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Over 1 lakh lives saved on Day-1
Tribune News Service


  • 1,01,428 children below five years of age given polio drops on the first day of the Pulse Polio Campaign in the city.
  • Around 10 per cent children who got drops belonged to the rural area.
  • 461 booths set up for the campaign; 410 were fixed booths while 50 mobile booths.
  • 1,800 workers and 65 supervisors along with social workers and medical students of the PGI, GMCH-32, and the GH-16 managed the campaign.

Chandigarh, October 10
A little over one lakh children below five years were administered polio drops at the Pulse Polio Campaign in the city today.
The morning showers, however, proved a damper as the campaign got on to a sluggish start at 8 am, forcing officials to continue administering the drops at the booths till 5.30 pm, stretching the scheduled time by half an hour. The campaign picked momentum after 10 am when the rain subsided.

According to officials of the UT Health Department, around 10 percent of the total polio drops were administered in the rural areas and the response from the southern sectors remained far better than that of the northern sectors.

“We have not seen any major increase in the number of children who have been given polio drops today in comparison to the inaugural day of the last campaign,” said the Director Family Welfare, UT, Dr M.P. Minocha.

The figure pertaining to children above the age of five who were given drops is yet to be calculated.

The door-to-door campaign will continue on Monday and Tuesday where Health workers will give drops to those children who missed their chance to get drops today.

Earlier in the day, the Financial Adviser-cum-Health Secretary, Chandigarh, Mr Karan Avtaar Singh, along with the Director Health Services, Dr C. P. Bansal, took rounds of the slums to oversee the campaign.

Many voluntary groups too came forward to set up booths in different parts of the city for administrating the polio drops.

The Citizens Awareness Group in association with the UT Health Department managed 23 centres in Sector 38, 39,40 and Mohali barrier.

Members of the group went door-to-door to educate parents about getting their children vaccinated against polio.

The chairman of the group, Mr Surinder Verma, said for a city like Chandigarh even a single case of polio spelled epidemic.

Vehicles were requested to stop to immunise children.

The Ranbaxy Community Healthcare Society, Mohali unit, too participated in the campaign by setting up booths at three places at Mohali village.

In all, 543 children below five years of age were given oral polio drops.

No case of polio has surfaced in Chandigarh since October, 2002 while the adjoining states of Haryana and Punjab saw the last case of paralytic polio in September, 2003.

“The presence of the disease in western Uttar Pradesh and central Bihar has made us continue this polio campaign along with the other states of the country,” said a senior officer of the Health Department. 



53,723 children given polio drops in Panchkula
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 10
As many as 53,723 children below five years were administrated polio drops during the Pulse Polio Campaign in the district today.
The campaign was inaugurated by the Deputy Commissioner, Ms Neelam P. Kasni, who administered polio drops to a few children at a booth set up by Rotarians at Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore.

She appealed to Rotarians to assist in mobilising people so that all children below five years of age could be given the drops.

She also visited booths at Kalka and Pinjore.

The Director General Health, Haryana, Dr B.S. Dahiya, also visited various booths in the district.

The Civil Surgeon, Dr Satvir Chaudhary, said they had set a target of immunising 71,000 children against polio.

As many as 320 booths, including eight transit booths and five mobile teams, were set up for today’s drive.

A total of 1,280 health workers and 58 supervisors were on duty for the purpose.

He said as many as 32,879 children in the rural areas and 20,844 children in the urban areas of the district were administered polio drops today.

Dr Shail Gupta, District Immunisation Officer, said as many as 3,441 children in Raipur Rani, 4,113 children in Kot, 3,541 in Barwala, 2,884 in Hangola, 1,585 in Morni, 7,818 in Old Panchkula, 5,540 in Pinjore, 8,979 in Kalka, and 14,669 in urban Panchkula were administered polio drops.

She added that a door-to-door campaign for children who could not be given the drops today would be held on October 11 and 12.

Meanwhile, the State Bank of Patiala, Kalka branch, and Rotary Club, Pinjore Hills, also participated in the polio immunisation campaign.

A rally was held and 250 students of Saint Bir’s School participated in the rally to generate awareness about polio immunisation among masses.



Live bombshell found on riverbed
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, October 10
A live bombshell has been found on the bed of a seasonal rivulet at Neembuan village in Patiala district, catching the police and the local civil administration napping.

