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Impostors arrested in fake recruitment scam
Tribune News Service

Victims of the scam narrate their tales of woe in Ludhiana on Wednesday.
Victims of the scam narrate their tales of woe in Ludhiana on Wednesday. — Photos by Inderjit Verma

Ludhiana, December 8
Two tricksters posing as employees with the district courts have scripted a unique fraud. They recruited a number of unemployed youths as “pyadaas” (process server in courts), making them travel as they served summons on fake persons.

Cooling their heels in police custody, Balbir Singh and Malkit Singh took thousands of rupees as bribe for the fake posts and issued recruitment letters and identity cards in the name of a fake judge.

The youths, a majority of whom had not even passed class V examinations, were unmindful of the fraud. The accused knew the summons would never be served since the addresses were fake and they would “fire” the youths for non-performance.

The fraud which has left the police and the judiciary bewildered, was exposed by a team led by DSP Ravcharan Singh Brar and the SHO Model Town, Mr Rajesh Kumar.

The DSP told mediapersons that the victims were poor and had arranged Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000 each as bribe to get the jobs. They had also taken loans from friends to arrange for the money, hoping to repay the debt once they got the job.

So far, eight victims had come up with complaints to the police regarding the fraud. It was likely that many more youths would come up. The DSP said the accused had revealed that they were in the process of recruiting more youths to take the place of the victims once they were fired.

The accused used to call the “pyadas” daily in the morning and evening at the district courts or sometimes at Chattar Singh Park for attendance. They were asked to report about the day’s work.

The victims first suspected there was something amiss when none of them was able to serve even a single summon. The accused then committed a mistake of recruiting Vakeel Singh who had passed his BA II examinations.

He said the ID-cards issued to them bore the signatures of a Hindu judge while the accused had told him that he was a Sikh. He then verified it from the gunman of a judge and informed the police. The police investigated the matter and caught the accused in Chattar Singh Park.

Vakeel Singh said his parents were poor and he had no money to pay Rs 9,000 to the accused. He arranged the money from his friends and took loan.

Balbir Singh was earlier arrested on the charges of smuggling poppy husk while Malkiat Singh who posed as senior Reader with a district judge was matriculate. His antecedents were being verified.

The DSP said there was no involvement of any employee of the district court in the fraud.



Flats being used as shops
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, December 8
In a blatant violation of land use norms and building bylaws, residential complex comprising HIG flats on the Maharani Jhansi Road near the Ghumar Mandi area in the city, has virtually turned into a thriving commercial centre as the Improvement Trust officials appear to have closed their eyes to the unlawful activity.

The location of flats, almost on the entry point of commercial centre of Ghumar Mandi, being of prime commercial importance, owners of the flats either themselves or through their tenants, have converted the residential portion of the rear side of these flats into shops selling all kinds of merchandise and services.

As per the original site plan, the main entry of these multi-storey deluxe flats was through several bylanes from Maharani Jhansi Road, Mall Road and Ferozepore Road while small service entry to each block of flats was also available from the Maharani Jhansi Road side. The Trust, which had developed the complex, had made it clear to buyers that in no case, the residential complex would be put to commercial use.

However, in scant disregard to the provisions made in the sale agreement and the building bylaws, almost each flat on the ground floor has a shop carved out of portions, which were meant to be bedrooms or drawing rooms.

According to Mr Vinod Thapar, a resident, the commercial exploitation of the residential flats has virtually become a nuisance for other residents by way of indiscriminate parking of vehicles in front of the flats and people visiting the area for shopping purpose. At times, it becomes difficult for other residents to enter their own flats since the entry gates were barred by vehicles.

An official of the Improvement Trust, while confirming that the commercial exploitation of flats was against the rules pertaining to land use and provisions of the sale agreement, said a proposal of the trust for authorising partial or full commercial use of the flats on payment of change of land use charges at the rate of Rs 1,000 per square yard, was turned down by the state government.



Two families face boycott due to religious factionalism
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 8
Two families of Sihar village have sought the intervention of Sikh organisations as they are being “isolated” by residents of the village.

