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3 new cases of meningitis reported
Tribune News Service

What causes meningococcal meningitis

It is caused by the Neisseria meningitis bacteria serotype A and spreads through droplet infection and close contact. The menincoccal meningitis epidemic generally occurs in periodic cycles, e.g. after every 10 or 20 years.


  • High fever
  • Sore throat and coughing
  • Body ache/ headache
  • Rashes on the body
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Stiffness in neck and pain
  • Seizures
  • Altered senses or impaired senses
  • Cold and dry skin with a weak pulse.


The disease is fully curable by a course of the antibiotics. Chances of morbidity range from 5-15 per cent cases but the chances of cure enhance if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage.


  • Consult a qualified doctor immediately in case of the symptoms.
  • Persons in close contact need to be given preventive treatment of two days to kill the bacteria, which can cause infection.
  • Use handkerchief while coughing and sneezing
  • Avoid overcrowding and gathering
  • Avoid sharing food, drinks, cigarettes, clothing, utensils and beddings

Chandigarh/Panchkula, May 7
Three new cases of meningococcal meningitis have been reported in the city here today.

While 11-year-old Meena from Mohali and 2-year-old child from Himachal Pradesh are admitted at the PGI with suspected meningcoccal meningitis, 50-years-old Nanhu Ram from Chuna Bhatti village, near Chandimandir, admitted at the GMCH, Sector 32, has been confirmed of suffering from the disease.

Meningococcal meningitis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, which have already killed 14 persons and infected more than 140 in Delhi.

With the new cases, the total number of patients admitted with the symptoms of meningcoccal meningitis at the hospitals here has risen to four. The first case of the disease being a 35-year-old man from Delhi, whose test reports at the PGI have come out positive.

Though no case of the disease has been reported from Chandigarh so far, the local health authorities here have declared an alert in the wake of the fresh cases coming from the nearby areas.

“We had an emergency meeting of all officials concerned of the GMCH-32, General Hospital, Sector 16, and the PGI after a few cases have been reported in the neighbouring states. Isolation wards have been created in the GH-16 and the GMCH and doctors have been asked to refer all cases of fever to the medical specialists. Similar instructions have been given to the dispensaries and the health centres in the city,” says the Director Health Services (DHS), Dr C. P. Bansal, while talking to The Tribune today.

The arrangement for free of cost ambulance vans has been made at the GH-16 and the GMCH 32 for the residents in case of emergency. The officials ensured that all vaccines were available in sufficient quantity.

Doctors advise that in case of the symptoms of high fever, sore throat, body ache, body rashes and dizziness, the patients must get treatment from a qualified doctor.

“Meniniococcal meningitis is fully curable and the epidemic occurs in cycles, like after every 10 or 20 years. It is an infectious disease and can easily infect the persons who are in close contact with the patient. While the patients is given the treatment of antibiotics, the persons close to him are also given a two day course of preventive treatment so that the bacteria is killed,’’ says the Head of Department of Community Medicine, Dr Rajesh Kumar.

Meanwhile, Panchkula district health authorities have now launched asurveillance in the Chandimandir area, after Nanhu Ram from village Chuna Bhatti was reported to be suffering from the disease last night. According to the officials Nanhu Ram, who belongs to Delhi, contacted the disease when he visited Delhi recently.

“We have now set up an isolation ward at the General Hospital and antibiotics and IV fluids are available in plenty to deal with any eventuality,” said the Civil Surgeon, Dr Satvir Chaudhary. He informed that a team of doctors led by Dr Lalit Virmani, District Health Officer, was dispatched to Chuna Bhatti.



Suspected brain fever case at PGI
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 7
A 12-year-old girl living in Sector 69 here was taken to the PGI, Chandigarh, today with suspected infection with a bacteria causing meningitis.

The patient, Meena, who is the daughter of a chowkidar, Sadanand, was suffering from suspected meningococcemia. She had high fever and rashes and was taken to the PGI. She is reported to be undergoing blood tests for confirmation of the disease.

The PGI sent a message to the Ropar Civil Surgeon, Dr Harinder Rana, about the case. She in turn informed the local Civil Hospital.

Dr Manjit Singh Bains, Assistant Director-cum-SMO in charge of the Civil Hospital, was directed by the Civil Surgeon to visit the area. He took a team of doctors and paramedical staff to the area and checked about 150 houses in Sector 69 to detect possible cases of meningitis. However, no such case was found.

Dr Bains told The Tribune this evening that the cause of meningitis was a bacteria known as meningo cocci which was usually found in crowded places. The symptoms of infection include high fever and skin rashes which spread rapidly and affect all organs, including the brain.



2 women commit suicide
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 7
Two women committed suicide in the city today. One of them committed suicide by jumping into the Sukhna Lake while the second woman ended her life by hanging herself from a fan.

A woman aged around 45 drowned herself to death in Sukhna Lake this morning. She was later identified as Saroj of Dharampura, Pinjore. Married to Narinder Puri, a self-styled medical practitioner, she was divorced in 2000. Though the cops at the lake police post rushed to her help but by the time they pulled her out, it was too late.

According to information, the victim came to the lake in the morning at around 10 am in a rickshaw. She was seen sitting on the staircases near the police post by the cops on duty. The woman was probably waiting for the cops to go away from the post. As soon as she found an opportunity she jumped into the lake. The cops on hearing a sound of splash rushed to the spot and called the boatmen for help. The boatmen traced her with the help of air bubbles coming out of the water. They pulled the woman out of the water and gave her first aid. ASI Sher Singh Rathore with the help of other cops tried to resuscitate her and also extracted water from her belly. After that the woman was lifted to the General Hospital in Sector 16 where the doctors declared her dead.

The SHO of Sector 3 police station, Mr Kulwant Singh, told Chandigarh Tribune that the police found two CTU bus tickets, Rs 9 each from her purse. A police team was sent to CTU enquiry centre at ISBT, Sector 17, to trace the bus in which she travelled. Later it was found out that the tickets were of a bus plying from Pinjore. A police party was sent to Pinjore police station with the photograph of the deceased.

The SHO said the victim was a five feet tall, a stoutly built woman. She was wearing a sky blue suit and had wheatish complexion. Her hair was dyed. She was wearing gold earrings black leather sandals. The police found a black purse from her pocket containing Rs 1000, an advertisement of a Sector 15-based astrologer, a small booklet of couplet of Saint Kabir, a paper containing details of some monetary transactions and her spectacles.

In second case, a 21-year-old married woman this afternoon ended her life by hanging from a ceiling fan at her residence in Mauli Complex, Mani Majra.

According to the police, Deepti Sahu was found hanging by her husband Balak Ram at around 3:30 pm. Balak Ram, a photographer by profession told the police that he came to his house for lunch and found the door bolted from inside. His repeated knocks at the door went unanswered, after he pushed open the door and found Deepti hanging from a ceiling fan hook with a dupatta.



Funds meant for poor children misutilised; probe ordered
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
This is shockingly paradoxical. Between 2002 and 2004, the Chandigarh Social Welfare Department was busy bringing to naught its own scheme meant for the betterment of slum children in the city.

The latest inquiry conducted into the functioning of the Department under a former director Mr Gurdip Singh has brought appalling facts to light. It has been found that during the above mentioned period, 90 per cent of the funds meant for the betterment of children from slum areas were actually spent on everyone but the target group.

Only 10 per cent of the adolescents from Scheduled Caste population of slums benefited under the Department’s scheme which was conceived exclusively to help the poorest of the poor children upgrade their skills and make themselves worth a dignified living.

Takings serious note of gross misutilisation and misappropriation of government funds, the present Director, Social Welfare Ms Madhavi Kataria has initiated inquiries against the erring officials/employees. The matter has also been brought to the notice of UT Home Secretary Mr Krishna Mohan. Many heads are expected to roll.

The Social Welfare Department had started a scheme for the development of skills among SC children living in the many jhuggis and slums and had earmark an annual grant-in-aid of Rs five lakh for its implementation in the favour of targeted groups. At the start of the scheme, Chandigarh Child and Women Development Corporation had been nominated to run the programme, and Child Development Project Officers were identified to collect applications from slum areas.

These applications were to be collected for enrolment of SC children in the following vocational courses — beauty culture, computer training, cutting and tailoring. Although the scheme did well in the first year of its conception, it went haywire later, with all funds being diverted towards the training of students from urban and other sectors.

