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Harassment of sister for dowry ‘drove’ her to suicide
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 9
Failure in examination, harassment of her elder sister for dowry and fear of not too bright future had led a 23-year-old girl to commit suicide by consuming some poisonous substance while she travelled in a bus from Phagwara to Ludhiana recently.

Body of Karamjit Kaur, a student of MSc Computer Science at Phagwara was found dead in a bus. The police today identify her and her father reached the Salem Tabri police station after seeing her pictures in newspapers

Raghbir Singh, had retired from the office of Town Planner, Jalandhar and was living in Vadhon Village under Mahilpur police station in Hoshiarpur district. In his statement to the police he said that his daughter was upset for the past few days for getting a re-appear result in one subject.

To add to her frustration, in-laws of her elder sister were allegedly harassing the family for more dowry. The in-laws came to their house last week and humiliated them especially the girls. Raghbir Singh said every family member was upset, but Karamjit Kaur had taken the affairs to her heart.

Raghbir Singh has four daughters. Only the eldest one is married. Karamjit Kaur was at second place, He recognised the girl’s clothes kept by the police.

SHO Salem Tabri Arvind Puri said police investigations revealed that the girl was career-minded and quite good in studies. She could not fare well because of the family circumstances as well as the tension due to her elder sister’s in-laws.

The police has decided to file the case following Raghbir Singh’s plea that he does not want action.

The girl was cremated at Daresi cremation grounds in the evening. Cops and some social workers pooled money for the cremation.

The girl had boarded a private transport bus from Phagwara and was found dead in the bus which reached here on Saturday afternoon.

She was sitting on the front seat of the bus and had suddenly fainted when the bus reached Jalandhar By Pass chowk. She had written on one of her arms only that she was committing suicide on her own will.



Accused booked for murder in ‘poisoning’ case
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 9
The five-year-old boy who died at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital after he was allegedly poisoned by his neighbour was cremated at Pakhowal village today.

Police sources said the post-mortem of the body was conducted at Civil Hospital, Sudhar, in the morning today. His viscera has been sent for chemical examination at Forensic Science Laboratory in Patiala.

SHO Raikot, Dharampal said the police had converted the attempt of murder case against the accused Usha Devi to murder and section 302 of the IPC has been added to the FIR. He said the woman was arrested two days ago but she had not confessed to cimmitting the crime. He added that she was maintaining silence.

He added that the police had some women eyewitnesses, whom Amandeep had told that Usha Devi had made him “drink bitter tea”. These women had taken care of Amandeep before his mother could reach home, as she had gone to work in the fields.

Meanwhile doctors, who had attended to the boy, said they could not say anything about the case before the report of vomit swabs came. Dr Sunit Hind, director of Hind Hospital at Mandi Ahmedgarh, where the boy was treated initially said that it could be a case of Aspiratus pneumanitis, a type of pneumonia also. He, however, said they had been administering an antidote to him to be on the safe side, as the family was suspecting poisoning.

Amandeep’s mother, Ms Sunita Devi, however, maintained that her son was all right when she had left him an hour ago. He was playing in the street and while she was working, she was called by another neighbour that he was vomiting. 



Lack of civic amenities irk residents
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 9
Even though located in a fast developing residential hub of the city, Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar (Phase III) on the Pakhowal Road, still lacks in civic amenities and other infrastructure.

If residents of the area are to be believed, among other things, the sewerage system and the water supply network need to be expanded, sanitation level ought to be improved, some thickly populated areas were to be declared public streets and the colony had to be provided street lights besides making provisions for community centres.

In a memorandum submitted to the civil administration, the Welfare Society of the colony pointed out that in some parts of the colony, sewerage was laid more than two years ago under the ongoing Hudco project while the rest of the area still remains without sewerage.

Similarly, there was just one tubewell to meet the demand of potable water to the locality.

In order to augment the water supply, at least one more tubewell should be installed and pipelines laid in areas where it has not been done.

Functionaries of the society regretted that a part of the colony was declared public street in September, 1999, but a sizeable portion ofthe locality was yet to be declared public streets.

Surprisingly, in some such parts of the colony, residents had got building plans approved but still these areas were yet to be designated as public streets.

Residents of the colony complained that ever increasing labour quarters and alarming increase in stray animals had wreaked havoc on sanitation and public health with no enforcement worth the name.

The colony had no safai karamcharies and repeated pleas to officials and the area councillor had failed to evoke any response in this direction.