The villagers had not only boycotted the marriage ceremonies of their wards but also humiliated them by destroying the invitation cards of their marriage publicly and stopping the granthi of the village gurdwara from performing Anand Karaj at the marriage.

The development of the present state of affairs was told to be due to the ongoing factionalism among supporters of two factions of Sri Nanaksar Thath led by Baba Mann Singh and Baba Harnek Singh and partially due to political factionalism. Fearing their own social boycott as threatened by leaders, majority of the villagers abstained from the functions organised by these two families. Meanwhile the village panchayat admitted that a part of the village population had boycotted the functions of the families but panchayat had played no role in the episode.

Ms Amarjit Kaur, a resident of Lodhi Patti, had to face the humiliation, tension and physical harassment when she disposed of her land to a supporter of Baba Harnek Singh, chief of the Nanaksar Ashram Thath.

Narrating the events, Ms Amarjit Kaur alleged that supporters of Baba Mann Singh had not only instigated the innocent villagers to boycott the marriage of her daughter but also stopped the granthi of the village gurdwara from performing Anand Karaj.

She had invited all residents of Lodhi Patti and almost all residents of the village, including sarpanch and panchayat members, to the marriage of her daughter.

She expected support from her native village. Contrary to her expectations, the villagers proved non-cooperative at the time of her daughter’s marriage.

“Instead of sharing my responsibility, the leaders of the village instigated the innocent villagers to boycott my family and threatened me of dire consequences in case the marriage was solemnised at the village. The granthi of the village gurdwara told us that he would not perform the ceremony as he had been stopped by the management of the religious place. They were not allowed to use the premises of the village gurdwara,” stated Ms Amarjit Kaur.

Not only the villagers boycotted the celebrations but also they destroyed the invitation cards publicly at the village bus stand, added Ms Amarjit Kaur.

Apprehending danger to their life and property and those of baratis, the family had to make the arrangements of the marriage near Karamsar village.

She accused one of her neighbours of abetting the people the move as she had refused to sell a piece of land to him. “I had kept this piece of land for the purpose of marriage of my daughter, and I was free to sell to someone who could give me more prices,” argued the widow. She had disposed of this land to an industrialist of Ludhiana who happened to be a supporter of Baba Harnek Singh. This decision was not liked by supporters of Baba Mann Singh who later impressed on the villagers to observe a boycott of the family.

Mr Darshan Singh Fauzi of Mayeea Patti was another victim of boycott move launched by villagers against supporters of Baba Harnek Singh. The villagers were asked to boycott a “path” performed at his house on the eve of marriage of his son, Paramjit Singh. As one of his sons used to perform seva at the Thath the preachers having alliance to opponents of Baba Mann Singh were engaged to perform the path. This infuriated the opponents of Baba Harnek Singh who asked the villagers to boycott this family too.

Terming the move to be politically engineered, Mr Fauzi accused a local leader, whom he had opposed during panchayat elections, of intimidating the residents to boycott his family.

“We had to pay a heavy price for the support we extended to the group which had won in panchayat elections. But instead of coming to our rescue the panchayat supported the move and abstained from religious function organised at our home,” said Mr Fauzi.

Having failed in winning the support of the social and religious organisations of the area the two families have sought intervention of Bibi Jagir Kaur President, SGPC, and Jathedar Joginder Singh Vedanti in the matter. The families threatened to undergo a self imposed “exile” if they were not heard and their honour was not restored.



Hotelier’s illegal detention: DM orders probe
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
District Magistrate, Ludhiana, Anurag Verma today ordered a magisterial inquiry into the alleged illegal detention and custodial harassment of a city hotelier by the Kotwali Police .

Exercising powers under Section 16-38(1) of the Punjab Police Rules, the DM has directed SDM M S Jaggi to conduct a probe against SHO Kotwali Harjinder Singh for the alleged harassment of hotelier Mukesh Nayyar, who had developed a heart problem after being kept in illegal detention for 13 hours in the police station.

The rules state that the DM can order an inquiry against a police official if there was harassment of people. It is however quite rare for the District Magistrate to exercise his powers.

