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13 school buses impounded
Traffic chaos as harried parents ferry children
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
Traffic jams and chaos were the order of the day outside local schools, especially in Sector 26, in the wake of a drive launched by the traffic police against school buses for violating traffic norms.

Some rules which bus operators/ schools must follow

Driver should have minimum of five years’ experience. Should not have been challaned more than twice for a minor traffic offence and be authorised to drive heavy vehicle. Should also wear a uniform and carry an identity card.

Principal should obtain certificate from bus operator showing vehicle is road worthy

Bus should carry only 20 students in addition to its specified capacity

First-aid facilities should be provided in bus.

Buses should have proper window grills and doors

Driver & conductor should wear badges

Buses should be painted canary yellow

What private operators have to say

President of the Chandigarh Bus Operators Union Manjeet Singh said it was not possible to provide uniforms to conductors and drivers. Some norms should be relaxed. The one-year restriction on bus registration should be increased and the policy followed in Delhi adopted.

The bus operators, however, clarified that no strike had been announced so far. But they were non-committal about not going on strike in the near future. A senior official of the traffic police told the Tribune that a limited drive would continue tomorrow.

During the opening timings of the schools, innumerable cars blocked the roads leading to the schools as the bus operators failed to run their buses, fearing that their buses would be impounded.

Caught unawares, harried parents and students had to make alternative arrangements to reach the schools on their own. Mr P. Sharma, whose daughter is a student of Sacred Heart School, Sector 26, lamented that the private bus operators did not inform them in advance.

In some of the schools, the classes of the junior sections had opened after a week’s break. The schools had a tough time receiving the students of lower sections at the school gate.

Mr D.S. Bedi, President of the Independent School Association, said they would take up the matter with the traffic police authorities to find a way to end the chaos. He said the victims were the children and their parents.

Giving their side of the story, Mr Manjeet Singh, President of the Chandigarh Bus Operators Union, said, “We are not against implementation of the court guidelines. But we are being harassed in the name of the drive”.

Buses impounded at traffic police lines, Sector 29, Chandigarh.
uses impounded at traffic police lines, Sector 29, Chandigarh.

The buses, which were challaned yesterday, were impounded today without any notice. Citing examples, he said according to the procedure, some days are given before paying the impounding fee at the traffic lines. He claimed that the buses were impounded for small offences for which the drivers could have been let off with a warning.

The private bus operators ply around 300 buses on the basis of agreements with schools. Under the agreement, the bus operators have to safely drop and pick children from schools. Different school authorities run another 200 buses on their own.

Meanwhile, the day also spelt great business for autorickshaw drivers. “How can we pay Rs 100 per child?” fumed Akhil, who had come to pick his daughter from a school in Sector 45. Some neighbours got together and took turns to drop and pick up children from schools in their cars.



Beware! you’re breathing impure air
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
The State of Environment (SoE) Report for Chandigarh belies many presumptions long harboured about its air, noise and land quality.

High levels of air pollution in residential areas, phased decline of the green cover in UT’s periphery and “beyond permissible” levels of noise in hospital OPDs are the highlights of the report prepared by N.S. Tiwana, Dr Neelima Jerath, Puja Nangia and Jatinder Shah of Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST). Air, noise and land degradation are the three aspects covered in the report, released by Adviser to UT Administrator Lalit Sharma in Chandigarh today.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has declared PSCST as the state host institute to study environment status in this region. Preparation of these reports for all states is part of a scheme launched under the 10th Five Year Plan.

Report for Chandigarh highlights glaring deficiencies in the monitoring of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) levels in the city’s residential areas. Although industrial pollution in Chandigarh is within limits, residential pollution is higher than permissible throughout the year.

At present, the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee (CPCC) is monitoring air quality only at two stations - Sector 17 representing residential-cum -commercial area, and Industrial Area. Scientists who analysed SPM levels in residential blocks of Chandigarh recommend stepping up of SPM level monitoring in the residential sectors.

Speaking to The Tribune today, Dr Neelima Jerath, joint director, PSCST, who headed the investigation, said, “CPCC recently started monitoring air quality in peripheral areas where urban growth is increasing. It has three sites at Sector 39, Sector 12 and Kaimbwala village. However, one monitoring station is a must for Sector 34. We must also have stations at Southern Sectors like 36, 44, 47 and 48 where housing colonies are coming up”.

