Saturday, April 9, 2005

Rhyme time
Worthy cause

Sitting alone one day,

I saw children playing with clay,

And an old man going his way,

I thought how the whole world is happy and gay,

How the water is moving in bay,

I would like to make a wish if I may,

Keep the world going like this I pray,

This wish of mine please donít delay.

Varandeep Kaur Mann,
Class -VIII, M. G. N. Public School, Jalandhar

Testing times

Examination is that fear,

Which gives children a scare

Here comes the test,

And one cannot take rest

Examination is that bane,

Which causes much pressure on the brain

The tension metre does burst,

When one is forced to come first

Examination is that fear,

Which wipes out oneís hair

Sahil Mahajan, Class-VIII-A,
St Lukeís School,
Solan (HP)

She stood out

She was the only one

Among the crowd

Working hard at all times

She had that power

To conquer each thought near or far

To fulfil each dream and aspiration

She knew her path

That she was exceptional she was ready to show

But the world was not enough to absorb

Her extra potential

She still kept trudging all the way

Had much to speak but no words to say

Nature had given her so much

But people here had nothing to give

But tell me Thee! Oh tell me Thee!

Would the world repair itself?

If I say the girl was me....

Sugandha Arora, Class-XII,
Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh

This feature was published on 2 April, 2005