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Saini Motors’ property attached
SBI acts after Maruti dealer ‘fails’ to pay Rs 16 cr
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

A public notice being painted on the wall of Saini Motors’ premises at Sherpur Chowk by the State Bank of India
A public notice being painted on the wall of Saini Motors’ premises at Sherpur Chowk by the State Bank of India, which sealed the property for the non-payment of dues, in Ludhiana on Sunday morning. — Photo by Sayeed Ahmed

Ludhiana, April 3
A team of SBI officials, bank’s private Finance Reconstruction Company and the police today attached and sealed three properties of Saini Motors Limited, a leading Maruti dealer in the region, for the alleged non-payment of debt of around Rs 16 crore, today morning.

Teams have also been dispatched to Delhi and Sonepat to seal two more properties of the defaulter at those places. The action began around 7 am with sealing of the Saini Motors showroom at Sherpur Chowk, GT Road. It was followed by sealing of a residential property near Mata Rani Chowk and another in Civil Lines.

The police assisted the team in its work to prevent any law and order problem. The workers at Saini Motors were taken by surprise when the team swooped down on them early in the day. No major machinery or cars were found in the showroom.

The action was peaceful with no opposition from the defaulters. However, the team faced some resistance at Mata Rani Chowk property which the defaulter had leased to a tenant family for the past 35 years. The tenants claimed they were already contesting a civil case with the Saini family in the court.

The tenants, mostly women, literally came on the street after the bank sealed the building, which once used to be the main showroom of Saini Motors. At that time they dealt in tractors.

The team was led by Mr Hemant Contractor, Chief General Manager, SBI, Chandigarh circle, and Mr A. Krishan Kumar, General Manager.

They told Ludhiana Tribune that they had taken the physical possession of properties mortgaged by Saini Motors, including Saini Motor showroom along the GT Road, Sherpur, residential property along the Ferozepore road, Civil Lines, and residential property at Mata Rani Chowk.

The aforesaid properties were mortgaged in 1984. The party was served 60-day demand notice on December 31 under the provision of the SRESI Act, but the debt was not cleared. Hence the bank took the physical possession of the mortgaged properties.

Mr Gursewak Singh, Tehsildar, and officials from various police stations, were present at the site while taking the physical possession of the properties. All premises were duly locked and sealed by the authorities. The entire operation was carried out with the assistance of GATS Finance Reconstructors Limited.

Mr Akhilesh Mohan, DGM , Mr Shamsher Sharma, AGM, advised defaulters to maintain financial discipline and repay their debts, so that the bank was not forced to take such steps.



Five cases of jaundice relapse reported
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 3
Even as health officials here claimed that no fresh cases of jaundice and gastroenteritis have been reported, residents of at least three colonies of Sukhdev Nagar, Moti Nagar and Tibba Road in Ward No 10 said five persons had suffered a relapse of jaundice.

These colonies, along with some other areas in Ward No 9, had witnessed an outbreak of jaundice and diarrhoea in February and March, which was attributed to the supply of contaminated water.

The residents of the affected colonies alleged that for the last several days, they have been getting discoloured water with visible particles, even worms, and if the supply of contaminated water was not checked, it could aggravate the situation.

The councillor, Mr Kuldip Janda, confirmed that he had received reports of contaminated water supply in some areas, in his ward.

He had prevailed upon the municipal corporation authorities to assure the supply of potable water to people through tankers, he said but added that the residents were responsible for water contamination. “There are a large number of water pipes passing through waste water pits or open drains in the locality and even a minor leakage in a single water pipe can contaminate the entire water supply network which is inter-connected,” he said.

He said he had visited the affected colonies and had detected around 15 such water connections where pipes were passing through drains or waste water pits.

The civic staff had been asked to carry out a survey in the area with instructions to disconnect faulty water lines and take action against defaulting residents.

The district epidemiologist, Dr Ajit Singh Chawla, said the cases of jaundice reported from some localities in Ward No 10 were old ones with mild symptoms but no fresh case had come to their notice.



Residents bay for admn’s blood over barrier
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 3
To protest against the putting up of a railway gate on an unmanned crossing on 16-foot-wide road instead of a 66-feet wide stretch, the residents of at least half-a-dozen colonies took out a rally, staged a dharna and burnt the effigy of an official of the district administration here today.

The residents of Bhai Himmat Singh Nagar, Bhai Karnail Singh Nagar, Guru Nanak Colony, Baba Deep Singh Nagar, Bachittar Nagar and Ishar Nagar gathered near the railway crossing at Himmat Singh Nagar and took out a flag rally which culminated near Guru Nanak Engineering College.

