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City students shine in Class X CBSE examination
Panchkula’s Prince Pahwa is region’s topper with 97.4%
Tribune News Service

Non-medical stream
is toppers' choice

  • Most toppers showed keen interest in pursuing the non-medical stream compared to the medical, commerce and arts stream. While medical had only a few takers, arts had none. The students attributed the growing interest in the non-medical stream to options it opens up for the future.
  • Says Anasuya Mandal, the topper from the city, "I am keen on non-medical since physics interests me. Also, getting the basics right helps in various competitive examinations." Non-medical was also the choice of many others scoring above 90 percent. 

Chandigarh, May 24
City students gave a commendable performance in the Class X CBSE examination with over 100 students scoring above 90 per cent though many other schools are still to compile their results. Girls outshone boys just like previous years even as the region recorded a pass percentage of 82.21 percent.

While the girls recorded a pass percentage of 84.33 percent, the percentage was put at 80.68 percent among the boys. In the school-wise pass percentage, Jawahar navodaya Vidyalaya had a pass percentage of 90.05 percent and Kendriya Vidyalayas had a percentage of 86.6 percent.

The private and public schools scored a pass percentage of 85.61 percent which was way above that of the government schools placed at 56.75 percent respectively. The results for local schools would be available after 12 noon tomorrow.

While Prince Pahwa of Manav Mangal School, Panchkula, topped in the region with a score of 97.4 percent, Anasuya Mandal of Carmel Convent School was placed second at a score of 96.8 percent. However, she is first in the city since Prince is a student of a Panchkula school. Drishya of Sacred Heart, Arutishri of Bhawan Vidyalaya and Amrita Singh of Shivalik Public School, shared the third spot till the filing the report, scoring 96.2 percent.

Among the top schools, Sacred Heart senior Secondary School, Sector 26, produced the best results. Nikita Chaudhary was third in the school with a score of 95.2 percent. Sacred Heart had 56 students scoring 90 percent and above while most others had 10 or 30 students in this range. Bhawan Vidyalaya too lived up to its reputation and produced good results. Twenty-eight students from the school scored 90 percent and above while an equal number also scored in the same category from St John's High School.

At Shivalik Public School, Sector 40, 11 students scored 90 percent and above while Manav Mangal High school, Sector 21, had five students in the category. Fourteen students of KB DAV School, Sector 7, 10 students of DAV Public School, Sector 8, and six students of DAV Model School, Sector 15, also scored above 90 percent.

Shefali Prabhakar of the Tribune Model School, Sector 29, a topper in Class VIII in the city, scored 94.4 per cent marks and stood first in the school. Nine students of Ajit Karam Singh International Public School, Sector 41, nine of St Joseph's and three of Mount Carmel scored above 90 percent. 



Prince Pahwa’s first taste of victory
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
It was the first taste of victory for Prince who, till now, had been relegated to the second position. Prince Pahwa, a student of Manav Mangal School, Sector 11, Panchkula, created a history of sorts by topping the Class X examination of Central Board of Secondary Education in the region, scoring 97.4 per cent. It is for the first time that a student from Panchkula has outdone his counterparts in city schools to come out with flying colours.

Composed and at ease with his new celebrity status, Prince says,”I was just fired to do well. Till Class IX I always stood second in class and my parents and the Principal continuously drilled into my head that I could do better. It was this faith and their trust that prompted me to improve upon my performance.”

After he got into Class X, his Principal, Mr Sandeep Sardana, specially called him and told him to focus on his studies. “He even asked me to forget being mischievous for at least a year since he knew I loved playing pranks. I took that advise seriously and it has paid off. The Principal, at every parent teacher meeting, would emphasise that I was capable of performing better,” Prince maintained.

However, while Prince was regular in his studies, he did not disturb his television and playtime schedules. “I would play cricket as usual and watch my favourite programmes on television. My only aim was to do well, topping was never on the agenda,” Prince, the son of a bank employee, Mr Amar Nath Pahwa adds.

Imagine the surprise then when an SMS reply put his total score at 487 out of 500. “I couldn’t believe it. I told my mother first. Then, we checked on the internet and again in the school in front of the Principal. All of us are very surprised and still are. Though we are elated, we haven’t been able to find a way to give expression to our happiness,” he says.

Prince’s two elder sisters were a source of inspiration for him. “They also scored in the 90s in their boards. I had to at least maintain their standard if not improve upon it. I would study only for three to fours hours daily and my mother was always by my side. My teachers, too, put in extra efforts and I did some extra reading as well to be well-informed,” the topper explains.

