L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Racket involving illegal sale of property busted
Plot worth Rs 5 crore sold for Rs 5 lakh; father, son held
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
The Ludhiana Vigilance Bureau has exposed a multi-crore property scandal in which certain employees of the Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA) and the local revenue department allegedly connived with three persons to first sell them a ‘non-transferable’ plot worth Rs 5 crore at Rs 5 lakh only and then allowed the plot’s re-sale as residential property.

The plot, measuring 2673 sq, yards is situated beside the Division No 7 (Vardhman) police station. The accused, who were partners in a petrol pump near police station was helped by the employees of PUDA and local revenue department, who showed the market rate of Rs 80 lakh but sold it much less price.

Alacrity shown by the Vigilance Department, which acted swiftly at the publication of an advertisement regarding the sale of property in a newspaper, saved government property worth over Rs 5 crore when the bureau aborted the move of two persons to sell the plot.

The Vigilance Bureau has booked and arrested Surjit Singh Sachdeva, a partner in Messrs Engineering Auto Centre that runs a petrol pump on the road and his son Amarvir Singh . The third accused Mohinder Singh, a resident of Model Town, has also been booked for standing as witness to the illegal deed. He is absconding.

The Vigilance Department was now investigating the role played by officials of the Revenue Department and the PUDA who have connived with these accused in the illegal sale and being a party to the misappropriation of government funds, “Several high-ups are likely to be questioned in this regard”, revealed Vigilance sources.

Mr G S Dhillon, SSP, Vigilance, and DSP Darshan Singh revealed to Ludhiana Tribune the shocking land deal concerned a plot measuring 2673 sq. yds adjoining the Division No 7 police station.

The plot was allotted to the accused in 1991 by the PUDA in 1991 under the Landscaping and Beautification scheme. The land could not be transferred in any individual’s name nor could it be sold or used for any other purpose than landscaping and beautification.

The beautification scheme stated that the allottee could not construct walls more than 1.5 feet tall. However, the accused had constructed 14 feet tall walls . No beautification exercise was undertaken and the land was allegedly used with the petrol pump.

However, the accused got the registry of the land in December, 2004 by tampering with the allotment deed and later put it on sale. Last month, the accused inserted advertisement which caught the attention of the Vigilance Bureau and the racket was exposed after investigation.

Vigilance officials said that such high level of misappropriation of government money, tampering with official records and illegal execution of sale was not possible without the active help of officials of the PUDA and Revenue Department. The department was investigating upto what rank the officials were involved.



250 jhuggis on railway land razed
Police resorts to canecharge, six hurt
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
At least six persons, including an Inspector of the Railway Protection Force (RPF), were injured following a mild canecharge resorted to by a joint team of force and the district police at Rajiv Gandhi colony during a demolition drive here today.

As many as 250 shanties along an abandoned railway track in the colony were removed by a demolition squad of the railways, the RPF and Focal Point police amidst pelting of stones by alleged encroachers, who protested the drive, in the area.

To control the mob, the police had to resort to canecharge. An RPF officer was injured when a stone hit him.

When the demolition process started, the alleged encroachers started arguing with the police. Later, around 500 persons pelted the police with stones and the situation became out of control.

Inspector D.N. Chaturvedi of the RPF said the alleged encroachers had set up jhuggis on the railway land along a track that had not been used by the department for some time.

He added that with the Dhandari track facing heavy railway traffic, the department had decided to use the line for shunting purposes.

The alleged encroachers were issued eviction notices three months ago. They were told to vacate their jhuggis but they failed to do so.

Finally, the department took action against the encroachers today and razed their structures. After the demolition, the track was used for shunting.

The jhuggi dwellers, who were staying on the land for the past few years, said they had no place to go and had been rendered homeless. Some women were seen shifting their household goods to safer places but soon there was chaos all over.

Some of the jhuggi dwellers even claimed that they were not issued notices. They said they came to know about the eviction only today.