They also blocked traffic on busy Ludhiana-Malerkotla Road for around half-an-hour to register their protest. Led by Mr Piara Singh Dhillon, convenor of Joint Action Committee specially constituted to protest against the unmanned crossing, the residents raised slogans against the railway authorities and officials of the district administration, who had submitted survey report on the issue.

They claimed that it was strange that the railway officials had decided to put up a gate on a 16-foot wide trail while ignoring the 66-foot road and the former merged into the latter only at a point around 2 km away from each other.

Alleging that half of the 66-foot wide road was already metalled and the tenders were passed for the rest, the residents claimed that an official of the district administration had in his survey report “favoured installing gate at 16-foot road due to some consideration.”

Mr Dhillon said that it was ironical that while the state government was planning to spend crores of rupees to regulate smooth traffic flow by constructing flyovers, the Railway Department was putting up a gate on a small trail instead of a road.



Dogs maul 8-yr-old girl
Our Correspondent

Khanna, April 3
An eight-year-old girl was badly injured by stray dogs in Salana Jeewan Singh wala village, 10 km from here, on Saturday evening.

The victim, identified as Lucky, a daughter of labourer was rushed to Civil Hospital, Khanna.

According to information, Lucky, daughter of Harbans Singh, had gone to the village fields to reap wheat with her parents.

When she went to fetch drinking water from a tubewell near the fields, three stray dogs attacked her. Following the alarm raised by the girl the father of the victim reached at the spot to save the girl.

The dogs attacked Harbans Singh also and injured him.

Harbans Singh said then he attacked the dogs with a sickle to save his daughter and himself.

He said dogs came from Hadda Rorri village.

He said Lucky had received deep wounds on her neck and shoulders and some other wounds at abdomen, back, legs and arms.

She was still under treatment at Civil Hospital Khanna.



Armed robbers strike at factory
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 3
More than eight armed robbers struck at a factory in the Industrial Area Extension-A last night locked two employees on night duty and decamped with over Rs 4 lakh worth nickel plates.

Mr Padam Kumar, owner of the Appu International Factory, claimed that the dacoits were armed with pistols and knives and struck at his factory but the Division No 6 police had registered a case of theft in this regard. The robbers left behind a knife in the office of the owner.

He alleged that the robbers numbering eight to 10 locked the security guard Surinder Kumar and a worker Bishnath in a room after overpowering them. They then conveniently stole several plates of nickel.

The accused also ransacked his office in search of cash but could not find any. He alleged that the police was not recording statements of the security guard and the worker and treating it as a case of theft.

Mr Ajinder Singh, SHO, Division No 6, said a case of theft has been registered as the statements of the victims were under verification . He said a similar incident had taken place at the factory few months ago also.



Passing Thru

Perizaad Zorabian
Perizaad Zorabian

How do you rate your success?

I feel I still have a long way to go and focus on my future than to look back. But success, if you call it, does boost your morale and you go ahead with added confidence.

What was the turning point in your career?

Obviously ‘The Joggers Park’. It provided me a platform in the silm world. I was already in the glamour world by way of modeling. But the ultimate glamour lies in the cinema and I was lucky enough to get the break inspite of my unconventional looks. Thankfully I was received well by the people and they appreciated my performance.

What gives you so much of confidence which is too visible in and out of films?

Probably my role in the Joggers’ Park was such that it required confidence of a character. May be I did it well. And people usually tend to carry forward that particular image in their mind. Even if I do not appear to be as confident as I was in the film, they will just presume me to be ‘confident’.

Any more films in the offing?

Yes, of course I do have a good number of these. I only hope that I am equally successful in these ventures as well as I have been in the beginning or at least, as people make me believe (laughing).

— Vimal Sumbly



Ludhiana Calling

The number of encroachments on the road leading from national highway No. 1 to the Christian Medical College and Hospital has increased. Despite the fact that the hospital road should be clear of all encroachments as these lead to traffic jams, it continues to be a favourite stretch for the encroachers. Dhabas cover half the road with their paraphernalia, besides the shopkeepers sell their goods by displaying them on the road. The CMC management has written to the Municipal Corporation authorities a number of times but nothing had been done.

Holi gift

Due to growing awareness among people, environmental friendly colours ,though more expensive than ordinary gulals, were available in the market. But certain beauty clinics pleased their clients by offering them perfumed gulals in very attractive pouches. The pouches were embellished with stars and sequins. These can be used as evening bags later on. This gesture really pleased the clients.

