Saturday, February 12, 2005

Christina Ricci
Michael Jackson
Adrien Brody
Weight watchers: (From top) Christina Ricci, Michael Jackson and Adrien Brody 

For a few pounds less

A list of celebrity diets shows the extent to which stars go to shed weight.

While singer Elton John underwent a series of lamb-urine injections to lose weight, actress Christina Ricci resigned herself to only salads to get her cheeks "ultra hollow", reports the New York Post.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld advises: "At dinner parties, slide the food to the centre of the dish and later squeeze it all together on the side of the plate. So as not to offend the host, occasionally put the fork to your mouth."

Singer Michael Jackson reportedly used to keep his weight down with lots of self-administered enemas, but he later needed a tampon to control "embarrassing leakage".

Actor John Malkovich ate "nothing but Jell-O for months," to lose up to 31 kg.

Oscar winner Adrien Brody, who lost more than 13 kg for Roman Polanskiís The Pianist, was quoted as saying that he went on an all-egg diet.

"Roman had me eat two hard-boiled eggs a day for six weeks. My skin became translucent," he said.