While it was celebration time at the Pahwa household today, it will be back to books tomorrow. “I have opted for the non-medical stream and I want a seat in IIT after my Class XII. My tuitions have begun and the next two years hold the key to my future. I have to do well and this result is an encouragement for me,” he maintains. 



Truck driver’s daughter gets 95%
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 24
In an age, where tuitions are regarded as a key to success, Rimpy Bharot’s success in the CBSE matriculation examination comes as a whiff of fresh air. The second child of a truck driver, Mr Hardev Singh, Rimpy, a student of Jainendra Gurukul School, has secured 95 per cent marks.

Rimpy is a resident of Tanda village near Chandimandir, and was studying in the school on a fee concession by the management. “I had no option but to do well. Only if I fare well in the examination, I will be able to get admission in a professional course and thus help out my family,” she says.

She said her success mantra was self study. “I used to study for four hours every day after school and as the board examinations approached, I was putting in seven to eight hours of study a day,” she says. So what does the future hold for her? “Chemical engineering” she says.



Kuljit Kaur tops in Class X exam
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 24
Kuljit Kaur of Sant Isher Singh Public School here topped in the CBSE Class X examination scoring 94.6 per cent marks. Abhijeet Singh of Shivalik Public School stood second with 94.4 per cent marks.

Arshdeep Kaur of the same school stood third with 93.6 per cent marks. Apinderjit Singh of Gian Jyoti Public School is next with 93.4 per cent marks. Vineet Malhotra of Gian Jyoti Public School and Prabhjot Kaur of Golden Bells Public School are next in the line with 92.8 per cent marks.

Other than Abhijit Singh and Arshdeep Kaur, Apneet Singh (90.4 per cent), Jasleen Kaur Grewal (90.4 per cent), Geetika Bajaj (90.2 per cent) and Amanpreet Kaur (90.2 per cent), Amandeep Kaur (89.4 per cent), Rachit Singla (89.2 per cent) and Kanwar Singh Bhinder (88.6 per cent) are among those who scored top positions in Shivalik Public School.

Maninder Singh of Sant Ishar Singh Public School stood second in the school with 92.2 per cent marks followed by Harinder Singh who scored 91.2 per cent marks. Anupam stood fourth in the school with 91 per cent marks.

Apinderjit Singh of Gian Jyoti Public School, Phase II, topped in the school with 93.4 per cent followed by Vineet Malhotra with 92.8 per cent marks. Nitesh Goyal of the school scored 91 per cent marks while Sameer Kakkar scored 90.2 per cent marks. Kalpana scored 90 per cent marks. About 47 students of the school secured above 80 per cent marks. Vineet Malhotra with 99 marks topped in Mathematics and Deepshikha Sood, Apinderjit Singh, Kalpana, Vaibhav Gupta, Sankalp Verma, all secured 98 marks and were toppers in the Social Studies. Sameer Kakkar, Shaheen Ali Chaudhary with 96 marks were toppers in Science. Apinderjit Singh and Kuljeet Kaur, both secured 96 marks and topped in Punjabi. Mayank Kak with 92 marks is the topper of English whereas Deepshikha Sood with 89 marks topped in Hindi. At least 92 per cent of the students have secured first division.

Amrinderpreet Singh has topped in Lawerance Public School with 90.8 per cent marks. Shivani Hari stood second in the school with 86.2 per cent marks and Navneet stood third in the school with 85.8 per cent marks. Jasminder Kaur (85.4 per cent), Jobanpreet (82.8 per cent), Ramandeep Kaur (82.2 per cent), P.Prajith (82.2 per cent), Ramanjot Bedi (82 per cent) and Ashima Arora (81 per cent) are among the other toppers in the school.

Prabhjot Banga of Golden Bells Public School has topped in the school with 92.8 per cent marks. Navneet Kaur stood second with 91.4 per cent marks and Amrinder Singh stood third with 88.6 per cent marks. Aneet Joshi (86.8 per cent), Manpreet Saggu (86.2 per cent), Jaskirat Singh (86 per cent), Vaishali Sharma (85.2 per cent), Simrat Kaur (83.8 per cent) and Gurjot Kaur (83.6 per cent) are among the other toppers in the school. Prabhjot has got 95 marks in English while Aneet Joshi has secured 96 marks in Mathematics. Jaskirat Singh has secured 97 marks in social studies.

Jasleen Kaur Bawa of Saint Soldiers Convent School has topped in the school with 91.2 per cent marks. Hema Saini stood second in the school with 86.4 per cent marks and Ekjot Singh stood third in the school with 86 per cent marks. Sachleen Kaur (85.6 per cent), Prabhsheel Kaur (84.6 per cent), Manpreet Baidwan (84.4 per cent), Gurpreet Singh (84.4 per cent), Nitish Walia (83.4 per cent) and Amit Malhotra (81.4 per cent) are among the other toppers in the school. Nitish Walia has got 100 marks in mathematics while Ekjot has secured 96 marks in Social Science.

