Wednesday, December 1, 2004

by Sandeep Joshi

When I said get a person of high status, I didnít mean this.

Home science offers myriad options
Although home science is a conventional stream, it is suddenly finding an increasing number of takers, writes Shveta Pathak
HAT if you get a career option that gives you opportunities in India as well as overseas? It would make your family happy too for it will provide you with skill sets required to manage your home efficiently. Although home science is a conventional stream, it is suddenly finding an increasing number of takers.

Hydrography ó a gainful career
Trilochan Singh Trewn
ydrography is the science of measurement of sea, lakes, rivers alongwith description of nature of their beds including indicating them graphically on charts.Thus hydrography is in fact practice of marine survey. Hydrography is different from oceanography.

Animal care an attractive vocation
Sunit Dhawan
ollege of Veterinary Sciences, Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, was established in 1882 in Lahore as a veterinary school. After the Partition, with the help of the faculty of Lahore Veterinary College who had migrated to India, the then Punjab Government set up a Camp Veterinary College at Hisar in February 1948. The college was affiliated to the erstwhile Punjab University, Solan.

Animation, games design courses in offing
HE CEO of SAE, a foreign media education college, Rathish Babu has announced the commencement of a new and exclusive programme in India. SAE, which at present runs diploma and degree programmes of Middlesex University, London, has got approval for its proposal for setting up Indian university-affiliated B.Sc and M.Sc courses in media-related subjects.

Offbeat courses in foreign universities

VERY year the number of students going abroad for study increases. With competition for seats in colleges within the country reaching unrealistic levels, there is a growing interest among students to explore study opportunities outside the country. Many countries are welcoming students from India, and what was once a dream for a select few.

Good command of English a must for medical transcription
I have completed my graduation. I am interested to know about medical transcription. What does it take to become a medical transcriptionist?
A Medical transcription is a career option for people who have excellent command over English, particularly written (you have to hear and transcribe speech loaded with medical terminology in accents as varied as American, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and mid-Western), and preferably familiarity with biology.

Marketing Insurance
How to Become a Super Successful Insurance Salesman
By G.N. Bajpai
Global Business Press; pages 140; Rs 195

Mistakes I made My First Five Years in Business
And How You Can Avoid Them
By Elizabeth K. Fischer
Unistar; pages 86; Rs 75