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VC hints at overhauling examination branch
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Inundated with complaints from Panjab University Senators about the examination branch from harassment of students buying examination forms to delayed declaration of results to non-declaration of re-evaluation results — the Vice-Chancellor, Prof K.N. Pathak, today, announced the convening of a special meeting to discuss these issues.

“We will hold a meeting to discuss issues solely pertaining to overhauling of the entire working of the the examination branch,” Professor Pathak said while addressing the first meeting of the newly constituted Panjab University Senate.

Agitated Senators, Ashok Goyal and Dharinder Tayal pointed out how delayed results had cost some students their jobs since they were not allowed to join without their results. Mr Satya Pal Jain along with others proposed that a special meeting be convened to discuss the matter at length.

A “time-bound inquiry with a commitment to punish those found guilty” was also instituted into the case of declaration of wrong results of M.Sc II (mathematics). Mr Prabhjeet Singh had pointed out that the Maths paper had been cancelled since it was outside the syllabus. The paper was conducted again in October.

While the result of a few students was pending, the Examination Branch, in a serious lapse, had declared the result of some students on the basis of the earlier examination and awarded zero to three marks. Mr Ashok Goyal demanded an inquiry into the matter.

Pandemonium reigned in the House when Senators raised the issue of “exorbitant fee” being charged in private colleges. They claimed that while the university had asked for prospectus’ of these colleges last year in a bid to streamline fee structures, nothing much has been done so far.

While the Senate decided to terminate the services of Mr J.S. Rathore, a commerce lecturer, for playing truant despite repeated warnings and a show-cause notice after debating on holding a disciplinary inquiry or terminating him, Dr B.B. Goyal’s appeal for restoration of increments was turned down by the Senate. Dr Goyal of University Business School was charged with awarding 42 marks for non-existent answers in an answersheet during re-evaluation.

The Senate deferred the transfer of examination and other connected work of Punjab Engineering College from Punjab University while the recommendations of the Board of Finance were approved.

While a number of Career Advancement Scheme appointments in various departments were approved by the Senate, the promotions of readers and professors, long over due, were deferred yet again after Dr R.K. Kohli pointed out anomalies in the confirmation of promotions from the date of Senate approval.

On the item pertaining to appointments in the University Institute of Engineering and Technology, the Vice-Chancellor, in accordance with the wishes of the Senate, decided to re-advertise the post, subject to the order of the high court.

Dr Rabinder Nath Sharma, Mr G.K. Chatrath, Mr Keshav Malhotra, Mr S.S. Hundal and Mr Ashok Goyal recorded dissent after the House did not agree to appoint the candidate on the waiting list for wrong information. Mr Hundal also pointed out at the ban on recruitment in colleges faculty imposed by the Punjab Government.

A heated debate on the appointment of an outsider as Deputy Registrar and collection of fee by the State Bank of India took place but were later approved. On an item pertaining to financial loss to the university on account of delay in making investment, the Senate decided to refer the matter back to the Syndicate for fixing responsibility.

A study trip for college principals and teachers was given the nod as also the approval for amendment to provisions for implementing the pension scheme. In the case of students of the Law Department protesting for condonation of lectures, the Senate decided to count the lectures of the students from their day of joining and not from the day the session of the university began.

Earlier, members of the non-teaching staff held a protest outside the venue of the Senate meeting, seeking cancellation of the appointment of a Deputy Registrar from outside the campus and to urge Senators to implement the pension scheme.



Strong winds diffuse fog
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Strong winds blowing across the region and showers later in the evening altered the weather systems significantly today. Moving at a high speed, the winds dispersed fog and mist at many places, besides causing the day temperature to rise.

In technical terms the chill actually got a beating as the temperature fell by 1.2° C compared to yesterday. While the minimum temperature recorded yesterday was 8.6°C, today it was 9.8° C.

The moisture levels in the air also dipped by 4 per cent from the 87 per cent to 83 per cent yesterday. The changes in the weather are likely to persist tomorrow also, causing snow and rainfall at many places in Himachal Pradesh.