SSP Ludhiana Narinderpal Singh has welcomed the order saying the police was convinced that the complaint was false. He said the orders would only help the Police Department as the magisterial inquiry would definitely find that there was no harassment.

The police has so far not taken any action against the Kotwali police officials. The hotelier Mukesh Nayyar was hospitalised yesterday after being picked up and illegally detained by the Kotwali police on December 4.

The police had claimed that he was brought for questioning in relation to a complaint filed by Mr B S Bajaj a and Mr Rohit Bajaj. They had alleged that Mr Nayyar had borrowed over Rs 4 lakh from them 10 years ago and was not returning the money.

Mr Nayyar however claimed that he had returned the money with interest.



Body of labourer retrieved
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 8
Partially decayed body of one labourer was retrieved after three days of joint efforts by villagers and the administration today evening while the 'rescue' operations for the retrieval of another youth who was feared dead by now were still on.

The laborer retrieved was identified as Chhinder Singh of Bapla village who was declared dead by the doctors on duty at civil hospital Sudhar.

The condition of the body suggests that the chances of the other labourer of being alive were very bleak. After a brief halt the excavations were resumed in the evening for the retrieval of Ajaib Singh of Manki who had got buried along with Chhinder Singh on Sunday. While the family of the deceased, who had lost their only breadwinner, was inconsolable, the friends and relatives of Ajaib Singh were shocked as they also had lost hopes of his being alive.

Mr Chhinder Singh was survived by his widow Harjinder Kaur and two minor sons including an infant who was born only a fortnight ago.

Observations revealed that at least 10 volunteers and laborers had fallen sick while operating in the fifty feet deep 'well'. They were given medical treatment on the spot and doctors said that they had become unconscious for the insufficiency of oxygen there. The higher concentration of Nitrogen further increased the problem and for the same reason the bodies had started decaying.

With the increase in depth of the well the administration had become extra cautious. Keeping in view the recent developments the medical facilities were enhanced today.



Tension in village over Waqf Board land
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
Tension gripped Bulara village as some Muslims tried to prevent some people led by Akali leader and SGPC member, Balwinder Singh Bains from erecting a boundary wall on about four acres. While the Muslims maintained that the land was meant for the property of a graveyard, Mr Bains claimed that he had a lease order from the Punjab Waqf Board.

The Muslims of the area alleged that Mr Bains along with Mr Paramjit Singh and Mr Simranjit Singh Bains, who is a councillor, were trying to “grab” the Waqf board land worth crores. They said the land was meant for the graveyard and many bodies had already been buried there. They have filed a Civil Writ Petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, seeking status quo.

However, Mr Bains said, since he had written orders of having got the lease of the land, they had no right to prevent him from taking the possession. He said he was already in the possession of the land and wanted to erect a boundary wall for “establishing the possession of the land”.

Yesterday, the DSP (Focal) Point, Mr R.K. Bakshi, had summoned both groups. An agreement was reached between the two that the legal aspects of the case would be examined. Mr Bakshi said he was seeking legal opinion and asked both groups to ensure status quo. The case is listed for hearing in the high court on January 3. Mr Bains said, he had a three-year lease of the land and had already deposited the rent.

Disputing the claims of Mr Bains, Mohd Shakoor Thind, president of the Muslim Welfare Front, Punjab and convener of the minority cell of the Pradesh Congress Committee, said the land was being used as a graveyard, he said.



Dhillon raps government for ‘wasting’ money
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
Ludhiana MP and president of the Youth Akali Dal, Mr Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, today criticised the Punjab government for its wasteful expenditure. He alleged that the government was spending money on unnecessary things while the youth of the state was facing unemployment and the state was facing the resource crunch.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Dhillon questioned the holding of the Indo-Pak Punjab games particularly at a time when the state was faced with server resource crunch. He alleged that Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh had “forgotten” the people of the state and was indulging in luxurious pursuits.

Claiming that the Capt Amarinder government in the state had failed on all fronts, he observed that it had lost direction. He said, even the “so called” anti-corruption drive had flopped as the government had failed to gather any proof against Mr Parkash Singh Badal.

