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Patiala Heritage Festival


P A T I A L A     H E R I T A G E     W E E K — 2 0 0 4

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March 1, 2004

Heritage Fest good on events, low on tourism
HE number of events which were crammed into the Heritage Festival in the city which concluded last week was mind-boggling. From two top-notch classical performances for four days, besides a play by Habib Tanveer, Ghulam Ali’s ghazals and performances by music groups ‘Stereo Nation’ and ‘Junoon’, one had a high profile cricket match, polo, rural sports, painting exhibition and lots more.

February 24, 2004

Pak rock band charms Patiala fans
Patiala, February 23
Members of “Junoon”, the Pakistan-based rock band There is more to “Junoon” than music. For 13 years now, the three members of South Asia’s biggest rock group have been crusading against fundamentalism and corruption back home in Pakistan. 

Members of “Junoon”, the Pakistan-based rock band, strike familiar melodies on their arrival in Patiala, where they performed at the closing ceremony of the Patiala Heritage Festival on Sunday. 
— Tribune photo by Rajesh Sachar

Salman of ‘Junoon’ visits his ancestral house
Patiala, February 23
Salman Ahmad from Pakistan meets members of the family currently residing in the house of his mother's family The Sandhas of Namdar Khan road were in for a pleasant surprise today. “It was as if our wish had come true”, they said when they saw Salman Ahmed, the star of the ‘Junoon’ group, at their door. Surprise gave way to good old punjabi warmth with the family jostling to get the proverbial “thanda” and showing their VIP visitor all the nooks and corners of the colonial house.

Salman Ahmad from Pakistan meets members of the family currently residing in the house of his mother's family, in Patiala on Monday. 

Heritage fest ends on a musical note
Taz of stereonation performs at the pop concert in Patiala on Sunday night. The Patiala Heritage Festival, which started with a series of soulful classical performances ended with a bang with hundred of watts of foot tapping music forcing a jam packed crowd in Yadvindra Public School stadium to rock all night. The crowd braced the chilly winds and continued to enthusiastically support Gursewak Mann, Stereonation and Junoon late into the night.

Taz of stereonation performs at the pop concert in Patiala on Sunday night. — Photo by Rajesh Sachar

February 23, 2004

I am black sheep of family, says Taz
Patiala, February 22
He chose to chase a dream. When Tarsem Singh or Taz as he is popularly called decided to give up a course in industrial design to pursue a musical career, the only thing that buoyed him up was his own belief in himself. Thus came about Stereo Nation, a melodious entity that has carved a distinct niche for itself the world over.

February 22, 2004

Ghulam Ali mesmerises his ‘ustadon ka shahar’
Patiala, February 21
Ghulam Ali remains humble to the hilt, yet he takes no credit for what he is. So at the Heritage Festival here last evening he attributed his success to his ustads from the Patiala Gharana. The first submission he made after occupying the dais against the backdrop of the Old Moti Bagh Palace was, “Yeh sheher mere ustadon ka hai.

Ghazal singer Ghulam Ali performs at Patiala’s Old Moti Bagh Palace on Friday. —  Photo by Rajesh Sachar

Ghulam Ali performs at Patiala’s Old Moti Bagh Palace

Salma Sultan talks about her role as director of DD’s latest investigative series, "Jalta Sawaal". Salma Sultan dons director’s cap
Patiala, February 21
Salma Sultan, Doordarshan hostess of yesteryear, continues to charm as ever. Out of sight, but certainly not out of business, the elegant and talented television newsreader is on the verge of re-establishing her link with Doordarshan, which continues to be the channel of her choice, irrespective of the plethora of channels on air.

Salma Sultan talks about her role as director of DD’s latest investigative series, “Jalta Sawaal”. — Photo by Rajesh Sachar

‘Include small cities in fashion circuit’
Patiala, February 21
Throw in 15 top-notch models along with three well-known designers. Add to this glamour noted choreographer Harmeet Bajaj can lend to an event. And you are sure to witness a gala affair. The grounds at the National Institute of Sports here were aglitter with beauty and poise as well-known faces of the advertising world rehearsed the catwalk.

Models pose for Heritage Fashion Show

Models pose for Heritage Fashion Show

Pak “Junoon” heads for Patiala
Patiala, February 21
The final day of the ongoing Patiala Heritage festival will see a confluence of cultures, with famous Pakistani Pop-band ‘Junoon’ sharing the space with Gursewak Mann from India and Stereo Nation from London.

Phulkari artisans to form self-help groups
Patiala, February 21
Bhagwant Kaur of Churpur village, near here, has been embroidering phulkari motifs all her life, but has made no financial gains. Now, she and other women, who participated in a two-day workshop at Quila Mubarak as part of the Heritage Festival, have decided to form a self-help group to market their craft in coordination with non-government agencies.

