Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Recipe for growth
atering or serving food to people is an important part of the multi-disciplinary hospitality industry. And at the heart of all catering operations is the chef. It is the chef who holds the recipe for the success of an eatery or a catering business. To become a chef one can opt for a three-year degree course after plus two after clearing the entrance examination for any one of the 24 Ministry of Tourism-run IHM institutions all over India. Besides this, there are several reputed private organisations like the Welcom Group Graduate School of Hotel Management, Manipal, the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, New Delhi, and other institutions that impart training in this field.

Khana has khazana of prospects
Vibha Sharma
aster Chef Sanjeev Kapoor really needs no introduction. The 40-year-old chef, a celebrity in his own right, has been hosting the TV show ‘Khana Khazana’, that has aired 600 episodes since 1993, is the author of eight best-selling cookbooks, a restaurant consultant and winner of several culinary awards. Receiver of the Best Executive Chef Of India award by the H & FS magazine and the Mercury Gold Award by the Inter Flight Catering Association at Geneva, he has established upmarket restaurants in the country and abroad. Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khazana at Al Nasr Leisureland in Dubai, UAE, has been adjudged the Best Indian Restaurant.
Sanjeev Kapoor

by Sandeep Joshi

Their main interest is not to train as cooks, but to learn the recipe of success.

Smart Skills
Choices you can count on
Usha Albuquerque

he road to success need not necessarily be paved with an MBA degree. There are other equally successful choices one can consider. Among them, the study of commerce, that includes subjects like accounting, statistics and economics, is often selected by students for the doors it opens to a wide variety of career options.

Interview intelligence
Mind your body language
I.M. Soni
r body language plays a big role while you are facing interview for an important job. Your preparation may go waste, if you fail or falter on this count. Similarly, your having qualified in the written test may also come to naught.

IT is a matter of degrees, not experience
Seema Hakhu Kachru
n MBA degree scores over experience when it comes to earning fatter paycheques in the technology sector, a study by the University of Michigan has found. A two-year MBA programme can boost a person’s salary by as much as 8.2 per cent, according to a research conducted by Prof M.S. Krishnan and Sunil Mithas of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

Work wise
Where there’s no retirement age
romoting a proactive work culture enables an employer to create a highly productive team. Pramod Sadarjoshi, Director and Head HR, CSC India, outlines the HR policies that distinguish and define his company.

Career fairs have plenty to offer
Gayatri Rajwade

s trends go, education and career fairs are like sale bonanzas. Under a single roof, you get to choose from a vast array of educational information, criteria for admission and selection and, of course, job options, all first hand. What these fairs offer in plenty is exposure to a world, intangible and unreachable as yet, but certainly within grasp. For countries like ours where students outside metros rarely get a chance to such options, these fairs make for good common sense.

Youngsters explore opportunities at a job festival. — Tribune photo by Pradeep Tewari
Youngsters explore opportunities at a job festival

Groundwork the key to success in interview
Anureet Sibia Dhillon
avid W. Crawley Jr had said: "Most people fail to get the job they really want not because they are not qualified but because they failed in the interview. And most failure occurs because they aren’t prepared." Before going for an interview an interviewee is stressed and anxious about what kind of questions will be asked and how he will fare. To feel relaxed and confident it is important that one prepares for the event.

Delegation dynamics
Roopa Hegde
elegating smart is a great way to get more work done and move up quickly in your career. Delegation earns you the respect of your team and frees you to do more of what you are best at doing. Are you among those chanting the mantra, ‘Too much to do and too little time’? May be, delegation is just what you need. Much has been written about the skill called delegation, yet there are very few who actually understand it and, of course, implement it successfully.
Delegation of work can be used as a dynamic tool for motivating staff to realise their potential.
Delegation of work can be used as a dynamic tool for motivating staff to realise their potential

Sweet rewards
Sugar technology promises

ith the oil prices shooting up in the international market every now and then, the need of finding substitutes — like blending alcohol with oil — to rein in the prices is being felt acutely for the past couple of years. Experts are of the view that this substitution could bring down the prices of oil to some extent and bring relief to the burgeoning middle class that is feeling the maximum pinch. 

A training session of the sugar and alcohol technology course in progress.
A training session of the sugar and alcohol technology course in progress

Career Hotline
Test the waters
Pervin Malhotra