Fresh probe sought into Malta tragedy
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 14
The Malta Boat Tragedy Probe Mission has expressed resentment over the insensitiveness of the Punjab and Central Governments towards the sufferers of the Malta Boat Tragedy. Addressing a press conference here today, the chairman of the mission, Mr Balwant Singh Khera, said the submissions of the probe mission were never acknowledged by the former Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee and former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and also the present Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, and the Chief Minister, Capt Amrinder Singh.

Mr Khera observed that there was no coordination and understanding about this tragedy between the Central and state governments as to what lies in the domain of the union or the state governments for probing, execution and following up the criminal cases against the mafia members in various countries.

He said in Punjab Assembly the issue was raised by the then MLA, Mr Avinash Khanna (now MP ). In reply, Mr Amarjit Singh Samra, State Minister for Revenue, Agriculture and Rehabilitation, had stated on the floor of the House that 79 persons had died in this tragedy. On the other hand, the CBI FIR mentioned that 170 young men died in this tragedy. He said the government had compensated the bereaved families, whereas the fact was that the entire amount allocated for the purpose has not been distributed and some amount was still lying with the Deputy Commissioners as ‘not disbursed’.

Mr Khera, stated Mr B.P. Singhal, Member, Rajya Sabha, had also raised this issue in the Rajya Sabha. He said it was surprising that the then Minister of State for External Affairs, Mr Vinod Khanna who belongs to Punjab had told the House that the number of victims was 300 and the Government of India had only provided a list of 79 victims to the Punjab government.

He observed that it was a criminal act on the part of the government and the CBI not to identify other victims till now. He said, Mr Avinash Rai Khanna, member, Lok Sabha raised this issue to which Mr E. Ahmad, State Minister, replied that about 166-175 persons were estimated to have died and the Punjab government had compensated 79.

Mr Khera urged the Prime Minister to feel pain of bereaved families and order an inquiry by a retired Supreme Court Judge in this matter and provide justice to the bereaved families and punish human traffickers. 



Patwaris to go on mass leave
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 14
Activists of the Revenue Patwar Union, Ludhiana today threatened that they would go on a protest mass leave from September 27 if the Vigilance case against, Rajinder Pal Singh, a patwari was not withdrawn.

This was stated today by Mr Darshan Kumar, general secretary of the union who said that the decision was taken in a meeting of the patwaris held under the leadership of Mr Varinder Rikhi. He said that all the patwaris of the district would boycott office for 10 days if they were not heard by the state government.

He said that Rajinder Pal Singh, who was posted as a patwari at Macchian Kalan village was an honest man and Vigilance Bureau had allegedly framed him in a false corruption case. He threatened that if the false case was not withdrawn they would be forced to intensify their agitation against the state government. He said that they would be organising rallies in the state against the case.

Mr Darshan Kumar claimed that the accused had the support of entire panchayat and villagers of Macchian Kalan as he was known for working sincerely. He produced an affidavit by the sarpanch and panchayat of the village that claimed that the accused patwari had never demanded any money from them and was framed by some persons who wanted to settle some score with him.



One jailed for life for killing woman
Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 14
Mr Baldev Singh, Sessions Judge has sentenced Nachhatar Singh of Payal to rigorous life imprisonment, on the charge of murdering his neighbour, Surjit Kaur in October 2001. A fine of Rs 5000 was also imposed upon the accused.

Delivering the verdict, Mr Baldev Singh held that the prosecution had successfully proved that the accused murdered the woman with sharp edged weapon. Keeping in view the gravity of offence, the judge turned down the plea of leniency raised by the accused.

The accused was booked under Sections 302, 323 and 324 of IPC at Payal Police Station on October 31, 2001 following the statement of Amarjit Singh, son of deceased.

The complainant had stated to the police that the accused was residing in the adjoining house. He used to skin of animals and number of times used to bring the skin of animals at his home. Due to the bad smell of skin of animals, they felt tortured.

Several times myself and my parents had requested the accused not to bring the skin of animals at his home due to bad smell. But he did not pay any heed. Even once the matter went to the Panchayat village. Accused started nursing grudge against their family, added complainant.

On the day of incident, he was taking meals at his home and his wife Jaswinder Kaur was also sitting with him. Meanwhile accused armed with sharp-edged weapon entered into their house and started hurling abuses. When my wife resisted, he attacked with the sharp-edged weapon. My mother-Surjit Kaur intervened to stop the accused. But in anger he inflicted several injuries and she died on the spot, further added the complainant.

