Sunday, June 19, 2005, Chandigarh, India

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Brides Wanted

Well settled Canada born boy Punjabi Brahmin fair, handsome M.A. 25/5'-10". Working as Assistant Editor in daily newspaper. Send bio-data, photograph. Contact: Vijay Kapila. 4518. Law Ave Princegeorge (BC) V2 M5 V5, Canada. E-mail: A5-8021

Well-established Jat Sikh family from USA seeking suitable match for our
handsome, 28 years old, 5'-9", successful, clean shaven boy. He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and is currently working professionally. Seeking beautiful, educated Jatti. Please e-mail  with bio-data and picture. We will promptly send picture with reply e- mail. C5-17540B-OL

Hindu Punjabi Khatri divorcee (only son well established), 38/185, 23.03.67,
1:27 a.m. Phagwara. Australian citizen. Contact  Ph: 610403777043 or write P.O. Box 646, Campsie, NSW 2194 Australia. C5-18821-OL

Wanted beautiful intelligent and high calibre professional preferably MBBS/IIM/IIT girl around 24 minimum 5'-6" for NRI Jat Sikh clean shaven, handsome boy 26 plus/6'-1" teetotaller and only child. Boy MBA with distinction and gold medallist American University, working Vice-President global number one company USA, monthly salary 24000/-Dollars plus heavy bonus and liberal perks. Father/mother Senior Class One Officers. Sufficient property India and abroad. Boy noblest of nobles and one in millions. Hates dowry. Girls with broad outlook from high status families requested correspondence preferably with girl's photograph. E.mail:  C5-19523-OL

Suitable match for American citizen of Indian origin 39/173/73 kg 100 kpa
Sendmail divorcee without any encumberance qualified physician associate with MBA working large hospital/Spinster/ divorcee/widow without encumberance may correspond with complete details. E-mail:  Box 4231M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionaly qualified beautiful girl for Saraswat Brahmin boy Engineer 76
Sendmail born 5'-9" teetotaller very handsome well built, working in England. Early marriage, upper caste no bar. 98728-94195. . Box 4515M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Looking for professionally qualified match for Jatt Sikh boy, 29, 5'-10",
well-settled Electronics Engineer in top MNC in California, USA for last 5 years on H1B, getting his green card soon. Medico match preferred. Decent/cultured middle class family with good ethics & same preferred. Boy is currently visiting India. Early & simple marriage preferred. Girl main consideration. Contact:  Cell: 9312189710 Home; 0172-2210869. C5-22021-OL

Polite educated match for Mair Rajput Verma boy 27/ 5'- 8'', B.Tech.
Sendmail Structural Engineer.Own business.Brother, sister Engineer. USA Jalandhar preferred. Early marriage. Contact 98151-71300 after 7.p.m. Box 5144M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Gursikh Khatri 30/ 5'-9", fair, slim, Sr. Software Engineer, working in US based
Sendmail MNC in Chicago, US on H1Visa, Willing to settle in US. Email: . Box 5232M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, educated Punjabi match for US returned very handsome athletic,
Sendmail fair, clean shaven Ramgarhia Sikh boy, 36, 5'-10", 73 kg, MS Engg (US), handsome divorcee. Issueless salary. Send biodata to  or Box 5249M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking slim, fair, beautiful, cultured English speaking and professional Jat
Sendmail Sikh match between 21-23 yrs (5'-3" to 5'-5") for handsome Merchant Navy Navigational Officer 25/5'-7". Father retired Air Force Officer settled at Chandigarh. Girl preferred from Air Force/Naval background. Elder brother married and settled in Canada. Box 5255M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match invited for clean shaven, management professional, workingSendmail with a top MNC in Canada, 26/6', Engineer, MBA, Jat Sikh, Canadian immigrant after education in India, only son from a highly educated & very well-established family in Malwa, Punjab. Professional alliance preferred. Box 5263M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliances invited for Jat Sikh, MBBS Doctor, 25 yrs old, 5'-8", tall, very
handsome, taken USMLE1, preparing for USMLE2. We are well-educated & accomplished and very down to earth family. Elder sister Dentist (USA) so can support even in US. Girl should be beautiful and attitude free & well-qualified (MBBS, MD, BDS, MDS if Indian) or (MD, DDS, MPH, Pharmacist, PT, MS etc. if US citizen/H1). Girl's merits the only consideration. Respond to:  Or 630-372-8108 Or 011-91- 9814046024. C5-22541-OL

27, 5'-8", USMLE cleared Doctor, now in USA, seeks suitable match. e.mail:
Sendmail .  Box 5283M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents invite a compatible alliance for their handsome, very
Sendmail intelligent, B.E. 26/5'-11" turbaned Computer professional son, working with Inforsys in U.S. on H1B visa. Boy visiting India in mid August. Girl's merits main consideration. No dowry. Contact with details  Ph. 9815158514. Box 5286M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents invite correspondence for their Canadian citizen son,
Sendmail 26/5'-11", handsome, cleanshaven, professionally qualified boy, girl should be well- educated, beautiful, tall and from a well-settled Jat Sikh family.  Box 5292M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jatt Sikh parents in USA seek attractive bride for their cleanshaven 32, 5'-8",
M.S. He is working in Information Technology. He is non-drinker/non-smoker. Looking strictly for a highly educated girl from decent family with strong family values (only MBBS, MD, BDS, Engineer preferred). Visiting India in October. Only responses with complete biodata and recent photograph will be considered. Email:  Address: P.O. Box 616017, Orlando, FL 32861. C5-22666

