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Rs 6 cr ‘outsourced’ in company fraud
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
As many as 700 computer professionals-cum-investors belonging to different parts of Punjab and also from the neighbouring states have allegedly been duped of Rs 6 crore by an information outsourcing company, Global Infomatics. The officials of the company have done the vanishing act by closing down its North India branch in the city and the company’s head office in Bangalore.

The officials have not only taken the registration and security deposit of the persons, but also not paid them the dues of the past several months. About 100 such youths gathered outside the company’s office on the Pakhowal road today after learning about the closure of the local branch. They were in for more shock when a courier company employee came there to return a bag full of bounced cheques issued by the company.

People had invested from Rs 1.5 lakh to as much as Rs 8 lakh with the company. Though the basic registration fee for becoming an investor was Rs 5,000, many had taken up multiple job registration and had further employed youths on their own to do the outsourcing work.

The job profile of the company required the youths to do various computer related work like typing pages of books, making designs and other files for some UK-based companies and websites. For a registration amount of Rs 5,000, a person got an assignment of 60 pages per month. He was paid Rs 50 per page.

Most of the youths thus signed for multiple jobs by depositing Rs 5000 extra for each job. Many deposited upto Rs 8 lakh and made their own chain of employees who worked online from their residences only.

All efforts to trace the company officials Jay Kumar and Steven David on their cell numbers or landline numbers in the city or at their head office in Bangalore proved futile. Even the company’s website and the various websites for which the outsourcing was done were lying closed.

Mr Pal and Mr Jassi of Ludhiana who have invested lakhs of rupees said the company officials had vanished without any notice. They alleged that the officials had not paid their dues of the last several months.

Other duped youths who corroborated the allegations included Atul , Rohit, Puneet, Gurmeet from Amritsar, Jaideep from Jalandhar, Satinder and Gurpreet from Mandi and Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.

The investors revealed that they have called a meeting of other investors to chalkout their future course of action.

This is probably the first fraud of its kind involving an outsourcing company. India has been labelled as one of the best markets for such outsourcing but such alleged frauds can prove to be a big spoilsport.



Indo-Pak torch procession throws traffic out of gear
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
The torch of the Indo-Pak Punjab Games - 2004, which passed through the city in the morning today, threw the normal traffic out of gear causing jams at all vulnerable places besides inconvenience to hundreds of commuters.

The residents who got stuck up in the jam reached their destinations hours late. Though the local police had diverted the traffic from several vulnerable points, chaos reigned on the roads giving a difficult time to the traffic cops who were on their toes to regulate the flow.

The police had released a route map yesterday, which had to become functional after 9 a.m. As the procession carrying the torch reached late, the entire arrangement became topsy-turvy and the helpless cops were seen putting in last-ditch efforts to bring the situation to normal.

Though it was decided that the procession would be welcomed at the Jalandhar bye-pass chowk at 9 a.m. and then pass through the Purani Sabzi Mandi Chowk, Domoria Bridge, Fountain Chowk, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Vishkarma Chowk and finally Samrala Chowk before taking the road to Chandigarh. It was also decided that the traffic would be stopped for 10 minutes as the procession approached.

The worst traffic jam was faced at Sabzi Mandi followed by Domoria Bridge and Fountain Chowk. Commuters remained stuck up for more than two hours on this route. The situation finally eased out at 2 p.m. The effects of the traffic jam were felt in other parts of the city also.

Angry commuters, who were stuck up in the traffic snarls, vented their ire at the administration stating that it could have routed the procession via the Jagraon bridge than to make it pass through the city areas.

“I am standing here since 11 a.m. I had already left late by two hours thinking that the torch would have passed through by now. Had I known that it had got delayed I would have left at 9 a.m. only,” said Mr Harjinder Singh, a businessman.

Another resident, working as a DGM in a private company, said his entire day was wasted due to the traffic problem. ‘‘There is no point in reaching the office at 2 a.m.’’ he said. The worst problem was faced by shopkeepers of the Bhadaur market who remained stuck up in the jam and opened their shops only in the afternoon.

‘How does the common man benefit from these processions.’ They are only a cause of inconvenience. In my case it has caused me loss in my today’s business. I do not know how many customers must have gone back after seeing my shop locked.’’ said a shopkeeper of Calibre Plaza.