Experts at the local Met office said foggy conditions were not likely for some time. “Fog will reduce considerably due to strong and light winds which we call squalls. Windy conditions will go on for some time,” said a Met official. Many places in Haryana and Punjab will get rain and thunder squalls due to the changes in weather conditions.

The possibility of a hailstorm with a thunder squall is also there at some places in the region. The alterations in the weather systems are being attributed to western disturbances that led to a cyclonic circulation forming a low pressure area.



Is PU prepared to fight fires? Sorry, no
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Panjab University seems to be waiting for a tragedy to happen given their ill-preparedness to fight fires. Last week an attempted self-immolation by an employee on the premises of the Chemical Engineering Department sent the authorities in a tizzy as they ran around looking for something to douse the flames.

On the campus either the fire-fighting equipment is merely a show-piece adorning the walls as their service has been long over due. The number of fire extinguishers installed at the Science Departments dealing in chemicals is also not enough to control the fires, students claim.

The National Building Law of India, Part IV, related to fire fighting, states that all educational institutions ought to have

* Fire extinguishers, also called first-aid fire-fighting equipment, in all buildings.

* Down-comers which should have a pipeline and outlets on all floors.

* Timely service and refills of these cylinders is the responsibility of the authorities.

In the various science departments fire extinguishers were last serviced and refilled in 2003. While plenty of fire extinguishers can be seen lined up in one building housing the pharmacy laboratories, the other building, which has two labs, does not have even a single extinguisher.

The service of all extinguishers has been due for nearly a month now. While some have labels stating the expiry of service in place, on others these have been removed. The department also has a stand of four sand buckets but sans the sand.

This holds true for the Bio-Chemistry and Microbiology Departments, and Chemistry and Chemical Engineering departments. One odd extinguisher in
the corridors of the Chemical Engineering Department is all these departments have in the name of fire control system.

At University Business School, there is one fire extinguisher which has not been serviced for long. Or so it seems from the surrounding cobwebs and dust settled over it. The ink stating the date of the last service and the due date of service has faded over the years.

The same is true for the one in the Law department and other departments. Most of the departments in arts block I and II have no extinguishers on the first and second floors.

A faculty member of the Public Administration Department says that there has never been any fire tragedy on the campus. “Besides, we have nothing to be scared of since we don’t have any chemicals which can cause a fire. Moreover, it is not our responsibility to check when the service is due. The department concerned must take care of this,” he said.

It’s quite another matter that while tea is made on heaters and stoves within the department the faculty uses heat convectors and heaters in their rooms.



MPs told not to release funds
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
The Election Commission of India has directed the MPs will not release funds out of their Local Area Development Fund in any part of the country where elections are in progress. Similarly, no funds would be released even for those schemes already under implementation till the completion of the election process. No work would start in respect of which work orders had been issued before the issue of these instructions, but the work had actually not started in the field. These works could start only after the completion of the election process. However, if a work had actually started, that can continue.

An official spokesman said here today that there would be no bar to the release of payments for completed works subject to the full satisfaction of the concerned officials. He said that from the time of announcement of elections by the Commission, the Ministers and other authorities would not announce any financial grants in any form or made promises thereof or lay foundation stones of projects or schemes of any kind or make any promise of construction of roads, provision of drinking water facilities or make any ad hoc appointments in Government and public undertaking, which might influence voters in favour of the party in power.

He said that the Commission had directed that there would be a total ban on the transfer of all officers and officials connected with the conduct of elections. These included but not restricted to the Chief Electoral Officer and Additional or Joint or Deputy Chief Electoral Officers, Divisional Commissioners, District Election Officers, Returning Officers, Assistant Returning Officers, range IGs, DIGs, SPs, DSPs, and other police officers deputed to the Commission under Section 28A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, and other revenue officers connected with the conduct of elections.



Twin sisters from city commissioned as IAF officers
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Twins from Chandigarh created history when they were simultaneously commissioned as officers into the Indian Air Force. Flying Officers Namrita Kaur and Suprita Kaur were inducted into the IAF as fighter controllers in the ground duty branch.

The passing-out parade, reviewed by Vice-Chief of the Staff Air Marshal S.K. Malik, was held at the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad, yesterday. They were among the 126 persons, including 30 women, to become officers. The 23-year-old sisters were among three women officers to be selected as fighter controllers.