Women artisans embroider ‘phulkari’ motifs at Quila Mubarak complex in Patiala on Friday. — Photo by Rajesh Sachar

Women artisans embroider ‘phulkari’ motifs at Quila Mubarak complex in Patiala on Friday.
February 21, 2004

Simple yet meaningful, ‘Charan Das Chor’ delights viewers
Patiala, February 20
Amazingly simple yet explicitly meaningful. That’s Habib Tanvir for you. The man who introduced the irrepressible folk singer Teejan Bai to the world was here to present his masterpiece ‘Charan Das Chor’ at the ongoing Heritage Festival. Based on the Nacha theatre tradition of Chattisgarh region in Madhya Pradesh, the play is unique in both form and content.

A scene from the play ‘Charan Das Chor’ which was staged at the NIS Sports Complex in Patiala on Thursday night. — Photo by Rajesh Sachar
A scene from the play ‘Charan Das Chor’ which was staged at the NIS Sports Complex in Patiala
February 20, 2004

INTACH geared up to restore heritage sites in Punjab
Patiala, February 19
Punjab Tourism is set to enter the international arena with INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) deciding to involve State Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh in generating funds for the restoration of Quila Mubarak in Patiala besides focussing on the Patiala-Kapurthala-Amritsar circuit during presentations in the United Kingdom and the United States this year.

Zila KhanZila follows in father’s footsteps
Patiala, February 19
When Ustaad Vilayat Khan named his daughter after Amir Khusrao’s raag Zila Kaafi, little would he have known how prophetic the name would turn out to be, for Zila Khan, daughter of the internationally acclaimed master of the sitar, is every bit as melodious as her namesake.

Zila Khan

Sikhism discussed in context of Buddhism
Patiala, February 19
On the second day of the international seminar on “Guru Granth Sahib: unique status and place among scriptures”, Prof Sanghasen Singh presented his paper on “Sikhism and Buddhism: different perspectives” here today.

February 19, 2004

Residences of royals re-opened to public
‘Heritage Walk’ starts in Qila Androon
Patiala, February 18
Qila Androon The Qila Androon, the residential quarters of the erstwhile royalty of Patiala, opened to the general public today after decades with the inauguration of "Heritage Walk" of its painted chambers, courtyards and varying architecture. The "walk" is the idea of Mr Debashish Nayak who has pioneered other such walks in Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Jaipur, is targeted at spreading awareness about the city amongst its people and also "connecting" them to it.

Yamini — the prime classical ballerina
Patiala, February 18
Yamini Krishnamurty is special in more ways than one. Although predominantly identified with Bharatnatyam, she has invested a world of time and energy in lending new dimensions to kuchipudi and odissi.

Doyens celebrate classicism
Patiala, February 18
Last evening saw a celebration of classical tradition against the majestic backdrop of Quila Mubarak. As one heritage played host to another, the evening  moved from one level of joy to another, winding up on a blissful note, that emerged from the repertory of Girija Devi.

Ancient crafts lend dignity to mela
Patiala, February 18
Ancient craft forms are perhaps one part of our cultural legacy which remains partially buried beneath the sand of time and only concerted effort by organisations dedicated to the cause of the artisans of India can offer a ray of hope for our ‘languishing’ art and craft forms. Platforms similar to the ongoing Heritage Crafts Mela being held in the city are perhaps the few oasis left for them.

February 18, 2004

Painters give final touches to sign boards for the cricket match to be organised as part of the Patiala Heritage Festival Kapil to lead Indian Punjab CM's friendly team
Patiala, February 17
Besides a profusion of who's who in the world of the performing arts gracing the city with their performances, the Heritage Festival will provide a variety of entertainment in other fields. These include rural sports, a polo tournament and a friendly cricket match between teams from the two Punjabs on either side of the border.

Painters give final touches to sign boards for the cricket match to be organised as part of the Patiala Heritage Festival. 
— Photo by Rajesh Sachar

Sitar-sarod jugalbandi moves all hearts
Patiala, February 17
Everytime that Ustaad Imrat Khan pulls at the strings of his sitar, they seem to tug at his heart anew. How else can he manage to mirror the very soul of the music he plays through mere fingers? The Qila Mubarak reverberated with an explosion of melody last evening after the maestro commenced a jugalbandi with his equally gifted son Wajahat Khan whose virtuosity on the sarod has to be heard to be believed.

Future of folk music uncertain, warns Girija Devi
Girija Devi Patiala, February 17
Her music blends all elements that the Indian classical tradition can ever boast of. Transcending the limits of time and space, it pulsates with ever fresh life. And though it has roots in tradition, it continues to sound vital, as it did years ago when a 20-year-old Girija Devi made her debut on Radio Allahabad.

Flip Side of Heritage Festival
A year on, vacated Rajindra Kothi unused
A view of the Rajindra Kothi in the Baradari Gardens. Patiala, February 17
A year ago, the main halls of Rajindra Kothi, which housed thousands of files and around 35,000 books comprising most of the records of the State Archives Department, was vacated in a blitzkrieg-like operation on the eve of the Heritage Festival. The reason was to facilitate the holding of a week-long painting exhibition in the building following which the building was to be sold as a heritage property.

