Saturday, November 27, 2004

Rhyme time
Fishy matter

We went out for a break,

to a lake.

There we saw a fish,

with very big fins.

She danced up and down

and tried to give me a kiss.

I gave her chips,

and she ate with delight.

Soon another fish came,

and there was a fight.

It went deep,

as the sun brightened up

I want to see her again

so on my next break to the lake

I will come again

Ashmita Joshi Class V,
Montessorie Cambridge School, Pathankot

Cry of birds

I heard a cry in the woods

A cry of pain and mysterious shriek

The next day I went to the woods again.

And there was no tree

Except some nests and beehives,

Attached to broken twigs.

I understood that

It was the cry of the birds,

Who made their nest in the trees.

The cry was that of humming of bees.

Who made their beehives in the trees.

Who destroyed this tiny hamlet?

A few steps ahead.

The logs of trees were being loaded in a truck.

Then I understood that it is none other than man,

Who destroyed this tiny hamlet.

Harleen Sandhu, Class VIII,
BCM School , Ludhiana


Holiday, holiday

Please come everyday

As we like to run and play

To the core of heart we say

Homework makes us feel bored

Holidays we ask for more

Like a blooming flower for a while

The news of holiday make us laugh and smile

Karanbir Singh Sidhu, Class: III,
St Joseph’s Convent Secondary School, Bathinda