The shell was found by Baljit Singh, a shepherd, while grazing his cattle on the riverbed at the village, about 10 km from here, on Saturday afternoon.

The news of the discovery of the shell was later given to Defence authorities at Ammunition Depot, Dappar.

A team of bomb disposal squad from the depot visited the spot and photographed the shell.

They also asked the police to secure the shell in an enclosure and guard it till further orders.

Mr Manmohan Kumar Sharma, DSP, Dera Bassi, said the shell had been enclosed by sandbags for safety.

Five police personnel had been deployed to keep vigil, he added.

He also claimed that a request was sent to the Dappar Ammunition Depot authorities to take the possession of the shell.

The experts, who visited the site on Saturday evening, assured to defuse the shell on Sunday but failed to turn up today.

The DSP claimed that the police had started identifying the steel and related industrial units in the area that procure scrap from outside.

He suspected that an owner of some industrial unit might have dumped the shell after receiving “warning” relating to presence of such explosive substances in their units.

Mr Sharma also claimed that the police, with the assistance of Defence authorities, would conduct search at various scrap importing units in the area for more shells.

The SHOs of Dera Bassi and Lalru have been directed to identify the units in their respective jurisdictions.

Efforts to contact Col V.K. Sehgal, in charge of the Ammunition Depot, proved futile till late in the evening.

The discovery comes a week after the discovery of bombshells in a factory in Gaziabad.

Though bombshells had been found in imported scrap at various cities and dry ports of the country in past few days, the local authorities seemed to have been at ease with it.

Over a dozen steel and related industrial units operate in Zirakpur, Dera Bassi and Lalru and a majority of them procure scrap and junk from scrap dealers in other cities and dry ports of the country.



City witnesses 8°C dip in day temperature
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
The unexpected spell of rain brought down the day temperature in the city by 8°C today. The city recorded a rainfall of 3 mm. The temperature was 5°C below normal and so was that of many nearby towns.

Hisar, Patiala, Ludhiana and Amritsar recorded 7°C, 10.1°C, 6°C and 4 °C departure from normal. In Chandigarh, day temperature came down from 34.4°C yesterday to 26.4°C today. The plunge in temperature will continue for the next few days.

Speaking to The Tribune from Delhi today, Mr S.C. Bhan from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), said the change in weather was due to western disturbances over Jammu and Kashmir and also due to the formation of a cyclonic circulation over western Rajasthan.

“These phenomena are primarily responsible for sudden change in weather over northwestern India,” he said.

He said there would be significant drop in the night temperature, forcing people to presume that this is the onset of winters. “But it is not so. There will be 3 to 4°C drop in the night temperature, beginning from today. But the phenomenon is strictly temporary. The chill will stay for a few more days and then subside,” reasoned Mr Bhan.

Though heavy rain and snowfall is expected in some parts of Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh’s date with rain will be cut short by another dry spell which will make a comeback by day after tomorrow, say weather experts from IMD, Delhi.

Local Met officials added that Haryana would witness heavy rainfall over the next few days. “The temperatures will remain low,” they said.

Ambala and Karnal in Haryana recorded 12 mm rainfall today. Hisar and Patiala recorded 1 mm and 2 mm rainfall, respectively.



Rs 5 crore bungling in Jammu Army units
Sanjay Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
The CBI has detected embezzlement of more than Rs 5 crore in Indian Army establishments in the Jammu region.
It is investigating a complaint of bungling of Rs 2 crore in Satwara Military Hospital and has registered four other cases against defence personnel who are accused of having embezzled more than Rs 3 crore in separate alleged frauds.

Sources said an Army officer in Satwara Military hospital is facing investigation into a complaint that he allegedly misappropriated about Rs 2 crore by showing an inflated strength of occupancy for medicare.

The military officer reportedly showed in the records that the 500-bed hospital was full and provisions for them (including medicines) were consumed according to an inflated number of patients.

During an inquiry, the sources said, it was found that the number of the patients in the hospital was not generally to the full strength.

The CBI found out that the military officer had made payment to parties at rates higher than the provisions could have been procured from the market. The CBI has brought the fraud on the record and is seeking clarification from the officer. No case has yet been registered in this regard.

Apart from this, the CBI has booked Major Kuldeep Singh from the Military Farms, Jammu, for an alleged bungling in awarding a contract for building seven cowsheds costing Rs 7 lakh each. The sources said no tenders were called for the construction of the cowsheds. The CBI found out that the work done on the cowsheds was below the payments made for the construction.