“Had they told us that they were going to take action, we would have shifted our goods. Now all our belongings have been ruined. There was no time to shift these,” said Ram Lal, who claimed that he and his children would now be forced to brave the harsh summer.

Meanwhile, a demolition squad of the municipal corporation demolished 28 kiosks from Gill Road today.

A team of MC officials, employees and police initiated action against the encroachers in the afternoon. A liquor vend owner was, however, given some more time to shift his liquor stored in the kiosk.

Officials said if he did not remove the encroachment, the MC team would do it itself.



Epidemic threat looms large
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 10
With the Budha Nullah water already having entered into a couple of colonies on the periphery of the city, uncovered food items, cut fruits and sub-standard local soft drinks being sold in the city despite prohibitory orders by the district administration, dong their bit to spread diseases, now the threat of water-borne and other diseases of hot weather and rainy season looms large on the city residents.

Even as the district authorities had issued prohibitory orders under the Punjab Epidemic Diseases Act against sale of over-ripe or unripe or cut fruit, mineral or aerated water without certification from the government laboratory and uncovered food items as a safeguard against break-out of diseases, the enforcement of these orders was quite slack.

Several officers of the Health Department, food inspectors, all SMOs as well as Health Officers, Sanitary Inspectors and other enforcement officers of local bodies were empowered by the District Magistrate to take cognizance of violation of these orders. Further, the Health Department and local bodies had also been directed to set up medical inspection posts at different places in the district, to maintain strict vigil against sale of such food items which could lead to breakout of diseases.

However, if the prevailing scenario in the city was any indication, the orders had practically remained on paper and no action seemed to have been taken by the enforcement and regulatory bodies.

Not only the under-developed colonies or slums all over the city were facing a grave danger of break out of diseases like cholera, jaundice and gastroenteritis in the absence of strict enforcement of prohibitory orders but some of the upmarket and posh commercial also areas were also facing a similar situation.

The Feroze Gandhi Market Welfare Association, in a recent representation to the Deputy Commissioner, had complained that venders in this posh commercial centre continued to sell eatables and soft drinks in a most unhygienic manner without any check by the concerned officials. According to functionaries of the association, the dug out portions of the market where underground telecom cables had been laid by certain private companies, had not been repaired properly and heaps of dust or mud could be seen every where which made the matters worse.

The Civil Surgeon, Dr Rajinder Kaur, said that all designated officers, including the SMOs in the district, had been apprised of the prohibitory orders and given directions for strict compliance. She, however, pointed out that the problem needed to be tackled at various levels, keeping in view the compulsions of the people and interest of the venders. While the department would do its best to enforce the prohibitory orders as a safeguard against break out of diseases, the residents should also lend their cooperation by adopting basic preventive norms.

She further added that the department had launched an elaborate awareness campaign to educate the people of preventive measures against seasonal diseases. Teams of doctors and supporting staff were going from door to door in some of the vulnerable localities asking the residents to avoid uncovered food items and to used boiled drinking water if the quality of water was suspect.



More land acquired for Apparel Park
Shveta Pathak
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
Punjab Apparel Park Ltd (PAPL) has acquired 75 acres near McDonalds, in addition to the previous 50 acres, for developing Apparel Park. Given the slow pace with which the process of developing the park, a Rs 350-crore project being envisaged as a milestone in the development of apparel industry, has been progressing, the acquisition of land is a major leap towards putting the project to operation. Plots are likely to be allotted by the end of this month, subject to government clearances.

While PAPL has shelled out Rs 15 crore towards acquiring the land, which is located on GT Road near Doraha, it will be sending maps for final approval within a week or so.

“It would be unfair to say that progress has been slow. Though government clearances have taken some time, we have been carrying out development work. We had spent Rs 10 crore towards building infrastructure earlier and in the last three months have spent another Rs 5 crore towards development on the land that was acquired earlier,” said Mr Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, PAPL.

He said delay in government clearances took time as the project had to be declared a mega project. Now, after the building plan was cleared, plots would be allotted. Mr Gupta said the company might acquire more land, depending on the demand for plots.

