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Guinea fowls being sold illegally in city 
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
Threatening the poultry industry in the state, hundreds of guinea fowls are being transported illegally to various cities from Uttar Pradesh and sold in the open market. Unfortunately these birds were not being quarantined for any diseases before entering the state.

Poultry experts claimed that such birds could bring scores of diseases which could spread among the local birds, yet there was no check on their transportation. These were fast becoming a delicacy for the locals as a part of poultry farmers’ drive to popularise the bird.

Most of these pheasants were transported from Allahabad and sold for Rs 200 a pair. As Ludhiana and Chandigarh markets offered a great potential, these were brought straight to these two cities. In Ludhiana, these were sold at a yet higher price than in Chandigarh.

Experts said the dealers should have a licence from the state government for entering the region and must have the birds quarantined to check the spread of any diseases.

They further stated that without being checked they could spread many bacterial and viral diseases in the poultry.

Quoting an example of Ranikhet disease that had killed lakhs of hens in the northern region a year ago, the expert said that the disease was spread because of unchecked transportation from one state to another.

Inquiries by Ludhiana Tribune revealed that these were carried into trucks after being packed like sardines in cane trays in contravention of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

As many as 50 guinea fowls were stuffed in a single tray covered by net thus preventing their escape. As per the directions of the Act, a single bird should be carried in a box measuring 2 X 2 feet.

The trucks carrying them enter the city at nights and they are then shifted to the local grain market where they are kept for days together without food or water.

Being passed off as Chinese Hens, these birds, known as ‘Chakors’ in common language have found a permanent market in the local grain market and are finding at least 50 to 70 takers every day.

Sant Lal, a dealer, said he had come to the city two months ago from Allahabad.

With his business growing day by day, he had asked his supplier to send these in plenty. He added that he had assigned many migrants in various parts of the city to sell the ‘chakors’.

‘‘We are expecting a grand sale at the time of Christmas as many people take this bird for a small turkey. At that time we will raise the prices also,’’ he said, adding that there was a better response in the city than in Chandigarh. 



Choked Buddha Nullah serious health hazard
Kuldip Bhatia

Garbage chokes Buddha Nullah near Haibowal Colony in Ludhiana
Garbage chokes Buddha Nullah near Haibowal Colony in Ludhiana. — Photo by Inderjit Verma

Ludhiana, November 25
The Buddha Nullah, choked with garbage and even dead animals at some places, has made the life of the residents living along the open drain in the city, miserable. While the situation is almost the same all along the entire length of the nullah, it is particularly pathetic and rather unbearable near chhoti puli (small bridge) in Haibowal Colony.

The area residents rue that with the entire stretch of the nullah around the bridge covered with solid waste, garbage and discarded plastic for quite some time now and no steps having been taken to desilt and clean the drain, the flow of water has almost stopped. With the result that the people living along and others passing through the area have to experience the worst kind of stench emanating from stagnant water and waste material.

Mr Ravinder Kapoor, who runs a department store in the affected area, says that the civic body appears to be completely oblivious to the plight of the residents. The stinking nullah, coupled with an overall poor level of sanitation in the colony, is a serious health hazard and a threat to public hygiene. “The conditions are conducive for the breakout of an epidemic in which the poor people will be the worst sufferers and nobody will take the responsibility of creating such conditions.”

Many other residents, including Mr Chetan Malhotra, Mr Harminder Singh, Mr Vikramjit Singh Mann and Mr Vishal Aggarwal were sore over the fact that machines for cleaning the nullah were deployed at the site a couple of months ago but these were yet to be put to use. They strongly felt that the bridge over the nullah (chhoti puli) was very narrow and in view of the volume of the traffic and frequent traffic jams in the middle of the bridge, it needed to be widened on priority.

The affected residents called for immediate steps for cleaning and regular desilting of the nullah to ensure proper flow of water which would also rid the people from the persistent unbearable stench and a serious health hazard.



3 Cong leaders held for selling LPG on black market
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 25
The police here booked three office-bearers of the Congress Committee under Section 7 of the Essential Commodities Act, allegedly for hoarding and selling on the black market of LPG cylinders, activists of various organisations held a dharna against the action of the police at local Ambedkar Chowk here.