Citing vehicular pollution as the major cause of air pollution in the city, Dr Jerath drew the attention of the UT Administration to mass rapid transport system, to be developed in conjunction with Panchkula, Zirakpur, Mohali, Dera Bassi and Kharar. Data recorded in 2003 suggests all categories of vehicles together emit 436 kg of carbon monoxide, 168 kg of hydrocarbons, 31.5 kg of nitrogen oxides, 4.5 kg of particulates, and 2 kg of sulphur dioxide per sq km area during peak traffic hours.

Given that that city’s vehicular population has increased 42 times between 1971 and 2001 and that it has the highest per capita availability of vehicles in India, experts stress linkage of satellite towns of Panchkula and Mohali.

Interestingly, 40 per cent of the vehicles contributing to air pollution in Chandigarh are heading outward and have nothing to do with the city. To handle such traffic, the report underlines the need to elevate Uttar Marg and Madhya Marg to ensure divergence of long route traffic.



OPDs exceptionally noisy

Exceptionally high noise pollution has been recorded in shopping centres and hospital OPDs. Studies by Central Scientific Instruments Organisation and CPCC indicate rising noise levels at almost all locations. As per a Punjab Engineering College study in 2002, highest noise levels were recorded at Kisan Bhavan, Sector 35/36; Sector 22 Aroma Chowk and Tribune Chowk. The biggest areas of concern, however, are hospital OPDs which are sensitive zones. Scientists are impressing upon UT Administration to notify that all OPDs should be enclosed areas with noise absorbents in place.



Land degradation

Violation of Chandigarh’s periphery had led to a significant decline in the green cover around it. The 16 km radius around Chandigarh which was meant to be an agricultural zone catering to the city’s food requirements today has 7.2 per cent green cover left. The decline has been from 42 per cent in early 1970s. The report recommends that Punjab and Haryana should ensure effective implementation of the Punjab New Capital (Periphery) Control Act, 1952. Further urbanisation must be stopped, it states. Total slum population in Chandigarh is 70,000.



Security for hockey match belies claims
Ramanjit Singh Sidhu

Chandigarh, October 5
Entry in the Sector 42 stadium, the venue for the India and Pakistan hockey match, is unchecked despite around 500 police personnel deployed to guard the teams a night before the match.

This correspondent reached near the Astroturf amongst few boys of the neighbourhood who were freely moving inside what one would believe a highly guarded venue in the wake of possible threat to miscreants. The security arrangement by the Chandigarh police has been made in the wake of the Shiv Sena having earlier destroyed the Ferozeshah Kotla pitch before an Indo-Pak cricket tie.

The scene was within half an hour of the Pakistan hockey players having a practice session at the venue. The security scene at the stadium saw a drastic changes within half an hour leaving the turf unmanned, a junior hockey team player told the Chandigarh Tribune seeking anonymity.

There was a heavy police deployment during the practice session of Pakistan’s hockey team from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm.

The Chandigarh police has deployed nine sharp shooters, who can hit their target from one-and-a-half kilometre with their telescopic rifles, to safeguard the Pakistan hockey team players and the guests accompanying them.

The police has taken the services of the sniffer dog squads since the Monday afternoon and checked the Hotel Shivalikview and Mountview where both the playing teams are staying. The police has conducted anti sabotage checks at these hotels.

The police checked the food that was served to the players and also deputed policemen in the kitchens also. Plain clothsmen were deputed at various places in and around the hotels and the stadium.

The police has made separate arrangements of personal security officers for both the teams. An escort vehicle, pilot gypsies and the ambulance will accompany the cavalcade. The police has also put in service the quick reaction team from the anti terrorist wing, that will accompany the players to the stadium and way back to hotels with a light machine gun.

The traffic police said that no traffic restrictions have been imposed for the match that will be played in the afternoon.

According to the police no carry bags, eatables and helmets and electronic gadgets would be allowed in the stadium during the 70-minute match.



Parking arrangement for Indo-Pak hockey match
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
The Chandigarh Administration said today Government Model School, Sector 42 and its outside lawn has been reserved for the parking of vehicles in connection with the Indo-Pakistan Hockey Test Match slated to be held tomorrow at the Hockey Stadium, Sector 42, Chandigarh.

The holders of green parking stickers can park vehicles near Gate No 1 and that of white parking sticker holders at Gate No. 2.



Abortion an ‘industry’ in India: expert
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
With more than one million female foeticides taking place in the country each year, abortion has become an ‘industry’ worth more than Rs 500 crore in India where the unethical doctors are reaping all benefits. Highlighting this at an advocacy workshop on sex selection and pre-birth elimination of females, organised by the Population Foundation of India (PFI) and Plan India today, the Delhi-based gynaecologist and activist, Dr Puneet Bedi, said this unethical practice has emerged as a major industry where the doctors are going scot-free.