By the end of 2003, a total of 66 candidates were selected for two courses to be run under the scheme — computer training (36 candidates), beauty culture (30 candidates). Ironically, in a scheme meant only for SC children, there were just 10 children from SC background. The rest came from fairly empowered sections of society.

The following year, four candidates of the total 65 enrolled for computer and beauty culture training were from slum areas. Ironically, the entire outlay of Rs 10 lakh for the two years was shown as “properly utilised” for uplift of adolescents from slum areas whereas only 10 per cent of them had actually benefited from the scheme.



There is no hatred for Army in Kashmir, asserts retired Major-General
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Major-Gen K.S. Bajwa (retd) is in favour of setting up a Central Facilitation Organisation initially at Lahore and later on at Islamabad. The organisation, not affiliated with any political or governmental body, will enable the Indians, eager to visit Pakistan, to get help from it. The Indians will get in touch with the organisation and they, in turn, will help them in locating groups they want to interact or stay with. The issue was discussed by Mr Bajwa with Pakistanis recently. 

Chandigarh, May 7
The Army does not know how to handle the weapon of public relations — Major-Gen K.S. Bajwa (retd) does not say so in clear terms but agrees that the forces can handle the media in a better manner while dealing with the Kashmir issue.

"No, I would not exactly call it a failure of public relations on part of the Army.... But at the same time it is an undisputed fact that bad things easily manage to find their way into news stories, even though the forces are doing so much for the Kashmiris."

Quoting an example, he says "Contrary to the common belief, the Kashmiris are not opposed to the presence of military in the state. In fact, there is no hatred among the masses for members of the forces. The people are only irked by their presence and I don't think it is entirely unjustified. You see, excesses are bound to happen every now and then in such situations."

As he talks to you at the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) this afternoon, you realise that the retired officer is the right choice for speaking on "Peace initiative and prospects of resolution on Kashmir problem — Indian perspective" For, the retired army officer knows about the Kashmir problem since its inception and has authored books on the subject.

"I have been associated with Kashmir since 1947. Rather, we were moved from Pune to the valley for taking part in the operations there," asserts Major-Gen Bajwa.

"We just cannot sit back and blame Pakistan or the British for the Kashmir issue. The Kashmiris had accepted the merger. But we created space for the problem to thrive."

Giving details, he says, "The Indian society has a tradition. It manages to create icons out of leaders. In other words, it is leader centric. And leaders, both at the Centre and in Kashmir, have failed us".

Elaborating upon his contention, he says, "All these years, we have been cultivating the leaders, ignoring people in the process, in Punjab and also in Kashmir. The result of leader to leader communication was that we lost the people somewhere down the line. We made them feel neglected and alienated them further by posting men in uniform."

But now is there any hope for Kashmir? "Yes, the society is fast changing and now attention is being paid to the people. You see, as a result of increasing people to people interaction, Pakistan will stop interfering. Her leaders will realise that leaving the issue will not weaken their hold. And then the situation will improve."



Students, parents ‘harassed’
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 7
A large number of students and their parents who came from far-flung areas to purchase prospectuses for PMT being sold by Baba Farid Medical University, Faridkot, at the branch of Canara Bank in Sector 44 here were a harassed lot today.

They were up in arms against missing pages (from 17 to 20 and 49 to 52) in the prospectus being sold by the bank on behalf of the university. The parents and their wards protested when the bank management turned down their requests for opening other packets of prospectuses so that they could get a prospectus containing complete pages.



Passing Thru

Rajwinder Kaur, an Olympian athlete, was in the city to get an award from the Punjab Olympics Association.
Rajwinder Kaur, an Olympian athlete, was in the city to get an award from the Punjab Olympics Association.

What have been your achievements?

I have been a member of the team, which won the seventh position in the 400-metre relay race in Olympics finals at Athens 2004. We won three gold medals in three Asian grand prix held at Thailand, Manila and Ukraine in the last year. Besides these, we won gold in India Federation Cup held at Delhi in 2004.

Why did you take to athletics?

I have been on the tracks since 1995. We are a family of sportspersons as my father played hockey and my two sisters are also doing well in athletics.

What are the reasons that India could not get more than one medal in Olympics?

There is no dearth of talent in India. Indian sportspersons can do well if they are provided world class facilities.

What is your aim?

To win a gold medal in the coming Asian Games-2006 at Doha, and I am preparing for it at special camps in Patiala.