Sources at police station here revealed that Mr Hari Krishan, a consumer of Bharat gas had complained that Mr Rajiv Singla, Mr Baisakha Singh and Mr Tholu Ram were allegedly engaged in hoarding and selling gas cylinders on the black market. According to them these persons used to sell cylinders for Rs 320 to Rs 350 instead of price of Rs 286.40. Moreover they had not made arrangements for the storage of these cylinders.

Based on the information received from the complainant the police parties headed by Mr Palwinder Singh SHO City and Mr Sat Pal Bajwa SHO Sadar conducted raids the premises of the shops or the houses of the suspects and seized 130 cylinders from the shop of Mr Rajiv Singla, 25 cylinders from the office of Mr Baisakha Singh and 12 cylinders from the residence of Mr Tholu Ram. The suspects were arrested and booked under Section 7 of Essential Commodities Act.

Activists and office-bearers of various political social and commercial organisations held a dharna to protest against the alleged action of the police. Addressing the protesters various leaders alleged that the police had registered false cases against the office-bearers of local Congress by acting on behest of some other persons who were interested in capturing the gas agency.

The speakers said that the three persons booked by the police had actually been assisting the owner of a gas agency situated at near by Dehlon village. The said agency was entrusted the job of supplying gas cylinders to the consumers registered with the Ahmedgarh Gas Agency the owner of which had been sent to jail recently in connection with a case booked already against him. The Dehlon Agency had opened three delivery points for the easy distribution of the cylinders.

It was further alleged that the police had acted on the behest of some persons who were interested in capturing the agency at local town wanted to disrupt the supply.

Mr Yasin Mohamad, Mr Sham Sunder ,(both councillors) Mr Jagwant Singh Jagie President SAD, Mr Ravinder Kumar President City Congress, Mr Happy Verma District Vice-President SAD,Mr Sudhir Singla President Youth Congress, Mr Bittu Singla President Beopar Mandal and Ashok Kumar Vice President resented the police action and urged the Administration to cancel the case after investigating the matter. The protesters gave a memorandum to Mr Mukesh Kumar in this regard.

Meanwhile Mr Deepak Kumar, owner of the Dehlon gas agency said that the present arrangement was made under the guidance of senior administrative officers for the convenience of the public.



Nepal releases Rs 250 coin to mark 400 years of Granth Sahib
Vimal Sumbly
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
Nepal is the only country in the world to release a coin to commemorate the 400 years of the Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib. The Rs 250 denomination coin is with Narinderpal Singh, who holds the Limca Book of World records in collection of coins. Narinderpal disclosed that it is for the first time after 1849 that any government had issued a coin on the Sikh religion.

He disclosed that the coin was the highest denomination in the Sikh history. It was during Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s regime that any official coin on Sikhism was released anywhere. The coin made of silver has the insignia of the Khalsa Panth along with Guru Granth Sahib embossed on one side. On the other side is written Guru Granth Sahib ka 400 van varsh-2061(Bikrami Samvat).

Mr Narinderpal has, so far, collected over 80,000 coins dating from 600 BC till date. He started collecting coins as a hobby in 1984 and entered the Limca Book of World Records for collecting maximum number of coins in less than 20 years. His collection includes the coins from different countries, of different dynasties and different periods. Besides the Nanakshahi coins, he has some rare gold coins of the Gupta period.

Narinderpal is an engineer. The coins fascinate him. The moment he learns about a rare coin anywhere, he ensures to gets it, at whatever cost. He has spent lakhs on the collection of rare coins.



Police yet to smash network of drug mafia
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
The police here has done a good job and nabbed those involved in two major robberies in the city, much remains to be done as suppliers of drugs and arms to the criminal are yet to be caught. It is felt that other criminals may strike if then supply line is not blocked.

Apart from the need to crack down on the drugs and the arms smugglers the police is yet to get at the gang where used to strike during night in outskirts of the city. Sources revealed to the Ludhiana Tribune that net work of drug mafia was widespread and had contacts in Amritsar and Jalandhar.

According to sources Ranjit Singh Pehalwan, a former national-level judo player and a cop, arrested in the money exchanger robbery case used to be in touch with the drug mafia. He allegedly went to Jalandhar and later Amritsar after committing the robbery. He made some payments there but it was yet to be known whether he brought some consignment here or supplied it some smugglers at those places.