However during the trial accused pleaded not guilty and claimed false implication. But the prosecution evidence proved that he murdered the woman and sent to jail.



Travel agent held on charge of cheating
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, September 14
A travel agent, who allegedly duped a resident of Kohara besides some other people of Chandigarh, was arrested today by the Sahnewal police and presented in the court.

The travel agent, Kuldip Singh, son of Mr Shadi Ram of Badala in Jalandhar and now a resident of Kohara, has been booked under Sections 406 and 420 of the IPC at the local police station on the complaint of Mr Sham Lal, son of Mr Bheem Sen of the same village.

Mr Sham Lal alleged that Kuldip Singh duped him and his (Sham Lal’s) son, Lakhwinder Singh, whom he had promised to send abroad in the next few months.

On the contrary, he behaved differently after extracting Rs 49,000 and his son's passport.

Mr Sham Lal also complained that Kuldip Singh had duped several other innocent people like him.



Ludhiana Calling

Strike appears to have become a habit with a self-claimed union of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. For the past about 10 days, the functioning in the Hero DMC Heart Centre has been paralysed after some of these employee leaders went on strike and forced several patients out of the hospital. However, the working in the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, which is the parent institution of the Hero DMC Heart Centre, has mostly remained unaffected. The self-styled leaders have made the strike a regular feature of their agenda and they resort to it at regular intervals. Occasionally they even try to intimidate senior faculty members to maintain their pressure (bullying value) within the hospital. Regretfully, the management of the hospital has repeatedly failed to tackle the lumpen elements of the hospital, who have from time to time manhandled a medical superintendent, the Director of the institution and even the secretary of the managing committee. Obviously these elements got encouraged and in the name of trade unionism held the entire institution to ransom. The best thing would have been a strict and strong action against these elements, who have vitiated the peaceful atmosphere of the hospital. Usually, a strike in a medical institution is quite unheard of. And the activities the striking employees resorted to cannot even be imagined. Yet all this happened that the patients, including several on life support system, were forced out of the hospital, while the management watched mutely. The management needs to settle the issue once for all. It should isolate the mischievous elements and take strict action against them. Moreover, the management must not at any cost succumb to the pressure and blackmail.

Parking blues

Parking happens to be the worst problem in Ludhiana. Without exception all roads in the city remain parked with vehicles on both sides. The worst hit include the Mall Road, the Ghumar Mandi, the Chaura Baza, the Malhar Road and so many others. In fact any mention of any road in the city brings the parking nightmare to mind. Added to it is the encroachments by the shopkeepers in these markets. The height of callousness is such that while on the one hand the shopkeepers encroach parts of the road, on the other hand they park their vehicles there. Then comes the customer who also parks his/her vehicle on the already choked road. The traffic police needs to get strict with the parking violations. About a couple of years ago, the traffic police had introduced one-way system in the Ghumar Mandi area. The system had worked quite well as it had helped the smooth passage of the traffic. But the protest by the shopkeepers as they thought it hit their business forced the police to reverse its decision. The shopkeepers had committed that they will not park their vehicles in front of their shops nor will they keep their goods along the road. But the commitments remained unfulfilled and now it is back to square one. The traffic police should at least introduce the traffic diversion/one-way system during the morning and evening peak hours.

VIP menace

VIPs may think that they are demigods as long as they are in power, but the common man residents thinks otherwise. Every time a VIP passes through the city streets with an escort vehicle equipped with hooters, the number of abuses he invites is anybody's guess. Several accidents in the city are caused regularly with overzealous traffic policemen trying to bring the traffic to a halt to make the VIP pass without giving any notice to passing vehicles to stop. There is hardly any road that does not see siren from VIP vehicles with red light on top zipping to and fro. Some residents suggest that rather than putting up with the nonsense, the Ludhianvis must unite to seek a promise from politicians before polls that if they are voted to power, they would respect the ordinary citizens' right to move on the roads.

Red light

Even as the Punjab Government has restricted the use of red light to a select group of officials and VIPs, the lower-level officials in the city don’t care for such instructions. Almost every vehicle, may it belong to a SHO of a police station or a Tehsildar; most of them have a red light fixed atop the vehicle. It is largely felt that mere instructions are unlikely to have any impact on the violators. Only a strict action like confiscation of the vehicle may ultimately help the government effectively implement its own orders.

