Books received: English

Sunlight & Shadows by M Y Ghorpade. Viking/Penguin Books. Pages 167. Rs 1495.

The Magic of Feng Shaui by Er. R Prasad. Diamond Pocket Books. Pages 231. Rs 120.

Veer Vinayak Damodar Sarvarkar by Dr Bhawan Singh Rana. Diamond Books. Pages 143. Rs 95.

For a Better Tomorrow by Joginder Singh. Fusion Books/Diamond Books. Pages 252. Rs 150.

Hindu Names for Girls by Maneka Gandhi. Penguin Books. Pages 151. Rs 200.

Handbook of Inclusive Education for Educators, Administrators, and Planners by Madhumita Puri and George Abraham. Sage Publications. Pages 309. Rs 450.

Panchatantra by Prof. J.S. Bright. Touchstone Publishing. Pages 205. Rs 100.

Improve Your Spoken English by J.S. Bright. Touchstone Publishing. Pages 203. Rs 100.

Hindu Names for Boys by Maneka Gandhi. Penguin Books. Pages 429. Rs 295.

Muslim & Parsi Names by Maneka Gandhi and Ozair Husain. Penguin Books. Pages 527. Rs 395.

Osama’s Revenge by Paul L. Williams. Viva Books Private Limited. 4262/3, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi. Pages 261. Rs 295.

Understanding The Dalai Lama by Rajiv Mehrotra. Penguin/Viking Books. Pages 265. Rs 395.

Sri Aurobindo by Purnima Majumdaar. Diamond Books. Pages 121. Rs 75.

Shifting Sands by Dominique Varma. Penguin Books. Pages 184. Rs 250.

The Book of Man (Osho). Penguin Books. Pages 277. Rs 250.

Spooked by Shaiontoni Bose, Bunny Gupta, Nilanjana Gupta, Arundhuti Dasgupta. Puffin/Penguin Books. Pages 227. Rs 250.

Icons of Social Change by Scharada Bail. Puffin/Penguin Books. Pages 130. Rs 175.

Reflections by Anil Sarwal. Indian Publishers Distributors. Pages 103. Rs 95.

Dharma by Ashok Vohra, Arvind Sharma and Mrinal Miri. D.K. Printworld. Pages 466. Rs 800.

Swami Chinmayananda by Anita Raina Thapan. Penguin/Viking Books. Pages 278. Rs 395.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba by Bill Aitken. Penguin/Viking Books. Pages 259. Rs 450.

Brainstorming Reinvented by Linda Conway Correll. Response Books ( A division of Sage Publications). Pages 230. Rs 350.

Research Project by Michael Jay Polonsky David S. Waller. Response Books . Pages 232. Rs 320.

Building Smart Teams by Carol A Beatty and Brenda A Barker Scott. Response Books. Pages 197. Rs 295.