The idea to build the park was to provide boost to the apparel industry. The park promises to provide the industry with world-class infrastructure, which will involve an investment of nearly Rs 40 crore.

Apparel Park proposes to provide every essential facility for the apparel industry to function. For Ludhiana, which has nearly 10,000 units, including exporters, brand manufacturers and low-value-high-volume manufacturers, in this industry, this will mean an end to the problems of the industry which has been facing a tough time owing to fragmented operational environment. The industry has a base of over 3 lakh skilled workers. Owing to the concentration of the industry, Ludhiana has been selected as the destination for Apparel Park.

The park will have an internal road network and linkages with road, rail and air networks, apart from a common captive power plant for its occupants. Besides, there would be support facilities like a commercial complex, business centre, conference hall and an exhibition centre for buyer-seller meets. Provisions will also be made for recreational facilities like a club house, restaurant, etc.

According to the plan, the park will have an environment friendly water management system, avenue plantations, sewage and effluent carrying pipelines and a common effluent treatment plant, which will relieve the units from concerns of environmental issues.

A joint venture of Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation Ltd. (PSIEC) and Apparel Exporters Association of Ludhiana (APPEAL), the park is expected to generate an employment of over 25,000, apart from adding an additional $ 200 million to India’s exports, the proposal says.

Industry experts feel that the park should have come up by now considering the fact that the quota regime has ended and the local industry is facing challenges in the form of global competition.

While infrastructural development will take around a year, the estimated time to establish a factory after a plot is allotted is also one year, which means that for Apparel Park to be fully functional it can take another almost two years.



Maths ghost haunts govt schools
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 10
Is it a phobia that students have for mathematics since childhood? That mathematics is a bete noire for students has been amply proved in the recent PSEB Class X examination, results of which were declared a few days ago.

Less than 50 per cent students have passed in the subject.

The result of mathematics was far better last year as 52.72 per cent students had passed then as compared to 42.7 per cent this year.

After going through the gazette, what becomes evident is that students of government schools in the district have fared poorly in mathematics.

In certain schools, the number of students who have passed in the subject is so low that they can be counted on the fingers.

For instance, out of 36 students in Government Senior Secondary School, Guram, 16 have failed in the subject.

Similarly, in Government Senior Secondary School, Halwara, 23 students out of 143 students, Haibowal Khurd 42 out of 101, and Hambaran Government School 40 out of 84 have failed.

In Government School, Hatoor, only 19 students out of 51, Ikholaha 22 out of 43, Jagraon 39 students out of 60, and in Jandiali 14 out of 28 have failed to clear the subject.

Also, in Kedianwala Kalan 75 students out of 146, Karamsar 40 students out of 55, Katani Kala 18 students out of 31, Khanna 87 out of 267, Kila Raipur 34 students out of 63, and in Lalata Kalon 27 out of 80 have failed.

In Leela Negh Singh 16 out of 25, Macchiwara 56 out of 89, Malout 30 out of 62, Kamran Road 13 out of 17, Lakkar Bazaar 9 out of 22, Madhopuri 17 out of 27, Engine Shed 11 out of 23, College Road 16 out of 23, Indra Puri 19 out of 36, Aliwal 13 out of 26, and in Jaloudi 24 out of 34 have failed in the subject.

The trend continues in other areas too.

In Sahinjo Majra 16 out of 34, Detwal 12 out of 23, Brahmpura 15 out 23, Salem Tabri 21 out of 41, Tajpur Road 4 out of 9, Kundan Puri 44 out of 56, Government School on Cemetery Road 18 out of 69, Division No. 3 18 out of 25, Maksudan 25 out of 37, Malak 19 out of 39, Pakhowal 57 out of 90, Ramghar Bhullar 28 out of 43 and in Bangsipura 13 out of 19 students have been unable to pass the exam.

These students will reappear in the examination in September.



Undertrial’s escape: police launches hunt
Our Correspondent

Raikot (Ahmedgarh), June 10
The Jagraon police has started an organised hunt for the accused of Bassian fire incident, who had fled from the police custody yesterday. Now, he would also be tried under another case registered against him under Section 224 of the IPC.