In another case, one Lieutenant-Colonel Mishra in Leh was booked after a joint surprise check in Leh. During the raid, bitumen and high speed diesel worth Rs 39 lakh was found short. In this case the accused tried to manipulate records also.

The CBI has also booked U.S. Mandal of Military Dairy Farm, Jammu, for allegedly preparing bogus fodder dispatch records of to another military farm in Baramula. This was estimated to be a misappropriation of around Rs 95 lakh.

The CBI, during the investigation, found out that thousands of trucks were shown to have carried the fodder which the records did not support. During the investigation gate passes of trucks and their entries with registration numbers had not been shown. There was no record of selling the fodder also in the records.

The CBI has also booked Major B.J.S. Murthi for allegedly misappropriating Rs 1.24 crore by using sub-standard building material in the construction of 24 residential flats, a guest house and an office complex in alleged collusion with a private contractor.

The CBI found out that while the records showed that specifications of the building material were not adhered to. Samples have established that the building material used was of inferior quality and cheaper than the prices quoted for the construction.



80-year-old war veteran fights for pension
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
In defiance of the President’s orders, the Controller of Defence Accounts (CDA), Allahabad has denied pension to an 80-year old war veteran.
Though the President, in his capacity as supreme commander of the armed forces granted pension, the authorities have been dilly-dallying over the matter for about two years.

Major Mohinder Singh, a resident of Amritsar, had joined the Indian Territorial Force (ITF), later re-christened as the Territorial Army, before partition and had rendered total service of about 30 years.

His military service accounted for 18 and a half years and the remaining was with his parent establishment, the Canteen Stores Department (CSD). He retired as Second-in-Command of 112 Infantry Battalion about 32 years ago.

During his service, he fought in the 1962 Indo-China conflict as well as the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars.

Besides other awards, he was awarded the Territorial Army Decoration for meritorious service.

Since his release, he has been waging a battle for getting his pension, denied to him on various technical grounds. It was only after he gave an affidavit and attached documents of his entire service with letters to Army Headquarters that the TA Directorate began to pursue his case.

The matter was finally taken up with the central government for sanction of pension.

The Army authorities here said that last year, a letter received by him from the Army stated that the President is “pleased to sanction him pension”.

However, the orders of the President seem to carry little weight with the pension authorities as they are sitting tight over the case. His dues amount to about Rs 15 lakh.

His counsel said that he has also visited the CDA office in Allahabad for release of his pension, but the officials concerned were dilly-dallying over the matter.

He has now moved the court of the Civil Judge (Senior Division) at Amritsar to claim his rightful dues.

His counsel added that though Major Mohinder Singh is well off, it is a matter of principle for him to get his rightful dues. He has three daughters, who are married and settled, but no son.



Eventful journey of Pakistani professor of Sufism
Sarbjit Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service

Sarwat Mohiuddin Chandigarh, October 10
From a teenage mother to a famed Punjabi and Urdu literary figure, and to an international visiting professor of Sufism, Sarwat Mohiuddin has traversed an eventful distance.

“I had just passed the matric examination when I was married off. Before entering into adulthood, I was a mother”, says Islamabad based Sarwat, who dashed here today from Delhi, where she attended the SAARC meeting of writers, to avail the first ever opportunity than came her way to see the City Beautiful.

“I am to fly to Pakistan from Delhi tomorrow. However, the pull of Chandigarh was so intense within me that I do not want to miss the chance to be here”, says Sarwat. “Moreover, I never have been to Punjab (India). And to return to Pakistan without even having a cursory glance at the land of one’s own mother tongue would have left a trail of pain inside me”, adds Sarwat.

Author of three books on Punjabi poetry, Sarwat is one of the popular faces in the world of Punjabi literature. Nature, philosophy and space dominate the subject matter of her creations. Her first book “Kania” (drizzle) attests her love for nature. In fact, she started as a painter and later learned the art of filling “colour, beauty and meaning” in words.

“Rain drops are the purest vapours of water. Likewise the poetry is a purest form and reflection of one’s thought. Life’s sweep is as vast as of the rain induced flowing waters that get bigger and bigger as various streams flow to merge, ultimately vanishing into an immense expanse of blue waters (ocean )”, asserts Sarwat delving into the huge expanse of philosophy and literature. Life and water have lot of common to be compared, she claims.

She has experimented to write “Mahia” in Urdu. Mahia is an immensely popular form of Punjabi folk songs. It is just like Haiku, a popular form of Japanese folk songs. Whereas Haiku is objective expression of one’s thoughts, Mahia is a subjective one, explains Sarwat.

Born and brought up in Lahore, Sarwat has been to best educational institutions of the world to speak on sufism, a most thought provoking and appealing part of literature. “My husband never objected to my entry in the world of letters. That way I am the blessed one. I brought up my kids as every loving and caring mother should do and also continued my studies”.

“To say that Pakistani society is an orthodox one will be an excess. Women are venturing in all spheres of life with almost full liberty in my country. Women organisations have been fighting bravely against repression on their lesser well off female compatriots. The movement against honour killings has got off to a good start”, claims Sarwat. “The number of women writers in Pakistan is substantial and their works are taken seriously”, she adds.

Coming to the popular topic of lasting Indo-Pak dosti (friendship), she said that it would be a reality soon. “Now the baton of friendship is in the hands of people of both nations and they are passing it to each other. Rulers on either side of the border have been left with no alternative except to fulfill the desire of friendship of people. I feel that friendship has turned into a powerful mass movement in both countries and the enmity is becoming a thing of past steadily”, says Sarwat with a spark in her eyes and lot of excitement in her voice.



Gen Grover emphasises human touch
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
To give an insight to doctors about current and emerging trends in the field of medicine, a day-long continuing medical education (CME) programme on futurology of diagnostics and therapeutics was organised by the Western Command Hospital in Chandimandir today.

Inaugurating the programme, Chief of Staff, Western command, Lieut-Gen P.K. Grover said that since there had been a phenomenal progress in medical science in the past few years, it was necessary that the specialists in the field update others on recent advances.

Emphasising that no machine or technology will ever replace the human touch, General Grover said that it was for the medical fraternity to ponder on the combination of a humane doctor caring for his patients and using his knowledge in the best interests of the patient.

The hospital commandant, Major-Gen S.K. Kaul stressed that doctors would discuss threadbare the issues put before them and not deviate from the basics of patient care. He also hoped that the delegates will benefit immensely from the update made available to them by specialists in the field.

About 150 delegates, including doctors from Army hospitals, PGIMER and Government Medical College, Chandigarh, specialists from the Institute of Microbial Technology and post graduate students of the Command Hospital attended the programme.



Search Within
Reconciliation best way to end conflict

We all have problems and a good part of the problems relate to our relationships with people. The increasing rate of divorces shows husbands and wives are not getting along well. Businesses fail when business partners work at cross-purposes fuelled by mutual suspicion and want of understanding.

If you are getting along well with your wife/husband, praise God. You are spared from a hell at home. You may get along well with your wife, but will not be so fortunate in the office.

Mutual distrust, one-upmanship arising from a competitive spirit and sheer selfishness are bound to spoil relations. Backbiting, jealousy, self-centredness are ingredients of conflicts which bedevil relationships in offices, households and even in organisations. It doesn’t take long for a sensitive soul to learn that lesson.

Where do we look for answers to this miserable situation? In human nature. The scriptural view of human nature lays down very clearly that we are imperfect beings. The Bible, for example, states we are selfish, judgmental, self-righteous and blind to the faults in ourselves. With the result, we always conclude that the other person is in the wrong. The Bible gives you a good picture of what man is. Then you will easily grasp the reasons why he/she gets into trouble. And those are the same reasons why we get into problems too.

Look at that particular problem with that particular person objectively. Let the Lord of Life enable you to judge yourself harshly and your rival with a little bit of compassion. You will soon find that you are at fault too. Then in obedience to the command of Jesus to be forgiving, you approach the issue with a Christian spirit.

You get reconciled with that person. Your rival, your enemy becomes your friend. A problem that has been robbing you of peace and sleep just disappears, as if by magic. The bitterness you harboured all the while no longer pollutes your inside. You are at peace. You are able to concentrate better and work with greater efficiency.

Doctors have reported miracle healing resulting from removal of old grudges, resentments and enmities. These elements, like cancer, eat into your vitals. Medical experts have been holding that a host of illnesses such as ulcers, high blood pressure and heart attacks are caused by bitterness and conflicts.