The Akali leader declared that his party would soon be launching a campaign against the failures of the government and create awareness about the wrong-doings of the government. He said, the people were disillusioned with the government as it had failed on all fronts.



BJP rejoices at Garcha's charges
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 8
Expressing serious concern over allegations of corruption levelled by Mr Ashok Singh Garcha, Chairman of Ludhiana Improvement Trust against several of his own party leaders including City Mayor Mr Nahar Singh Gill and one of the trustees, the Bhartiya Janata Party has said that the trading of charges in public had brought the real face of the ruling party before the people.

The district president of the BJP, Dr Subhash Verma, remarked that Mr Garcha, in his letter addressed to the Punjab Chief Minister, had corroborated what the opposition parties had been maintaining all along about rampant corruption at all levels in the Congress government. He said irrespective of the fact whether the allegations levelled by Mr Garcha and Mr Gill against each other were true or not, it had been established for quite some time that both the Congress functionaries were busy in securing their posts as the development work in the city had been pushed to the back burner.

Dr Verma further observed that when similar allegations were levelled by opposition parties, the ruling party brushed them aside terming these as political stunt. He dared the Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to order a probe into the charges levelled by Mr Garcha against other Congress functionaries if he really stood by the promise of clean governance. The BJP chief was of the opinion that the clamour among the Congress leaders for the post of the chairman of the Improvement Trust had amply exposed the lust for power among the ruling party functionaries.



Fresh delimitation move may create political storm
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
If the fresh proposals of carving out the new constituencies and declaring some as reserve in Ludhiana are accepted, a political storm is likely to brew in the district.

Three important constituencies of Payal, Raikot and Jagraon are likely to be reserved. This will obviously force two leading political families that of late Beant Singh, a former Chief Minister, (from Payal) and Mr Jagdev Singh Talwandi, a senior Akali leader and former SGPC President (from Raikote) to look for alternate options.

The district may have two more assembly segments taking the total number to 14 from the existing 12. Of these four would be reserved against the two earlier.

Some of the earlier ones constituencies have been realigned and their names changed.

The constituencies likely to be declared reserve include Payal, Jagraon, Raikot and the newly carvedout segment Gill. The proposals are understood to have already been given the final shape and might be notified anytime.

The new constituencies carved out include Sahnewal, Jamalpur, Dugri Lohara, Atam Nagar, Ludhiana, Fatehpur, Budah, Mohi and Gill. Samrala, Khanna, Payal, Raikot and Jagraon have been retained as it is with some minor alterations.

Ludhiana Rural, which is the largest assembly constituency in the state as on now, has been fragmented into a few constituencies like Jamalpur, Sahnewal. Some of its parts have been aligned with other Assembly segments.

The nomenclature of all four Ludhiana city seats, including the East, West and North, has been changed with some changes in the area also.

The Jamalpur Assembly segment is likely to be entirely carved out of Ludhiana Rural. Dugri Lohara from Ludhiana Rural and Dakha.

The Mohi segment is likely to constitute of the parts of the Kila Raipur and Dakha. The Gill segment may be carved out of parts of Kila Raipur and Dakha. The Atam Nagar segment is likely to include the parts of Ludhiana West and some parts of Ludhiana Rural. The Fatehpur segment is likely to constitute parts of Ludhiana West, Ludhiana Rural and Dakha.

The Sahnewal segment may constitute parts of Ludhiana Rural and Koom Kalan.

The Budah Assembly segment in the city may include the parts of Ludhiana North, Dakha and Ludhiana Rural. The Ludhiana segment may mostly include the parts of Ludhiana East. 



Insanitary conditions resented
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, December 8
Residents of E-Block in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar on the Pakhowal Road are sore over the insanitary conditions prevailing in the locality as a result of indifference and apathy on the part of officials of Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT).

In a memorandum submitted to the LIT authorities, the functionaries of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar Action Committee lamented that their lives had already been made miserable by jhuggi dwellers, who had encroached on all green belts and other vacant sites around the colony. Disruption in regular sweeping and removal of garbage due to shifting of safai workers had made the matters worse and insanitary conditions in the area were posing a grave health hazard to the 

Mr Pran Nath Bhatia, chairman and Mr Arvind Sharma, press secretary of the action committee pointed out that accumulated domestic waste and garbage all around was flying inside the houses and the pathetic sanitation level could lead to break-out of diseases at any time.