VCD release

A city-based entertainment company has released a VCD that it claims provides new light on the life of Bhagat Singh. The VCD claims that the new findings are based on long research that has been highlighted through the lectures of one Narinder Kumar. The VCD talks about the role of certain national leaders in the hanging of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Initially the VCD has been released for private viewing, but would be shortly released for the public.

No response

The other day a house in Sarabha Nagar caught fire. The scared residents ran out crying for help. Panicked they could not ring up the Fire Brigade from their house. After coming they started looking for a cell phone so that they could inform the fire office for help. Suddenly, a neighbour came for their help and started dialling 101 from his mobile. He was shocked to find out that the answering machine was constantly repeating that the number was not available. Thinking there was some problem with the network, the panicked neighbour tried to call up at 100. But to no avail. He received the same response while calling on this phone also. While the residents gathered on the spot had already controlled the fire, none of them could contact the Fire Brigade. Thanks to the great services offered by the mobile company. Residents said, ‘‘What was the use of having a connection from these companies if they were not able to provide the access to the most urgent public phone numbers?’’

— Sentinel



BSP workers’ dharna outside mini secretariat
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 14
Hundreds of workers of the Bahujan Samaj Party staged a dharna outside the Mini Secretariat housing the offices of the Deputy Commissioner and the Senior Superintendent of Police to protest against the “unruly remarks” published by a Hindi-language daily about Ms Mayawati, BSP supremo.

The workers marched to the Mini Secretariat from the Jagraon bridge holding blue party flags. Speaker after speaker told the workers about the “insult” and the “damage” the newspaper had sought to heap on the bahujan samaj by publishing “conspiratorial” comments on Ms Mayawati. They maintained that Mayawati had been gravely wronged by the newspaper. The speakers also expressed their anguish over the fact that the newspaper concerned had merely expressed regrets but not an apology. Later, some copies of the newspaper were burnt. Earlier, some BSP leaders could be seen cajoling newsmen to wait for the burning of the neewspaper’s copies.

Among those who addressed the workers were Mr Parkash Singh Jandali, general secretary, BSP, Punjab, who is in charge of Ludhiana zone, Mr Shiv Chand Gogi, Mr Sukhdev Singh Dhamot, Mr Mohinder Singh Dhandari, Mr Gurmel Singh, a senior BSP leader of the state, Mr Hardev Singh Jarg, Mr Ram Murti, Mr Bahadur Singh Sarinh, Mr Manoj Bagga and Mr Ram Chander Yadav.

Others present on the occasion included Mr Darshan Singh Sunet, Mr Hans Raj, Mr Ashok Kumar, Mr Balvir Singh, Mr Baldev Singh Gill, Mr Suresh Kumar, Mr Balwinder Bitta, Mr Tejinder Singh Kilaraipur, Mr Mukand Singh Dakha, Mr Bharpur Singh Dehlon, Mr Shankar Dass, Mr Surjit Singh and Mr Bansi  Lal Premi.



BJP traders’ cell rues power cuts
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 14
A meeting of the Trade and Industrial Cell of the BJP, Ludhiana was held at here today to take stock of the sorry plight of the industry due to "complete failure of Congress government" on the issue of electricity shortage and the silence of various other trade organisations on the issue of service tax on job work like heat treatment, nickle and zink plating.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Lalit Sharma, president of the cell. He said that the secret of the growth of Ludhiana as industrial hub of North India has been the fact that had successfully set up small units with small investments and are dependent on the large industry which hands out work to them.

He observed that the proposal of the service tax will make the large industrial units to set up facilities in-house rendering the tiny units sick. This will further result in increase in unemployment.

The meeting was attended by Mr Sat Pal Gosain, President Trade and Industrial cell BJP Punjab.Also present were Mr Arun Katyal, General Secretary Ludhiana, Mr Atul Mehta, V. President Mr Achabber Singh, V President , Mr Ashish Sanwalka, Secretary.

All Executive members of the Ludhiana Cell were also present. 



Police holds de-addiction workshop at Jagraon
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 14
A drug awareness seminar cum workshop was organised here today jointly by the Jagraon police and Apex, a non-governmental organisation at Jagraon today.
Doctors, psychologists and educationists delivered talks to make the students and the public in general aware of the harmful effects of various intoxicants including liquor, puppy-husk, opium, smack, charas and other narcotics.