Though there are instances of siblings serving in the armed forces, often in different services or branches, this is perhaps for the first time that twins were selected in the same service and at the same time.

Daughters of a city doctor, Harbhajan Singh, they were brought up in Siliguri, West Bengal, where they studied up to Class XII. They later moved to Chandigarh, where they completed their graduation. They lost their mother some time ago.

Reports from Hyderabad quoted Namrita as saying that it was her childhood ambition to join the armed forces. She said her sister Suprita had inspired her to achieve something in life and the day was very special for her as her sister too got commissioned on the same day.

They had undergone training at the academy together. Though there are a significant number of women Air Traffic Control officers in the IAF, the number of women fighter controllers are fewer.

Both sisters studied science at the MCM DAV College for Women, Sector 36, and were NCC cadets. “They were good and enthusiastic cadets. Their getting a commission definitely adds a feather in our cap and serves as a motivational factor for other cadets,” Deputy Director-General, NCC, Brig D.S. Dhillon, remarked. A former NCC Associate Officer of the college recalled that though they were serious about their work and were focused about their aim in life, they were C-certificate holders.

Chandigarh has contributed significantly to the IAF’s history. The first woman pilot to be commissioned into the IAF, Harita Deol, was also from Chandigarh. Commissioned in 1994, she used to fly transport aircraft.



CBSE employees’ transfer raises eyebrows
Rajmeet Singh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
There appears to be a strong connection between the recent transfer of two assistants at the regional office of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and allegations of sexual harassment being levelled against the regional officer of the board here.

The two assistants, Rajeev and Sanjiv, both in charge of the answer book cell at the regional office, were transferred on December 15 after a high-level inquiry conducted by the board’s headquarters in Delhi.

Sources at the board’s headquarters in Delhi disclosed that an independent agency conducted a probe and stated that the answerbook of the Mohali-based student had been tampered with. The findings of the inquiry were kept a secret and both employees, Rajeev and Sanjiv, were transferred on the pretext of routine transfers.

Some officials of the board had managed to smuggle out an answerbook of the student in question and attached a supplementary answerbook so that the marks of the student could increase in revaluation. The student, who had compartment in Biology in Class XII annual examination conducted in March, had applied for revaluation.

In the annual exams the student had got 15 marks out of 70. He had attempted questions totalling 50 marks. The evaluators while checking the answers had marked not-attempted (NA) on the cover page of the answerbooks against questions which the student had not attempted.

The answerbook was sent for revaluation outside the city. The evaluators found that in the supplementary answerbook question worth 20 marks had not been checked although not attempted had been marked against the question on the cover of the answerbook.

Suspecting foul play, the board got it investigated and it was found out that the supplementary answerbook had been attached at the AB cell at the regional office. Sanjiv and Rajeev were in charge of the cell at that time. Another junior assistant at the regional office was also suspected to be involved in this.

The sources said as an inquiry was still on involvement of some more employees could not be ruled out.

The Regional Officer, Mr P.I. Sabu, refused to comment and said the matter was being handled by the board headquarters in Delhi. He refused to divulge any details on the issue.



Officers, wives attend get-together
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Officers of the 44th Regular Course of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) organised a get-together at Chandimandir to mark the 35th anniversary of their passing out from the IMA as Commissioned Officers.

About 32 officers and their wives attended the get-together. As young officers, who had been “pipped” on December 21, 1969, they had participated in the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Most of the officers, except for a few Brigadiers and Major-Generals,, have since retired from service. Major-Gen R.S. Gill, presently serving at Headquarters Western Command, is the seniormost officer of the course in Chandimandir.

Among those present at the occasion was Maj R.S. Gujral (retd), fondly called as Colonel Commandant of the course.



Councillor denies making remarks against Mayor
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
A nominated councillor of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC), Mr P.C. Sanghi, today clarified that he did not make any personal remarks against the Mayor, Ms Kamlesh, at the meeting of the Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC) held here on December 17.

In a signed statement issued here today, Mr Sanghi said he only wanted to know why the minutes of the meeting held on October 21, were not brought for confirmation and why the minutes of the meetings, held on July 30 and August 18, were brought for confirmation after four months.

