Sense and nonsense
Jaspal Bhatti

Someone asked me what was the most sensible event that happened in 2004. I went in deep thought and turned serious. "Don’t be serious. Just think of what was the most ridiculous incident of the year". I became more worried as the list was so-o-o long as every event that happened was ridiculous.

Doctors sold human spare parts just like automobile parts. Kidneys and eyes were the ‘hot’ products.

Laloo Prasad, Railways Minister, introduced ‘kullars’ for tea in trains. He might have thought that in case of an accident if the earthen glasses do break, the loss would be minimal.

George Bush used various weapons of destruction to find out the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Uma Bharati and Sushma Swaraj’s wise statements provided lot of funny material for our

But by far the most ridiculous event was BJP’s slogan of the 2004 Lok Sabha elections — FEEL GOOD. The BJP tried its best to make every poor citizen of India realise that he was feeling good. But after the election it was the Congress that felt good, while the BJP got into depression.

The Managing Director of an Ayurvedic company met the BJP leadership and introduced its latest product — ‘Feel Good Tablets’ for political rejuvenation. He was thrown out of the party headquarters, "Are you ridiculing us?"