Misused privileges

There is a saying that if you want to test the character of a man give him power. Unfortunately most of us will fail the test. The most misused privilege appears to be the “freedom of Press”. While nobody can question the role of a free Press in a democracy as it is rightly called the fourth pillar of democracy, some people tend to misuse this freedom. Common tendency among people in the city is to flout laws in the name of the freedom of the Press. Some people, claiming allegiance to media, will brandish it in a more blatant manner, apparently to bully the traffic policemen. Even some people do not mind using the number plates of their vehicles for the purpose. The vehicle in the photograph shown has been moving around in the city for quite some time with a temporary number as nobody dares to check it lest it endangers the freedom of the Press! A privilege misused.

Hosiery makers obliged

Hosiery manufacturers of the city have been crying hoarse for the past many years that there are not many takers for woollens as winter spell has shortened. Perhaps, their complaints have reached the weather gods who seem to be obliging them this time. Despite the fact that the month of March is over, there is still chill in the air. Rain has contributed to the prolonged condition.

Smart selling techniques

With the competition increasing, people have devised very aggressive and innovative selling techniques. There are 40,000 three-wheelers plying in the city. Many of them carry advertisements on their back . The most pressing one says “Want to lose weight — Call now” and below a telephone number is given. Now that examinations are over, many institutions offering educational courses have set up tents outside the schools to attract students and thereby good business.

Nation’s future

Driving through the city one is moved to see poor boys and girls with unkempt hair and bare feet, cleaning cars with a rag when one stops at traffic lights. Children are the future of a nation. These children are never able to know to the pleasures of childhood. Are there no government schemes or NGOs to help these children get food, clothing, shelter and train them in some vocational course.

Adultery on rise

Our moral code of conduct and sanctity of marriage has been affected by the news items and television serials. Any soap on any channel shows one or the other character engaged in extra-marital affairs. Children of today exposed to this may grow up thinking that to have an extra-marital affair is normal. Similarly the news of a father poisoning his children to clear the way for marrying his lover is shocking. Then the news of women along with their paramours killing spouses is gaining frequency?What is the solution?

Overplayed sentiment

The growing bonhomie between the people of Pakistan and India in general and the two parts of Punjab, in particular, has already reached its zenith. So much so it has started being overplayed. While the visits of dignitaries from across the border do generate public interest, some people have started expecting media coverage for the routine guests who come from there. Media organisations have started receiving umpteen number of invitations requesting for covering the arrival of a guest or the other from Pakistan.




Railway crossings a death trap for residents
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 3
With ever-swelling population and vehicular traffic, the residents of the town have starting feeling a need for a flyover to avoid traffic congestion and risks to human life, especially at railway level-crossings adjoining railway station.

Lack of traffic sense and undue haste has already resulted in many fatal accidents here.

The Ludhiana Tribune found that the congestions at the level-crossing were a routine. As the two level crossings were situated in proximity to the railway station, they often remained closed.

Sources in the Railway Department say the authorities have recently made it necessary that all level-crossings adjoining a railway station should be closed during the arrival of a passenger or a goods train.

Vehicular traffic here has ever been swelling as the two roads joined the town with surrounding villages and towns, including Ludhiana and Malerkotla.

It becomes more hazardous when vehicle owners try to cross the railway-crossing hurriedly even when some train might be approaching.

The vehicle owners choose to take risk by pushing their vehicles under the stop bars even ignoring the train which is fast approaching at times.

This happenes more on occasions when the crossing is opened for a brief interval after the train has stopped at the station and is about to leave.

Courtesy some elements who have broken wires meant to hinder the traffic, some two-wheelers have been dragged by the speeding trains leaving drivers dead.

Besides, these local level-crossings, there are some others, which are unmanned yet.

A farmer of Jandali Kalan village died in an accident when the tractor he was driving got smashed by a train.

The level-crossing that is supposed to be opened on request had been left open by the gateman at the time of arrival of the train.

The residents of the area have urged the railway authorities to construct a flyover so that the traffic congestions can be decreased.



When cops gave up baton for bat
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 3
Sunday proved to be a fun day for the rank and file posted at various police stations of the area falling under Jagraon and Khanna police districts.

Sources at the Dehlon, Latala, Malaudh, Sihar and Payal police stations said the cops having flare for cricket participated in an inter-district cricket match organised at the Samrala cricket academy.

Khanna XI, led by Khanna SSP, defeated Jagraon XI in a match wherein all players forgot differences of ranks and positions.

