Saturday, November 27, 2004

Karuna Goswamy


1. Coming at an appropriate time

6. The University at Amritsar (inits.)

8. Well known British economist sociologist

11. Prominent Urdu newspaper of Pakistan

12. What you cannot live without

13. Liquid gold, as they say

14. Khushwant Singh wrote on one to Pakistan

17. The bean that is rich in proteins

19. A birdís home, sweet home

21. Great Scottish city



2. Can be mightier than the sword

3. An egg, in other words

4. Japanese general executed for war crimes

5. Indian armyís training academy (inits.)

6. Is always greener on the other side

7. Soiled; unclean

9. Form of oxygen that is thinning over the world

10. Dutch town known for its tiles

15. What the month of Sawan brings

16. Another name for the moon in India

18. Not even; peculiar

20. Sink with weight