A view of the Rajindra Kothi in the Baradari Gardens.

February 17, 2004

Sitar maestro bemoans commercialisation of art
Patiala, February 16
The man responsible for putting the lesser-known surbaphar on the world’s music map besides giving the ‘Imrat guitar’ is all but disillusioned with the present artistic scenario in the country. Son of the legendary Imdad Khan, Ustaad Imrat Khan accompanied by son Wajahat Khan is in the city today to perform on the third day of the Patiala Heritage Festival.

Inspired, Chaurasia plays on
Patiala, February 16
Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia was loath to put aside his flute last evening. Performing on the second day of the Patiala Heritage Festival here, Panditji delighted his listeners by declaring himself carried away by the ambience of the Qila Mubarak at the scheduled end of his performance and went on to present yet another melodious offering from his rich repertoire.

Patiala gharana Khan legends in city
Patiala, February 16
The sur mandal which was invented by the legend of the Patiala gharana — Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan — and his grandsons Mazhar and Jawaad Ali Khan are making a comeback in the city which once occupied a pride of place in the music tradition of the country.

Paintings display quest for modernisation
Patiala, February 16
The National Gallery of Modern Art is exhibiting a collection of paintings reflecting the quest for modernisation in the 19th century and the use of abstract language in the 20th at the Patiala Heritage festival at Banaser Art Gallery here. The exhibition was inaugurated today by INTACH Vice-Chairman S.K. Misra.

February 16, 2004

The Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, inaugurates the Heritage Craft Mela in Patiala on Sunday.CM inaugurates Heritage
Crafts Mela
Patiala, February 15
The Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, inaugurated the Heritage Craft Mela being held from February 15 to 29 at Sheesh Mahal here today. The mela showcases the rare acumen and craftsmanship of nearly 150 artisans who are participating in this festival.

The Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, inaugurates the Heritage Craft Mela in Patiala on Sunday.

 Nandita Puri

Three diverse gharanas combine and dazzle audience
Patiala, February 15                     
It is rare to come across artiste from three gharanas who after having evolved their own styles are able to fuse together their expertise. The confluence of the Patiala, Jaipur and Banaras gharanas here last night was able to conjure such an effect.

Flip side of Heritage Festival
Encroachments dot Qila Mubarak entrance
Patiala, February 15
The Qila Mubarak, the fort palace of the erstwhile kings of Patiala, may be the main showcase of the Patiala Heritage Festival with all classical programmes being held there, but encroachments right in front of its main gate seem to have bothered none.

Pt Hari Prasad ChaurasiaGovt patronage will decide future of performing arts: Chaurasia
Patiala, February 15
Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia looks bemused when you ask him about the future of flute in India in the present scenario wherein more and more classical artistes prefer to establish academies in the West than in the country. His reply is “can there be any doubt about the flute? Can you question the status of the sun or the moon?”

114 take part in Heritage Golf
Chandigarh, February 15
One hundred and fourteen golfers took part in the tournament organised at the Chandigarh Golf Club on Saturday to herald the start of the second Patiala Heritage Festival.

February 15, 2004

Punjab Governor Justice O.P. Verma lights the inaugural lamp at the Patiala Heritage Festival in the Quila Mubarak on Saturday.Images of royal era at
heritage fest
Patiala, February 14
Soldiers dressed in the traditional Patiala military colours lighted ramparts of the Quila Mubarak, the fort palace of the erstwhile Patiala rulers, and with the Governor maintaining that the previous government had failed in its duty to preserve the heritage and culture of the erstwhile state heralded the start of the Patiala Heritage Festival here today evening.
Punjab Governor Justice O.P. Verma lights the inaugural lamp at the Patiala Heritage Festival in the Quila Mubarak on Saturday. — Photo by Rajesh Sachar

Peg, pagri intact but gates forgotten
One side of the Sunami gate waiting for restoration.PATIALA: The Patiala peg and pagri is often remembered, but the historic gates of Patiala, which provided safety and succour for more than a generation, seem to have been forgotten with the gates missing out the largesse which has been bestowed on a number of monuments and landmarks of the city in preparation of the Heritage Festival starting from February 14 to 22.

One side of the Sunami gate waiting for restoration.

February 14, 2004

Patiala gears up for Indo-Pak cricket tie
N the eve of the Patiala Heritage Festival, the proposed goodwill cricket match between India and Pakistan seems more of a reality than it did until yesterday. With permissions coming from both sides of the border, the official Indian cricket team, to be captained by Kapil Dev, was formally announced today. 

Riot of colours at Sheesh Mahal
Patiala, February 13
Infectious. This word amply sums up the festive atmosphere at the Sheesh Mahal complex nowadays. The site which is all set to host the Heritage Crafts Mela commencing from February 15 is all aglow with a riot of colours complete with ethnic banners, jute lightings and rustic motifs.