Instead of addressing the above issues, the Mayor had left the venue, he added.



BJP did not back protesters, says Chhabra
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
As many as 10 councillors of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh(MCC), including the Senior Deputy Mayor, Mr Pardeep Chhabra, today refuted the allegations of the BJP that the local MP, Mr Pawan Bansal, was misleading the Sector 21 residents regarding the allotment of a school site by the Chandigarh Administration.

Putting the record straight, Mr Chhabra said a massive dharna, which was also attended by Mr Bansal, was organised by the residents against the proposal of the administration to allot a 2-acre plot to a school in Sector 21.

Instead of joining the protesters, the BJP councillor from the ward, Mr Rajesh Gupta, criticised Mr Bansal for siding with the residents, Chabbra alleged.

In fact, the advertisement for the allotment of the school site was issued in November 2002. The agitation against the allotment of the site was supported by the then MP, Mr Satya Pal Jain, and the local party president, Mr Yash Pal Mahajan, a statement issued by Mr Chabbra claimed.



Union protests against ‘sale’ of Punwire building
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 19
Members of the Punjab Wireless Systems Employees Union, today protested against the reported sale of a building owned by Punwire in Industrial Area, Phase VII here.

Hundreds of former employees of the company staged a rally in this regard in the township this afternoon. The employee leaders warned the Punwire property buyers that they would neither allow them to take possession nor allow them to shift the machinery from the building.

According to Mr Shahid Ahmed, union president, the company’s building located at B-77, Industrial Area Phase VII here had been sold by the company’s liquidator for Rs 3.11 crore to Winsome Company, Chandigarh.

Interestingly, Mr Ahmed pointed out that the former liquidator appointed by the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr B.K.L. Srivastava, had gone on record saying that no big companies had offered to buy Punwire property in response to an advertisement for its sale. “Now with the appointment of a new liquidator, suddenly a buyer also appears and the deal is finalised within days,” he told the employees at the rally.

He demanded an investigation into the whole affair. But he was shifted before the advertisement was issued.

Later talking to mediapersons Mr Ahmed said revival of Punwire was underway and the Government of Punjab was talking to a Delhi-based company in this regard. “In such a situation, if parts of the Punwire property are sold it can only be counter-productive,” he added.



Sainis hold sammelan
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, December 19
In an effort to bring people belonging to the Saini community in the state on a platform, a number of persons from the subdivision today organised a convention, “Saini Sammelan”, and chalked out various plans for the welfare of the community.

People of the community discussed various issues like increasing drug abuse and dowry cases, unemployment and women empowerment in the convention.

Mr Shiv Lal Dehar was nominated president of the Saini Samaj of the Banur Assembly constituency with a thumping majority. Members of the Saini community passed a 13-point resolution in the convention headed by Mr Gurnam Singh Saini.

The samaj has demanded that the government should provide government service to at least one member of each community in the state. The Punjab Government should also open professional or industrial training institute at Dera Bassi for children belonging to lower class families.

The girls of the Saini community should be provided free-of-cost education till postgraduation. The Saini families which have been uprooted from their native places should be rehabilitated by the state government by providing them residential and commercial plots at interest-free instalments, it said.

It was also decided in the convention that the Samaj would constitute its committees at constituency, block and village levels.

Mr Jaswant Singh Saini, Mr Lal Singh Pandwala, Mr Sukhbir Singh Saini, Mr Bakshish Saini, Mr Sham Lal, and Mr Pyara Singh, also attended the convention.



Mahasadhavi felicitated
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 19
It was a special moment for members of the Jain community, as they participated in the “Tap Abhinandan Samaroh” at Sector 16 here today.

The function was organised to felicitate Mahasadhavi Sri Shubh Ji Maharaj, who has been fasting for 183 days. The Mahasadhavi has not had a morsel of grain for the past 183 days, and has been surviving on boiled water. According to Jain saints she has achieved a new height in her pursuit of renunciation.

Acharya Samrat Shiv Muni ji praised the Mahasadhavi and asked others to follow her example. He said it was only through meditation that one could get closer to God, and forget the pain and suffering of the world. He said one must not show off meditation, but do it quietly. He also conferred the “Tap Mukut Mani” title on the mahasadhavi.