The residents urged the LIT officials to attend to the problem of the residents on priority basis and deploy safai workers in the colony without delay failing which the residents would be left with no other alternative than to resort to agitation to seek justice.



Programme by Dhan-Pothohar brotherhood
Tribune News service

Ludhiana, December 8
The Dhan Pothohar Brotherhood will organise a sabhyacharak programme in the last week of December which will be dedicated to the tercentenary martyrdom of the younger Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh, who were enclosed alive in a wall 300 years ago.

Mr N S Nanda, President of the outfit, said a seminar will also be conducted in which prominent scholars will present their papers regarding the contribution and devotion of the Pothoharis towards the south Asia civilization.

A medical camp will also be organised on the occasion.

Mr Harpal Singh Jaggi has been nominated as a project Director and MP Singh Rekhi will be the co-project Director.

Five Prominent persons of the city will be honoured for their meritorious services towards art, culture and literature on that day.

Mr Nanda also congratulated Lt General J J Singh on his elevation as a Chief of the Army Staff, who will take over the reins of his new assignment on February 1.

It is a matter of great pride that General Singh belongs to Dhan-Pothohar region and we are proud of his dedication and sacrifices.

Mr M S Suri, vice-president of the organisation, thanked Chaudhary Pervaz Elahi, Chief Minister of West Punjab, for declaring a public holiday on the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev and promising to make Nankana Sahib a model city of Pakistan.

He also appreciated the starting of a bus service from Amritsar to Nankana Sahib for pilgrimage.

They thanked Ms Renuka Chaudhary, minister for Tourism, for her announcement to instal a portrait of the Golden Temple, a symbol of World Heritage sites, at the Delhi International Airport.

They further said that the brotherhood has also resolved to launch a campaign against social evils i.e. drugs , female foeticide and dowry system prevailing in the community.

Mr Nanda further thanked Mr O P Chautala, Chief Minister Haryana for his decision to declare Punjabi as the second language of the state.

This will give new boost to all Punjabi’s residing in Haryana.



PSEB ‘charges’ old tariff

Ludhiana, December 8
The Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry today said that despite reduction of tariff the Punjab State Electricity Board was issuing monthly electricity bills at old rates.

“The regulatory commission has affected the reduction from October 1, 2004. As such the board is to pay arrears which are to be cleared before March 2005. Against this PSEB should not have issued current bills at old rates,” a chamber press note stated.



Sketches of jeep thieves released
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
City police today released the sketches of three of the five suspected thieves who took away a black Scorpio jeep from the house of an exporter in Block-K of Sarabha Nagar two days ago.

The sketches, made on the basis of the statement of servants of the house, have been pasted in all police stations in the city, besides circulating to the media. The police said as per the sketches, the youth seem to be from good families.

DSP Ravcharan Singh Brar said the police has got some clue in the case and hoped that it would be solved soon.



Success comes with commitment, says Munjal 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
For Hero Cycles, it has been a long and continuous journey. It continues to be the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world with an average production of 15,000 units a day. The group-promoted company, Hero Honda, also enjoys the distinction of being the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world.

The Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Om Prakash Munjal, says that it is due to hardwork, and commitment, besides the grace of God. He says he along with his brother ventured into bicycle manufacturing in the mid 50s.

Mr Munjal is the youngest of the four. Earlier, they were into the supply of cycle parts. However, they decided to manufacture bicycles. They now export bicycles to Europe and the USA, besides Africa.

The family continues to work together with second and third generation entrepreneurs. “Working together with faith and confidence has helped the company grow faster and more successful”, he says, adding that be he an ordinary worker or the managing director, success would not have been possible without he support of anyone of them”.



Industrialists urged to invest in J&K
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
The Jammu and Kashmir Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs, Mr Yogesh Sawhney, said here yesterday that there was a visible change in the mood of people in his state. During a conversation with reporters here today, Mr Sawhney claimed that the situation had improved and was heading towards normalcy.

