Saturday, June 11, 2005

Karuna Goswamy


1. Pertaining to a rope or cord

5. More than a village, less than a city

7. TV is nothing but "the __ Tube"

8. The monthly payment made for something bought
on credit (inits.)

9. Suspend; fasten into position

10. ‘Sons of the __’ can be quite demanding

11. de Janeiro, former capital of Brazil

12. Relating to agriculture

14. __ Contractor, former Indian batsman

16. Romila Thapar is a leading one


1. District town in Punjab

2. Not then

3. The hot wind that blows in summers

4. Uprising; defiance of authority

6. How a black was referred to earlier

7. Large, ox-like animal

13. __al Khaima, Emirate in middle east

15. __ Granth, great sacred scripture of the Sikhs