Ulta pulta
Choosing the CM
Jaspal Bhatti

THE grand shamiana for the oath ceremony stood erected. The Governor was waiting patiently to administer the oath to the Chief Minister. The chamchas were restlessly roaming around with garlands in their hands. But who would be the Chief Minister? That decision took several days because neither the NCP nor the Congress was ready to give up claims for the top post in Maharashtra. Such a situation may arise in future in any of the states in the age of coalition politics. I suggest a few guidelines to resolve these typical stand offs.

They can have two Chief Ministers. On any day one party will have their Chief Minister before lunch and, the other party will have theirs' after lunch. If one Chief Minister takes some important decision on a file in the first half the second will have full powers to nullify the decision in the second half.

Another way out is that if one coalition partner has its Chief Minister from Monday to Wednesday, the other will have its Chief Minister on the rest of the days. On Sundays, no decision will be taken. Only ribbon cutting ceremonies will be allowed.

The third solution is that the chief ministership goes to one party and other party can have their 11 Deputy Chief Ministers. If they don't have anything to do, they can always play cricket.

The last possibility could be that each coalition partner should have a Deputy Chief Minister. They should offer the chief ministership to the Opposition. Let the blame for all their blunders go to the Opposition.