Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Home in on Interior designing
by Biswajiban Sharma
ften we want to spruce up our homes: We want to change the ambience or give a new look or feel to our surroundings. However, we have no inkling how to go about it. It is at times like this that we turn to interior designers or the make-up men.
Interior designing is all about maximising the visual impact of an enclosed space through optimum use of colour, light and space. Subhrangshu Gupta, a Delhi-based architect, puts it in perspective: ''There are many aspects of interior designing, but the most important is functionality of space, proportions of scale, colour and light.''

Anita Gupta“Interior designer must stick to client’s budget”
 An interior designer par excellence and winner of the Bharat Nirman Award, Anita Gupta, a Delhi-based architect-cum-interior designer, has a number of acclaimed projects to her credit. She was also among 15 best architects honoured by the Italian Government. Anita Gupta

BPO units breathe easy after
Bush win
by Gaurav Chaudhary
ith George W. Bush settling down for a second term as the US President, the debate on the outsourcing activity appears to have subsided--- at least for now. In the run-up to the elections, Democrat candidate John Kerry had argued strongly against outsourcing back-end work to developing countries such as India. He and many others argued that outsourcing back-end work to developing countries was giving rise to unemployment in the USA.

Outsourcing: UK blames it on shortage of skilled workers
by Philip Thornton
British companies will move all the unskilled labour they can overseas, warned Digby Jones, the Director-General of the CBI, on Sunday. He said the government urgently needed to boost skill levels to ensure the economy continued to create more jobs than it lost overseas.

Public health offers a robust future
by Manish Kumar Singal
ho are the people behind messages like — 'Keep your cooler free from stagnant water; 'Spray kerosene oil in tanks', 'Use mosquito coils etc'? Yes, such directions come from the desk of epidemiologists who keep working to trace the causes for various diseases. These professionals are mostly employed by NGOs, government organisations and hospitals.

by Sandeep Joshi

Another call centre party,
I am sure!

Carve a niche in networking
by Amrit
In large or medium-sized offices, banks or research institutions, almost every employee nowadays is provided with a desktop PC. This has been made necessary because the speed and accuracy of data processing is much higher with computers as compared to manual processing. However, with the increase in the number of computing systems, there is always a need to maintain uniformity between them i.e. the application software and to some extent hardware configuration should be similar for all installed systems.

Team tactics
by Usha Albuquerque
If you have seen films such as Hotels you can probably recall the efficiency with which the team of firefighters worked to control the fire. Or better still, watched reality TV visuals of rescue missions — paramedics, firefighters, even the Baywatch coast guards, you would have seen a high-performing team in action. They are fluid, efficient and operate in concert.

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