Mr Rajiv Ahir, Senior Superintendent of Police, said he had directed Mr Balwant Singh, DSP, Raikot, to supervise the operation launched to nab Harinder Kumar, alias Happy, who had fled from the custody.

“We have constituted special teams, which would be raiding suspected hideouts of the accused. These teams would be empowered to raid and search any such place or establishment where the accused might be hiding,” said Mr Ahir.

Commenting on the escape episode, he claimed that he had visited the police station from where the accused had escaped on the pretext of a chest pain. Referring to the information received from SHO Gurmit Singh, he said the accused was a professional criminal and had dodged the police earlier also.

Harinder was arrested on Wednesday allegedly for setting afire a pesticide shop, owned by Mr Ved Parkash Rawal, a SAD leader and former sarpanch of Bassia. 



‘Commissioner of Police’ denied bail
Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 10
The Additional Sessions Judge, Mr Gurbir Singh, has dismissed the bail application filed by Inderjit Singh Dhanota, accused of duping people by posing himself as Commissioner of the Canada police.

He was arrested by the police on April 20, 2005, and booked under Sections 420 and 170 of the IPC. Since then, he was behind bars in the Central Jail, Ludhiana.

The police had claimed to have seized a white Qualis having “police” boldly painted on the wind screen, besides two stars equivalent to the rank of an Inspector General of Police of India fixed on the number plate. The car also had a redlight and a police hooter which he used quite often to show his position.

As per the prosecution, the accused was working as a security guard at South West Calgary Alaba, Canada.



Ludhiana guide map a great help
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, June 10
Vikas Passi distributes maps of Ludhiana free of cost to the media offices, police stations, Administrative offices, shopkeepers and many others. His aim is to help people of the city as well as strangers to reach their destination easily.

Asked how did he get the idea of devising such a map; Vikas Passi said: “ I travelled abroad a few years ago and one thing that attracted me the most was a guide map hung at many shops, and offices of the city that highlighted the important landmarks, important shops, police stations, parks, cinema halls and many other sundry things . As a stranger in a city , I found that the map helped me immensely in reaching my destination.”

After coming to India , he decided to devise a similar kind of map for helping out people. Finding the cost exorbitant, the shop and restaurants owners that have been highlighted in the map contributed too. He said that some shopkeepers take some Ludhiana Highlighters and get them laminated. They want it to be hung in administrative offices.

Vikas said, "When I started in the year 2000, only 3000 Ludhiana Highlighters were made and distributed free of cost. Everyone we gave the Highlighter was very appreciative specially the Administration. During the next four years , I have carried the necessary changes. This year we have distributed 8000 Ludhiana Highlighters.”

Vikas said that soon a website-Ludhiana highlighters.com-would become operative. It would help people to see Ludhiana from every angle with photos and Ludhiana would come alive.



Courier undelivered after 2 months
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
An emeritus scientist and former Head, Department of Plant Pathology, Punjab Agricultural University, Dr Buta Singh Thind, has claimed that a local courier company has failed to deliver his packet at Bangalore, two months after it was booked from one of their offices.

Dr Thind has claimed that although he had rung up the Blaze Flash Courier Company’s office several times to enquire about his packet’s status, his queries had not been entertained.

In his complaint, Dr Thind said he had sent two packets — consignment No. 2594765 for Bangalore and consignment No. 2594766 Samrala — on April 29 through the company’s office near old courts, Ludhiana.

“At the time of booking, I was told that the packet for Bangalore would be delivered on May 2. The packet has not been delivered till today. However, the packet meant for Samrala has been delivered,” said Dr Thind, adding that he was so harassed with the company’s attitude that he had decided never to send anything through courier in future.

He said the packet contained important documents and he would have to suffer if he lost these. An angry Dr Thind said he was disappointed with the staff of the company, who were not ready to listen to him.

