Nose job
Jaspal Bhatti

Pascal had said if Cleopatra’s nose had been a little shorter, the face of the world would have been very different. The nose has through ages had its own anatomical, historical and psychological importance. Had Laxman not taken a swipe at Soorpnakha’s nose, The Ramayana would not have taken the course it did.

Imagine your nose missing out from the anatomical list of your body. Several beautiful proverbs such as ‘Naak par makhi na baithne dena’, ‘Naak mein dum karna’, ‘poke one’s nose’, ‘look down one’s nose’, ‘paying through your nose’ would have never seen the light of the day. When a wife buys a diamond ‘koka’ (nose-pin), husbands have to pay through their nose.

A report in a Scottish daily has said with the use of an artificial nose being developed, doctors will soon be able to smell out diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, yellow fever and tuberculosis.

But some doctors have already got a special nose. As a patient enters the clinic, the doctor calculates the patient’s paying capacity from the smell emanating from the patient. One such doctor after verifying the paying capacity of a patient asked the patient, "If there is an urgency to operate on you, will you be able to pay for it?" The patient replied, "Doctor Sahib, if I cannot pay, would the operation be urgent in that case?"