Mr Rajiv Ahir, SSP, Jagraon, and Mr Rajeshwar Singh Sandhu, DSP, were declared the best bowler and the man of the match, respectively. Mr Mukhwinder Singh and Kewal Krishan were declared the best all-rounder and the best batsman, respectively.

Mr Amrik Singh Minhas, DSP, Payal, and the organiser of the event, said Jagraon XI batted first and scored 165 runs in 25 overs. Khanna XI scored 166 runs in 20 overs and won.

Besides contributing 18 runs, Mr Ahir also claimed two wickets.

Mr Parmod Ban, Khanna SSP and captain of the winning team, was felicitated at the closing function which was presided over by Mr Dilbag Singh SP(D).

Talking to this correspondent at the Dehlon police station, Mr Rajiv Ahir said such events helped in bridging gap between the ranks and facilitated better communication.

“A chief cannot understand the problems of his juniors so long as hesitation acted as a veil between the two. Sports, besides recharging the force, bring us closer which was the need of the hour,” he said.



Police questions poor security at banks
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 3
The Jagraon district police has taken serious notice of the alleged indifferent attitude of the managements of rural banks regarding the security of cash and valuables after office hours. In view of the recent bid to burgle three rural branches of various banks the police observed that the authorities had ignored its suggestions in this regard.

Mr Rajiv Ahir, Senior Superintendent of Police, Jagraon, stated that the thieves had taken advantage of insufficient security arrangements to break open the doors and windows leading to the cash rooms at these banks.

The boundary wall of the branch of Oriental Bank of Commerce at Mohi village under the Sudhar police station is so designed that if a theft takes place then it cannot be noticed from outside. The thieves had reached the strong room after cutting the windows and doors with a gas cutter, but could not commit the crime.

Similarly, in the case of the branch of the district cooperative bank at Maherna Kalan village the burglars had cut open the locks with files.

The police recently found a gas cylinder at the branch of the Union Bank of India at Latala village. Probably the thieves had brought along a cutter to loot the bank.

The police chief has questioned the indifferent attitude of the banks with regartd to deputing security staff during night.

“We have instructed all SHOs to insure that the bank authorities take necessary action in this regard,” claimed Mr Ahir. Banks would be issued directions with regard to deputing security guard during night, the police chief added.



Police redresses 129 complaints at camps
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 3
The Khanna district police disposed of 50 complaints at a grievance redress camp organised at nearby Karamsar village yesterday. The camp organised under the supervision of Mr Parmod Ban, SSP, Khanna, was inaugurated by Mr Parag Jain, DIG, Ludhiana.

Briefing about the camp organised under the Suvidha scheme Mr Amrik Singh Minhas, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Payal, said 50 out of 67 grievances of residents of the subdivision were redressed with mutual understanding among the parties concerned. The remaining cases would be dealt with expeditiously to save the complainants from unnecessary litigation, Mr Minhas added.

Besides these cases, the district police dealt with 31 complaints at Samrala and 48 at Khanna at similar camps. In all 20 investigating panels each headed by an NGO were deputed for the camps.

“As the reported corruption in the Police Department owed its genesis to undue interference of middleman, these camps would help curb the evil,” argued Mr Minhas.



Ex-soldiers seek better deal
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 3
The Bhartiya Sabka Sainik Bhalai Sangathan has appealed to the Defence Minister to get their long demanding demands fulfilled.

Mr Sher Singh, president of the outfit, said they had sent a representation to DM and urged him to take a decision at the earliest and earn the gratitude of thousands of ex servicemen in the state. The sangathan comprises members who have retired as Subedar Majors, Honorary Lieutenants and Honorary Captains.

He said their major demand pertained to the recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission wherein there was a lot of difference in the pension emoluments of soldiers who have retired before December 31, 1995 and after December 1995. For example, the pension of a Subedar of Group B was Rs 3824 while it was Rs 4660 post December. This anomaly should be removed.

Mr Singh pointed out that civil servants retire at 58 years, whereas in the Army, many retire a in the age group age of 35-40. On reaching home, a soldier finds himself totally unprepared as there are no proper job opportunities. Ex-servicemen placement cells were also not doing their best in ensuring employment and the only channel available was that of being a guard with a security agency.

Although the ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) had been launched yet the existing medical allowance of Rs 100 per month was too meagre and should be hiked to Rs 1000 per month.

Reservation of seats for the sons/daughters of pensioners was not adequate and should be raised to 20 per cent so that the dependent children of ex-servicemen could get jobs.

