Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Processed plan
The food processing industry is a can of opportunities for chemists, food technologists, biotechnologists, technicians and engineers, writes Usha Albuquerque

ractically every day, we are bombarded with ads for all kinds of food items. Colourful pictures of enticing snacks and crispies, fancy soups and sauces, and any number of ready-to-cook dishes, from pastas and noodles to shahi paneer and chicken korma. This is the era of the convenience food.

by Sandeep Joshi

Careercature by Sandeep Joshi
“Sir, they’re following your advice about dreaming big.”

Take cover in risk management
Manish Kumar Singal
isk management or insurance management is a career that youngsters are increasingly opting for nowadays. It is a field whose scope is widening and it promises big bucks too. Earlier, only a limited number of companies were offering insurance cover to the common man. But with globalisation, more and more insurance companies are setting up shop in India, opening up more vistas in risk management.

Productive path

unique career opportunity that is available to one and all today, especially those who want to work from home, is network marketing. Network marketing entails direct selling of products and services to consumers by using the concept of network distribution. It is also called direct selling since manufacturers provide their products and services directly to the consumers at their doorstep without the help of traditional retail outlets.


Mentoring matters
Anureet Sibia Dhillon
entoring is a word that is used commonly, but for a student or beginner in any profession it holds a special meaning. A mentor is an adviser, a counsellor, guide and tutor who is in a close and individualised relationship with the mentee and can be trusted, come what may.

Career Hotline

Stepping stone to concrete future

Q. I am in Class XII this year and am preparing for B. Arch exams. Some of my teachers say that it is not easy to establish oneself in this field and that
getting a job is very difficult.

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