The residents also said the administration should pull up the traffic cops and make them chalk out a contingency plan to divert the traffic efficiently after cordoning off the area. ‘‘I saw the cops with their hands in the pockets watching helplessly. Why could not they publicise an alternative route some days ago.” asked another resident.



World Disabled Day
Parents want social acceptance for disabled
Shivani Bhakoo

Ludhiana, December 3
The World Disabled Day falls today. Not many parents of the disabled would like the day to be observed for obvious reasons. For their wards, they want love, encouragement, support and social acceptance. They feel that God has been unkind to them and if society starts making fun of them, it would add to their wounds.

Ms Inderjit, mother of two mentally challenged children, Jaskamal (13) and Preeti (16) had no words to express her feelings. Accepting as the will of the Almighty, she added, “This could be a curse of God. Both of them are dependent on us. We avoid taking them out because society does not accept them. As parents if we go out people say they are parents of so and so, and it really hurts”, said Ms Inderjit.

She said if her children became a little independent, life would be easier for them. “Though, they have been going to Ek Prayas, a school for such kids, and have gained confidence, but not to that extent. Jaskamal is an introvert, but Preeti has changed a lot. Now she can make tea for us”, said the mother.

Parents of Sukhjit, a 20-year-old boy who is unable to speak, pray that all children should be fit and fine. They treat Sukhjit as any other normal child. “He is independent and sensible. At home there is no problem. We know what he wants. But we have to accompany him, when he goes out. He finds difficulty in expressing his feelings and people have no time to understand his sign language. He is an extrovert and has learnt a lot in recent years”, said his mother. The parents want him to be financially independent and get married.

Ms Shashi Laroia, mother of 26-year-old mentally challenged Preeti, loves her daughter. She feels if they do not accept her, society will be very cruel. “I feel it is society which is “disabled” to understand them”, she said. Rahul, Preeti’s brother, is often scolded by parents if he gets annoyed or irritated with Preeti. “She is helpless and needs our support. I do not let her sit alone and be depressed. She is not deprived of anything. Her father feels that his business flourished only after Preeti’s birth. She is a darling child”, added Ms Laroia.

Ms Samira Bector, who runs Ek Prayas, stressed that such children needed love, affection and encouragement. They should not find it difficult to visit public places. They should be properly educated and encouraged to play with normal children. The government and the administration should consider border line cases by giving them opportunity to be financially independent." We have been educating such children for the past many years and believe they are talented”, said Ms Bector.



World Disabled Day
Physically challenged take out rally
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, December 3
“Do not laugh at us”, laugh with us”. “One labels jars and not human beings”. “We are disabled but we have dreams too”. “We do not want your sympathy, we want your help.”

These and many other such slogans written on banners were seen during a rally taken out by physically challenged students of Ek Prayas, Aashirwad, Deaf and Dumb School and students of the Vocational Rehabilitation Training Centre (VRTC) to mark the World Disabled Day here today.

As many as 500 students, teachers and volunteers with the support of local Administration gathered at Mini Secretariat and later on lined the Ferozepur road waving colourful flags and trying to get the attention of passers-by. Some students of cerebral palsy from Aashirwad had come in their wheel chairs. When deaf and dumb students who were taking part in the rally were asked whether they were tired , they communicated to their teacher in sign language that they were not tired but were happy to be part of the rally.

Ms Neelam Sodhi from Aashirwad, co-ordinator of the rally, said ,”Basically we have taken out the rally today to highlight the problems of the physically challenged. The first and foremost problem is of ‘accessibility’. Nothing is accessible to disabled children. Don’t the physically challenged children want to see movies, or go shopping, or travel? But every- where there are impediments. There are no ramps in shopping malls? Disability does not mean that these children should be deprived the basic rights enjoyed by the citizens. Being physically challenged is not their fault and society should make provisions to ease out their difficulties.”

Ms Sodhi said the next major problem was that of education. “A person may be afflicted with polio or may be a victim of cerebral palsy, but his intelligence quotient may be equivalent to that of an average student. But that child will not get admission into a school for normal children”. Why cannot the school classrooms doors be made wider through which the student can enter with his wheel chair? Why cannot a teacher pay a little bit of attention to this special child to make his life worth while. The students with IQ more than 100 still have to go to special schools as they do not get admission into other schools. In Delhi , such students are not denied admission, but in Ludhiana they are,” she said.