When you harbour hatred against anyone it harms you more than it harms your enemy. Would you like to destroy yourself by hating your enemy? When Jesus asked us to forgive our enemies, He was prescribing the best remedy for relational problems. He tells the man who has come to worship at the altar: “ If you are standing before the altar in the temple offering a gift to God and suddenly remember that a friend has something against you, leave your gift there beside the altar and go and apologise and be reconciled to him and then come and offer your gift to God.”

You sense a spirit of urgency in that command. He says you should first get right with your friend. Why? Otherwise, the small difference will fester into a bitter enmity and then reconciliation will be difficult. Or he may go to court against you and in the end you will end up spending large amounts in litigation. Reconciliation saves you from future problems. Don’t we read in papers of incidents in which men kill one another over petty differences?

Often people are not ready for reconciliation because of self-righteousness — they think the other person is in the wrong. But the stubbornness will in the end bring sorrow and ruin in its wake. Humility and a willingness to admit mistakes will, on the other hand, pay rich dividends.

An enemy, in an instant, becomes your friend. You regain sleep and peace of mind. When you live in enmity with people, you are at constant risk.

Our imperfections and the imperfections of others lead to hurts and injuries. Healing calls for admission of mistakes and willingness to apologise. Every day we need to examine our lives and make a resolve to get right with others by open talk, admission of mistakes and offer of reconciliation.

“The very purpose of existence is to reconcile the glowing opinion we hold of ourselves with the appalling things that other people think about us,” wrote a wit.

Indeed there can be differences in the way people think about us. We can be totally wrong in the way we view a person with whom we are in conflict. The wisest thing to do is to give him the benefit of the doubt and extend a hand of reconciliation. Then former adversaries can let go of the past and embrace the future in a spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.

M.P.K. Kutty



TV actress honours young knitters
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
TV actress Shweta Tiwari today gave away prizes to the winners of Vardhman’s Aao Bune contest from Himachal Pradesh and Haryana.
A function was held at the CII to honour state-level winners. Top three selected entries in each of the five categories were given prizes worth Rs 5,100, Rs 3,100, and Rs 2,100, respectively.

Mr Sachit Jain, executive director, Vardhman Group, who was present during the function along with Mr V.K. Goyal, chief executive, Vardhman Spinning and General Mills, said Shweta Tiwari had been chosen as Vardhman’s brand ambassadress for the ‘uniquely contemporary’ image that she portrayed in her small screen roles.

“She strikes a fine balance between the traditional and the modern. That is what our product is all about. After Renuka Shahane, she has been our preferred ambassadress,” he said.

Conscious of the respect she was being accorded, Shweta Tiwari made certain extravagant remarks about herself, her role in Balaji’s soap “Kasauti Zindagi Ki” and also about her future acting assignments.

Untrained as an actress though, Prerna of Star TV soap has almost perfected the art of conversation. No wonder she handled queries with confidence, at one point even answering back, “In my first film Madhoshi, I may have overshadowed Bipasha Basu perhaps because people love my character on TV more.”

Claiming that she would be selective while choosing films, Tiwari said cinema and TV were almost similar, expect for long breaks that cinema allows.

“If given a choice, I would prefer to be attached with TV because I don’t like to sit idle. In films, there are long schedules that oblige you to wait for your turn to perform. On TV, you are rushing against time and your energy levels are forever high,” she said.

Not naming any particular film directors she would like to be associated with, she said she would love to work with any director who could guide her talent with perfection.

“Even Shah Rukh Khan needs a good director for etching out a memorable performance,” she said.

Having acted in “Kasauti…” for rather too long, she jumped to the defence of her producers when countered with a query about whether long-drawn projects inspired her.

“The length of any serials is determined through its TRP. If our serial is doing well, our producers have all the reason to prolong it. After all, they are business people,” she reasoned. Once she admitted that art in India had more to do with business than with qualitative sustenance.

Mr Goyal said Vardhman’s contest had been organised in 1,000 schools across Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttaranchal and UP. “These contests are being organized to create awareness about knitting among the children of our country. It has already made an entry into the Limca Book of Records as the largest of its kind contest. There is also a lot of research being undertaken on knitting throughout the world. As per a market research firm in the USA, the number of knitters younger than 35 doubled between 1998 and 2000 to an estimated four million. Knitting is regarded as an antidote to stress,” he added.

The winning entries were also displayed in the basement hall at the CII complex.



