Saturday, November 20, 2004

Karuna Goswamy


1. Christian festival that comes after Easter

6. Fresh; not old

7. The report that is made on an employee’s work (inits.)

8. Course of thought or meaning

11. What the — foretell is not often known to us

14. Receptacle; ceremonial vessel

15. What a good old pen used to have

16. Worthy of respect, admiration


1. Specially designed apartment on the roof of a building

2. Brilliantly coloured salamander

3. Gain; get in return for something

4. — Sharif, Hollywood actor

5. Rotating top of a phonograph

9. Department where you go when you have an earache, for instance (inits.)

10. What a boatman often needs

11. Supercilious person

12. Crystalline solid used as an astringent in medicine

13. Treat with disdain or contempt