Dialogue of cultures
Rumina Sethi
by Aziz Al-Azmeh, Wang Bin, David A. Hollinger, N. Jayaram, Mahmood Mamdani and Emmanuel Renault.
by Raja Ben Slama, Drucilla Cornell, Genevieve Fraisse, Seemanthini Niranjana, Linda Waldman and Li Xiao-Jian.
by Nader El-Bizri, Jean-Pierre Clero, Martin Jay, G. K. Karanth, Achille Mbembe and Ye Shu-Xian.
by Ali Benmakhalouf, Ganesh Devy, Yang Guo-Rong, Bertrand Ogilvie, Douglas Patterson and Deborah Posel. Vistaar, New Delhi. Pages 148; 165; 146 and 158. Rs. 195.
IN a "post-ist" world, there is a problematic correlation between postmodernism, poststructuralism and postcolonialism. Along with various counterdiscourses such as gender studies, Afro-Asian studies and Ethnic studies, Postcolonial Studies has been institutionalised in the academia in the last two decades.

Said, in his own words
Nibir K. Ghosh
Interviews with Edward W. Said Singh, Amritjit and Bruce G. Johnson (editors). University Press of Mississippi. Pages 253. $20 (paperback), $48 (hardcover).
Edward Said’s writings since 1970 have had a dramatic effect on how we think about our world, its past, present and future. Because of the lasting influence of his 1978 book, Orientalism (translated into dozens of major languages), he is often regarded as the founder of "postcolonial studies."

Class struggle
Mahi Pal
Gender and Social Equity in Primary Education: Hierarchies of Access
by Vimala Ramachandran Sage Publications.
Pages 381. Rs 390.
GENDER and equity have been budge words these days. It acquired more prominence after the adoption of Women's Component Plan during the Ninth Plan to ensure that benefits from developmental sectors did not bypass women and not less than 30 per cent of the funds/benefits trickled down to them from all the women related sectors.

Cry of the tribesmen
Mother Forest, The Unfinished Story of C. K. Janu
by Bhaskaran. Translated by N. Ravi Shanker. Women Unlimited.
Pages 71. Rs 75.
Tribesmen are indigenous aboriginal people of the land, for they had long settled in different parts of the country before the Aryans penetrated India to settle down. Comprising 7.18 per cent of India’s population, according to the 1981 census, the problems and perils of this community go unnoticed.

German search for Indian roots
M Rajivlochan
Sanskrit and Orientalism: Indology and Comparative Linguistics in Germany, 1750-1958
edited by Douglas T McGetchin, Peter K J Park and Damodar SarDesai. Manohar, Delhi,. Pages 386, Rs. 895
WHEN the German statesman Wilhelm von Humboldt set about reforming the system of education in Germany he included the knowledge of Sanskrit texts as an important part of the new curricula in the newly-established University of Berlin. This was to be done in the department of Philology.

Dark shades of white collar
Sarbjit Singh
Crime and Money Laundering: The Indian Perspective
by Jyoti Trehan. Oxford University Press. Pages 253. Rs 450.
THE book is obviously topical and relevant. What, however, is of concern is the ambivalent view of the subject taken not only by lawmakers and the general public, but also by the enforcers of the government system, including the author's own profession.

Inside view of cricket
Abhijit Chatterjee
Covers Are Off — A Socio-Historical Study of Indian Cricket.
by Rajan Bala. Rupa & Co.
Pages 278. Rs 395.
Rajan Bala has been closely associated with Indian cricket for over four decades. All this time he has been reporting the goings-on on cricket fields, both in India and abroad, and has been in contacts with all those who matter in Indian cricket. His observations, therefore, on Indian cricket are generally taken very seriously. And this is fully reflected in the book, which makes interesting reading.

Punjabi review
A life well lived
Jaswant Singh
Katha Kahani (Punjabi)
by Dr Man Singh Nirankari.
Azad Hind Store. Page 314. Rs 250.
DR Man Singh Nirankari is a world famous eye surgeon. Having graduated in medicine in 1937 from King Edward Medical College, Lahore, he passed his FRCS from Edinburgh and got his DO from London. In this book that has 27 chapters, all equally interesting, the doctor has called this venture of life a Safarnamah, a journey.

Short takes
Conversations with God
Randeep Wadehra
1000 World Prayers
by Marcus Braybrooke. Unistar.
Pages 373. Rs 250.
WE pray for several reasons. Some of us pray for material gains for ourselves or for the welfare of our kith and kin, others for universal good while still others pray for spiritual fulfillment. The need for prayer arises when one feels utterly helpless and looks up to divine intervention for deliverance or at least solace.

  • Musical journeys
    India’s Great Musicians
    by Ashok Bhaura. Vishavbharati Prakashan, Barnala. Pages 320. Rs 200.

  • Melodious notes
    Tradition of Hindustani Music
    by Nivedita Singh. Kanishka.
    Pages 247. Rs 550.