Cong candidate poised to win, says Garcha
Our Correspondent

Mohali, October 10
Alleging that no developmental work has taken place in the Garhshankar constituency in the past 15 years and the electorate wants the situation to change, Mrs Lakhwinder Kaur Garcha, OSD to Punjab Chief Minister, said the Congress candidate in the byelection had the edge as he had a clean image and would undertake developmental tasks on winning the byelection.

Talking to newspersons here, after a tour of the constituency, she said the BJP candidate, who did not belong to the area, was a liquor contractor and had failed to make a dent in the constituency.

She said the recent election rallies addressed by the Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, had swung the vote in favour of the party candidate, Mr Luv Kumar Goldi.



Goods worth lakhs perish in market fire
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
Readymade garments, furniture and sewing machines, estimated to be worth lakhs of rupees, perished in a major fire that engulfed three shops in Sector 22 here.
The fire was controlled by grueling efforts of the Fire Department personnel and six vehicles and fire tenders were pressed into service, which battled for more than a hour to douse the flames.

The Fire Department has not yet made any estimate of the loss in the shop of R. K. Traders bearing the SCO number 3039 and 3040.

The owner of the shop, Mr Rakesh, collapsed when he opened the shutters of his shop and saw the extent of loss caused by the fire.

Mr Rakesh was rushed to the General Hospital, Sector 16. The reason of the fire has not yet been ascertained. The Fire Department said the fire broke out on the first floor in the evening.

Balaji Traders, a shoe shop, and Jain and Company were also affected by the fire. The loss in other shops has not yet been estimated.

Meanwhile, in another incident of fire in a booth in Sector 22 D, a quilt shop suffered a loss of around Rs 10,000. The Fire Department sent two vehicles to quell this fire and controlled the inferno after a brief battle. By then, the goods in the shop were destroyed.



Seminar on legal assistance
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October10
With a view to create awareness among the weaker sections of society and mentally challenged persons regarding the benefits extended to them under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, a seminar was organised by the State Legal Services Authority at Dadu Majra here today.

Addressing the seminar, Mr Sant Parkash, Member-Secretary of the authority and Judge of the Permanent Lok Adalat, said the authority provided legal assistance to persons involved in disputes such as matrimonial discords, company frauds, property and family disputes.

The seminar was organised as part of World Mental Health Day that was observed today.

He said two Permanent Lok Adalats were functioning from the premises of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and the District Courts. Besides, a Permanent Lok Adalat (Public Utility Services) was functioning from near the Employment Exchange Office in Sector 17.

The decision of the Lok Adalat is final with no right to appeal by either of the parties. Initially, an attempt is made to resolve the matter with mutual consent of the parties. But if the parties fail to arrive at a settlement, then the adalat pronounces the award on the issue, a press note added.



Role of bureaucracy in administration discussed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
A meeting of the executive of Samadhaan, a pressure group for social justice, was held here to discuss the role of bureaucracy in administering the city in the light of the statement made by Mr Pawan Bansal, MP.

The members felt that Mr Bansal was ‘totally political and was not balanced in his views when he said that bureaucrats were acting like overlords’, especially when the political parties also lacked accountability. The members felt that the city was being better administered in comparison to politician-run states.

They felt that rather than pleading for divesting the bureaucracy of all powers, Mr Bansal needed to justify the role of political parties in the growth of slums and colonies and sponsoring and supporting controversial rehabilitation policies.



TA decoration for Col Joshi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October10
Col Vinod Joshi, Deputy Commander of the Territorial Army (TA) Group, Headquarters (Western Command), has been awarded the prestigious TA Decoration for meritorious service to the nation.

According to information, the award was presented to Colonel Joshi by the Vice-Chief of the Army Staff on the occasion of Territorial Army Day at New Delhi cantonment yesterday.

Colonel Joshi is a dog breeder of international repute. He has brought laurels to the country by becoming the only Asian to be the ‘canine judge’ at international dog shows in the UK since 1996.

He has also won several top awards at dog shows in the country during the past over 25 years.



Couple hurt as car rams into tree
Our Correspondent

Lalru, October 10
A Chandigarh-based couple — Rajinder Sharma and his wife Kusum Sharma — were seriously injured when their car rammed into a tree at Gholumajra village, on the busy Kalka-Ambala highway, late last night.