Damanpreet Kaur of DAV Public School, Mohali, has topped in the school with 90.6 per cent marks. She secured 99 marks in Mathematics. Jyoti Sachdeva of the school secured 86.2 per cent marks while Gagandeep Sethi secured 84 per cent marks. Among others who scored top positions in the school include Karanbir (82.8 per cent), Mohit (82.8 per cent), Navdeep (82 per cent) and Pratibha (82.4 per cent). More than 10 students of the school have secured above 80 per cent marks.

Mayank Sharma has topped in Swami Ram Tirath School with 86 per cent marks. Among those who have scored top positions in the school include Rajni (85 per cent), Pradeep (82 per cent) Ashish (83 per cent) and Himanshu (80 per cent). Rashmi has scored 92 marks in Maths while Ashish scored 92 marks in English and Pradeep scored 91 marks in Science.

The Mohali topper, Kuljit Kaur, is planning to become an IAS officer. A hard working students, she, however, says tuitions are needed in order to secure good marks. Daughter of Kirpal Singh and Davinder Kaur, both employees of the Punjab Irrigation Department, Kuljit has decided to take the non-medical stream in Class XII.



Carmel Convent’s Anasuya is UT topper
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
Regularity in work and self-discipline are Anasuya Mandal's secret of success. A student of Carmel Convent, she topped in the CBSE class X examination in the city by securing 96.8 percent.

Daughter of a doctor couple, she maintains, “Topping is not tough and, frankly, I didn't have that on my mind when I went for my exams. Though I was anxious about appearing for the Boards, I went into the hall composed with the feeling that I had to give it my best shot.”

Though she made no special efforts in Class X, Anasuya says,"Just a couple of weeks before the examination, I got down to serious study, putting in 10 hours of work a day. alongside, I continued with my other activities of going out and watching television. They provided for an entertaining break as I went over my syllabi again and again."

She took tuitions in maths, science and Hindi to get her basics right and consulted addition books. "I prepared my own notes based on the NCERT books with bits of information from here and there. I think that gave me the extra edge in the Boards," Anasuya feels.

Her advise to students appearing in the Boards is: “I was very regular at school and tried not to miss my classes. Even if I did, I made sure the lesson was thoroughly done and redone to my satisfaction. Also, I don't think being a bookworm helps. Suspending all other activities too begins to weigh on ones mind and you end up wasting more time than actually learning anything."



Cyber cafes witness rush of students
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
Cyber cafes of the city were the centre of activity all day as students began pouring in to check their results since early morning, in the hope that the CBSE had posted it earlier than scheduled.

A big rush of students of tenth standard was witnessed in these cafés who were eager to know their results. Understandably, long queues were seen at cafes as the students waited for their turn to know their fate. Some of them were accompanied by their parents adding to the confusion prevailing outside. Tension and anxiety was palpable as the waited for their results.

Though the result was declared at 6 pm, students had started frequenting cafes around 3 pm. Many students with personal computers sat in their homes, surrounded by family and waiting to be logged into the CBSE website. To avoid the rush at cafes, a few of them sought the help of their neighbours.

Varied emotions were witnessed at the cyber cafes. Those students who secured good marks were in a happy mood and came out smiling. There were others who were not so happy with their marks and still others who had sadness writ large on their faces. Most came in groups and after checking their results, headed straight for their respective schools to share their happiness. Mobiles, too, kept ringing as students informed their parents and friends about their results. The cyber cafe owners, too, did brisk business. 



Mother of 3 held for husband’s murder
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, May 24
It was mad love for another man that drove a mother of three daughters (two of whom are married) to get her intoxicated husband killed by her paramour. In this act the paramour was assisted by the woman and also another friend. The deceased used to object to the relations of his wife with her paramour.

The police while claiming to solve the sensational murder of a man whose headless body was found on Monday morning said the killed man was Thakur Prasad a rickshaw puller from Bapu Dham colony in Sector 26. His body was found between plot number 72 and 131 in the Phase I, Industrial Area.

The police said the killers were his wife, Krishna, her lover Mewa Lal, a married man with two sons, and his friend Kamlesh. After committing the crime the woman kept on doing her chores and did not even lodge a complaint. Her paramour reportedly went off to Ghaizabad.

The shocking incident came to light when the police arrested Krishna (35) wife of Thakur Prasad. The woman confessed to the crime.