“On May 6, I rang up the office in the morning and complained about the undelivered packet. An employee, Charanjit Singh, who responded to my enquiry promised to call me up after one hour but did not do so. When I threatened him of taking legal recourse, the employee showed defiance. In the afternoon, I informed a person in the Quick Drycleaner shop at the PAU, a franchisee of the company from where the packets were booked, about the undelivered packet but got no response,” he said.

Manager of the courier company Harjinder Singh said Dr Thind had not submitted a written complaint to them. He added that the courier companies were also facing a problem with customers who did not want to check up with their relatives whether they had received the couriers or not.

He claimed that had Dr Thind written to them, they would have traced the missing courier by now. He assured that they would soon find out what went wrong with his packet.



Kids showcase talent at summer camp finale
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 10
To provide an opportunity to explore the hidden talent of children, a fortnight-long summer camp was organised in Tagore Public School (TPS), which concluded here today.

Dr V.K. Sharma, Registrar, PAU, was the chief guest. Principal Amrita Gakhar welcomed the chief guest.

President of the school Govind Ram Bansal addressed the audience and congratulated the students, teachers and parents for good results in Classes XII and X examinations.

Students presented colourful items and exhibited their skills in art and craft, computers, communication, etc., which they had learnt during the camp.

Budding dancers swayed to foot-tapping music, while young singers enthralled the audience with their songs. Skaters also displayed their skills.

The toppers of Classes XII and X were honoured by the chief guest, while the Principal highlighted the achievement of the school.

Drawing contest

Whizkid Playway’s Creche ’N Toddlers Club organised a drawing competition here today in association with Fevicryl.

Acorn plastic crayons and “rangeela” colours were the theme for the competition. The participants were divided into different age groups.

More than 50 kids took part in the competition. Prizes were given to winners from different groups. Participation certificates were also given to the children.

Principal Dimple Verma said the event was organised to encourage tiny tots to explore their potential.

Summer camp

Students of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Sector 39, Chandigarh Road, presented a colourful function at the close of a summer workshop, which began on June 1.

Over 170 students showcased their newly acquired talent during the workshop.

The students put up an exhibition of their creations, which included glass, fabric paintings, etc.

Chief guest O.P. Arora, Principal, NM Jain Model Senior Secondary School, lit the lamp, while the function began with a “Saraswati Vandana”.

Students of nursery classes danced on a Hindi song, while students of Class VIII performed Punjabi and Gujarati dances. Principal Ranjeet Kaur read out the report of the camp.

Art and craft camp

An art and craft summer camp being organised at Spring Dale Senior Secondary School has found many takers. Students are being taught different techniques of paintings like stone, glass, metal, emboss and Rimzhim under the eyes of Richa Khanna.

The students are also being given tips on making artificial flowers, fruits, and utilising waste.



Telecom firm takes customer for a ride
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
In the face of the cut-throat competition, sales representatives and authorised agents of various telecom companies do not hesitate promising everything to the customer he asks for, but when it comes to keeping those promises they back out.

Baljinder Singh, employee of the local chapter of the Indian Medical Association learnt it a hard way. He was committed a single-digit series by Tata Indicom agents after he was made to furnish all relevant documents. But at the end, he was told that the particular single-digit series had already been blocked.

Baljinder Singh disclosed that he applied for the single-digit series with Tata Indicom. He was told that in case he possessed a single-digit series from any other company only then the company could provide him the number. He said, “they made me to make all the disclosures and took the copies of so many documents from me”. But only to learn later that the single -digit series had already been blocked. When he asked for any other single-digit series, he was again refused.

Baljinder Singh said after the company representatives committed him the number, he got it printed on the material needed for the annual national conference of the IMA. Now, he said, he would have to get the material printed afresh, which would obviously lead the association to additional expenditure. He said, he was going to file a complaint against the company in the consumer forum for the breach of trust.

However, sales head of Tata Indicom Vineet Chaudhary said that the company had promised him provide the single-digit series in the next series as all numbers in the existing series had been blocked or were sold out already. He said some agents might have committed him the number without knowing that it had already been blocked.



