Saturday, May 14, 2005


Age of difference

From Joan Collins and Cher to Geena Davis and Francesca Annis, Hollywood women of a certain age are more than happy with younger partners, finds out Susan Granger

Madonna: "A few years ago, I was mostly concerned with getting things for myself more clothes, more money, more popularity, more boy-friends. Then I woke up. Guy (Ritchie) makes me laugh. Hes gorgeous; hes brilliant and, yes, hes (10 years) younger. I feel like hes my equal and thats hard to find."

Guy Ritchie is 10 years younger to Madonna

Guy Ritchie is 10 years younger to Madonna

Susan Sarandon: "We just laugh about ages. For my 50th birthday in 1996, Tim (Robbins) who is, yes, (12 years) younger gave me the best birthday gift Ive ever received a surprise party at the Pink Sands resort on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. He invited family and friends and took over the whole 25-room resort for a long weekend."

Geena Davis: "Yes, my husband (Reza Jarrahy) is (15 years) younger. We have a baby daughter, my first child. Thats the real miracle, isnt it?"

Courteney Cox: "David (Arquette) is eight years younger than I. Ask him why he likes older women. Hes a total romantic and very, very funny."

Cher: "I have never found that age made a damn bit of difference. I was 42 when I was dating Rob Camiletti, who was 23 at the time. Its a shame that older women are continuously indoctrinated to believe that they are undesirable, unattractive and invisible."

Francesca Annis: "The (19-year) age difference between Ralph (Fiennes) and I is not important. A younger man may get more criticism. There are issues of children. Families can object and often their social circles conflict, but that has not occurred with us. In the beginning, the British press made fuss that when he played Hamlet, I played his mother, Gertrude. They tried to be destructive but, well, you see...we are still living together."

Francesca Annis and Ralph Fiennes. The (19-year) age difference between me and Ralph is not important, says Francesca

Francesca Annis and Ralph Fiennes

Julianne Moore: "Why would anyone care that Bart (Freundlich) is nine years younger? Whats important is that we have two happy, healthy children: Liv and Cal. Bart and I fell in love when we were making The Myth of Fingerprints. Weve been together ever since. My life got immeasurably better between the ages of 32 and 40, so Id have to say that getting older, being older, is good."

Elizabeth Taylor: "I was 20 years older than my last husband (Larry Fortensky). Age is irrelevant if people have a commonality of interests. I find being with a younger person promotes vitality, longevity and sexual prowess."

Joan Collins: "My husband (Percy Gibson) is 32 years younger than I. So what? It saddens me to think that people consider that a problem. Its trivial." AF

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson have a 32-year age gap

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson have a 32-year age gap