The third great difficulty is that of employment. She said," Today only it was announced that 5 per cent jobs would be reserved for physically challenged people, but these are mere promises. These people in spite of being well versed in computers and other subjects do not get jobs. As one banner said," We are blind but the people have blind attitudes." Sadly the society has not yet opened their minds to the problems of the physically challenged people. The companies shy away from hiring physically challenged persons.”

The students of Sacred Heart Convent School and Sacred Heart Secondary School and GGN Khalsa College were there because they said," We are here for we care.” These students had joined the rally to show their support and understanding.

Students stood on the Ferozepore road for about two hours. They were given a packet of biscuit each courtesy Mr Bhalla and Cremica. But there was no arrangement for water. This correspondent spoke to a few students and they said they were thirsty.

The district administration had provided banners to the students. Earlier, Mr Anurag Verma had chalked out the programme for the NGO’s to organise the rally.



10-year RI to woman for possessing drugs
Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 3
A resident of Bassian village, Surinderpal Kaur (34), has been sentenced to 10 years rigorous imprisonment on the charge of possessing huge quantity of narcotics, under the NDPS Act. A fine of Rs 1 lakh was also imposed upon the accused.

Delivering the verdict, the Additional Sessions Judge, Mr Inderjit Kaushik, held that the prosecution had successfully brought home the charges levelled against the accused. Provisions under the Act have been made stringent so that the society at large does not indulge in consuming such drugs, observed the judge while declining the plea of leniency raised by the accused.

However, the court acquitted co-accused, Harinder Kumar, alias Happy, of Bassian village on finding no evidence against him. An FIR was registered against the duo at Raikot police station on August 6, 2003.

According to prosecution, Sub-Inspector Mohinder Kumar alongwith DSP, Harjit Singh Brar, were returning to Raikot after investigation of a case under the NDPS Act when they got information that the accused were selling opium and a large quantity of opium could be recovered on raid.

Following the information a case was registered and a raid was conducted on the houses of both the accused. On seeing the police party, Harinder Kumar managed to escape. However, Surinder Pal Kaur was nabbed and during search 2 kg 730 grams of opium were recovered from her. The prosecution examined as many as nine witnesses to prove the guilt of accused.

However, the accused pleaded not guilty and claimed false implication. Accused Surinder Pal Kaur had pleaded that she belonged to the Congress. She had contested panchayat elections and had lost and the opposition Akali party had got her falsely involved in the case.

After hearing the arguments of Additional District Attorney, Mr Mitter Sen Goel, and defence counsel and appreciating the evidence on record, the judge held that the defence of accused was not tenable. “If this case was of party faction or political rivalry and was a false case, then it was not difficult for the accused to get the inquiry conducted from senior police officials and could bring the truth before the court.”



MC tried to ‘beautify’ survey report, say park panels
Maintenance of parks in city
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
In the back drop of a survey of the parks in the city, conducted by the SDM following the orders of the Punjab State Human Rights Commission recently, the Federation of Park Management Committees (PMCs) has expressed apprehension that some officials of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation had used pressure tactics to have the SDM’s report in favour of the corporation.

Vindicating the statement, office-bearers of PMCs said while the survey in Ludhiana (West ) was to commence on November 16, it was actually started on November 23 owing to the failure of the Municipal Corporation to depute its representative.

The PMC claimed that while the surveys got delayed, large groups of workers were deployed in different parks who removed the wild growth, that had been there for the past two years. They cleaned the parks before the visit of the survey team.

“Moreover, when I accompanied a survey team to a park in the Sarabha Nagar area, I saw an official impressing upon the SDM concerned to grade the park as ‘‘normal’’ on the basis of grass grown in the parks. Under all circumstances, anybody who considers a park normal means that it is in good condition. But a park is not only a ground having green grass. ’’ said Mr S.S. Chana, president of the federation.