— Akash Ghai



Need to assess minorities’ status, says expert
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
The condition of minorities in any democracy is the true barometer for assessing its success. And the setting up of a seven-member high-level committee, headed by Justice R. Sachar, to study the social, economic and educational conditions of the Muslims is a step towards such an assessment, says a member of the committee and sociologist, Prof T.K. Oommen.

In conversation with The Tribune at Panjab University yesterday, Professor Oommen says in the absence of any concrete data available in the country on the condition of the largest minority community, it is mere speculative to comment upon their condition.

“There is an urgent need to take up such an exercise since there are two parallel statements made in the context of the Muslims. On one hand, it is believed that the Muslims as a community are a pampered lot and what prevails in India today is pseudo secularism. On the other, the Muslims themselves claim that they are a neglected lot,” says Professor Oommen.

The committee is expected to submit its final report in the next year. While the data already available with the central and state government agencies will be made use of, the members will start field visits for first-hand information in the next month.

“In June, we will start our field visits in Hyderabad and Kashmir. After that several other areas in the country, including Kerala, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Bihar, will be covered,” he adds.

The committee will work on four objectives. These are to study the educational levels of the Muslims in comparison to other communities, including the Hindu, Sikhs and Christians, their comparative employment levels, their demographic distribution and the development of infrastructure in the areas with high concentration of the Muslim population and to develop measures to understand how the community relates to others.



UT Cong leaders meet party leaders in Delhi
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
The Congress leaders who fled the city yesterday meet senior leaders of the party in Delhi today voicing concern over “personal safety” due to differences with the Deputy Commissioner, party sources said here.

The leaders include Mr H.S. Lucky, president of the Chandigarh Youth Congress, Mr Bhupinder Singh Badheri, district president of the Chandigarh Congress (rural) and Mr Devinder Babla, a party leader.

Mr H.S. Lucky apprehended being framed in ‘police case’ like “Mr Pawan Sharma, president of the District Congress Committee, who was recently booked on charges of submitting false affidavit for the purchase of a flat in a society”. Mr Badheri had a tiff with the DC over his removal from the post of the chairman of the Market Committee, recently.

Mr Babla is very close to Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, the local Member of Parliament. The differences between the MP and the DC have come in the open over several issues including removal of Mr Badheri as the president of the market committee.

The Congress leaders called on Mr Bansal today morning and apprised him of the developments. Mr Bansal said he will not like to comment on the matter at the moment.

Mr Lucky’s apprehension was denied by Mr Arun Kumar, Deputy Commissioner. He said “there is nothing happening on this account in my office at the moment”.



UT skyline for sale
Act good to overcome housing shortage
Amrik Singh Sekhon

Chandigarh is no more a city of babus and retired persons. The past decade witnessed a rapid pace of urbanisation. Being the nucleus of this region, the city has attracted a large number of people from all walks of life, from the adjoining as well as from far-off states of the country.

It is surrounded on all sides by the states of Punjab and Haryana. With limited land, the city faces an acute housing shortage resulting in an unbelievable rise in the real estate prices. Accommodation has become out of reach of a common citizen.

Rising to the occasion, the city Administration introduced timely changes to the bylaws in 2001 to legally permit the sale of independent smaller apartments in a single building to accommodate more families at an affordable price. The legal validity of the sale facilitated the process of raising loans. The credit goes to the policymakers for taking utmost care while formulating the policy of apartment rules to not dislodge the basic character and the facade of the city.

The critics have turned a blind eye to the fact that neither the city was planned for such a big population nor is it a lifeless piece of decoration. A city, having a life of its own, witnesses transitions. And with each changing phase, it needs amendments in rules suiting the ground realities.

I feel a majority of the residents must have endorsed, welcomed and received well the policy for the betterment of the city. Those clinging to the old scene of the city with deserted wide roads, lined with fruitless trees and big bungalows occupied by old couples with a platoon of servants should realise the basic necessity of shelter for all. And more so, the owners of such big bungalows are not being forced to part with their prized possessions; rather they do so willingly either to settle family disputes or to meet their needs for respectful living at the fag end of their lives. The Apartment Act has done nothing to the skyline to the city. It has made it more happening and should be welcomed.

— As told to Ajay Banerjee

(Mr Sekhon is a Mohali-based doctor).