Mr Sher Singh said ex-servicemen working in the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB), were being victimised by the Punjab Ex-servicemen Corporation for speaking against the exploitation of pensioners. The ex-servicemen working with the different agencies through the corporation were not being given full pay. Not only this, a majority of the security agencies were claiming full salaries from the companies but only a half of the salary was being paid to the poor pensioners. This point needed to be given a new look and recommended to be placed before the ensuing study group of forthcoming Pay Commission, he asserted.



2 nabbed for assaulting Congress leader
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 3
The Sudhar police has arrested two persons who, along with their accomplices, had been booked under an attempt to murder case for allegedly assaulting a Congress leader of Akalgarh village.

Mr Rajiv Ahir, Senior Superintendent of Police, Jagraon, told the Ludhiana Tribune that the Sudhar police had arrested Surinder Pal of Moti Nagar Chowdhary Colony, Ludhiana, and Surinder Singh, alias Babbi, of Phase 2, Urban Estate, Ludhiana, for allegedly assaulting Rajinder Kumar Jain, member panchayat and Congress leader of Akalgarh village, at Sudhar market last Monday.

According to an FIR registered under sections 307, 323, 324 and 34 of IPC, four persons had attacked Mr Rajinder Jain. The assailants were carrying swords and baseball bats and were led by Sarabjit Singh of Akalgarh.

Preliminary investigations by a police team led by Mr Shawinder Singh Dhillon, SHO, Sudhar police station, revealed that Sarabjit Singh had hired the other assailants from Ludhiana.

Mr Rajinder Jain had earlier acted as an arbitrator in a case of dispute between Jarnail Singh and Shibri of the same village.

During the compromise proceedings, Mr Jain had asked Sarabjit to leave the meeting as according to him he was disrupting the otherwise positive talks.

“Having felt humiliated, Mr Sarabjit decided to teach Mr Jain a lesson and conspired to eliminate him. With this ulterior motive he called his accomplices and attacked Mr Jain when he was in the market,” said Mr Ahir.

The police arrested two of the accused when they were trying to leave the area in car number PB 10 BB 5398. Sarabjit and his other accomplices were still at large.



VAT is consumer-friendly, says NFCR
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 3
The National Forum Consumer Rights (NFCR) has hailed the government decision to introduce value added tax (VAT) in the state from saying the move was consumer friendly.

Addressing an emergency meeting of the forum at its urban estate office here last evening, Mr J. N. Bansal, acting president dwelt upon various aspects of VAT and called upon the trading community, as well as the public at large to support the new tax regime.

Giving details of the meeting Dr Ajay Shahi, general secretary said VAT was basically designed to protect the interests of general consumers as it had replaced the sales tax which had many anomalies. Previously, the consumer had to pay sales tax every time an item changed hands, so the items of daily use had become costlier. The fact was that ignorant consumers did not know the real facts and had no option but to pay tax at several stages. Even the tax collected was not deposited properly, resulting in revenue loss to the government and in turn more burden was put on the public again.

Dr Sanjiv Uppal, organising secretary of the body was of the opinion that the public needed to be educated on plus points of VAT as it was in their interest to pay taxes at a reduced rate of 4 per cent on a score of commodities. The retail prices would also come down in due course once the new system percolated down to different levels.

Mr A.S. Dhabha was of the view that the anomalies in this new structure should be taken care of as few trade and industrial bodies were still opposing the new system of taxation. The members emphatically endorsed the stand taken by the forum and resolved to propagate real facts about VAT. The NFCR also decided to organise seminars in different schools, collages and other institutions to educate general public.



PNB wins overall trophy at cultural meet
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 3
Punjab National Bank, Punjab zone, has won the overall trophy in the All-India PNB Cultural Meet held in New Delhi. Punjab zone got the overall first position among 18 zones and won the championship trophy after 12 years. Mr Ramesh Bhagat got first position in light vocal (solo) and also in classical vocal (solo). D.K. Patti got second position in rare and innovative instruments, western classical instruments and third prize in classical instrument (string). Prem Snehi stood third in mono-acting. The bhangra team of Punjab zone got second position. Eastern zone and Rajasthan zone stood second and third respectively.

For the presentation ceremony, a function was held, at the zonal training centre of the bank here today. Mr K.C. Salota, Deputy-General Manager and president of zonal cultural committee alongwith team members presented the trophy to Mr Harwant Singh, General Manager, Punjab Bank, Punjab zone. Mr Chand Singh, Deputy Zonal Manager, Mr Anil Sama, Chief Manager, and other dignitaries along with officers and staff members of the bank were present on the occasion.


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