He added that even the prestigious parks like Rakh Bagh, Rose Garden and Leisure Valley, which were found in a deplorable condition during the months of August and September, were spruced up for the survey team although there were still large barren areas in these parks where the dead vegetation had not been replaced. Even the city Mayor and some councillors of the MC had visited these parks a month ago and had asked for urgent upkeep.

‘‘Proper maintenance of parks means that the work has to be carried out regularly throughout the year and not by sweeping the parks once in a while. We have no doubt that the final report would depict the true picture about the state of maintenance of parks and would not be influenced by the pressure being exerted by the municipal corporation.

Mr Channa, a retired Forest Officer, apprised the Deputy Commissioner of the issue and asked him to make sure that the report is not fudged. According to him as per the specifications given to PMCs and the terms and conditions for the maintenance of the park allotted to the contractors, 10 per cent of the area in each park has to have rose and seasonal flowering plants, while the rest has to be developed into fine grassy plots and tree growth.

Apart from general maintenance the work included cutting and dressing of grass, trimming of branches of trees, shrubs, timely watering, application of fertilizers, pesticides, sweeping and removal all waste.

The Municipal Commissioner, in his letter (dated May 23, 2002), had informed the Director, Local Government (Punjab ) that where the maintenance work was not found up to the specifications deductions varying from five to 50 per cent were made from the bills submitted by the PMCs. Moreover, the orders (dated August 7, 2003) passed by the PSHRC had emphasised that the parks and green belts in the city had to be kept in a very high state of maintenance. In its order dated July 12, 2004 the commission had reiterated that it was not satisfied with the state of maintenance of public parks in the city.



SDM asked to probe working of sewerage board
Amarjit Thind
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
The administration has directed the Khanna SDM to enquire into the work done by the Water Supply and Sewerage Board in the township besides supplying a status report of the functioning of various departments in the town.

The Deputy Commissioner, Mr Anurag Verma, gave directions to Mr Jaspal Mittal, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Khanna, following complaints during a public meeting held at Municipal Hall today. Ms Harbans Kaur Dullo, Parliamentary Secretary, was also present on the occasion.

A large number of residents complained that the work done by the Sewerage Board was of a very poor quality. Moreover, the work was moving at a snail’s pace. Executive Officer, Municipal Council, informed the Deputy Commissioner that Executive Engineer, Sewerage Board, had given a number of deadlines for the completion of various sub-projects but none of these had been adhered to.

Some residents complained that the route of sewers had been diverted in order to give undue benefit to certain people. They alleged that this had resulted in substantial loss to the Municipal Council. Mr Verma directed the SDM to inquire into this aspect also besides pulling up the Executive Engineer, Sewerage Board.

Some of the residents complained that in one of the mohallas, the road had been dug up and left open for a period of more than six months. He directed the XEN to ensure that the digging was done only when the pipes were to be laid. He also warned that in case he left any areas dug up unnecessarily and any accident took place, an FIR will be lodged against the officer concerned also.

Mr Verma directed the Food and Civil Supplies Department to distribute ration cards in the town. This was done following complaints by some residents that ration cards were not being distributed in the town.

He also directed the Agricultural Development Officer to take along an Executive Magistrate and jointly conduct surprise raids on the premises of fertilisers and pesticide dealers to ensure that farmers got good quality fertilisers and pesticides. Mr Verma directed the Executive Officer, Municipal Council, Khanna, to put number plates at the houses of the residents.

Some of the residents complained against the poor functioning of the local Civil Hospital. They alleged that because of the wrong attitude of the doctors and the staff posted there the occupancy rate in the hospital was very low. Many of the patients who came there were unnecessarily referred to Ludhiana.

Mr Verma asked Dr P.S. Kalsi, Senior Medical Officer, Khanna, to put his house in order. He also directed the SDM to send a detailed report regarding the working of the hospital in conformity with the benchmarks fixed by the Health Corporation.

The Deputy Commissioner directed the SDM to conduct an inquiry into the construction of the Kauri link road. He also directed the SDM to take samples of the road and get them checked. This was done following complaints that the quality of the road was very poor and it had started developing potholes only a few months after its construction.

Directions were also given to the SDM to conduct surprise checkings at the offices of various departments in Khanna.