Squall hits power supply
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
City residents had to do without electricity for several hours today as power supply was affected following yesterday’s squall.

Power supply was disrupted as poles and electric wires were damaged due to the squall and rain as a result of which there was no power in a majority of areas of the city for three to 10 hours today.

While in areas like Ghumar Mandi, Sarabha Nagar and Civil Lines power was affected for three-six hours, in areas around Clock Tower supply was disrupted for nearly 10 hours. Similar situation prevailed in other areas.

Though power cuts were expected as the PSEB began supply to agricultural consumers for the paddy season, supply went phut even before cuts could be imposed. Board officials said they were not able to determine the demand generated by agricultural consumers on the first day of supply for the paddy season due to the disruption.

“Situation went out of control due to the squall,” an official said. However, industry was not much affected as it was the weekly off day.

“Repairs are being carried out and the supply is being restored to normal,” said an official. Meanwhile, PSEB authorities said that power would remain suspended to Amar Park, Pakhowal Road, Sarabha Nagar, Model Gram, Sunet and Sanchar Colony areas from 8 am to 12 noon on June 12 due to maintenance work of the 66kv sub station.



Heat wave hits milk production
Iqbal Singh

Khanna, June 10
Heat wave during the past many days has affected milk production in the region. Dairy owners are facing a lot of hardship in meeting the demand.

According to dairy owners, the milk production has gone down considerably. As a result, they were finding it difficult to meet the daily expenses with the income generated from the sale of milk, leading to losses.

A survey conducted by this correspondent in some village revealed that milk production had fallen by more than half in comparison with the production in March.

Jang Singh of Booth Garh village said a few months ago his cattle produced 75 kg of milk but nowadays the production had gone down to just 35 kg.

He said similar was the position of small dairy owners in the village. If monsoon did not hit early, he might sell his cattle, he said.

Bant Singh of Ismailpur village said heat wave had affected the milk production of his cattle too. He said milk production usually came down in summer, but this year it had gone down considerably.

Consequently, farmers were facing problems in paying up their loans, which they had taken to purchase animals.

He said in his village the production of milk was only 40 per cent of what it was in winter.

Dev Singh Bija village who had 10 heads of buffalo said his cattle were producing 90 kg of milk in March but now the production was just 30 kg.

He lamented that there was shortage of green fodder, which forced them to purchase cattle feed leading to increase in the cost of milk production.

Similar views were expressed by Himmat Singh of Ismailpur village, and Gurcharn Singh and Sadhu Singh of Bija village.



Stormwater project for Janakpuri
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
Parliamentary Secretary, Power, Housing and Urban Development Surinder Dawer today announced that a new musical fountain would be installed at Mini Rose Garden in Kidwai Nagar in Ludhiana (East) Constituency at cost of Rs 24 lakh.

He was addressing a function organised by the Yoga and Laughter Club after inaugurating a newly installed water cooler in the Mini Rose Garden.

Mr Dawer said that the first such musical fountain was installed in Nehru Rose Garden.

He hoped that the new fountain would also prove to be an attraction for the residents of this part of the city. He also informed that a new toilet block was also being constructed in Mini Rose Garden for the morning walkers.

Referring to the development projects taken up in his constituency during the last three years, Mr Dawer said that works more than of Rs 25 crores had already been completed in his constituency.

He said that in the Janakpuri Area, a special Stormwater Project costing to Rs 60 lakh had been sanctioned and the work on this project would start soon, which would solve the major problem of water logging in the area. He also informed that a new bridge in Janakpuri was also being constructed.

Mr Dawer said that to permanently solve the problem of pollution from the open sullage nullah passing through the different mohallas of his constituency, a special plan amounting to Rs 14 crore had been got sanctioned and with the implementation of this project this problem would be solved.

Mr J.L. Brara chairman and Mr G.R. Vig, president of Pranayama and Laughing Club, thanked Mr Dawer for water cooler in Mini Rose Garden.