Anti-encroachment drive an exercise in futility
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Encroachments on HUDA land and in market corridors resurface within hours after the removal.
Encroachments on HUDA land and in market corridors resurface within hours after the removal. — Tribune photos by Parvesh Chauhan.

Panchkula, May 7
Lack of coordination between the Estate Office and the Engineering wing of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has ensured that the10- day anti- encroachment drive launched in the township remains an exercise in futility.

While the Estate Office is ‘wasting time, money and energy’ in removing encroachments from HUDA land, the Engineering Wing has failed to take over the land reclaimed from encroachers. After encroachments were removed, the Engineering Wing failed to check that illegal occupation/ temporary constructions do not re-appear.

The Estate Office, while claiming that they alone cannot be blamed for encroachments, have asked the HUDA Administrator to intervene. The latter has reportedly written to Superintending Engineer, HUDA, saying that maintaining road berms and parking places was the responsibility of the Engineering Wing, and asked them to take possession of the land reclaimed from encroachments.

This comes after the anti- encroachment staff had to re-launch drives against encroachments by tea/ cigarette vendors, building material contractors, vegetable and fruit vendors along the road sides, and by shopkeepers in the parking places of markets. The newly constructed link road to Chandigarh, from behind Sector 17 via Mauli Jagran had been encroached upon by scrap dealers, even as the Engineering Wing, which maintains the road, seemed to be unconcerned.

For the past 10 days, the anti-encroachment staff of the Estate Office has been removing all illegal constructions on vacant HUDA land along roadsides and road berms and, in market places. Each day, the anti-encroachment squad led by five junior engineers and 10 men workforce start off in the morning.

Within hours of being cleared, the encroachments resurface - putting a question mark on the utility of carrying out the drive. During the past 10 days , about 300 hutments on HUDA land in Sector 3 have been cleared twice, only to reappear, as has the service lane in Sector 11 which has been cleared of encroachments thrice. The mechanics are back with a vengeance, encroaching upon the entire parking space.

Similarly, the illegal meat market in Industrial Area near Abheypur village has been razed twice, as have been dhabas in Sectors 9 and 10. The dhabas in Sector 10 were razed for the second time yesterday, but these have again re-appeared today.

Jhuggis have also resurfaced at various places in Industrial Area, Sectors 3 and 15. In all market places, where market corridors were cleared of encroachments yesterday, encroachments have reappeared- proving that the drive has failed to check encroachments.



Show splashes good collections
Swarleen Kaur

Chandigarh, May 7
Ramp models in flamboyant blue, greens, white and Magenta today hit the bulls’ eye when they showcased city-based fashion designer Dimpy Gujral’s latest spring-summer collection today. Proving head-turners the audience connection with the models was quite fabulous today.

The show splashed some of very good collections which are seen not often. In women’s wear traditional salwar-kameez and sarees with modern look was outstanding. A lot of chiffon, georgette, crepe, silk was seen in the collection. Sitara work, sequins, stone work and gotta work added elegance to the garments. In western collection white pants, denims, short and kurta were displayed. Long skirts with little slit in side teamed with short tops were unique.

Held at Rock Garden, the show saw the Dimpy’s launch of Men’s wear. Fashion models Jas Arora and Zulfi Sayed sashayed down the hand painted t-shirts, crinkled shirts teamed up with denim.

Chit Chat session

Dusky beauty Nina: Five feet nine inches tall dusky beauty Nina, is naturally blessed with a slender body. She doesn’t have to give a second thought while gorging on her favourite dishes. Regular with exercises, she enjoys going to the gym to stay fit. She avoids oily food to have gleaming skin.

Nina would love to do an item number and she has many offers with her. For an item number one must know to shake a leg and to refine her skills in this area she has joined dance classes. For Bollywood, she has no plans as yet. But if ever she will come she won’t be doing brief roles as only lead role with a good a subject appeals to her. These days she is also improving her Hindi because she wish to converse comfortably in national language along with English.

Born In Mumbai, she has also worked for Channel V for about two years but modelling is her passion.

The girl with loads of confidence: Born and brought up in Mauritius, Vivekanandini who gave perfect shots in Harbhajan Mann’s Punjabi musical video ‘Haaye meri Billo’ feels confident while confronting the camera. She knew she wanted to be a model when she was just five years old.