The police was verifying if Ranjit Singh was associated in some manner with drug smuggler Shammi of Jalandhar. The police had information that Shammi was visiting the city to supply drugs or take payments from local smugglers but he eluded arrest. The cops even caught hold of a number of girls here alleged to be his mistresses but no success was achieved.

Shammi like other smugglers doesn't give his real address to any one. One of his paramour told the police that he visited her for a few hours only. Even some local small time smugglers arrested by the police have revealed that they just know his name but not his address or other details.

The gangs allegedly operate with the help of listed offenders like Nirdosh Dhand. They employ youths as musclemen in recovery agencies and lure them to drugs. Once an addict, the youth acts as a pawn in the hands of the criminals and takes to committing crime on his own after helping the gangs.

Another worry for the Police Department is the recovery of US-made mauser gun from Ranjit Singh and his accomplice Jaspreet Singh. Earlier the police too had recovered foreign-made weapons from a police cat-turned cop who was held along with four others in the murder case of a city youth.

The police is in a dilemma from where the US-made weapon which was serviced by the US army was procured. Though the criminals say they had it bought it from a migrant labourer for Rs 15,000, the police is not believing the statement.

The gun is priced at over Rs 2 lakh in the market and is not available in India.



Relocation of level crossing site sought
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 25
A deputation for the Bhai Himmat Singh Nagar, led by former member of Lok Sabha Gurcharan Singh Ghalib has urged the district administration to undertake another survey for the relocation of proposed ‘manned railway crossing’ in the locality.

A few months back five schoolchildren died and several others were injured in an accident between a school van and a train on the unmanned crossing. After the mishap, the railway authorities had assured to set up a manned barrier in order to avert accidents in future. The railways had asked the district authorities to propose a suitable site for this purpose.

Mr Ghalib who, along with other functionaries of the Mohalla Sudhar Sabha, met Deputy Commissioner Anurag Verma here today, pointed out that the passage suggested by the SDM for putting up a mechanised crossing was merely 16-foot wide whereas a 60-foot wide metalled road also crossed the railway track a little distance away from the proposed site. The residents asserted that if manned railway crossing was put up on 60 feet wide road, it would benefit several localities on both sides of the track as well as other road users.

The Deputy Commissioner assured the residents that their demand would receive proper attention and another spot survey would be undertaken in next couple of days before making final recommendation to the railway authorities.

Among other members of the deputation were Mr Harpal Singh Bhatti, president, Mr Lakhwinder Singh, vice president, Mr Parmel Singh, secretary of the sabha, Mr Surinder Singh, Mr Jaspal Singh Saggu, Mr Surjit Singh, Mr Kulwinder Singh, Mr Varinder Kumar Sehgal, Dr Chamkaur Singh, Mr Ashwani Kumar, Mr Karnail Singh and Mr Nazar Singh Gulshan.



Harassment by Railway official alleged
Our Correspondent

Khanna, November 25
Mr Gyan Chand Shahi an industrialist, alleged that a Railway officer had misbehaved, him and locked up him in a room on November 23 at Khanna Railway station. Mr Gyan Chand had complained against Chief Booking, Superintendent, Khanna to the higher Railway authorities.

Mr Gyan Chand had alleged that he went to Khanna Railway station to board train. He reached the booking window but there was no employee. When he enquired he came to know that the employees were sitting in the parcel room. When he asked about the reason for closing of the ticket window he started abusing him.

Mr Gyan Chand alleged that when he said that he would bring all this to the notice of Station Supervisor the lost his temper. He caught him by the neck and locked him up in a room. After some time the CBS Sundar Lal Rathor called an other employee and ordered him to make a challan. He charged Rs 266 from him. After taking money he was released.

He had complained to DRM, Divisional Railway Commissioner, Station Superintendent , Member Railway Board and Police post in charge Khanna. He had demanded stern action against the Chief Booking Superintendent.



Seer’s arrest: Bitta to file PIL
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, Nov 25
All-India Anti-Terrorist Front chief Maninderjit Singh Bitta said today that he would be filing a Public Interest Litigation in the Supreme Court of India against the arrest of the Kanchi Shankaracharya. He alleged a conspiracy behind the arrest.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Bitta pointed out there was lot of resentment among the people across the country against the arrest of the Kanchi seer. To a question as what type of public interest was involved in the issue, Mr Bitta retorted, it involved the emotions of millions of people across the country. In case they come out on roads to express their resentment what will happen?, he asked.