The couple was heading towards Chandigarh when the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The injured were taken to the local Civil Hospital. The doctors referred them to the PGI, Chandigarh, after their condition deteriorated. The police has started investigating the matter.



Car owner clarifies
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, September 10
Capt Narinder Singh, the owner of a Maruti car whose number was mentioned in an accident report on Sunday, today clarified that his car was not involved in the accident on the Ghaggar river bridge.

He expressed surprised over the mention of his car (CH-01Y-8781) in the media and claimed that someone with malicious intent had given the number of his car.

He added that the car was in his possession.

It may be recalled that Harvinder Singh, a resident of Mohali, had died in a head-on collision involving a Maruti car and a scooter on the Ghaggar bridge in Bhankharpur village on Saturday night.



Body’s plea to Mansa Devi board
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
The Senior Citizen Welfare association, Mauli Complex, has appealed to the authorities of the Mata Mansa Devi Shrine Board to make special arrangements for senior citizens to enable them to pay obeisance at the temple during Navratras.

Mr M.L. Gulati, general secretary of the association, said a request in this regard has also been made to the Panchkula district administration and the police authorities.



Office-bearers elected
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 10
The following have been elected office-bearers of the Welfare Society of authorised originals of all 50 villages of the Capital Project, Chandigarh: president — Mr Sher Singh; senior vice-president — Mr Ujagar Singh; vice-president — Mr Hazura Singh; joint secretary — Mr Sarwan Singh; assistant joint secretary — Mr Jastinder Singh; joint seretary — Ms Charanjit Kaur; assistant general secretary — Mr Harminder Singh; office secretary — Mr Gopal Singh Billing; treasurer — Mr Surjit Singh Dhindsan and adviser — Mr Sital Singh Grewal. — TNS



Dowry lust claims life
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
A woman employee (28) of the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) today hanged herself to death after allegedly being harassed by her husband and mother-in-law.

Reeta, wife of Satish, an Accountant General, Punjab, employee , was declared brought dead when taken to hospital from her residence in Sector 41 C.

She has left behind a one-and-a-half year old son.

The police has arrested Satish and his mother Krishna for allegedly demanding dowry under Sections 498 A, harassing her to commit suicide under Section 304 B and 34 of the IPC for joining hands in the illegal act. The arrest was made on the complaint of the father of the girl, Mr Arjun Dass, who has alleged that his son-in-law and his mother Krishna had been demanding dowry. He alleged that Satish used to beat up his daughter for extracting dowry. The police arrested Krishna when she came to the city from Karnal after coming to know that her daughter-in-law had committed suicide. Krishna lives in Karnal.

The police said the father of the girl today morning reached his daughter’s house and knocked at the door for long time. When nobody responded, he called neighbours .It was time that the couple should have gone to work. When the door of the house was broken open, Dass found his daughter hanging from a ceiling fan in the room by her dupatta.Satish had reportedly gone to Panchkula.



Contractors held for fleecing rickshaw-pullers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
The parking contractors at the ISBT, Sectors 17, Manjit Singh and Harcharan Singh, were today arrested for allegedly cheating rickshaw-pullers and passengers. They have been booked under Section 420 of the IPC.

The police said the contractors, who were brothers, allegedly charged Re 1 from a rickshaw puller outside the ISBT when he was going towards the Fire Station.

The passenger in the rickshaw complained to the police that the contractor was illegally charging Re 1 from the rickshaw puller.

The sources in the police said they had got an information earlier also that the contractor was charging the parking fee from the rickshaw pullers even outside the premises but no complaint had come forward.

The police said the parking contractors asked the rickshaw-puller to give him Re one as parking fee as soon as the rickshaw reached outside the bus stand. The rickshaw puller refused to give the money.

The passenger on the rickshaw then asked the contractors as to why were they charging Re one despite the rickshaw not being parked in the parking lot.

The contractors told the passenger that he could inquire from the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) that charging parking fee on the road was one of the conditions of the parking contract.

Refusing to buy the view of the contractor, the passenger approached the ISBT police post in-charge Nasib Singh. The police immediately found out the facts and booked the contractors.

The contractors were arrested from the spot.

There have been complaints earlier also that the contractor had been telling the rickshaw-pullers to give Re one extra for dropping a passenger outside.

In few cases, the rickshaw pullers had been asking the passengers to pay this parking fee apart from the money a passenger pays to the rickshaw-puller.