This fair lady won’t mind to do an item number. In affairs of Bollywood , she did few mistakes and chose movies which didn’t do well on box office. ‘Yeh kaisi Mohabbat’ went unnoticed but now she is aware and plans to come in movies again with a bang. She is also cherishing a dream to start a business which would be related to modelling fashion only.

Magic in her eyes: When you see Anupama Verma, it is her eyes which makes you be all eyes you. As she starts talking it is her confident which impresses you.

In Bollywood she lost crucial four years of her career because of the late release of ‘Grahan’. Though the script of the movie was very good but because of the delayed release, it couldn’t do well on the box office. But opening songs of ‘Chameli’ and the recent movies like ‘Laloo Prasad Yadav’ gave her the much- needed popularity. Now she doesn’t have to worry because she has largely secured good offers and she hopes to impress the viewers by playing different roles.



Strengthen Red Cross movement: Rodrigues
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
UT Administrator, S.F. Rodrigues has called for strengthening of the Red Cross movement through collective effort for alleviating human sufferings through selfless service.

In a message on the eve of World Red Cross Day, UT Administrator said that this is a unique international humanitarian institution, engaged in eradicating certain ills from society. “It does not only work in times of peace in extending relief to the poor and needy but particularly during wars, for helping victims in the battlefield,’’ he said.

General Rodrigues, appreciating the theme of this year “Protecting Human Dignity — Focus on Women’’ said that the multifaceted role of women in our social system was not given due recognition. He said that it is our moral responsibility to enhance respect and dignity of our women. He said that women were most vulnerable in times of disaster and social upheaval, due to various reasons and social constraints. 



Sector 68 residents want amenities
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 7
Residents of 10-marla houses in Sector 68 here cry for basic civic amenities.

Mr Balwant Singh said the area was in a state of neglect. One could see heaps of cow dung lying at many points. Congress grass and other shrubs were growing in abundance and the problem of stray animals also existed. About 50 of the streetlights were not functioning.

The Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA) had allotted plots in the area two and a half years ago but had so far failed to provide the basic amenities.

Mr Balwant Singh said many requests had been made to the PUDA authorities for removing the problems but to no avail. It appeared as if PUDA was safeguarding the interests of the residents of village, that fell next to the sector, at the cost of the residents living in the urban estate.

Residents demanded that cow dung from the area should be removed at the earliest and other problems also be solved on a priority basis failing which they would be compelled to take the help of a court.



Govt, MC staff call for strike on May 11
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
Transportation in the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking buses and water supply in the city will be affected on May 11 following a call for a strike given by the Co-ordination Committee of Government and MC Employees and Workers. This was announced by Mr Rakesh Kumar, convener of the committee, at a press conference here today.

Mr Rakesh Kumar said that work in the government hospitals, except emergency services, would also be affected. He said the committee had also received support from the electricity wing and the safai karamcharis working for the municipal corporation.

He pointed out that the agitation would have a much bigger impact this time because a majority of the employee organisations had extended support to the agitation.

The convener said that the Administration was not paying any heed to the demands of the employees despite the agitation entering its 146th day today. Employees from different wings of the Administration and the corporation sat in dharna every day. CTU employees had staged a dharna on Sunday.

The major demands include: regularisation of the daily-wage staff and those employed on work-charge basis ( number of employees have worked for more than 25 years in these categories); service conditions do not adhere to Punjab Government rules; and payment of bonus.

The workers said the agitation would intensify in case their demands were not met at the earliest.



Panchayats given Rs 10 lakh for development
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 7
Grants of Rs 10 lakh were distributed among panchayats of several villages by Mrs Lakhwinder Kaur Garcha, OSD to the Punjab Chief Minister, at a function in Saneta village today.

She said that the grants were being provided out of the Chief Minister’s discretionary funds.

She said that the present year was being celebrated as the year of development by the Punjab Government and as such all efforts were being made to bring about development in the villages.

She said that the government was providing power to farmers by purchasing it at higher price from other states.

Farmers now did not have to face problems in market at the time of selling their produce. The Chief Minister was making efforts to attract industry to the state so that the youth could get employment.

Mrs Garcha assured the panchayats that she would make all efforts for the development of the area. She would talk to officials of the departments concerned regarding the problem of drinking water and bad roads.