Mr Jarnail Singh Dhaliwal, SP (HQ), Jagraon, inaugurated the seminar. Dr Ashok Sharma from Apex Mr Randhir Singh, DSP, Jagraon and Mr B.S. Kanda, In charge, drug awareness committee, were present on the occasion.

Dr Rajiv Gupta of Manas Psychology and Drug De-Addiction Centre, Ludhiana delivered a lecture on drugs while Dr Paramjit Singh Khurana from Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Ludhiana, gave a talk on the ‘rehabilitation of drug addicts after treatment.’

Dr Ashok Sharma spoke on ‘Psychology of Addiction’ while Prof Baldev Singh, DIET, Jagraon, expressed his views on ‘reasons, indulgence and freedom from drugs.’ Dr Satish Sharma, Principal DAV College, Jagraon, also spoke on the occasion.



Thousands throng Gajju Baba's shrine
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 14
Thousands of Thapars as well as non-Thapars gathered at the smadhi sthal of Baba Gajju ji Thapar in street number 7 of Gurdev Nagar to pay obeisance to the holyman here today.

The occasion , which is held annually, draws thousands of Thapar families from all over the country and abroad as well. To begin the proceedings, a havan yajna was held.

Mr Rajesh Thapar, a spokesman for the Thapar Biradari, told Ludhiana Tribune that the first Thapars had come to India from Afghanistan about 300 years ago. They had brought along with them some soil and a few bricks from the smadh sthal of Baba Gajju Ji Thapar there and rebuilt the same here. A langar was also held on the occasion.

Among those present on the occasion were Mr Bal Krishan Thapar, Mr Sardari Lal Thapar, Mr Dilbagh Rai Thapar, Mr Sarv Krishan Thapar, Mr Vijay Thapar, Mr Sunil Thapar, Mr Munish Thapar, Mr Jagat Mohan, Mr Ashwani Thapar, Mr Pardeep Thapar, Mr Naresh Chander Thapar and Mr Vipan Thapar. 



Female dog mothers four kittens
Naveen S Garewal  and P.S Batra
Tribune News Service

Samrala, September 14
This is a lesson that man has to learn from the animals. This dog has proved that it is not only man’s best friend, but also as caring for other living beings. These days Dainy, a female dog is rearing four kittens separated from their mother. Dainy is not only providing the much needed warmth and comfort of a mother, but also feeding the kittens with her own milk.

It so happened that some time ago, a cat decided to deliver a kittens in bus of Punjab Public School Ropalan, 10 km from Samrala. But to her ill-luck, the time of the delivery coincided with the school break of the children. It was while the bus was on its way back to drop the kids that some school students noticed the cat and the newly born kittens. The excitement that followed scared the cat, who fled leaving behind her kin.

On his return to the school, the bus driver brought the matter to the notice of the school Principal, Mrs. Gurminder Kaur. Without wasting any time, the principal herself got the kittens and had them removed to safety. Attempts were initially made to feed the kittens with the help of a feeding bottles. But what happened next startled everyone. Dainy, a pet of the principal took to the kittens as if they were her own pups.

The motherly affection that transpired between Dainy and the four kittens was beyond anyone’s comprehension. She immediately took over the task the cat had left unfinished by quirk of fate. It’s been over a week now and Dainy and the four kittens are in perfect harmony with each other. Though initially, the principal’s family and some members of the school staff were apprehensive about the kittens being attacked by Dainy, but the dog’s response has been unbelievable.

“We had heard of such stories, but never seen anything like this before”, says Mrs. Gurminder Kaur. The relationship is for all school children and the teachers to see now. The impact on the students has been far beyond one could imagine and everyone in the school is now talking about compassion and universal brotherhood.

It appears that Kittens and Dainy to realise their beautiful bond and cherish each moment together. They are even too obliging and pose for anyone wanting to click their pictures together.



Mentally challenged youth kills father 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 14
Ashok Kumar, alias Pitter, a mentally challenged youth living in Laddowal village, near here, was booked for culpable homicide not amounting to murder under Section 304 of the IPC for allegedly killing his father in a fit of rage.

According to the FIR lodged with the Sadar police by Jaswinder Singh alias Bhinda, son of the deceased man, his brother, Ashok Kumar, is a mentally challenged youth. On Sunday, he entered into a verbal duel with his father, Bhag Ram, 65, who hit his son with a stick. In a fit of rage, Ashok Kumar picked up a sickle and hit his father in the head. Bhag Ram was taken to the DMC hospital where he died the next day.

