Sunday, May 1, 2005, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

SendmailUS citizen professional qualified Doctor/Engineer/MBA match for
22½/5'-7", Jat Sikh girl slim, fair complexion, BE Comp. Engg. last semester from small educated urbanised family. Box 2631F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessionally qualified clean shaven match for Sikh Tonkshatriya girl
26+/5'-4" M.S. (Computer) USA, Software Engg. Now in USA on H1B visa. Coming India May 05. Caste no bar. Correspond with photo. Email: [email protected] Box 2816F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking a tall, intelligent, Jat Sikh Doctor boy for US citizen, Jat Sikh girl, 23/5'-4", extremely beautiful, family oriented, with bachelors in business/Economics and currently working. Ph: 001-925-437-0432 or Email: [email protected] C4-127766-OL

SendmailVery attractive, fine-featured, young and fair looking 38 yr. old Sikh
former investment banker, now Ph.D. Neuroscientist at Cambridge University (privately educated, never married) seeks handsome Sikh Medical Dr from excellent family background. Please send telephone number to [email protected] or Box 37541F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailSuitable match for MBBS (Pb.) 5'-3"/29, slim, beautiful from educated & settled family. Box 2684F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailHimachali (Delhi settled) Mahajan girl 26/5'-4", MA, MCA, seeks
well-settled Himachali Mahajan boy. Contact: 09810170106, 01155901682. Box 2688F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailSuitable match for Rajput (Dadwal)girl fair complexion 25/5'-6",
M.Sc. IT, Jr. Comp. Programmer, Engineering College Chandigarh. Parents Govt. job. Punjab, Himachal & Chandigarh preferred. E-mail: [email protected] Box 2706F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailMatch for beautiful Mair Rajput girl 23.04.1977, 8.05 am, 5'-1", B.A.,
Diploma Computer, employed MNC, Chd. Send BHP. Box 2710F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailSaraswat Brahman beautiful 1980 born girl 5'-4", convent educated,
PGDCA, M.Com. Early decent marriage. Kundli must. Contact: 98146-73537. Box 2717F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessionally qualified well placed match for slightly manglik
beautiful, slim, fair 29/5'-2", Khatri, convent educated girl. Postgraduate in Service Industry. Presently working. Caste no bar. Kundli, photo must. Box 2729F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled Jat Sikh parents in Australia inviting cultured and professionally
qualified cleanshaven match for their daughter 25/158, slim, beautiful, double degree. Professional status job. Email your full details with recent photograph to: [email protected]. C5-10377-OL

Wanted a cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy, well-educated with decent
communication and good family background for May 1975 born, 5'-5", slim, well-educated with Defence background and working as Manager in MNC. E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: 98480-12530. C5-10599-OL

SendmailSuitable match for Arora Sikh girl 5'-2"/22-08-74, graduate NTT, diploma Library Science, employed as teacher. Fair, sharp features looks much younger. Cleanshaven preferred. 98141-22001 [email protected] Box 2836F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessionally qualified match for Australian immigrant foreign
educated beautiful independent, sweet natured unmarried Arora girl mid forties M.A. trained teacher, presently employed. Option settle India, abroad. Box 2876F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailMatch for single 29, 155, M.Com., 14000/-pm, Officer Govt. job. Issueless, legally mutually divorced after very short unfortunate marriage. Box 2877F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailMedico match for BAMS, D.Pharma, 28/5'-5" Ramgarhia slim,
eautiful girl, own practice. Box 2945F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-settled Jat Sikh parents in USA seek professional Jat Sikh match for their
daughter US citizen, born Nov. 75/5'-4", MBA (CIS) professionally employed. Parents presently in Punjab. Contact: 01675-288654, (M) 98142- 05057. C5-11131B-OL

SendmailMedico professional match for smart, beautiful M.B.B.S. 24/5'-4",
Khatri Sikh girl from high status family. Early marriage. Box 2974F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailSuitable NRI Jatsikh Doctor Engineer match for brilliant convent
educated MBBS girl, 26½/5'-4", beautiful fair complexion USMLE steps I & IInd cleared. Father brother also Doctors. Box 2995F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessionally qualified match for Jat Sikh girl B.Tech. (Computers),
M.Tech. (Computer) Topper 25/5'- 3", homely, fair, sincere Lecturer reputed Engg. College. Father retired Gazetted officer. Box 3048F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful Brahmin girl Oct. 1976/5'-4", M.Sc., Ph.D. (PGI) Chandigarh. Early
marriage. 98156-26100. C5- 11425-OL