Burglary bids at two villages
Our Correspondent

Lalru, October 10
Thieves made futile attempts to break into over a dozen houses at two villages — Jharmai and Sangotha — near here last night.
According to villagers, over six muffled persons tried to break into the house of Bajir Singh in Sangotha village.

Hearing the commotion, the house owner woke up and raised the alarm. The thieves hurled stones at him before fleeing the village.

Similar incidents were reported from various houses at Jharmai village where vigilant villagers kept thieves at bay.

The police has registered a case under Sections 459 and 511 of the IPC at Lalru police station.



One held on theft charge
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, October 10
The police has arrested Hari Krishan, a resident of Abheypur, and claimed that he was involved in many cases of theft.
The police has claimed to have recovered stolen goods worth Rs 45,000, including mobile phones and jewellery, from him. These were stolen from the house of Mr Ajay Kumar in Sector 8.

The police said he was also involved in three other burglaries- in Sector 17, Sector 19 and Sector 11. He was produced in a local court and remanded in three-day police custody.

Eight arrested: The police has arrested eight persons, including Sunil Kumar, Ramesh, Gulzar, Raghubir, Karam Singh, Kala, Prem Bahadur and Nikku, under the Gambling Act and seized Rs 3,870 from them.



Man crushed between two trucks 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
A person was crushed between two trucks in Mani Majra here today. Both trucks were parked end to end.
Gurdeep Singh was opening the rear door of the truck when the other truck came towards him, while it was being moved back.

He was sandwiched between the two trucks, according to the police.

The truck driver, Tarlochan Singh, was moving the truck back when Gurdeep Singh got trapped.

Gurdeep Singh was seriously injured and admitted to the Public Health Centre, Mani Majra, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The driver of the truck has been arrested. Both the trucks are owned by one person.

Eve teasing: Jasmer Singh of Mohali was arrested for allegedly attempting to outrage the modesty of a woman, threatening and assaulting her near the Civil Dispensary in Sector 20.

The woman was passing through the dispensary when she was stopped and an attempt to outrage her modesty was allegedly made, the police said.

Theft: A Toshiba laptop of a British citizen has been stolen from room No. 301 of Hotel Sunbeam.

A non-resident Indian and British citizen, Harrison, complained to the police that the laptop was stolen from his locked room when he was away.

Harrison suspected role of somebody who had access to keys in the crime.

According to the police, only the bag that contained the laptop was lifted, leaving the other baggage untouched.

Assault: Krishan Kumar, Jaspal Singh, Ashok Kumar and Ram Sarup of Kaimbwala have been booked for allegedly assaulting Surjit Singh of the same village after trespassing his house.

Surjit Singh was admitted to the General Hospital, Sector 16, after the alleged assault.

A case has been registered in the Sector 3 police station.

Woman dies: Sarita Chopra (50) today succumbed to burn injuries in the PGI. Sarita Chopra, mother of Yogita — who is the wife of criminal Anil Kumar, alias Tota — was yesterday admitted to the hospital after she allegedly set herself afire.

She had received 100 per cent burn injuries.

Tota had already been married before he came in contact with Yogita.



Migrant found murdered
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 10
A middle-aged migrant from Madhya Pradesh was found brutally murdered in his rented house at Basant Nagar near Shivpuri today morning by his neighbours. The man seemed to have been killed two days ago as his body was found in a badly decomposed condition.

The incident came to light when foul smell emanated from the room. Area residents called the police which broke into the house and found the body. The police found some papers and visiting cards in the room which suggested that the deceased’s name was Joginder Kumar. However, his identity was being verified.



PNB customer meet
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, October 10
Punjab National Bank, Mid Corporate Branch, Sector 17-B, today organised a `Customer Meet' of the leading industrialists on the prevailing industrial scenario and banking requirements.

The General Manager of the Bank told the participants that the RBI had recently issued a Gold Card Scheme for exporters and had advised the banks that exporters subject to certain parameters be issued Export Gold cards containing certain incentives.

The scheme proposes to ensure easy availability of export credit on best terms to creditworthy exporters. Leading exporters of the area, who were found eligible, were issued these cards.

The bank has opened two large corporate branches and eight mid corporate branches, including one at Chandigarh to focus on the credit requirements of the corporate clients by providing skilled staff, computerisation, internet banking and authorised dealership of foreign exchange business.


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