Krishna, was working as a cleaner in a kiryana shop in Sector 26, when she reportedly came in contact with Mewa Lal, who was also working in a nearby flour mill. After developing relations, Mewa Lal used to visit Krishna at her residence during odd hours to which Thakur Prasad objected.

Thakur Prasad had also visited Bapu Dham police post in this context a few days earlier. Actually this gave a clue to the police, which knew about his estranged relations with his wife.

The local police today claimed to crack the visibly blind murder case, when it zeroed in on Krishna. The DSP (East), Mr Vijay Pal Singh said, the Bapu Dham police post identified the deceased as Thakur Prasad of Bapu Dham.

The police found the house of Thakur Prasad locked. However, his wife Krishna was traced by the police. The woman in her initial statement told the police that her husband had left the house around 3 am on Monday morning saying that he was going for his job and had to attend a marriage party later. The police suspected this was not possible as the body of Thakur Prasad was recovered on Monday morning around 7 am and it was in a stiff condition indicating that the murder had occurred six to eight hours from the time it was detected.

In the meantime people from her locality told the police that she was not having a good reputation. The police then gathered information about visitors to her house and the name of Mewa Lal of Colony number four cropped up.

The police came to know from its sources about another person Kamlesh, a close friend and a tenant of Mewa Lal. Kamlesh is a rickshaw puller. The police nabbed him and during interrogation Kamlesh told the police that on Sunday evening around 9 pm Krishna, as per plan, told her husband, who was drunk, that she was going to take him to hospital. Kamlesh brought in his rickshaw and took Thakur Prashad and Krishna to a secluded place in Industrial Area. All the while Mewa Lal was following them on his cycle.

Kamlesh told the police that he held the arms of Thakur Prasad behind his back and Mewa Lal stabbed into the belly of the victim and later slit his throat with a meat chopping knife. After committing the crime they dropped Krishna near Bapu Dham Colony and dispersed.



Rights panel rejects police report in Sant Jagera case
Pradeep Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
In a major relief to the president of the International Sant Samaj, Sant Shamsher Singh Jagera of Ludhiana, the Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC) today ordered an inquiry into his alleged maltreatment by police personnel inside the Ludhiana Central Jail.

Rejecting the report of the Ludhiana police, a member of the PSHRC, Mr B.C. Rajput, directed the IGP to probe the matter and submit a report in two months.

In his complaint to the commission through his counsel, Mr Arvind Thakur, the sant, had levelled allegations of the violation of human rights against the police officials while getting him medically examined in the hospital.

“Taking cognisance, a report was called from the SSP, Ludhiana. In his report dated December 2, 2004, the SSP did not deal with the allegations relating to the violation of rights of life and dignity of the complainant. Accordingly, the police report is rejected,” the commission order said.

In fact, politics seems to have come into play in the alleged his victimisation. Considered close to Mr Parkash Singh Badal, a former Chief Minister and SAD chief, Sant Jagera has allegedly been victimised since the Capt Amarinder Singh government came to power.

Mr Thakur alleged a rape case was slapped against him in 2003. However, later the alleged rape victim, in an affidavit, levelled serious allegations against certain prominent persons of Ludhiana and termed the allegations against Sant Jagera as “baseless”.

Even as he was granted bail in the rape case in 2004, he was implicated in a case had been in the Ludhiana Central Jail since then, Mr Thakur alleged.



Human trafficking on the rise in region
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant

Chandigarh, May 24
With declining sex ratio in northern states, human trafficking, especially cross-border trafficking from Bangladesh and Nepal, is on the rise. Girls from these countries are being brought to Mewat region in Haryana and in western Uttar Pradesh on the pretext of job opportunities, and sold off to men who cannot find a suitable bride.

In Mewat region alone, as many as 185 Bangladeshi women have been brought and sold off in recent years.

Mr Ravi Kant, Executive Director of the Shakti Vahini, an NGO working in the field of human rights and prevention of human trafficking, says that during a survey of the Mewat area recently, they discovered a large number of girls from Bangladesh being brought and sold here to those men who cannot find a bride from their own community.

"A large number of girls from Nepal are also being brought to India and then sold off to men in western Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal," he says.

Refering to Delhi, Sirsa (Haryana) and Mansa (Punjab) as the hub of all human trafficking trade, Mr Ravi Kant says that poor girls from Jharkhand, Assam, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh are first brought to the these three cities and then routed to various places in Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal to be sold off to prospective grooms.

"If a man buying the girl likes her, he will keep her. Else, the girl will be resold. We have come across many cases where girls have been resold many times," he says. He also says that girls from Jharkhand are also being sold in the Doaba region of Punjab as farm labourers.