A shobha yatra was organised by Jain devotees and heads of the Jain Sabha from all over the region. They chanted hymns and praises of Lord Mahavira.

Later, a cultural programme was also presented by schoolchildren, who had come from all over the region. Mahasadhvi Sri Sunita Ji was also present on the occasion. 



Plot seekers hold dharna
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
More than 300 members of the Allotment Sangharsh Committee today staged a rally at Matka Chowk here protesting against the delay in the allotment of their plots in Sectors 76 to 80 in Mohali.

The committee had been formed by the 3900 allottees who had been given letters of intent by the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) for the allotment of plots in these sectors in 2000, but have not been given the physical possession of the plots.

According to a press note issued by the president of the committee, Mr Sucha Singh Kalour, 3,950 plots of various sizes in the new sectors were approved and a draw of lots was held in March 2001. The successful allottees had also paid 25 per cent of the allotment price to PUDA and it was promised that physical possession of the plots would be given by the end of December 2002, but so far the plots had still not been allotted.

Mr Sharanjit Singh, general secretary of the committee, said some parts of these sectors had already been given to the Radha Swami Satsang, Housefed, Punjab, and the Judges Housing Society, but not to other allottees.

The members appealed to PUDA that they should allot plots from those pieces of land that were not under litigation and had been developed by the authority. 



Chilla Manauli villagers to hold dharna
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 19
Residents of Chilla Manauli village along with members of the Kisan Union would hold a protest in front of the SDM office here tomorrow. The residents are protesting against the police inaction for not being able to arrest any one of the six persons booked for allegedly cheating an 86-year-old resident of the village, Pritam Singh.

Pritam Singh, a resident of the village, had sold his over 5 qilas of land using his power of attorney.

According to Pritam Singh, who can barely see and hear due to old age, Karamjit Singh allegedly took his thumb impressions on a large number of documents on the pretext of filing some papers in PUDA.

Karamjit Singh, along with his uncle, village Lambardar Sher Singh, allegedly used the power of attorney to sell parts of Pritam Singh’s land. Two qilas were sold first on November 30 and 3 qilas on December 9. The same day, we brought the matter to the notice of the Naib Tehsildar, Mr Sucha Singh, who told us to go to the Patwari to get the power of attorney cancelled. While we went to meet the Patwari, the Naib Tehsildar registered the sale of the land,” a relative of Pritam Singh said.

The relatives added that though the Naib Tehsildar was told that Karamjit Singh was using unauthorised power of attorney to sell land and no request from Karamjit Singh for the sale of the land be entertained. But still the Naib Tehsildar allegedly went ahead with the registration of sale in the afternoon.

The police had booked the notary public and another lawyer along with Sucha Singh, Karamjit Singh and Sher Singh in the case.



Mayoral poll notified

Chandigarh, December 19
The Deputy Commissioner and the competent authority for holding elections to the posts of the Mayor, the Senior Deputy Mayor and the Deputy Mayor has issued a notification for the elections.

According to information, the nominations for the above posts can be filed on December 28. The names can be withdrawn up to 11 am on the date of the elections i.e n January 1.

Meanwhile, the Congress high command will send an observer for the selection of the party candidates for the posts on December 26. TNS



Elderly couple injured as Scorpio rams into scooter
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, December 19
An elderly couple, riding a Kinetic Honda scooter, was injured seriously when a Scorpio jeep rammed into them on the Kalka-Ambala highway near the local bus stand this evening.

The injured couple has been identified as Mr Kuldeep Singh Tiwana, a retired teacher, and his wife, Mrs Kulwant Kaur.

The incident occurred when the Scorpio (CH-O3P-4723) heading towards Chandigarh rammed into the Kinetic Honda (HR-01J-2178) leaving the couple seriously injured, the police said.

The injured were taken to the Civil Hospital, Dera Bassi. They were later referred to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh, after their condition started deteriorating.

The driver of the Scorpio was absconding.

A case of the negligent driving causing grave hurt against the driver had been registered under Sections 279, 337 and 338 of the Indian Penal Code in the Dera Bassi police station.

