flashback 2004

The year that was
In the lines of Rajinder Puri

In Indian politics, 365 days is a long time. Much can happen in that span and much did in 2004. There was never a dull moment. Be it Shining India being trampled under in a sari stampede or the Best Bakery being the worst of brutalities. Atal Bihari Vajpayee may have ambivalent feelings about being out of the chair of spikes that coalition helmsmanship has come to mean, but Manmohan Singh was no willing Burkis. If the discordant notes in India-Pakistan ties are an enduring legacy, the concord between states within the Union is writ in water. Cricket is both war and diplomacy by other means. If Veerappan's inglorious end made some politicians hold their head high, the Shankaracharya's arrest showed how upside down our perceptions could be.

With a few deft strokes, Rajinder Puri has captured it all in his daily cartoons in The Tribune. Here are some prize pickings from his prolific folio on men, matters and their (mis)deeds.