“The issue of female foeticide and sex selection is debated in the country as a social issue but it is a crime for which the doctors are not being severely punished. The fact that the Medical Council of India has till date not cancelled the licence of even a single doctor reveal that no strict action is being taken,” said Dr Bedi.

Pointing out to the difficulty in taking legal action against the doctors who are indulging in the sex selection and illegal abortions, the speaker said the problem arises as the doctors do not testify against their colleagues and the regulatory bodies also have doctors in them. “The legal action is difficult against the doctors as the victim of the crime, the foetus is already dead. The parents do not complain and it is near impossible for the third party to prove the crime,” he said.

To keep a check on the situation, the system of medical audit of the nursing homes and clinics is recommended where the number of births and deaths is strictly monitored. “The entire system has emerged as a mafia business as the referral system starts with health workers and ends at abortion. Cuts and commission are paid at each step and the ultrasound doctor passes the death sentence. All the work is done orally, the transactions are in cash and no taxes are paid and no accounts are kept,” explained the doctor.



Decision on maintenance of govt houses pending
for 40 yrs

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
What may come as a surprise, the Chandigarh Administration in the past 40 years is yet to decide if it will get the exterior of the thousands of government houses white-washed and painted or will it allow the present state of non-maintenance to continue.

Much to the humiliation of thousands of families living in Type XIII and Type XII houses, the Administration has a stock reply that the job to get the exterior of these houses repaired is not covered under the policy of maintenance. On the other hand, all other types of government houses are maintained regularly. This even as the Type XIII and Type XII category of houses is occupied by the lower end of the government employees. These houses are located in Sectors 20, 22, 23 and 24.

Two days ago, a delegation of Sector 23 residents met senior officials of the Administration and demanded that their houses be maintained at government expense as was the case with other such houses. It is another plea which will, in all probability, again fall on deaf ears after doing the rounds at the tables of various officials.

Mr Subhash Chawla, former Mayor and councillor of Sector 23, said there was an immediate need to formulate a policy of maintenance of these houses. He said people living in these sectors had been demanding that their houses be repaired. However even the doors and windows of these houses were in bad shape.

In the absence of any action from the Chandigarh Administration, people have been getting the paint and white-wash jobs done on their own. This has resulted in odd colours of façade in the same row of houses. One house can be orange while the next could be yellow or white which is quite unlike government houses which are normally painted in a combination of white and red.

Sources in the Administration said a decision on formulating a policy was pending for the past 40 years.



Getting a driving licence in UT - a harassment
A.S. Prashar
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
Mr Ashwini Kumar Bansal, President of the Public Interest and Common Cause Society, an NGO, today recounted unpleasant experiences and harassment hundreds of visitors have to undergo every day at the Licensing and Registering authority, Chandigarh, for a driving licence.

Mr Bansal says he himself had to visit the office four times to get a driving licence. He has certain specific observations and suggestions for welfare of common person, particularly women and old persons who have to stand in queues for long time. These suggestions can be implemented without any trouble.

i) Wrong placement of fans: (a) Every window where people have to stand in queues in summer needs a fan. There are 10 windows in one row but only five fans. Hence, five windows are without fans. The placement of fans is wrong. The fans are about 9 to 10 feet away from the windows. People have to stand in queues for hours without facility of fan and sweat in the queues. (b) Worst is the position of window No 10 which is meant for old persons and some time also for women, as there is no fan near this window. (c) Instead of one, there are two fans on the entrance which are not of much use, as people rarely stand on entrance. (d) There is more concentration of people near windows. Hence more fans are required.

“I have experience of problems of queues and I want to share it. My wife had been standing in queues on window No 10 along with many other women for about one and half hour. When she was just near the window, it was 4’o clock and the staff at window just refused to entertain any other application at 4’o clock although 15 women, 10 old persons were standing in the queue at that time.

If no business was to be conducted after 4’o clock, why was the queue allowed out side the window. It was a punishment to the women and old persons. The staff knew that they will not be entertained but they were not told by any one. It is the height of negligence and needs to be checked by modification in the system.

Banks have token system which is very convenient and comfortable should be introduced here also.

Passport office collects applications of all persons standing in queues at 30-40 minutes before closing time and thereafter no queues is allowed outside window by the security personnel and it saves harassment to many persons.