General D’Cunha visits Western Command
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
The Director General, Ordance Services, and Senior Colonel Commandant of the Army Ordance Corps (AOC), Lieut-Gen T.A. D’Cunha, visited Headquarters Western Command in Chandimandir Cantonment, near here, today.

He called on the GOC-in-C, Western Command, Lieut-Gen S. Pattabhiraman, and discussed logistic and administrative issues with him. He was also briefed by Major-Gen D.D.S. Sandhu, Major General AOC at Headquarters Western Command on various aspects of ordance support to army formations and establishments..

Later, General D’Cunha, accompanied by his wife, Mrs Iona D’Cunha visited the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Mohali and took keen interest in the vocational training and welfare activities of the inmates.



Representatives of Sikh bodies meet Rodrigues
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
A delegation of representatives of various Sikh organisations and political groups, led by former Mayor Harjinder Kaur, called on UT Administrator S.F. Rodrigues here this evening and discussed with him different issues.

General Rodrigues assured them that the Chandigarh Administration was doing its best for the city and residents. He emphasised that balanced and regulated growth of the city was essential for the people of Chandigarh.

The Administrator asked them to work together for the good of all as he wanted to provide a life of respect and dignity to everyone particularly the disadvantaged.

The delegation also assured that they would extend cooperation for speeding up development and beautification plan of Chandigarh.



Tagore’s birthday celebrated
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 7
Students of Saint Xavier High School celebrated Rabindra Nath Tagore’s birthday by remembering him. A declamation contest was organised. The Junior students poke on “Tagore India’s Pride” and the seniors discussed “India of Tagore’s dreams — a myth or reality”. The winners are Class IV& V — Roli Rai V-B and Jaskiran Kaur IV-B; Class VI & VII Akshina Sauhta VII-A and Mohina VII-A; Class VIII, IX & X — Garima Rai XA and Jasren VIII-B.

The school also celebrated Mother’s Day.



RLA to launch website
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
The Chandigarh Administration plans to have a website of the Registration and Licensing Authority. It will have all details of vehicles registered with RLA office in Chandigarh numbering approximately seven lakh and driving licences 5.5 lakh.

The website will be made functional in one month, said Deputy Commissioner, Arun Kumar.

The DC said this will be done in phases.



Rajput Regiment officers meet
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
Retired officers of the Rajput Regiment settled in and around Chandigarh organised a get-together at the Defence Service Officers Institute yesterday evening. Where 40 officers with their wives were present.

Colonel of the Rajput Regiment, Lieut-Gen Bhopinder Singh, presently Director-General Military Training at Army Head-quarters, attended the meeting and addressed the gathering. He spoke about the regiment’s activities and achievements of its battalions in various spheres.

The occasion was nostalgic for veterans, as they to shared old memories, of their experiences while in service.



Sewing centre for poor girls opened
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 7
The Upkaar Society, Panchkula, yesterday opened a sewing centre for poor girls at Devinagar village. The sewing centre will train girls in stitiching at the centre



Slum kids’ tour

Chandigarh, May 7
The Department of Tourism and the CITCO today began sight seeing tours for slum children, children from rural areas and physically and mentally challenged children of the city and Punjab and Haryana. The tours would be conducted on a regular basis. — TNS



Junk dealer arrested, 16 manhole covers recovered
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 7
The local police today arrested a 20-year-old junk dealer and recovered 16 stolen manhole covers from his possession.

According to the police, Subash Kumar, a resident of Dadu Majra Colony, is a Sector 25-based junk dealer. Working on secrete information a raid was conducted at his shop, which led to the recovery of 16 manhole covers.

The police said last night some manhole covers were stolen from Sectors 52 and 61. A case under Section 411, IPC, has been registered in Sector 36 police station.

Held for picking pockets

Sanjay of Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh was caught red-handed while trying to pick pocket in PGI yesterday. Mr Hem Raj of Dhanona village in Ambala district reported to the police that the accused was caught while picking his pocket of his wallet containing Rs 150 and a voter’s identity card from his possession. A case has been registered in this regard.

Cash stolen from temple

Mr Sanjay Sharma, general secretary of S.D. Mandir, Sector 27, lodged a complaint with the police that Rs 4,000 were stolen from the safe (gulak) of the temple by breaking its locks yesterday. A case of theft has been registered in Sector 36 police station.

