Saturday, December 18, 2004

Rhyme time
Tuition fever

Home to school and school to home

This is a child’s life no more

After six hours of study in the school

Students need some time to remain calm and cool

But two hours of tuition is still waiting ahead

Leaving the students no less than dead

After a break or direct from school

Even in tuitions they have their pools

Parents never ask what is taught in the class

But did the tuition teacher offer water in the glass?

Tuition fee is more than the school fee

They feel very proud and pay it happily

Dear parents, please do not panic,

Self-study is what matters

It will never let your dreams shatter


Meetali Singla
Class X-A
St. Joseph’s Convent School, Bathinda

Scare of science

The subject called science,

Its name creates fear and scare,

Its experiments shake every nerve of my brain

It brings so much pain and strain,

The preparation of science examination

Makes me a pathetic sight,

And scares me day and night

What more should I write?

Because science is a terror and makes me terrified.

Sargum Makhni,
Class IX-A
Springdale Senior School,


Are you smoking for fun?

Or for none

Or for fashion

Or for passion

Or just to make smoking rings session?

Are you under the impression,

That it gives freshness and increases concentration

Oh! my dear you are under an illusion

Smoking is just your brain’s confusion

It makes the environment poisonous

Remember, smoking of one cigarette,

Reduces five minutes of life

It means neither you love your children,

Nor your wife

Beware, if you do not stop smoking

Smoking is going to smoke your life.


Jagriti Jain
St. Joseph Convent School

This feature was published on December 11, 2004