SendmailMatch for Mittal girl 5'-4"/29, B.Com., Fashion Designer course,
employed Gurgaon MNC, drawing 1.80 annually. Divorce issueless can be considered. Decent marriage. Box 3103F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailAlliance for very beautiful Ad-dharmi slim, fair, Postgraduate Diploma
Computer, 27/5'-1½" girl, highly qualified family Chandigarh settled. Box 3110F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Grewal family settled USA seeking Doctor/Engineer well-qualified
match for beautiful 5'- 8"/23 years, 5'-7"/21 years. US citizen daughters. 0015593123359. Contact: <[email protected]> C5-11685-OL

SendmailSuitable match for 1977 born Khatri girl 5'-2" slim, M.A., B.Ed.,
PGDCA, middle-class family. Horoscope must. Box 3148F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailWell educated status match for convented Postgraduate, MBA
(P.G. Diploma in P.M. & I.R.), Chandigarh/Panchkula based Hindu Khatri working girl 26/5'-4". Father Class I officer in Pb. Govt. Box 3154F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailSuitable match for slim, beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl 30/5'-4", B.Sc., B.Ed., running own tuition centre. Contact: 0181-2685627. Box 3189F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessionally suitable match for beautiful Khatri convent educated,
B.E., M.Tech. (IIT), 23½/5'-1", GIS Engineer Noida. Father Class-I officer. Box 3192F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri BAMS (Doctor), 5’-5”, Feb. 76 Hindu Sikh mixed
family girl. Medico preferred. 98143-24638. Box 3204 Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessionally qualified serviceman/v. well settled businessman for
26/5'-4½" fair, slim, convent educated M.Sc. Lecturer Khatri girl. Status family. Box 457F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Hindu Punjabi Brahmin invite Doctor/CA match for Canadian citizen daughter,
Chartered Accountant, convent educated, working for Canadian Government, 29 yrs, 5'-3". Send biodata and picture. Email: [email protected]; Address: 190 Gracefield Avenue, North York, ON, M6L 1L8, Canada. Telephone: 416-244-8670. C5- 3485-OL

Ramgarhia Sikh Dhiman MA, B.Ed. 5'-3", homely, slim girl born 12th August
1975, 5.00 P.M. at Khanna. Pvt. teacher Non-Manglik. Contact: 1561, Phase 5, Mohali. 0172-2228580, Mobile: 9815492274. C5-4177-OL

SendmailNRI/Professional/high status match for Jat-Sikh convent educated 27/5'-2", MA, B.Ed. Govt. School Lecturer. Father retd. Bureaucrat. Caste no bar. [email protected] 98724-86553. Box 1235F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailMatch for Chandigarh based convented Engineer P.G. Electronics,
(Joining WIPRO), 25/5'-5". Parmar Panshta Phagwara (Punjab) background. E-mail: [email protected] Box 1691F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailBr Ind Naval Officer match for 25/5'-5", M.Sc. (Phy), B.Ed. naval
Bground workg PGT reptd inst BHP. Box 1819F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailProfessional match for beautiful, convented, employed, 5'-3"/1975 born, Dentist girl . Father retired Senior Officer. Box 1840F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailMatch for Punjabi Brahmin girl, 27/5'-3", B.Com., MFC, PGDCA presently doing private job. Box 2561F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SendmailMatch for Sikh sober, beautiful girl, post-graduate, doing computer
programming, 5'-5", status family. Box 2569F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jatt Sikh parents seek, medical, clean-shaven Jatt Sikh alliance for their
beautiful, 5'-2", 27 yrs. US citizen daughter, Masters in Health Administration. Mother and daughter visiting India soon. Please respond with photo & detailed particulars at: [email protected] C5- 9635-OL

Alliance invited from U.S. citizen, well-settled, educated & cleanshaven boy
by USA settled Sikh Rajput parents for 23/5'-7", beautiful, educated daughter Software Engineer, English Lecturer in reputed college. Permanent immigration awaited. Caste no bar. Father Ex- General Manager of MNC-India. Dowry seekers please excuse. [email protected] C5-9929-OL

SendmailSuitable match for Jalandhar based slim, beautiful, fair, well cultured
24/5'-1'' convent educated, Post-graduate Aggarwal girl of status business family. Box 2632F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatible match for Ramgarhia girl December 15, 1979, M.A. B.Ed. 5'-3",
sharp feature, slim, fair complexion, small educated family. Contact: 98148-52727. NA5-7560- OL

SendmailClean shaven, handsome, professional match for June 1979 born Sikh
girl, Australian citizen, working, 5’-4”, exceptionally beautiful. Marriage legally annulled after 3 months, 5 years ago. Apply with photo on email: [email protected]  or Box 2724F Tribune, Chandigarh.


