Crime pays

Charles Sobhraj on Nat Geo…Lifelike re-construction
Charles Sobhraj on Nat Geo…Lifelike re-construction

With its recent makeover National Geographic can justifiably lay claim to being among the best channels on the small screen with its tantalizing new programming promising to redefine information and entertainment.

On May 24 at 10 p.m. the channel is all set to take you on a terrifying trail of robbery and murder as it examines all the facets of the life of Charles Sobhraj who ignited the world of crime with his robberies and killings.

He was termed a bikini killer as his first victim was an American Jennie Bolliver whom he murdered while she was sunbathing in a bikini on a beach.

For decades, the police in India, Nepal and Thailand pursued Sobhraj, who robbed and murdered naïve young travellers in Asia. Now awaiting trial in Nepal, Nat Geo examines how the authorities finally ended his reign of terror.

The channel has enlisted the services of detectives who worked on the case in real life. The chilling re-enactment of the serial killer’s life has all the ingredients of a nail-biting thriller. The channel claims that its new investigative shows are so enthralling that you would yourself want to join the hunt for truth. Find out for yourself.

Peep into the mind

Sue Rubin
Sue Rubin

It’s a compelling documentary that is bound to make viewers sit up and think. Autism Is A World on CNN on May 28 at 3.30 p.m. documents the life of Sue Rubin, a 26-year-old Los Angeles based woman living with the disorder.

The short film, which was nominated for an Academy award, is a candid and compelling look into the mind of Sue Rubin and her extraordinary journey through life.

The film that is a viewer’s guide to autism revolves around Sue’s fight against the stigma of being labelled mentally retarded and how a new communication technique gives her the ability to connect with the world and display her considerable intelligence.

A must-see for viewers who value intelligent and meaningful programming.

Shekhar Suman & Navjot Sidhu: Jokes apart
Shekhar Suman & Navjot Sidhu: Jokes apart

Comedy is serious business

Comedy is no laughing matter and when Star One says Hanste Hanste Hasti Ban Jao it means serious business.

The channel brings together the Badshah of Blah Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Motor Mouth Shekhar Suman on a new reality show to discover comic talent.

So, it’s time again for a massive man (and woman) hunt to shortlist 60 participants who can make viewers laugh. But first they’ll have to tickle the funny bones of the judges. And when Suman and Sidhu don the judge’s cap, be sure that they will put the eventual winner through some serious testing.

One thing is for sure though. With the grand prize—the opportunity to host an all new humour show and entry into the cast of the The Great Indian Comedy Show— the eventual winner will be laughing all the way to TV stardom. — NF