Mr Verma gave a grant of Rs 2.69 lakh to SDM, for the installation of traffic lights on the GT Road in the town. He said with this grant timers would also be installed at all five traffic light points on this stretch of the GT Road. With this grant, the synchronisation of all traffic lights at Amloh Road and Lalheri Chowk would also be done, he added.



Excess sewer, water charges to be adjusted
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, December 3
The excess sewer and water charges being collected from the residents of the town by the Municipal Council shall now be adjusted against future payments or refunded at the earliest. This is being done following government directions in this regard.

This decision was taken unanimously at the council’s meeting in the presence of Mr Surinder Pal Sood and Mr Navjit Singh, acting president and vice-president of the council, and councillors Mr Adarsh Pal Bector, Mr Bant Singh Daburjee, Mrs Raj Rani, Mrs Harnam Kaur, Mr Jaswinder Singh Jassa, Mr Gurnam Singh and Mrs Ajit Kaur. A resolution to this effect was also passed.

The decision directs the council to adjust the excess money charged from the residents as sewer and water bills during the past four years against future bills or refund it.

A councillor, Mr Adarsh Pal Bector, said that the monthly sewer and water charges were Rs 30 each but the residents were being charged Rs 60 extra for each bill and they were paying Rs 180. “Now as per the new government direction we shall be refunding or adjusting the excess amount being charged for the past four years. A unanimous decision regarding it was taken at the recent meeting of the council”, Mr Bector added.

Mr Surinder Pal Sood told this correspondent that the decision would be implemented subject to the approval of the Director, Local Government.

This decision was taken following public protest against overcharging. They had approached the council authorities several times over this issue. The local people have welcomed the decision.



We haven’t learnt from Bhopal tragedy: jatha
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
The Bharat Jan Gyan Vigyan Jatha (BJGVJ) has warned that we have not learnt anything from the Bhopal gas tragedy and have failed to have a disaster management mechanism in place even after 20 years of the incident, which claimed more than 3000 lives and left more than one lakh suffering from serious ailments.

Dr Arun Mitra, general secretary of the outfit, said after Bhopal now it was the turn of import of scrap containing explosives from various countries. Many cities are virtually sitting on powder kegs as a large quantity of unexploded ammunition has been stored in different places. Not only this, several hazardous materials and chemicals are being dumped in our country. Many ship-breaking centres have been developed in the coastal region where ships carrying toxic wastes are waiting to be broken.

While multinational corporations are making our country a dumping ground for many types of hazardous waste, our policy makers do not seem to be much worried over these issues. The country needs a comprehensive environment policy for sustainable development keeping the interests of our people.

In the absence of such policies, our natural resources are being recklessly exploited by the MNCs and our elite. Even agriculture has not been speared. Genetically modified seeds are being tried in our country which are bound to have a long standing impact on our agriculture sector and food sources. At the appeal of the BJGVJ, the students of several schools paid homage to the victims of Bhopal tragedy and observed this day as environment protection day.

At a function organised at Govt Senior Secondary School, PAU, Principal Gurdeep Kaur, told the students about the importance of environment protection. The students too took an active part in discussion.

Mr Amrit Pal Singh gave similar information to students at Ramgarhia Co-Education School, Partap Nagar.



Rail passengers complain of lack of facilities
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 3
Passengers commuting between various stations on the Ludhiana-Hisar railway line have complained against the authorities for lack of facilities in the trains as well at the railway stations and the undue delay in their running time.

Led by Mr Vajinder Pal Sharma, a local lawyer, a deputation of the passengers met Mr R.F. Jahuhar, General Manager of the Northern Railway, and apprised him of the difficulties faced by the commuters. The passengers alleged that almost all trains running on the Ludhiana-Hisar rail link ran late by half hour to three hours.

The 6LJH, 2LJH and 8LJH were the worst affected .The overlapping of the tracks for trains running on this route and the Ferozepore track was said to be the main reason behind the problem.

Extraordinary delay occurred at the railway station at Gill village where the trains stopped for the loading of goods. Despite massive loading, adequate security was missing which could lead to a mishap any time.The passengers suggested that the loading should be allowed on certain trains and other trains should be allowed to go in time.

The commuters demanded that the Navyug Express and the Dhaullahar Express trains should be made to halt at Ahmedgarh and Malerkotla.