1, 14, 40, 75 acre Rajpura-Sirhind Road, front/100, 250 acre levelled land
nearest Garhshankar @ 100000, 09815117540. C5-11789B-OL

Chandigarh Prime Location, freehold Industrial Property above ten kanals
with power. Box 85G Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted paying guest accommodation for 62 single male Punjabi room with
attached bath. With food from May 20th Sept. 20th in Shimla, Srinagar (Kashmir), Manali or another Hill Station. Call 98712-06945. C5-11747-OL

Hot sale 10 marla new and 400 sq. yds old house Phase- 9, Mohali, one kanal
duplex new fully marbled Phase-XI, Mohali. Contact: Col Ahluwalia 94170-58145, 93161- 30125. C5-10201-OL

Hot sale one kanal double storey corner with park Sector-2 and one kanal
Sector-6, Panchkula, very good house. Contact: Col Ahluwalia, 94170-58145, 93161- 30125. C5-10309-OL

Hot sale 15 marla good liveable house Sector 36-A, Chandigarh, one kanal
new duplex fully marbled Sector- 8, two kanal half house corner with park Sector-36, Chandigarh. Most suitable for Doctor/NRI/Advocate. Contact: Col Ahluwalia 94170-58145, 93161-30125. C5- 10313-OL

SCO triple storey with basement Sector 46-C, Chandigarh, immediate sale.
Contact: 98880-00811. E- mail: [email protected] NA5-8698

Shree Properties, SCO 360 (FF), Sec 32-D, Chandigarh. Ph 91-0172-2667763, 2667764, 2667765. Fax 91-0172-2667785, Mob 91-98140-35506. E-mail: [email protected] NA5-8878-OL

Specially for NRI’s:
* Luxurious apartments in the heart of Chandigarh.
* Drawing dining with spacious four bedroom attached toilets, lobby etc. 
* Super A-class construction.
* Covered area 2000 sq. ft. Each apartments.
* Total apartments 6 in three kanal plot in Sector 21-A, Chandigarh. Freehold, registry case.

Chandigarh kothies for sale.
Two kanal double storey kothi Sector-15. Drawing-dining and seven bedroom with attached toilets complete work. Reasonable price.
2. One kanal single storey kothi Sector 27.
One kanal double storey marbled kothi Sector-40.
One kanal first floor Sector-35.
Ten marla marbled ground/first/second Sector-15.
6. Eight marla triple storey kothi Sector 23.
Contact: Shree Properties, SCO 360 (FF), Sec 32-D, Chandigarh. Ph 91-0172-2667763, 2667764, 2667765. Fax 91-0172-2667785, Mob 91-98140- 35506. E-mail: [email protected]  NA5-8880-OL

Panchkula kothies for sale.
Two kanal double storey kothi Sector 6.
2. One kanal extraordinary beautifully built, marbled duplex Sector 7, 8. Double storey Sector 4.
3. Fourteen marla single storey Sector 7.
4. Ten marla marbled owner's pride built duplex house Sector 4.
One kanal duplex, newly built marbled owner's pride bungalow Sector-69 and Phase X.
2. 16 marla duplex, newly built Sector 71.
3. Showroom freehold, vacant Phase X and Sector 70, 71.
Contact: Shree Properties, SCO 360 (FF), Sec 32-D, Chandigarh. Ph 91-0172-2667763, 2667764, 2667765. Fax 91-0172- 2667785, Mob 91-98140-35506. E-mail: [email protected] NA5-8884-OL

One kanal ground floor new fully marbled ultramodern Sector 11-A, rent 30,000/-, one kanal double storey Sector-11, Chandigarh. Contact: Col Ahluwalia for tolet service. 94170-58145, 93161-30125. C5-10223-OL


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