The society has also urge the administration to start a sapling plantation drive in the area.



PG students resent exam postponement
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 9
The postgraduate students of the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital have urged the Punjab Government to reverse its orders of postponing the examinations as it would not be in the interest of their career. In a representation to the authorities the medicos said the postponement of examinations will jeoparadise their career. The examinations have been postponed in view of the cultural festival being organised in the state.

They said, “We would like to bring to your notice that any postponement of these examinations would greatly affect our future prospects and career options. The commencement of the post-graduate courses was already delayed by eight months due to some legal dipsute between the Goverment of Punjab and the Dayanand Medical College and Hospital.

Now all our fellow postgraduates from the medical colleges of Patiala, Amritsar and Faridkot have already passed their postgraduation and we are lagging behind them”. They added, “If the examinations do not finish by December 31, we will not be able to apply for the jobs of senior resident anywhere in Punjab or outside.



Cop wanted by police roams freely
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 9
Controversial cop Shamsher Singh Guddu who is evading arrest in several pending cases, once again skipped the court hearing in a criminal case registered against him today, he was allegedly spotted attending the marriage party of the daughter of a senior Congress leader here on Sunday.

Eye-witnesses revealed that Guddu was seen meeting Congress leaders, and senior police officials at the Turning Point Marriage palace where the marriage party of the daughter of District Congress President Jagmohan Sharma was organised.

Shamsher Singh Guddu is wanted in several cases, but the Ludhiana police has claimed that he was untraceable.

Journalists present there asked a senior police official as to why they were not arresting the accused present there, the officer expressed ignorance. City SSP Narinderpal Singh could not be contacted on the issue, while the sources close to Jagmohan Sharma revealed he had no knowledge about the presence of Guddu in the party.

Senior district as well as state police officials were present in the party apart from Congress leaders including state Congress president H.S. Hanspal.



Ludhiana Calling

When the Governor, Dr A.R. Kidwai, arrived here on Tuesday in connection with the birth anniversary celebrations of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, hundreds of people were held up at the Bhaiwala Chowk crossing. They “ever-alert” policemen had stopped the traffic from all sides, while the traffic lights were switched off. This happened in the morning hours when there was a heavy rush of people going for work. They were made to wait for about 20 minutes. But somebody told the policemen on duty that the Governor would take some time more to reach the venue situated nearby. Then they allowed the traffic to clear. Who will ask these policemen as to why did they stop the traffic when there was no information that the Governor was to pass through that route. And who will account for the time of hundreds of people wasted there. And also the fuel as nobody switched off the engine of the vehicle as everyone expected the traffic to resume only the next moment. Only if we could come out of a colonial mindset.

Advantage children

Closed roads may be bad for city traffic, but there are those who can turn around any situation to their advantage. Children in the vicinity of the bridge near the Gill canal have started using the place as their play field and wish that the bridge remains non-operational for a long time so that they can have a permanent play field. After all someone’s loss is always somebody else’s gain.

Migrant influx

The march by the Dal Khalsa on Monday against the unchecked influx of migrant labourers into Panjab has once again underlined the socio-economic problem created by the ever-increasing presence of migrant labour. Observers feel that the crime rate of Panjab has gone up for the simple reason that criminals from other states come to Punjab after committing heinous crimes in their home state and mingle with the large migrant force. After spending time here, they commit some crime here before going back. In addition to the spurt in crime, the migrants are also bringing along some infectious diseases like tuberculosis to the state. They live in dirty slums close to posh localities and pose a threat to the general health of the residents.

Though these migrants have caused massive unemployment for the local labour, industrialists feel that the city will not have achieved such prosperity without the cheap labour provided by these migrants. So they are apprehensive of any mass movement that might force these migrants to go back to their respective states, in which case they will have to hire local labour at higher salaries and perks.

Industrial unrest

Whether Ludhiana will emerge as a major business centre of the country remains to be seen, but it certainly will be known for industrial unrest with leading industrial units openly flouting labour laws. Non-payment of even minimum wages to workers and depriving them of their rights like overtime, PF, etc are common. What is more, leading industrial houses have laid off workers in large numbers and have been openly claiming that they have offered to them to work on the piece-wage system. An irked worker said: “They are openly admitting and have even managed to adopt the contractual system of employment. Even the government has so far not taken a decision on contractual employment.” The result: an increase in the number of strikes and dharnas, reduced productivity, making it doubtful whether the industry here will be able to meet global competition at all or not.