There are also wrong and old information on the information board: (a) There is a big board on which costs/fee for various purposes are written. I had read that Rs 200 is the fee for new driving licence and gave Rs 200 on the window but clerk asked me to pay Rs 300. On enquiry, it was found that fee was increased a year ago but information on board has not been corrected. I have seen some poor persons arranging for extra money needed for the job or leaving queues to return next day with additional money. It is wrong on the part of Administration due to which common person suffers. Information should be updated. (b) File cover and a checklist slip has been made mandatory without which applications are not accepted on any window but it is not mentioned on the information board. It causes harassment and applicants are referred back who have already stood in queues for long time.

Staff also arranges help for persons known to them and their job is done out of turn on priority.



Punjabi not given ‘much importance’ in Pak
Our correspondent

Mohali, October 5
There are not many story writers in Pakistan who write in Punjabi as the language is not given much importance by the nation. Urdu is the national language and Punjabi has to be learnt by people on their own as it is the mother tongue of a large number of people.

These views were expressed by maqsood Saqib, Editor of a Punjabi monthly magazine “Pancham” and a story writer from Pakistan, who writes in Punjabi, while talking to mediapersons here today. He said efforts were being made to make the foundation of the mother tongue stronger.

When asked about the purpose of his visit, Saqib, who has a publishing house by the name of “Suchet Kitab Ghar” said he had come to meet his people and also to hear his mother tongue. He met a number of Punjabi writers at a get-together at Sarong Lok in Phase XI here.

talking about Partition, he said one body was divided into two parts and the pain caused by the division was felt by both the parts even now. He blamed the British Raj for dividing the country into two parts. He said “our past was linked to our present. I have seen our ancestors talking about the division with a lot of pain. But they had no answer when asked why it all happened. Hindus and ‘sardars’ were remembered even today with a lot of respect”.

Saqib, who was born and brought up in Shekupura in Pakistan and had visited India for the first time, said that people of both the countries wanted to meet each other but politics had made this difficult. He said now efforts were being made by both the countries to improve the relations. There was a need to create a true unity so that the “the height of the walls was reduced” and people of both the countries could freely enter into each other’s domain.

Mr Santokh Singh Dhir, a prominent writer, said that politics had divided the country but Punjabis had no danger in India as well as in Pakistan. Punjab was Punjab no matter to which country it belonged to. Laying stress on the use of Punjabi language, he said that mother tongue was the foundation of every ‘qaum’.

Among those present at the gathering were Mr Karnail Singh Thind, Mr Gulzar Singh Sandhu, Mr Jasbir Singh Bhullar, Dr Hari Krishan Mehta, Mr Gurdial Singh Arif and Mr Manmohan Singh Daon.



Abhey Chautala’s call to party workers
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 5
Mr Abhey Singh Chautala, son of a Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala, and MLA from Rori constituency, today gave a call to the party workers to begin campaigning for the Assembly elections.

He was addressing a meeting of the Youth Wing of the Indian National Lok Dal here today. He highlighted development works carried out in the state, and said that their party had always stood up for the common man.

He said that the government’s decision of doing away with the slab system for charging power tariff from tubewell operating farmers, abolishing fire tax, and exempting households having a area of less than 100 sq yards from house tax, was proof of this.

He said that no other government in the state had recruited 50,000 people in government jobs, and the INLD government had recruited people in just five years of its regime. He exhorted the workers to participate in the rally of the Youth Wing of INLD to be held at Panipat on October 15.

Mr Chautala said that the Haryana Vikas Party had been wiped out from Haryana. He said that any party that joined hands with BJP lost, and their own defeat at the hustings during the parliamentary elections was because the voters were confused on the status of INLD-BJP alliance.

However, most of the leaders pointed out that shortage of cement was creating delay in carrying out the development works. Mr Ram Gopal Mehta, District President of INLD, said that though the panchayats were plush with funds, thy could not carry on most works because of shortage of cement.

Mr Chautala assured them that the government would take up the matter with the cement company and ensure that the supply to various villages was expedited.

Among others who were present on the occasion were Haryana Tourism Chairman, Mr Pradeep Chaudhary, INLD State Secretary, Mr Amardeep Chaudhary, and party leaders Mr Randhir Malik and Mr Balwant Birmouri.



Memo on housing facilities submitted
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
A delegation of the Punjab unit of the Dalit Rights Protection Forum attended a four-day campaign for housing rights, which concluded in New Delhi yesterday.

