Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rhyme time
Blooming ties

Little flower how are you?

I came specially to meet you

Donít be scared I will not pluck you

Donít be afraid I will not take you

You are little and pretty

But you are not with me in my city

We may remain together if

you so will

But never mind we are

friends still

Lovepreet Kaur,
Class IV-D,
St Joseph Convent School, Bathinda



War woes

War is going on,

Guns are being fired on and off,

Here soldiers are lying dead,

Sleeping forever on their death bed.

Winners won, losers lost,

But both had to pay a big cost.

Thousands are wounded and thousands dead,

Their families are without butter and bread

But did the winners really win?

Let us resolve,

Never to fight whatever the cause;

Because war is after all bad
for all.

Kohitiz Acharya,
Class IX, DAV Public School,
New Shimla, Shimla


Killer waves

Sweep the corpses to the shore

Let the sand-laden wind blow over the bodies

Burying the soul-quenched deep below.

The splash of waves plundered mankind,

Profaning the prophecy of power.

Hours on end the destruction drove,

Taking with itself dear-ones to
Eternityís door.

Vandita Sarkar,
Class IX-C,
St. Josephs Convent School,

This feature was published on February 5, 2004