LPG shortage

Even after the government declared a hike in the prices of the LPG, city residents are still facing a shortage of LPG cylinders. While earlier it was being alleged that agencies were hoarding cylinders in the hope of an increase in the prices, even now gas cylinders are short in supply. Residents in a few areas are forced to buy them for as high as Rs 350 a cylinder. Here not only agencies, commercial users are also to be blamed. Despite the Food and Civil Supplies Department’s claims of surprise checks on commercial users, vendors are openly using domestic gas for commercial purposes as it is available to them at cheaper rates.Well, residents cannot but suffer till the crisis comes to an end.

Poor network

Once having the status of the sole player in the mobile phone industry, Spice Telecom, it appears, has acquired more customers than it can probably handle. Frequent complaints are received about the poor network of the company. Most of the times, an effort to make a call results only in wastage of time as the “network is busy”. So much so that even SMS take hours to reach their destination. Customer care centre executives of the company are, however, clever enough to pursuade the customers to believe that nothing is wrong. A majority of customers are told that there is a problem with their handset or they are told that the company would look into their problem. Irked customers are shifting to other service providers. It’s high time the company improved its services.

Scrap vendors

The scrap dealers dealing in newspapers seem to have turned smart. They have different rates for the Hindi and the English languages newspapers. Because it is believed that the Hindi newspapers are printed on low quality newsprint as compared to that of English. Of late an English daily claiming itself to be the national number one has launched a massive campaign distributing the copies either free of cost or at a nominal price. The paper carries lot of “raddi” which fetches handsome returns. Recently a housewife argued with a scrap dealer asking for a better price. She wanted a higher rate since her scrap was “English”. The scrap dealer was smart enough to tell her that even if she accepted a low price, she would still be the gainer as she had got the paper either free or at a nominal price. A good reason to gather scrap, especially when it comes so cheap!

— Sentinel



Belgian doctor converts to Hinduism
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 9
Impressed and fascinated by the culture that gave the world the science of ayurveda, a Belgian doctor converted to Hinduism “to go into the deep roots of this culture”. Dr Boedt Lifyaan, who had come here to participate in the Lord Dhanwantri’s Jayanti celebrations organised here today at Dhanwantri Temple, turned “too emotional within a couple of days” that he decided to adopt Hinduism. He was baptised by Naresh Soni and named Sidarth Bharti.

He said he had been fascinated by ayurveda. However, he felt it would be better if he went deep into the roots of history and culture of this country. Ayurveda, which believes in holistic treatment, needs to be studied in a holistic manner, he pointed out.

The celebrations were attended by a large number of citizens and ayurveda physicians. Forty practitioners of ayurveda had come from different countries of Europe under the leadership of an NRI ayurveda practitioner, Dr Anil Mehta, based in Holland.

Fiftyone families offered bhog to the Lord, which was later distributed to the devotees. Dhanwantri temple, situated on the factory premises, is open on this day every year for the general public for darshan as well as offering of prayers.

Dr K.K. Sharma, Director of Ayurveda, Punjab, was the chief guest and Dr Jawahar Lal Setia, District Ayurvedic and Unani Officer, was the guest of honour. Thousands of people, including leading doctors and dignitaries of town, offered their prayers to Lord Dhanwantri during the ceremonial celebrations.

Amritvani sankeertan was held in the evening under the auspices of Shri Ramsharnam Kitchlu Nagar’s in charge Naresh Soni. After this, Maha-aarti was performed by seven Vedic laureates, followed by fireworks to mark the conclusion of the celebrations.



Nine held for gambling
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 9
The police here booked nine persons under the Gambling Act yesterday.
Of the six cases, three were registered at the Sarabha Nagar police station.

Those arrested were Anil Kumar, a resident of Gandhi Nagar, Pritam Lal, resident of Nagpal Palace, Naresh Singh, a resident of Aman nagar and Raju, a resident of Panjab Mata Nagar.

The accused were gambling at a public place in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar said the police this morning.

Those arrested in the second cases have been identified as Karanjit Singh, a resident of Bhai Randhir Singh nagar and Jasbir Singh , who lives in Jhammat village. They were gambling at a public place opposite the Gurdev Hospital along the Ferozepur Road. A sum of Rs 1300 was seized from their possession. In the third case, Amarpal Singh, a resident of Gopal Nagar in Haibowal and Suridner Kumar, a resident of Barewal village were arrested while they were gambling at a public place outside the Housing Board Colony and Rs 950 was seized from their possession.