Besides the drinking water problem, cleanliness at railway stations and in the compartments were the other issues which were brought to the notice of the higher authorities. Broken windowpanes and faulty doors needed to be repaired in view of the winter season ahead. Mr Jahuhar assured the delegation that efforts would be made to redress all grievances.



Kehal’s book rues changed village life
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, December 3
The book “Mere pind di badli nuhar” written by Harkesh Singh Kehal about his village Sandaur in Malerkotla tehsil depicts the socio-cultural changes that have taken place in the village. The book covers all aspects of village life of the last century. This book is the writer’s fifth publication.

Kehal has said that with the joint family system giving way to more nuclear families greed of money has taken the centrestage. Dissatisfaction and depression have set in as needs have incredibly increased. The villagers, in quest of peace, get engrossed in superstitions. Due to growing population and fragmentation of land, people have started migrating to cities.

Kehal in his book has rued that folk festivals and equipments like charkhas, chakkis, kharas, roo velan, ayas have been forgotten. The colourful ghagras, phulakris, chadree have lost its meaning. The concept of lending a helping hand in agriculture, weaving have been beautifully described.

The marriages of the yore were simple as compared to the present time marriages, says Kehal. The rise in drug addiction is alarming.

He is at loss of words while writing about the degrading human value system, lack of sensitivity for others as people have become self-centered.

Kehal told Ludhiana Tribune that he had been an ardent lover of literature, culture and folk traditions of Punjab. His earlier contributions are “Lok Geetan Vich Punjabi Jeevan” and “Punjabi Lok Virsa.” He has written about his sweet and sour experiences in life in his book “Yaadan Da Sansar”.



Bajigar community honours Dharamsot
Our Correspondent

Samrala, December 3
Office-bearers of the Punjab Bajigar Community organised a samman samaroh to honour Mr S.S. Dharamsot, who has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary, Home Affairs and Justice, including the PWD and R Department, at the local Manu Nagar last evening.

Former minister S.S. Dulo was the chief guest and local MLA Amrik Singh Dhillon was the guest of honour.

The Former vice-president of the Nagar Council, Samrala, Mr Chanan Singh, was also honoured for his appointment as president of the District Police Khanna Advisory Committee.

A cultural programme was also organised on the occasion.

Mr Dharamsot, while addressing the gathering announced the construction of the Samrala-Bondal road, upgradation of primary to middle school in the Bajigar basti and the sewerage work on priority basis.



LIC employees hold protest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
Employees of the Life Insurance Corporation of India, under the banner of the All-India Insurance Employees Association, held a protest demonstration demanding an increase in wages.

The employees said the wage revision had been pending since August, 2002, and though the LIC’s revenues had registered a manifold increase, their salaries had not been increased.



Bailed out drug smuggler held again
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
The city police today announced the arrest of another drug mafia don and arms smuggler who had allegedly formed a gang comprising robbers and thieves, besides smugglers, in the state. A key member of his gang has also been arrested.

The police has also made a relevant headway regarding the source of a US army Mouser recovered from two robbers recently. The police has arrested an arms smuggler, Anwar, who had supplied the weapon to Ranjit Singh, a former judo player-turned-cop-turned robber, arrested in connection with the robbery at a money-exchanger’s office early last week.

Addressing a press conference here today, SP (Detective) Gurpreet Singh said both Anwar and Gaurav were key smugglers operating in the state. The SP said Gaurav had provided the police relevant insights into the drug trade, especially about the activities of his brother Sachin, who is wanted in six police stations of the state.

Gaurav has been arrested from Muzaffarpur in Uttar Pradesh and a .315-bore gun with some live cartridges had been recovered from his possession. Gaurav has revealed that Sachin was forming one gang after the another. The police has recovered a diary in which the telephone numbers of their main customers belonging to both rural and urban areas have been found.

Anwar was released on bail just 20 days ago. Within this period, he brought three country-made pistols from Uttar Pradesh to supply it to the criminals here.



Chain snatched in broad daylight
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 3
On the statement of Ms Bhajan Kaur, a resident of Rishi Nagar at Haibowal, the Division No 8 police yesterday registered a case under Section 356 of the IPC against two persons who accosted her outside Udham Singh Nagar on Tuesday afternoon. They ran away after snatching the gold chain from around her neck.

