Wednesday, December 29, 2004

IT & BPO to stay popular, biotech & NGOs hold promise
After a long period of slowdown, retrenchment and bursting of the dotcom bubble, the Indian job market gained momentum this year. Chetna Keer Banerjee and Manoj Kumar find out which will be the hot jobs in 2005:

  • “Openings in outsourcing will treble in UT”

  • “Jobs in telecom and pharma sectors on upswing”

  • “Many takers for event management”

  • “Banking, IT biggies scouting for local talent”

  • “NGOs set to attract B-school cream”

Great Indian Job Bazaar—2004
Wows & woes at work
Some worked to win. Some worked at an idea. Some eyed others’ jobs. Some worked to lose their job. The people handling the top jobs in India and elsewhere made sure that 2004 was a mixed bag for the Great Indian Job Bazaar. Chetna Keer Banerjee takes a rear view of the people and plans that kept the job mart abuzz this year:

  • Earth-shaking job plan of the year

  • Stressful job of the year

  • Mismanagement guru of the year

  • Suitable boy of the year

  • Pawar-ful team of the year

  • Office party of the year

Secure a share in this job market
by Usha Albuquerque
AVE you been following with great interest the stock markets turn bullish and break the upper barrier? Are the stock market prices the first page you look at in a daily? Do you enjoy sitting at home on Saturday evenings, working out your gains and losses? If so, then probably a stockbroker’s profession is ideal for you.


  • Prospects in Pharmacy

  • Become an expert in export management
  • Fitness facts
  • Bachelor’s in biotech

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