"The human trafficking racket is getting more organised now. Women who were sold here earlier, and their husbands are now in the trade. They go back to their homes and get young girls on the pretext of getting them employed here.

Youth from Assam, Jharkhand and Orrisa have also realised the 'profitability' in this trade and after marrying girls, bring them here and sell them off.

Our survey shows while a girl is brought here for anything between Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000, they are further sold off for Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. It is shocking, but in case of girls being resold by their 'owner', a neat profit margin is always kept," he says.

Mr Ravi Kant says that this problem of human trafficking is a direct fallout of the declining sex ratio, where shortage of females means that men have to buy 'brides'.

"However', he adds," the government has failed to gear up its institutional machinery for rehabilitation of the women who are rescued. There is just one Nari Niketan in Haryana, which acts as a temporary shelter. The women that we rescue are kept here till the time we have located the girl's family, who then take away their daughter or sister," he says. He informs that the government in Haryana has now offered Shakti Vahini to set up a Swadhar at Faridabad- a home for such women where they will be imparted skills for making them economically independent.

He says that the need of hour is to sensitise the police and the administration towards the provisions of Juvenile Justice Act; adopt a new legal framework for care and protection of such girls, and launch massive awareness and education programmes to educate against human trafficking. 



Tehelka case: Time sought to obtain arrest warrants
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
The prosecution in the general court martial trying Brig Iqbal Singh for professional impropriety in the Tehelka case today sought time to obtain arrest warrants for one of its witness, Lieut-Col V P Syal (retd), who had been declared hostile earlier and failed to appear before the court today.

The court re-assembled at Patiala today after remaining adjourned since April 25.

Prosecution counsel Arvind Moudgil said that the prosecution had already initiated the process through the GCM's convening authority to get the arrest warrants issued by the civil judge concerned. Fresh summons for the purpose were issued by the convening authority today, he added.

The prosecution had sought time till May 28 for getting the arrest warrants executed, but the court directed the prosecution that it produce the witness tomorrow. Colonel Syal had been declared hostile after he made contradictory statements during his deposition before the court and the prosecution maintained that he was colluding with the accused.

It was through Colonel Syal that Brig Iqbal Singh came into contact with operatives from tehelka.com, who carried out a sting operation while posing as arms dealers and caught several senior army officers, bureaucrats and politicians allegedly demanding and accepting bribes on tape. Further, it was in the presence of Colonel Syal that Rs 50,000 were allegedly paid to Brig Iqbal Singh and that hospitality of wine and women were offered to him.

The accused also strongly objected to the prosecution's request to be allowed to make copies of the original video tapes on the grounds that the tapes were yet to be accepted by the court as evidence. The court observed that the tapes were already admitted as evidence and directed the prosecution that copies be made in the presence of one representative of the defence and the judge-advocate.

The court also turned down the accused's plea that he be given time to reply in detail to the accused's request for making copies of the tapes as his counsel was not present in court.

The prosecution wanted to make copies of the tapes on the grounds that repeated running of the original tapes would deteriorate the quality. Also the tapes were required by the CBI for pursuing their investigation.



Toll tax violation continues for defence personnel
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 24
Despite orders of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, there have been instances of toll operators charging toll tax from defence personnel and their families.

In one such instance, the wife of a serving Army officer, Mrs Sunita Sidhu has reported that she was forced to pay toll at Shambhu and Karnal while travelling from Patiala to Delhi earlier this month. The toll plaza at both these places are run by the National Highways Authority of India.

She said she had shown toll operators her identity card on both onward as well as return journey, but to no avail. Instances of toll operators in Himachal Pradesh charging toll from even serving armed forces personnel have also been reported recently.

A revised notification (NH-11065/12/2003-P&M) issued by the ministry on September 15, 2005, included family members of armed forces personnel among other categories exempted from paying toll tax.

The revised list included members of the regular armed forces whether on duty or not, all family members of regular forces’ personnel, members of the Territorial Army and the NCC when moving on duty, family members of irregular forces personnel when accompanying them as well as carriages and animals when moving under military authorisation.

In fact, at the insistence of the Chief of the Army Staff’s secretariat, the ministry had circulated these instructions again to all state governments and toll operators in April, 2005. The ministry had also reported that its instructions were being complied with.



Robbery bid in gurdwara
Our Correspondent

Dera Bassi, May 24 
Thieves struck at a gurdwara adjacent to the local bus stand and along the busy Kalka-Ambala highway, and made a futile attempt to break open its cash box, late last night. The thieves entered the gurdwara through a ventilator at the first floor and entered the main hall of the gurdwara. They also broke various items in the hall. The police has registered a case in this pretext. 


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