Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Testing time
by Shveta Pathak

Dhiraj Chhibbar
Dhiraj Chhibbar

Psychometric tests are being increasingly used by companies for recruitments and promotions and by corporates for making a career switch.

THE need to assess an individual's behaviour patterns, values, motives, traits and components that constitute the core of his personality is being increasingly felt to judge his suitability for a certain job. Not just business houses, even schools, colleges and individuals themselves are depending on such detailed assessments for making the right career decisions.

Psychometric testing, a concept popular in the metros and big cities, is gaining ground in the northern region as well. Dhiraj Chhibbar, Centre Head, Ma Foi Management Consultants, a HR services provider, which has forged an alliance with USA's Institute of Personality and Ability Testing for this service, talks about the concept and the significance of selecting the right kind of assessment tools. Excerpts from an interview:

What does psychometric testing entail?

It essentially includes assessment of an individual's mental aptitude and interests using assessment tools that have been developed by experts. While the concept is not new, it is now being adopted professionally. It thus becomes important that one goes in for the right kind of test, based on time-tested tools that have proven to be successful.

Who are the people availing of this service?

The psychometric tests are being conducted mostly on corporates as well as individuals. We also conducted awareness workshops in several colleges of this region recently.

What is the utility of these tests?

Companies are using psychometric testing for selecting the right candidates, as well as for taking decisions regarding promotions. Of late, companies in this region have also begun using it for campus recruitments.

They are very useful, particularly in cases where there are two or more applicants with the same qualification, experience and record. The test can determine who is more likely to perform the job better.

They also help school and college students to choose their career streams. Professionals, who want to change track after certain years in a field, can also benefit from these tests.

How is psychometric testing done by a professional company different from the tests on the Internet, that are free of cost?

True, there are various tests available on the Internet free of cost, but there is no guarantee about the authenticity of those tests.