Among others who were present on this occasion included Mr Bhupinder Singh, Mr Jasbir Singh Chadha, Mr Ashok Bagga, Mr Sanjay Talwar and Mr Kalash Kapoor (all councilors), Mr Dimple Rana, President Youth Congress, Mr Pardeep Jindal, Mr Paramjit Singh, Mr Satish Shukla, Mr Manjit Singh and Mr Kashmira Singh, XEN Municipal Council.



SAD meeting today
Our Correspondent

Khanna, June 10
A meeting of workers of the Shiromani Akali Dal Circle (Khanna rural and urban) will be organised on June 11 at 9 a.m. in Gurdwara Kalgidhar to choose candidate for the election of the Khanna Primary Cooperative Agricultural Bank, according to Mrs Satwinder Kaur Dhaliwal, former MP.

Mrs Dhaliwal said SAD candidates would contest all six zones of Khanna. She said a list of candidates for all zones including Mank Majra, Lalheri, Ikolahi, Bija, Nasrali and Rohno Kalan would be finalised at the meeting with the consent of senior workers and leaders.



135 kg of poppy husk seized, three nabbed
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, June 10
The police has seized 135.4 kg of poppy husk and arrested three persons.

The Dakha police has arrested Balbir Singh of Kulgehno and seized 50.4 kg narcotics whereas Panjab Singh of Kulgehno was arrested by the police from Talwandi Khurd and 50 kg of poppy husk has been seized.

In another incident, the police arrested Jagar Singh of Kothe Baggu and seized 35 kg of the contraband. Cases under Sections 15, 61 85 of the NDPS Act have been registered.



Rs 34,500 snatched from truck driver

Jagraon, June 10
Two persons are alleged to have snatched cash and made an attempt to kill a truck driver. The Raikot police has registered a case under Sections 307, 382, 394, 34, IPC.

According to information Gurbachan Singh of Kot Mangal Singh and Jasshir Singh and Pappa of Toot, Ferozepur, boarded the truck being driven by Avtar Singh of Mohalla Chet Singh Ludhiana. Near Littran they made an attempt on the life of Avtar Singh and snatched Rs 34,500 and absconded. The police has started investigation. No arrest has been made so far. OC



Cycle unit staff end strike
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 10
The strike at KW Rims, KW Engineering and Wasan Engineering, cycle and cycle parts manufactures, located in Focal Point here, ended after 23 days yesterday.

While the management agreed to take back 10 workers of the 49, who were suspended on June 8, it was decided that there would be no pay for no work done.

However, yesterday again there was a tiff between workers when some of them allegedly resorted to violence after which 10 persons were arrested, informed Mr B.D. Arora, legal representative of the companies.

During the strike period over 650 of the total 1,100 workers in all three factories did no work. As a result, over 50 per cent decline in production was recorded.

The workers went on strike after the management chargesheeted few workers, who were protesting management’s decision not to give a hike in increment.



Seminar for teachers
Our Correspondent

Amloh, June 10
A 10-day seminar for primary and upper primary school teachers at 17 clusters in the district for providing refresher training to the in-service teachers of the district was organised, said Mr Kanwarjeet Singh Ghuman, Principal, district Institute of Education and Training, while talking to the mediapersons after his visit to the local training cluster of government school (boys) here today. Professor R.K Sharma, co-ordinator of the course, giving details of the course said the seminar was very useful for teachers.

Mr Sharma pointed out that a workshop on learning material, chart making and modelling was organised. The teachers got positions as under:

Primary wing: Chart Making:- 1 Sukhchain Singh, Elementary School (ES) Bhaton, 2 Ms Lakshmi Devi ES, Sounti, 3 Mr Bhupinderjit Singh ES, Haibatpur.

Model making: 1 Raksha Devi ES Sounti, 2 Jatinder Kaur ES, Bhambri, 3 Parkash Kaur ES Alipur.

