Saturday, January 1, 2005

A finger on idioms
Prerana Trehan

The fingers are among the most important parts of the body. They are central in performing almost all tasks. Today we study idioms that are related to fingers.

Have/keep oneís finger on the pulse: have an up-to-date knowledge of something; keep well informed.

Going by the success of Balaji Telefilms, it seems that Ektaa Kapoor has her finger on the pulse of the viewers.

Put your finger on something: discover the exact reason why a situation is the way it is, especially when something is wrong.

There is something about him that makes me uneasy but I canít put my finger on what it is.

Not lift a finger: not help someone or do something, usually because one is lazy.

In the 20 years of their married life, he has never lifted a finger to help his wife do household chores.

Point the finger at someone: accuse someone of being responsible for something that has happened.

He pointed his finger at his colleague when he discovered that important papers were missing from his files.

Have a/your finger on the button: be the person who controls the nuclear weapons that a country has and decides whether to fire them.

He is known for his extremist views and his election as President has made world leaders wary because he now has his finger on the button.

(Reference: Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)