Vehicles stolen

Mr Mashwinder Singh of Sector 33-A reported to the police that his Maruti car (PB-11-C-9698) was stolen from near the Treasury Office, Sector 17, yesterday. In another incident Mr Ram Kumar of Vikas Nagar, Mauli Jagran filed a complaint to the police that his Bajaj Chetak scooter (CH-01-V-5204) was stolen from his residence during the night of May 5. Two separate cases of thefts have been registered in the various police stations of the city.


Mr Anil Tandon of Sector 27 lodged a complaint with the police that one mobile phone, a calculator and some documents were stolen from his car parked in the Sector 24 on Friday. A case has been registered.


A motor-cyclist and his pillion rider suffered injuries after a car hit him on road separating Sector 45 and 46, yesterday. Bola Ram of Colony No 5 and his pillion rider Dharamvir were admitted to the GMCH-32. The police has arrested the car driver, B.N. Khurana of Modern Housing Complex, Mani Majra and registered a case of negligent driving against him in the Mani Majra police station.



Woman alleges assault by in-laws
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 6
Acting on a complaint filed by Ms Anita Sharma, a resident of Kalka, a local court has directed the Kalka police to register a case of criminal trespass, assault and intimidation against the complainant’s brothers-in-law and mother-in-law.

Ms Sharma had moved an application before the court stating that a few days ago her mother-in-law, Ms Pushpawati, and brothers-in-law, Surinder Kumar and Anil Kumar, had forcibly entered their house at Kalka and beat her into signing some blank documents.

She alleged that she had married Kewal Krishan against the wishes of her husband’s family. She said after the death of her father-in-law, the family members used to assault them, forcing them to flee to Kalka.



6 held for clash
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 7
Distributors of pamphlets of two different coaching centres clashed outside DAV College, Sector 10 this afternoon, here.

According to the police arrests were made as a preventive measure. The police has arrested Vijay Kumar of Sector 30 and Suresh Kumar Saini of one group, Abhisekh of NAC, Mani Majra and Pawan Kumar of Colony number 5 of another group along with two students, Sanjay Kumar of Sector 10, Panchkula and Prashant Shashtari of Sector 45-C, who have come to take exams. The police has booked the accused under 107 and 151 of the Cr PC in the Sector 3 police station.



Antique store opens
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 7
So you are a freak for antique furniture and memorabilia. And whenever you have a shopping binge, you have no option but to rush off to Delhi. Well, your search for antiques ends at Uma Gift Mart in Sector 9 here.

The store offering antique as well as contemporary home decor accessories was inaugurated today. On offer are wine racks, wine cooler, bottle stands, stylish menu boards, hour glasses, iron artillery masks, hand-painted wooden almirahs, chests, wall hangings, consoles and of course, the traditional Ganeshas, jewellery boxes and palanquins.

However, the most attractive pieces are the antique nautical items like such as telescopes, compasses, binoculars and cameras; golf memorabilia; and, terracotta wares.

A lot of North American influence can be seen in the wall panels and statues on display. Other than this, multi-utility furniture like cahir-cum-library ladder, chest-cum-tables in different finishes are also displayed here.

The shop has been opened by Uma Group — a Dera Bassi based handicrafts manufacturing unit. According to the proprietor of the unit that though they have been manufacturing handicrafts for export, but a growing demand for these handicrafts here propelled him to open a retail outlet here.



ATM installed
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
The State Bank of India installed its 186th ATM at Sector-17, main branch, here today. This is the second on-site ATM at the branch and 49th State Bank ATM in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. The window ATM, the first of its kind in the Chandigarh circle, was inaugurated by Mr Hemant Contractor, Chief General Manager, State Bank of India, Chandigarh circle.

On this occasion, Mr Contractor also inaugurated the facility of coin dispensing machine at the main branch, where customers can draw coins from the machine in denomination of Rs 5 and Re 1. 



Air Deccan flight from May 9
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 7
Air Deccan, a low-budget airline, will start a Chandigarh-Delhi flight from May 9. The fare will be Rs 1499 till May 23. The flight will leave Delhi at 5.55 a.m and from Chandigarh it will fly at 7.15 a.m. Incidentally the departure from Chandigarh is close to the departure time of the morning Shatabdi.


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