According to Mr Arunjeev Walia, a legal adviser, a memorandum demanding housing facilities for the displaced persons from slums and a review of the demolition policy was presented to the President of India.

The memorandum demanded a constitutional amendment to incorporate the “right to housing” as the Fundamental Right.

Demanding the constitution of the “National Commission on Housing and Evictions”, the memorandum demanded appropriate Budget for the housing of the urban poor in the 10th Five Year Plan.

It also demanded the provision of basic services like portable water, electricity, sewerage, and regular garbage clearance in the settlement for the poor.

Thirty per cent of the land in all residential areas in urban areas must be reserved for meeting the habitat needs of workers of the unorganised sector. Prominent among those who participated in the campaign, which was organised by the National Forum for Housing Rights included Bhalla Singh, Pusha Salaria, Karnail Singh, Devinder Kaur, Balwinder Kaur, Shobh Ram, Ram Lal and Isse Ram.



Body found
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 5
An unidentified man was found dead in Mansa Devi Complex today. The police say that the man, appeared to be a beggar, and was in his mid thirties. The body was first spotted by a passer-by, who informed the police. The body was later taken to General Hospital, Sector 6.

Car catches fire

An Ambassador car, zooming past Sector 4, suddenly caught fire this afternoon. It is learnt that fire broke out in the engine of the car, and flames could be seen emanating from the bonnet of the car (PB-11B-0493). This was the official car of a Joint Secretary in the Punjab Government, and he was heading for Delhi on an official tour. A fire engine was later called to extinguish the fire.

Judicial remand

A local court today remanded Rohtas Kumar, a sewadar in the tehsil office accused of stealing Rs 1. 24 lakh from the office in judicial custody. He was arrested by the Panipat police in connection with a murder of a relative, and was brought here on remand by the local police.



Flowers presented to senior citizens
Our Correspondent

An inmate of Old Age Home, Sector 15, Chandigarh, shares a joke with the students of Shemrock School, Mohali, on Tuesday
An inmate of Old Age Home, Sector 15, Chandigarh, shares a joke with the students of Shemrock School, Mohali, on Tuesday. — Tribune photo by Pradeep Tewari

Chandigarh, October 5
The In-charge of Mauli Jagran police post Mr Sukhbir Rana greeted senior citizens with sweets and bouquets to them as part of week-long celebrations of the Senior Citizens week, here.

He presented flowers to General Secretary, M.L. Gulati, President Jile Singh, Adviser of the Senior Citizens Association. Mr H.S. Ranga with 25 other senior citizens of the area. Office bearers of the association assured Mr Rana of cooperation.



Scooterist hit by car, hospitalised
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, October 5
Scooterist Devinder Kaur of Phase 3, Mohali was hit by a Santro car driven by Ankur, a resident of Sector 38-B, near Sector 51-52 turn, yesterday. She received injuries and was hospitalised. A case has been registered against the accused under sections 279 and 337 of the Indian Penal Code at Sector 36, police station. He was later released on bail.

Theft: Gurdeep Singh of Sector 36-A reported to the police that one 32-bore revolver and one mobile phone were stolen from his residence during day time, yesterday. A case under sections 454 and 380 of the IPC has been registered at Sector 36, police station.

Vehicle stolen: Gopi Ram of Sector 32 reported that his scooter (CH-19-8148) was stolen from near Dispensary, Ram Darbar on Monday. A case under section 379 of the IPC has been registered at Sector 31, police station. Minesh Kumar of Sector 34 filed a complaint to the police that his motorcycle (PB-08-AM-9521) was stolen from his residence on September 29. A case has been registered at Sector 34, police station in this regards.

Liquor seized: The local police arrested Ram Avtar of Phase II, Ram Darbar with 50 quarters of Rocket whisky, from the same locality and another person Sanjay of Sector 29 with 28 quarters of Surma whisky, from Sector 29, yesterday. Two cases have been registered against the accused under sections 61, 1 and 14 of the Excise Act at Sector 31 and Industrial Area, police stations.

Gambling: The city police arrested Rakesh of Sector 52 from the same sector for gambling at public place on Monday. The police recovered Rs 103 from his possession. A case under sections 13-A, 3 and 67 of Gambling Act has been registered against him at Sector 36, police station.



Impersonator held by Crime branch
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
Avtar Singh,23, who impersonated as a dupatta seller at Burail village has been arrested by the Crime Branch after a year of hot pursuit.

