Wednesday, January 5, 2005

by Sandeep Joshi

My New Year resolution is not to keep any file pending. Type this out, put it in a folder and mark it for discussion in 2006.

Garden path to growth
Knowledge of horticulture leads to a vast expanse of opportunities, be it in research, the government sector, the hotel industry or the blooms business, writes Satish Narula
IN this era of wide ranging options for entrepreneurship, horticulture is a field that holds ample scope. Whether you want to be full-time or part-time horticulturist, whether you have your own piece of land or not, you can take up this line and make a decent living out of it.

in focus
Cultivating talent
Ambika Sharma
orticulture is fast emerging as a priority area--- both for the scientists as well as the agrarian community. With a number of hydroelectric projects coming up in Himachal Pradesh, the need for scientific management of their catchment treatment plans, necessitating large-scale plantations, has also assumed significance. To help offset the environmental degradation caused by these projects, there is a growing demand for employing professionals with a forestry background.

Germans head overseas for jobs
ORE and more Germans are turning their backs on the economic problems plaguing their homeland in the hope of better pay and working conditions in foreign countries, a report from Berlin said on Monday. In 2003, the German government registered 127,000 cases of Germans moving abroad, though many more just left without informing the authorities, German Radio Deutsche Welle reported.

Online entrance test launched by BITS
HE Birla Institute of Technology and Science has introduced the system of a computer-based, online test for admissions to its forthcoming session this year. Known as BITS Admission Test--2005, it will be held in various centers across the country between April 10 and June 20, 2005.

Ride the expansion wave in insurance, healthcare and retail sectors
Usha Albuquerque
AS the pace of life moves faster and faster, one has to run, just to stay in the same place. This fast pace has changed the way we work and the kind of jobs that are increasingly being created. Ten years ago, 80 per cent of the jobs were in the area of manufacturing, while today the majority are in the services sector.


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