Mr Bitta thanked the Hindus across the country for exercising utmost restraint despite such grave provocation. “Our sentiments have been hurt and we have shown the maximum restraint”, he said, while regretting that such a highest institution was being ridiculed.

He pointed out, nobody questions the authorities of the rule of law. He said, the way the Shankaracharya was arrested during a midnight swoop on the eve of Divali only showed that there was more to the issue than was being made out to be.



IAS trainees to visit city on Dec 5
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 25
A group of IAS officer trainees from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, will undertake a two-day visit to the city on December 5 and 6 as part of their winter study tour.

During their stay in the city, twelve such trainees will share the experience of urban governance as a part of several short attachments to different government and non-government agencies. The underlying purpose of the visit is to provide the trainees with first-hand knowledge of the functioning of urban local bodies, to understand complexities involved in urban management, to learn from the innovations taking place in the municipal administration and to acquire understanding of the issues relating to urban slums.

Giving this information, the Commissioner of the municipal corporation, Mr S.K. Sharma, told Ludhiana Tribune that according to a communication received by the MC from Ms Arti Ahuja, Deputy Director (Senior) and course coordinator, IAS Professional Course, the visit of the trainees to the mega city was mooted in view of the track record of good work and innovations in urban administration by the civic body here. It was further suggested that the trainees, besides being briefed about the working of the MC, might be taken to visit the urban slum areas and should also have some interaction with elected representatives, other residents and bodies working in the urban slums.

According to Mr Sharma, the trainees will be apprised with the remarkable financial turnaround achieved by the MC during the past two years, when from a cash-strapped body, it turned into a cash surplus civic body and earned a higher credit worthy rating from CRISIL. The visitors will also be shown round the successfully completed 'water for all' project through which the MC had created a history of sorts, and had won accolades from various quarters.

Another area will prove to be of keen interest to the trainees will be the work done in providing basic amenities to 57 out of a total of 209 urban slums in the megapolis.

"We are making arrangements to give them a presentation on computerisation, complaint redressal mechanism and a unique system evolved by the MC administration of accountability and productivity, in which daily reports are prepared, separately for system-wise and person-wise working," Mr Sharma added.



Beauty parlours attract men too 
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 25
Now a days not only brides want to visit beauty parlours to look pretty but men also want to match them before the most important day of their life- marriage. During marriage season parlours are heavily booked. “Men who are conscious of their looks visit beauty parlours regularly. Fashion magazines, ramp shows, designer clothes, special beauty products have made men aware of their looks. Hence, these days men come to parlour for getting facials like gold, face lifting done”, says Ms Ravinder of a saloon on the Mall Road.

Ms Ravinder says, “Unlike man, a woman spends 30 to 40 per cent more on pre-bridal preparations. Shiv Kumar of a saloon in Sarabha Nagar says, “Men want to look groomed with manicured nails, coloured well trimmed hair with streaks and smooth cheeks. Mr Malkani, an executive, says, “It is necessary for people dealing with public to look presentable. If visiting parlours gives you confidence and relaxation, then money is well spent.”



Residents foil robbery bid 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
Alert residents of Phase-I, Focal Point, along with PCR cops foiled a broad daylight robbery bid in a house and managed to arrest one of the three robbers today. The victim, Ashwani Kumar, suffered injuries on head after he was hit with an iron rod.

The robbers posing as employees of the Punjab State Electricity Board struck at the house No. 1005 of Mr Ashwani Kumar at 2 pm. Mr Kumar, who was alone in the house, however, grappled with the robbers and raised an alarm.

On hearing this a few neighbours and a PCR team, which was on routine patrolling duty, reached Mr Kumar’s house and managed to arrest one of the robbers. He was later identified as Ranjit Singh.

Ashwani Kumar was later shifted to a city hospital. The police has identified other two robbers as Surjit Singh and Ram Gopal. Police teams have been dispatched to arrest them. A scooter (PB-08 MP- 7741) used by the robbers has also been recovered.

Mr Gurpreet Singh, SP (Detective), however, said Rs 2,000 that was snatched back by Mr Kumar was missing. He cautioned city residents to take extra precaution while dealing with strangers. He said criminals devise new methods to gain entry in the house and residents could prevent such incidents by remaining alert.