Mr Dharam Singh, cluster Incharge, provided detail of winners in chart making and modelling of upper primary section as under:

Chart making: 1 Minakshi Bhinot, Middle School, Bhambri, 2 Bhupinder Singh, Middle School, Noorpur, 3 Satwinder Kaur, Middle School, Sounti.

Model making: 1 Mehar Singh, Middle School, Bhadal Thuha, Harpal Singh, Govt Secondary School, Naraingarh (Both Ist), Mukesh Kumar Sood, Middle School, Sounti 2, Harpreet Kaur, Middle School, Haripur and Ravi Bala (both IIIrd).

Mr Jora Singh, Principal of the school, awarded prizes to the winners. The training was imparted by Headmaster Mange Ram, Lecturer Manmohan Sharma, Jagwinder Singh and Rajkumar.



Students contribute for tsunami victims
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 10
Students and staff members of the GGN Institute of Management and Techno-logy (GGNIMT) have contributed Rs 37,500 towards tsunami relief fund. The cheque was handed over to Mr Anurag Verma, Deputy Commissioner, by a team of seven students of MBA and MCA. Mr Gunwant Singh Dua, coordinator, in a press statement said that the staff members had already donated one day’s salary to support the noble cause.

The Director and Coordinator of the institute appreciated the efforts of the students and staff members.

Tributes paid

On the occasion of sixth death anniversary of former SDP Sabha president Om Parkash Gupta, SDP College and SDP schools, paid tributes to the departed soul.

His sons Mr Virinder Gupta, Mr Vijayinder Gupta, Mr Sanjiv Gupta and Ms Sushil Gupta, Deputy Mayor, Municipal Corporation, paid tributes by garlanding his statue at SDP College for Women along with the office-bearers and members of the SDP Sabha.



Rajni first in Class X exams
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, June 10
A student of Government Girls Secondary School, Mandi Gobindgarh, Ms Rajni Sharma got first position in Fatehgarh Sahib district and was placed at number 18 on the merit list of matriculation examination conducted by the Punjab School Education Board, Mohali, in March this year. She got 582 marks out of 650 marks. Her aim is to adopt medical profession.

Mr Rajinder Kumar, father of the student, said his daughter had never got tuition. Rajni Sharma had bagged first prize in the state in essay competition organised by the Red Cross Society, Punjab, and also got first position in the district in the Rajiv Gandhi Energy Saving Day competition organised by rural development agency. She won second prize in the district in painting competition.



Regional conference of CMAI
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 10
The allied health professionals from the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and union territory of Chandigarh would congregate at Christian Medical College and Hospital here on June 11 for a regional conference of Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI), the official health arm of the Churches in India.

According to the organisers, the conference would have a host of scientific sessions, covering varied topics of changing technologies. Special emphasis would be laid on the combination of men and machines working together to help in healing and bringing wholeness to the suffering.

The paramedics drawn from different fields like pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, radiology, pharmacy, dietary and radio-therapy would attend the conference which would also mark the completion of 100 years of medical mission in India, which was later re-christened as Christian Medical Association of India.



Hat-trick by NRI brothers
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 10
It was for the third year in a row that pigeons owned by the New York-based brothers, Bhupinder Singh Jolly and Rajinder Singh Malli of Ludhiana, came out triumphant in the annual pigeon-flying competition, which concluded here yesterday. The winners pocketed Rs 50,000 and a trophy as their pigeons flew for a total of 177 hours and 31 minutes during the course of the competition. The “Pigeon of the Match” award was bagged by Sarpanchan Wala who flew for a gruelling 12 hours and 31 minutes.

The competition, which lasted for five weeks, attracted a large number of participants. Last year, the duo had retained the trophy by flying their pigeons for more than five hours.

Talking to mediapersons, the brothers said they had a passion for pigeon-flying for the past 20 years and had as many as 350 pigeons of high breed. “We are visiting India for the past one decade to take part in the pigeon flying competition here as people in the city, are crazy for the pigeon-flying, “ they added.

The Singh brothers have been planning to visit Pakistan in near future to chalk out a programme to organise a similar tournament there.


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