He was always on a prowl of rickshaw pullers, vegetable and other roadside vendors living in colonies and villages. He used to cheat those sending money orders to their families.

He along with two of his accomplices, Sonu and Aslam, has cheated 150 to 200 persons during the past two years. He operated from Burail, Kajheri, Hallomajra and Butrela villages. He hails from a village under Hariana police station in Hoshiarpur district.

Surprisingly, only three of the numerous cases against him have been registered in Chandigarh.

Two cases have been registered in Sector 34 police station and one in Sector 11 police station.

According to the police, Avtar had reportedly bought a motor-cycle from money accumulated by cheating people.

During interrogation he revealed that he along with his brother was impersonating as a dupatta seller in Burail. He came in contact with Sonu and Aslam, who used to steal household articles. Avtar learnt the tricks of the trade from them.



Probe indicts 5 officials for defrauding Health Dept
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 5
The probe into the embezzlement of funds at General Hospital here has indicted five officials in its Accounts Branch. They are accused of defrauding the Health Department officials of Rs 10 lakh.

Officials in the Health Department said a four-member committee set up by the Civil Surgeon, Dr Satvir Chaudhary, had found two drawing and disbursing officers, a cashier, an assistant and an accountant guilty of committing the fraud. Over a period of one year, beginning April 2003, the staff had failed to deposit 20 per cent of receipts of fee charged for various diagnostic tests conducted at the hospital.

A departmental inquiry conducted on August 5 had found that these officials had failed to submit account for the receipts of various diagnostic tests conducted at the hospital between April 2003 and March 2004. The Rs 10 lakh fraud was detected during a routine checking of the records by a Senior Medical Officer.

An inquiry was ordered and a report submitted to the health authorities. But they ordered for a fresh inquiry on the ground that the figure for fraud given in the first inquiry "was exaggerated.



Man, son booked for fraud

Chandigarh, October 5
The Chandigarh police has booked man, his son and other relatives who had duped a jeweller of Rs 1.5 lakh.

According to the police, Vivek Saigal of Sector 15, Panchkula reported that the accused Tarun Aggarwal, his father Anil Aggarwal and other-all residents of Chakrata, in Dehra Dun district bought jewellery worth Rs. 1.5 lakh from their shop in Manimajra. The accused gave a Cheque no. 856229, dated April 30, 2004, drawn on Panjab and Sind Bank, branch Dehra Dun of the same amount. Later, when the cheque was deposited in the bank it bounced because of insufficient funds. After that the complainants tried to get back their money but in vain.

Vivek Saigal filed a complaint against the accused in Manimajra police station on September 28. A case has been registered. OC



4 held, stolen property recovered
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
The Crime Branch of the Chandigarh Police has claimed to have worked out five theft cases and recovered Rs 80,000 worth of stolen property from four thieves arrested from different places in the city.

Nadeep of Deoband of Saharanpur district, Avtar Singh, Vishav Nath of Colony Number 5 and Shiv Ratan of Unnao district on Uttar Pradesh have been arrested in separate operations.

A VCD, a DVD, four wrist watches, one pair of Reebok shoes, an amplifier, a CD player, two cameras, one deck, four mobile phones and one calculator were recovered from them.

They were arrested on a tip-off.



Rs 50,000 snatched by scooter-borne youths
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 5
In two separate incidents cash and a gold chain were snatched by some youths in the town.

Mr Sohan Singh, a resident of Sector 68 here, had withdrawn Rs 50,000 from a bank in Phase VII. He was walking towards Sector 68 when a bag containing the money was snatched from him by two scooter-borne youths around 12.30 p.m. near Kumbra Chowk here today. The matter was brought to the notice of the police.

In another incident, a gold chain of a resident of Phase III B 1 was snatched here yesterday. it is learnt that Mrs Harsh Aggarwal was going to give clothes to a dhobi for ironing when two persons came on a scooter and snatched her chain which got broken leaving a part of it with her. 



2 more Fiat car thieves arrested
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 5
A team of the Sector 17 police station today arrested two more Fiat car thieves from Patiala.

With today’s arrest, four thieves and a buyer of stolen property have been arrested in connection with the theft of Fiat cars, 32 of which have been stolen this year.

Narinder, alias Nandu, and Birbal - both from Patiala - were arrested after they were named by the arrested scrap dealer Jasmeet Singh of Oberoi Scrap of Patiala.

During the night-long operation of recovery of stolen parts of cars, the team found window glasses, front bonnet and dickey covers of two Fiat cars from Patiala at the instance of the arrested thieves.


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