One killed: The Focal Point police has registered a case on the statement of Mr Major Singh, who is employed as a security guard in Vardhman Mill, against Jasvir Singh, who lives in Rattonke village near Amritsar.

The complainant had stated that the accused, who was driving a truck, had hit a Gypsy being driven by Mohinder Singh outside Gurdwara Kutia Sahib on the Chandigarh road in Jamalpur. Mohinder Singh died on the spot. Balvir Singh, who was travelling along with Mohinder Singh, was seriously injured and admitted to the CMC Hospital on Monday. No arrest has been made so far.

Sodomy case: An eight-year-old boy was allegedly sodomised by a butcher in his meat shop near Dholewal chowk late last night. The child is under treatment in a city hospital. The accused was arrested by the Division No. 6 place today evening. Police sources said the accused, Raunak Singh, had lured the minor boy into his shop late last night by offering him a ‘toffee’. However, he sodomised him inside the shop and then threatened to cut him into pieces with a knife. The fear-struck child did not dare to tell his parents anything till the morning. His father, a rehri-owner took him to a hospital and also complained to the police. Sources said a case under Section 377 of the IPC has been registered against the accused.

Dowry case: The division number 6 police has registered a case under Sections 406 and 498-A of the IPC on the statement of Puja, who lives in street number 13 of Hargobind Nagar, against her husband, Rajinder Singh, mother-in-law, Inderjit Kaur, Amarjit Singh, Surjit Singh and Swaran Singh, who live in New Colony in Industrial Area at Ambala Cantonment.

The woman had stated to the police that after her marriage in April ,1997, the accused had been harassing her and demanding more dowry.

TV recovered: The Shimla Puri police yesterday arrested Jagtar Singh, who lives in Preet Nagar, and recovered a stolen colour TV set from him. Jagtar Singh has been booked under Sections 380 and 411 of the IPC.

Assault: On the statement of Ms Gaganpreet Kaur Sandhu, who lives in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, the Sarabha Nagar police yesterday registered a case against Hemant Kamal, who is stated to be a son of the SMO, Civil Hospital, Jalandhar. The complainant had stated that the accused had forced his way into her house and beaten her up. Before going away, the accused threatened her also, added the complainant.

Bookie held: The division number 7 police yesterday arrested Anil Kumar, alias Tony, who lives on the Tibba road and booked him under the Gambling Act. The police said today that it had got a tip-off that the accused was openly indulging in booking ‘satta’ and ‘darra’ bets in Indira Puri on the Tajpur Road following which it raided the place and arrested the accused. The accused was later bailed out, added the police.

Injured: The Civil Lines police yesterday registered a case on the statement of Mr Sukhchain Singh, who lives in Ranchi Colony on the Threekay road, against an unknown driver of a Tata-407 vehicle.

The complainant had stated that on Thursday last, he was going on his scooter when the accused hit him at Ghumar Mandi chowk and sped away.

Woman held: The division number 8 police yesterday arrested Kashmir Kaur, who lives in street number 7 of Guru Arjan Dev Nagar, and booked her on the statement of constable Gurdev Singh. The complainant had stated that he was on security duty at the police lines. The accused quarrelled with him and interfered in the discharge of his duty on Monday , added the complainant. The woman was later bailed out, said the police today.

Two booked:
The Dakha police, on the statement of Ms Sushil Arora, resident of Christian Hospital, Mullanpur locality has registered a case against Bahadur Singh and Mohan. It is learnt both the accused inflicted injuries on Subhash Arora with an intention to kill him. The injured has been admitted to the CMC, Ludhiana. A dispute over money is alleged to be the cause of the incident. No arrest has been made so far.

Case of fraud: Harpreet Singh, a plus two student who was to take his supplementary examination, asked Gagandeep Singh of Ghalib Kalan to appear in the examination for him at the local Senior Secondary School. The local police, on the statement of Mr Kalicharan, Controller, Senior Secondary School, has registered a case.



2 city residents killed in mishap

Fatehgarh Sahib, September 14
A couple was killed in a car accident this afternoon near Kharora village on the Sirhind-Patiala road. Their Zen car (PB10 AP 8257) collided with a bus of the Regional Institute of Management, Mandi Gobindgarh.

The car coming from the Ludhiana side hit the bus from behind and both the car occupants died on the spot. The victims have been identified as Jaswant Singh and Daljit Kaur, both residents of Guru Nanak Nagar, Ludhiana. OC


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