Robbery accused remanded in police custody
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, November 25
A court here today remanded the two accused arrested in the money-exchanger robbery case in five days police custody. SP (Detective) Gurpreet Singh said the police remand was needed. The police suspected the accused had information about gangs in the city.

Meanwhile, the Ghumar Mandi Market Welfare Association has decided to honour police officials for arresting the two accused. A spokesperson of the association said the robbery in the busy and crowded market had created panic among traders and shopkeepers.


Balachaur: Surinder Singh has been booked for possessing 40 boxes of illicit liquor by the local police at a special naka, near Gurdwara Tibbi Sahib.

The accused has been sent to judicial custody till December 8 by the SDJM.

The special naka was sat up on the directions of the SSP, Mr M.F. Faruqi, to check illicit liquor and narcotics.

The seized liquor had been brought from Chandigarh by the accused in a Qualis (PB-01-4366).

An FIR under the Excise Act has been registered.



1 held under NDPS Act
Our Correspondent

Jagraon November 25
Fourteen diazepam injections, 15 tablets’ diazepam, 10 tablet Netgar, 40 capsules of propsivan and six small bottles of corex are allegedly recovered from Vinod Kumar son of Babu Ram, Lajpatrai road Jagraon. Police has registered a case under Section 22, 61,85 of the NDPS Act. Mrs Jatinder Walia SDJM remanded the accused in Judicial custody till December 8.



Surf Excel launches campaign
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
Miss India Asia Pacific 2002 Tina Chatwal today launched a Hindustan Lever Limited campaign — ‘Surf Excel Win with Stains’ —at CFC High School. Any customer who purchases a large pack of Surf Excel Quickwash or Surf Excel Blue will get a stained cloth in the pack.

On washing the cloth the consumer will get a chance to win a Rs 5 lakh scholarship or a Zenith computer or runs of 1,2,3,4,5 or 6. On collecting 12 runs one would be entitled to receive an Oxford Dictionary worth Rs 325, said Mr Prashant Chacko, Area Sales Manager of the company. The campaign will cover 30 schools across the city. A few students of the school were given complementary gifts. 



Tina for code of conduct in glamour world 
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
In the prevailing era of ‘flaunt what you have’ Tina Chatwal, former Miss India Asia Pacific, is all for a ‘‘code of conduct’’ in the beauty industry. ‘‘It’s important to follow a certain code of conduct in this industry. A more disciplined approach will only lead industry, where controversies have become common, towards the better,’’ says the Chandigarh-based svelte beauty, who was here to launch a Surf Excel promotion campaign for kids.

Much to the pleasure of Ludhianavis, the Chandigarh-based damsel, unlike her counterparts, was attired in a chic, embroidered salwaar kameez. A qualified dentist herself Tina interacted with students of CFC Public School.

Revealing that it was her family that led her to join the glamour world she admitted life was a “bit too hectic” particularly after winning the Miss India Asia Pacific 2002 title. Nowadays, apart from modelling on the ramp, social work too occupies much of her time. She is involved with an international organisation that is working for children with deformities.

Talking about beauty contests being conducted every second day across the country and controversies surrounding these she said those aspiring to join that industry must adopt a professional approach. “For the industry a certain code of conduct is necessary,” she said, adding with haste, “there is a negative side to everything, we cannot really blame the industry for that”.

Responding to a question on skin show by the likes of Mallika Sherawat she said she would not be comfortable doing such roles. “Opting for movies like Murder, I would say, is a personal choice. But I would not be comfortable in such roles,” she stated.

She said she was looking forward to doing movies, “but only the ones that have good story lines and something meaningful to do”.

On beauty contests in India, where winning an international contest had become a norm, particularly after the titles that Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen brought home, Tina said the time could be revived. “Provided the industry gears up and contestants are better trained,” she opined. “Probably like all industries that have geared up to meeting global competition the same push is required for the glamour segment as well,” she quipped.



Industry flays hike in freight rates
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 25
The Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU) today condemned the hike in freight rates of raw material and all other commodities announced by the Union Railways Ministry.

Mr Inderjit Singh Pardhan, president, CICU, said the industry in Punjab had to procure majority raw material primarily from other states as a result of which industry here would suffer. The decision will affect the cost structure of industrial goods and make them costlier in the local as well as international markets, he said.

He urged the Prime Minister to prevent the hike.


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