The division number 6 police arrested two persons and booked them under the Gambling Act for indulging in booking illegal ‘satta’ and ‘darra’ bets in various areas.

The arrested have been identified as Satnam Singh, a resident of new Shivaji Nagar from whose possession the police recovered Rs 750, Devinder Kumar, who lives in street number 1 of Iqbal Nagar along the Tibba Road from whose possession also the police recovered the same amount.

The division number 7 police arrested Kesa Ram, who lives near the Arora Palace cinema, recovered a sum of Rs 725 from his possession and booked him under the Gambling Act for allegedly booking ‘satta’ and ‘darra’ bets behind the Vardhman Mill. All were later bailed out, added the police.

Some Bihari migrants were sitting near the Civil Hospital and planning to commit a dacoity in the city, Sub-Inspector Navreet Singh raided the place and arrested Sekha Mohhamad Raj, Vinod Kumar, Atin Kumar, Sipal Kumar and Mohammad Rafiq and registered a case against them under Sections 399 and 402 of the IPC and various provisions of the Arms Act at the division number 2 police station yesterday.

They accused were said to be armed with knives and iron rods. Interrogation of the accused was in progress. All accused hail from Kishan Ganj district in Bihar and stayed in Amar Pura mohalla here, added the police.

The SSP said the accused used to give drug-laced tea or other eatables to train passengers, particularly migrants returning home, and looted them.

Cop killed: The Model Town police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279,338,427 and 304-A of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Kamaljit Singh, who lives in New Shimla Puri mohalla along the Daba Road against an unknown driver of a Libra bus bearing no registration number.

The complainant had stated that he was on his way to Sunet village along with his brother Narinder Singh. When they reached a petrol station near Jawaddi village, the accused hit their scooter and sped away from the scene. Both of them were injured and hospitalised. But Narinder Singh succumbed to his injuries in the hospital on Sunday evening. The deceased was employed in the Punjab Police and posted at Faridkot, added the complainant.

Illegal possession: The Shimla Puri police yesterday registered a case under sections 447 and 380 of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Nandan Lal, who lives in Sullempur village near Malerkotla town against Inder Kumar Gupta.

The complainant had stated that he owned a plot in Suraj Nagar in Shimla Puri. But the accused had taken illegal possession of the same and had also stolen the bricks lying therein sometime between the year 2001 and October 20,2004. No arrest has been made so far.

Cases of assault: The Koom Kalan police yesterday registered a case under sections 323,342,506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Gulzar Singh, who lives in street number 10 of Vardhman Colony along the Rahon Road against Bholi, Baby and Vickey.

The complainant had stated that his wife, Kulwant Kaur, was running a beauty parlour in Mundian Kalan village was stopped near Garhi Togar village and beat her up.

The police yesterday registered a case under Sections 452,323,324,506 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Rajesh Sood, who lives in LIG Flats in Sector-32A of the PUDA Urban Estate along the Chandigarh Road, against Ashok Rangbaj, Happy and Lovely. The complainant had stated that the accused, who were armed with swords and hockey sticks, came to his house on saturday night and assaulted him as a result of which he was injured.

Injured: The Civil Lines police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279,337,338 and 427 of the IPC on the statement of Mr. Rajesh, who lives in Prem Nagar at Ghumar Mandi against Rajit Gupta, who lives in Aggar Nagar.

The complainant had stated that the accused had rammed his Maruti Zen car into his scooter in Ghumar Mandi on Sunday night as a result of which he was injured and his scooter was damaged. The police said today that the accused was arrested and released on bail.

Liquor seized: The Jodhewal police arrested Harbans Singh, a resident of Mattewara village, recovered 15 bottles of liquor from his possession and registered a case against him under the Excise Act, The accused was nabbed at a check point on the Rahon Road, said the police today.

Baldev Singh, who lives in mohalla nand Pura in basti Jodhewal was arrested by the same police yesterday and booked under the Excise Act. The police said today that 12 bottles of XXX rum were recovered from his possession after he was intercepted near Gopal Nagar on the Tibba Road.

Parkash SIngh alias Pashi of Tibba Salempura was arrested by by CIA staff Jagraon and illicit liquor was seized from his possesion. A case under Section 61/1/14 the Excise Act has been registered at PS Sidhwan.


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