Newly wed elopes with paramour

A newly wed woman eloped with her paramour while her husband was in a deep slumber.

The incident occurred in a labour colony of a steel-manufacturing industrial unit, located at Samlheri village near Lalru, last night.

According to sources, wife of Mr Bishan Nath, a migrant labourer from the Bhangaudra locality in Jharkhan, allegedly eloped with Sagar of Bengal. The duo was residing in the same locality for the past few years. The woman had allegedly developed relations with Sagar before her marriage.

Mr Nath has lodged a complaint with the police. 



Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh’s fans taken for a ride!
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 19
Several fans of ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh have allegedly been taken for a ride by an event management company.

With the company, Tycoon Thatz Life Club, allegedly disappearing from the scene, the ghazal lovers have been left to fend for themselves and left poorer by a few thousand rupees.

One of the victims, Mr V.P. Ahluwalia, a resident of Sector 2, Panchkula, alleged that he was made a member of the club during one of Jagjit’s concert held here in November last year. He was charged Rs 5,000 for membership and allegedly promised that 12 ghazal concerts would be organised in 2004 and his entry to them would be free.

It may be recalled that during Jagjit’s November 2003 show at Hotel Mountview here the club had enrolled several members by charging Rs 5,000 each. The club was aggressively promoted by the organisers and the ghazal fans were promised concerts by top ghazal singers, including Jagjit Singh, in the months to come.

“The promoters have not held even a single show this year. And despite repeated requests to either return the membership fee or organise the shows nothing has been done so far,” Mr Ahluwalia rued.

Terming it as a “fraud”, Mr Ahluwalia urged the Chandigarh Administration to direct the club to refund the money.

Meanwhile, the promoters of the club could not be contacted for comments despite repeated attempts. While one of their telephone numbers, 015967, was not “active on the network”, there was no response from the other number, 3091902.



College bus driver booked
Tribune News Service

Mohali, December 19
The Mohali police has booked the driver of a college bus which hit a Qualis owned by Mr Charanjit Singh, Municipal Council chief, Kharar. The accident took place yesterday in the Phase VII, Industrial Area. The driver, Harbhajan Singh, working with the IET College, Bhaddal, was booked following a complaint by Mr Charanjit Singh.

Scooterist injured

Mr Sharanjit Singh, a resident of Phase 11 here, was injured when his scooter was hit by a tipper in Phase 11, this morning. Sharanjit was injured and was admitted to a private hospital. The driver of the tipper, Jasbir Singh, a resident of Mullapur village, was booked on the complaint of Mr Hardeep Singh.



Sec 16 shopkeepers decry lack of civic amenities
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, December 19
Shopowners and businessmen of Sector 16 have decried poor sanitation and lack of civic amenities.

From-stray cattle menace to bad roads, scattered parking to poor sanitation caused by the Apni Mandi organised here on every Tuesday, the shopkeepers today raised these issues with the President of the Municipal Council, Ms Seema Chaudhary, today when she visited the sector.

The general secretary of the Sector 16 Market Association said though the Sector 16 market was proposed as the city centre, the authorities concerned seem to neglect it. “Stray cattle roam about in the market area, and often cause accidents,” he said.

Mr Manish Gupta, president of the association, said of the 300 odd shops and showrooms constructed in the City Centre by HUDA, only 100 were occupied. “The rest of the shops/ showrooms/ booths are lying vacant because of poor approach roads to the market. There is no direct entry to the City Centre, and shoppers have to take a U- turn from either Sector 17 or from the Sector 17/ 16/ 8/ 9 roundabout,” he added.

The shopkeepers said that the administration had allowed the Market Committee to hold the weekly Apni Mandis in Sector 16. Every week the vegetable waste and filth piles up here and is rarely removed. They also complained about the nuisance caused by the lottery market and encroachments by migrant labourers in the corridors of vacant shops.

Ms Chaudhary heard the grievances of the shopkeepers, but expressed helplessness to initiate development works as the model code of conduct for the Vidhan Sabha elections had come into force. She added that the budget for carrying out development work could not be cleared by the MC because the Congress councillors had boycotted the budget meeting of the House. 


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