Mr Sawhney who was on a private visit to the city visited the office of the Congress secretary, Mr Manish Tewari. He said the Kashmiri youth was no longer attracted towards militancy and there was disillusionment against Pakistan and the separatist forces.

He stated that the coalition government led by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had taken several confidence building measures in the state.

The youth was the focus of attention for the government and various rehabilitation programmes had been launched there.

He said with special tax concessions announced by the Government of India and the state government, a number of industrial houses had started setting up units in the state.

Besides boosting the economy, he pointed out, it would generate employment which was the need of the hour there. He urged industrialists of Punjab to invest in J&K.

He said the recent package of Rs 24,000 crore announced by the Prime Minister for the state would go a long way in changing its economic profile. 



Industrialists plan stir on service tax
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
The issue of service tax appears to be getting murkier with the industry planning to go for litigation or protest against it.

Industrialists had urged the government to extend the date for registration under service tax till the issue pertaining to inclusion of manufacturing processes under the purview of service tax was cleared.

“However, we have learnt the Finance Minister has flatly refused to extend the date and the matter seems to be getting little headway,” said Mr P.D. Sharma, president, the Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He said the industrialists had approached a member of the Central Board of Excise and Customs who had assured them that the matter would be resolved soon.

“But now we have learnt that he is away to the USA and joint secretary of the board, Mr Srivastava, in a telephonic conversation, told us that the matter was now with the Tax Research Unit (TRU),” he said.

Unhappy with the turn of events the industry was not planning to go for litigation or an agitation over the issue.

Industry representatives contended that under the “auxiliary business services” clause, service tax was not to be levied on manufacturing. “Manufacturing is not the result of a single process. It involves a chain of processes. Hence it does not fall under the purview of service tax,” they told TRU Tax research unit.

The representatives had met Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Chandigarh, on November 30, who had asked for a detailed note on the issue. “While November 30 was the last date for registration, the matter did not get resolved and nothing was communicated to us on the issue,” said Mr Sharma.

Now that the last date for registration for service tax was over and the department had already started conducting door-to-door surveys the issue would get an unpleasant turn as a section of industrialists, who were demanding that manufacturing be excluded from the purview of service tax, were still unregistered.

“The department is imposing a fine of Rs 100 per day in case of those who fall under their erroneous definition but are not yet registered,” Mr Sharma said.



Market Committee Chairman takes charge
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, December 8
The leaders of various organisations led by Mr Jagpal Singh Khangura, in charge of the Congress Committee, Kilaraipur, and Mr Gurcharan Singh Galib, former MP, felicitated the newly appointed Chairman of the Market Committee, Kilaraipur Mr Manmohan Singh Mohni, at a function organised in the village today. Mr Mohni took the charge of his office in the presence of hundreds of Congress activists.

Addressing a gathering, Mr Khangura and Mr Galib appreciated the policies of the state government, regarding the rural development.

Thanking the people for the confidence posed in him and his team of members, the newly elected Chairman assured that his office would make all efforts to redress the grievances of farmers and commission agents associated with the committee.

Mr Ashok Garcha, Chairman, Improvement Trust, Ludhiana, Mr Gurdev Singh Lapran, Director, Mandi Board, Mr O.P. Jain, secretary, Market Committee, Ahmedgarh, Mr Sinder Singh, Chairman Market Committee, Ahmedgarh, 
Mr Amarjit Singh Khaira, SHO, Dehlon, Mr Ravinder Singh Romi, Mr Bhag Singh Dardi, Mr Avtar Singh Latala, and Mr Parminder Singh Latala, president, Block Samiti, also spoke.



Loan mela for govt staff
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 8
Bajaj Auto and Dada Motors today organised two-wheeler loan mela for government employees. The three-day loan mela, which will conclude on December 10, is being organised in Mini Secretariat here.

Mr Nitin Dada of Dada Motors said with over 70 per cent of their demand for two wheelers coming from the rural segment, the company was focussing on this sector.

Dada Motors is planning to conduct a similar loan mela at Jalandhar, he said.


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