Girl kidnapped: The Haibowal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 366 and 120-B of the IPC on the statement of Mr Avtar Singh, a resident of Pawitter Nagar, against Ranjit Singh, Partap Singh, Harinder Kaur and Sandeep Kaur, who live in the same locality.

The complainant had stated that the accused had conspired and kidnapped his 21-year-old daughter, Amandeep Kaur, on Tuesday and took her to an undisclosed place. No arrest has been made so far.

CDs seized: The Model Town police yesterday arrested Rajan, a resident of Shivajii Nagar, and seized 900 CDs of pornographic films. The police has registered a case against him under Sections 292 and 293 of the IPC. The accused was intercepted with the consignment outside Aroma Market in Model Town. He was later bailed out.

Cases of assault: The Kotwali police yesterday registered a case under Sections 342, 323, 347, 427, 506 and 188 of the IPC and various sections of the Arms Act on the statement of Mr. Satish Kumar, who lives near the Baba Balak Nath temple in Kundan Puri, against Harjit Singh, who lives in street No 1 on the Banga road at Phagwara and Satwinder Singh, who lives in New Baldev Nagar at Jalandhar and two other unknown persons accompanying them.

The complainant had stated that he was standing outside hotel Taksonz near the railway station besides his Indica car when the accused arrived there in a Santro car.

The accused, who were in an inebriated condition, scuffled with him and beat him up with a rifle butt and also damaged window panes of his car because of a minor altercation, added the complainant. The accused have been arrested.

On the statement of Mr Baljit Raj, a resident of Bajra Colony, the Jodhewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 323, 341, 427, 506 and 34 of the IPC against Sunny, a resident of the same locality.

The complainant had stated that the accused had stopped his Santro car outside Preet Vihar Colony on Wednesday and beaten him up. The accused threatened him as well and broke the window panes of his car, added the complainant. No arrest has been made so far.

The Sadar police yesterday registered a case under Sections 374, 323, 148 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Balwant Singh, a resident of Barewal Dogra village, against Gurdev Singh, Bhupinder Singh and Goldy, who live in the same village.

The complainant had stated that because of a land dispute, the accused, who were armed with sticks and swords, arrived at his house on Wednesday and beat him up as a result of which he was injured.No arrest has been made so far.

One held: The Sahnewal police yesterday arrested Jagdeep Singh, who lives in Jugiana village falling under the jurisdiction of the Focal Point police station, and registered a case against him under Sections 353, 186 and 337 of the IPC.

The police said today that according to Mr Jagjit Singh, ASI, the accused was talking on his mobile phone while driving his car. He was on a naka duty along with ASI Surinder Kumar of the Traffic Department. When he asked the accused to show the RC of the car, the accused started a scuffle with him and the rest of the police party. The accused was also using abusive language. The accused was later bailed out, added the police.

Two booked: On the statement of Ms Usha Devi Verma, a resident of Bheora village in UP and now living at Nichi Mangli village, the Sahnewal police yesterday registered a case under Sections 474, 308 and 34 of the IPC against Budhar and Veer Bahadur, who also hail from UP and live in the same village.

The woman had stated that she runs a tea shop in front of a textile mill near the village. The accused, who were carrying sticks and iron rods, came to her shop on Sunday night and beat up her husband Sarwan Kumar because of a monetary dispute. Her husband was injured in the attack and admitted to the Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, added the complainant. No arrest has been made so far.

Hit-and-run cases: The Sadar police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279, 337 and 427 of the IPC on the statement of Mr Harpreet Singh, who lives in Nirankari mohalla at Miller Ganj against a truck driver who hit his Santro car on the GT Road near Rannia village on Wednesday and sped away. As a result of the hit, he was injured and his car was damaged, added the complainant. No arrest has been made so far.

On the statement of Mr Ramandeep Singh, a resident of Rurka village falling under the jurisdiction of the Dehlon police station, the Sadar police yesterday registered a case under Sections 279, 337, 338 and 427 of the IPC against Jaggar, who lives at Kakowal village falling under the jurisdiction of the Ferozepore Sadar police station.

