Saturday, June 11, 2005


True blue
Prerana Trehan

WHO doesnít like colours? They bring brightness and joy into our lives. They also give us many colourful idioms. This week we study the idioms that are related to the colour blue.

A blue-eyed boy: a man or boy who is someoneís favourite and with whom he can find no fault.

I am sure Rahul will get a promotion. He has always been the bossí blue-eyed boy.

A bolt from the blue: a sudden (usually unpleasant) surprise or shock.

They appeared to be happily married so the news of their divorce came as a bolt from the blue.

(Have) blue blood: have royal or aristocratic origins.

Tradition holds that the prince can only marry into a blue-blooded family.

A blue-collar worker/job, etc: a manual or factory worker, i.e. not an office worker.

In order to tackle unemployment, it is necessary to create more blue-collar jobs.

Once in a blue moon: very rarely.

I love trekking, although with my busy schedule I manage to do it only once in a blue moon.

Out of the blue: suddenly, unexpectedly.

I had not heard from her in years, when one day, completely out of the blue, I got a call from her.

Disappear/vanish/go off into the blue: go away suddenly, unexpectedly and without a trace.

When he was caught embezzling funds, he left his wife and child behind and disappeared into the blue to avoid arrest.

Till one is blue in the face: continually or exhaustively but without results.

I argued with him till I was blue in the face about his decision to settle abroad, but he didnít change his mind.

Scream/cry blue murder: shout or complain loudly; protest; make a lot of fuss.

I have promised to take my daughter to the park today and if I donít she will scream blue murder.

(Reference: Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms)