Saturday, November 20, 2004

Rhyme time

Believe me

After nine months of search,

I want to rest

Now as I have found you,

I have forgotten the rest,

Donít you feel the same?

Believe me..,

This is no game

Donít let me fail

Let our ship sail,

I lave you mom.

Sargun Makhni, Class IX A,
Springdale Sr School, Amritsar


Cruel world

Human nature defines,

Itself habitual to commit crime.

People steal, people kill,

Their pockets with money they fill.

Mankind bows in front of crime,

Common things areómurders and bribes

They fight, they slaughter,

Their hands just donít quiver.

Mankind, in front of crime, has bend,

One day this world will have a tragic end,

With bullets firing up in the sky

And people bidding this world goodbye.

Such would be the tragic end of this world

And no-one would survive on this earth.

Sristhi Khatter, Class X-C,
Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar.


Cricket is fun

Cricket is fun,

Especially when Sachin is making a run.

When Zaheer is getting a wicket,

When Afiridi goes out on zero.

And Yuvraj is made the hero.

When Kaif is in a fix

And Sourav is hitting a six

When Srinath hits a four.

And Javed can do nothing to improve his score

When by Rahul Dravid the ball is caught.

And Waqar Younis sits there in thought

So in short cricket is fun

Only when India has won.

Sahil Mahajan, Class 7-A,
St Luke Sen. Sec. School, Solan

This feature was published on October 30, 2004