Web of beauty

Beautiful People.net, an elite online members’ club, based in Denmark has launched a new online forum in Britain with the aim of introducing beautiful people to other beautiful people. The site is likely to be launched in India in June.

According to Ananova, to be eligible for membership, applicants have to submit their photographs for an assessment of their beauty by their peers.

Should any individual not make the mark, he or she is ruthlessly disqualified.

According to the report, more than 500 persons apply to this elite site daily, yet so stringent is the process of identification, that only one in 15 make it.

"People are fed up of wasting time and money meeting unattractive people on the Net. Till now, there has been no online networking service made exclusively for the gorgeous people.

But the kind of online community which you would actually want your friends to know yourself belonged to Beautifulpeople.net," Ananova quoted Greg Hodge, marketing director of BeautifulPeople.net as saying.

BeautifulPeople.net is located at www.beautifulpeople.net. — ANI