The complainant had stated that the accused , who was driving a four-wheeler without a registration plate had hit the motorcycle of his relative, Manpreet Singh, near Harnam Pura village on Thursday as a result of which Manpreet Singh and Jasbir Kaur, who was riding pillion, were injured. Both of them were admitted to the hospital and the motorcycle was also damaged

Knife seized: The Jodhewal police yesterday arrested Paramjit Singh, who lives in Panjabi Bagh Colony in New Kartar Nagar, and seized a flick knife from his possession. A case has been registered against him under the Arms Act. The police said today that the accused was nabbed from near a dyeing unit along the Buddha nullah in the evening.



Biz Clips
SSI fears losses due to steel price hike
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 3
The Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU) has urged the Union Steel Minister to take immediate measures to monitor and control steel prices.

“Small-scale industry, manufacturing engineering goods, is heading towards a crisis due to the new phase of hike in steel prices by five big manufacturers,” said Mr Inderjit Singh Pardhan, president, CICU. He said merely warnings would not suffice and the government should take immediate protective measures to control prices by installing steel regulatory authority.

The chamber alleged that big manufacturers had created shortage of steel to earn premium of Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500 per metric tonne. “Local producers of steel are taking an undue advantage in guise of such shortage by raising their prices,” said Mr Avtar Singh, general secretary of the chamber.

The chamber also urged the government to give clearance to steel manufacturing plants so as to help meet the demand.

Shopping mall: Vishal Group will launch an integrated five-storeyed shopping mega mall ‘Vishal Mega Mart’ on the Ferozepore road here.

The mall will have on offer a diverse range of products including brands like Zeppelin, Paranoia and Fizzy Babe in fashion wear apart from leading brands in perfumes, electrical appliances, watches, cosmetics etc, stated a company press note.

The group already has 16 such marts in 10 cities across the country.

Nutri white egg: Mangla Poultries has launched a low-cholesterol Nutri White Egg. The special type of egg has been prepared with the help of herbal feel and according to the company it is totally free from antibiotics and chemicals.

Mr Mahesh Mangla, director, Mangla Poultries, said, “The egg has a low cholesterol level which is the result of herbal feed supplements. While in a normal egg, the cholesterol level ranges from 220 to 240 mg in case of a nutri white egg, this level is around 70 to 100 mg as tested in international laboratories.”

He said the egg is enriched with vitamin E and Omega 3. “It is specially beneficial for heart patients, growing children, and those suffering from high blood pressure, athletes and even body builders. It is a proper balanced diet,” he said.

Textile exhibition: As many as 17 industrialists from the city will visit the international textile exhibition to be held in Mumbai from December 5 to 7. The industrialists will attend the exhibition as a part of the cluster development programme of the government that is being promoted by the Small Industries Service Institute (SISI).

Talking to mediapersons, the assistant director of SISI, Mr S.S. Bedi, said, “The relevance of latest technology cannot be ignored in any industry. The sewing machine industry here too needs to gear up and adopt latest technology so as to face global competition.”

He said such programmes would be conducted by SISI for the industry in future as well.

Mr Ram Krishan, president, Garment Machinery Manufacturers Association, said the industrialists were keen to learn about latest technologies and trends and were looking forward to this visit.

Members of the Ludhiana Sewing Machine Industrialists Association, Garment Machinery Manufacturers Association and Sewing Machine Dealers and Assemblers Association are among those who will visit the exhibition.



Kisan credit cards distributed
Our Correspondent

Samrala, December 3
Kisan credit cards worth Rs 1.2 crore were distributed at a function at the local Punjab and Sind Bank branch, today. The function was organised by the bank branches of Hedon, Bagli Kalan, Ghulal, Chakli, Adal, and Sherpur Bet.

On the occasion, the General Manager of the bank Mr Jaspal Singh, highlighted the new schemes started to uplift the farmers. More than 200 farmers of the Samrala sub-division attended the awareness camp and appreciated the initiative taken by the bank.

Mr Jaspal Singh Oberoi, manager of the Samrala branch of the bank narrated a brief history of the bank.

Mr Upkar Singh, Director of the RDC, appreciated various credit schemes introduced by the bank for poor farmers and appealed to the farmers to introduce diversification of crops.


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