Match for Hindu Panjabi Saini handsome smart slim well mannered
Sendmail professionally eduacted bachelor boy November 1970/5'-6", looks younger, diploma in Optometrist. Running own well-established Optics business in Sundernagar (H.P). Own house, income five figures. Preferred professioanlly qualified slim girl from decent status family. Upper caste no bar. Please correspond with complete details Mobile. 094181-54762. Box 5308M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico/Engineer match for handsome Ramdasia Sikh (boy cleanshaven)
Sendmail 25/5'-6", B.Tech. Mech. Thapar, petrol pumps Chd/Pb. Family of Officers. Father Sr. Class-I Officer recently retd. No bars. Contact: 98145-00466. Box 5310M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Canadian citizen parents seek Dentist Jat Sikh girl, 26-30, above 5'-3" for
their Canadian Doctor son 36/5'-11", never married, respond with recent photo, bio-data,  73- G, BRS Nagar Ludhiana. C5-22726-OL

Tonkshatri B.Pharmacy 5'-10"/24 yrs. employed clean shaven boy. No bars.Sendmail NRI preferred. Box 5331M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy 28/5'- 10" Canadian
Sendmail immigrant, currently pursuing MBA in USA. MS from US University. BE from PEC. Email:  Box 5344M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Hindu Punajbi parents settled in Canada since 1975, seek a suitable match
for their son 5'-9", born Oct-80, athletic, handsome, sweet-natured with best of Estern and Western values. Working as a Lawyer in a reputed firm and helping in family business. We are looking for a beautiful professional or well-educated girl with great family values and sense of homour. No dowry. No bars. Write Email to:  or Box 5346M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh clean shaven fair, good looking 26/6' boy,
B.Tech. in Computer Science. High status family. Father Class I officer. E-mail:  US citizens preferred. Box 5348M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Arora boy January 1981/5'-8",
Sendmail B.Tech. (KU), MS, USA, holding H-1 visa, earning 50,000 $ annum. Only US citizen/green card/H-1 visa holder. Apply Box 5393M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for graduate Hindu Khatri Canadian citizen boy, born in India, Feb.
76/5'-6", family top class business in Canada & India, working as Manager in family business. Early marriage. Mobile: 98764-57505, 0181-2224316. C5-23006B-OL

Beautiful, Doctor, Engineer, CA, MBA professionally well qualified match for
Sendmail handsome July 1980, Law graduate, pursuing LL.M 5'-5", Sikh Khatri boy engaged in manufacturing Textile Machinery parts, Readymade Garments and Real Estate Business. No demand. Girl only consideration. Box 5411M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted matching pleasant Jat-Sikh educated girl around 21 yrs. US/Canada
Sendmail citizen with Indian values for Software analyst Sandhu clean shaven boy 5'-10"/24 yrs. Educated in USA. Currently working in Los Angles H1B. Status Parents Chandigarh based status family. Only sister married in UK. Box 5420M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for lower Himachali (Distt. Una) Brahmin boy 28/5'-11", B.E.
Sendmail (Electronics) PGDIM, MBA (near completion) working as Senior Engineer in Delhi-based MNC company good salary only son. Father retired teacher, mother in service Punjab Education Deptt. Distt. Hoshiarpur MBA, M.Sc./B.Sc., MCA, B.Tech. preferred. Send kundli, biodata. E.mail:  Box 5435M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Status family of professionals invites matrimonial for their Canadian resident
Sendmail son, Engineer in a high growth oil sector in Canada, 27/5'-11", ambitious and good natured, in India right now. Girl should be Doctor. Elder brother Doctor in USA  1636- 228989. Box 5444M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful medico Jat Sikh minimum 5'-5", preferably USMLE cleared for
handsome Sandhu turbaned boy, 5'- 10"/25, doing residency in General Surgery in USA. 0164-2211243, 98142-22078. C5-23233-OL

Well-educated qualified beautiful girl from family of high status only for SikhSendmail Ahluwalia Permanent Commissioned Army Captain, handsome 26 yrs./5'-8", 62 kg, high profile, well-to-do family, having sizable property. Box 5520M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-established Jat Sikh parents from Canada seek attractive bride for only
son, 24, studying in MD. Looking for a beautiful, slim, fair, tall, highly educated girl, age 21 to 25 (MD, MBBS, MDS) with strong family values. Serious parties to respond with biodata and a recent photograph at Email:  C5- 23367-OL

Alliance invited for handsome Himachali Rajput Air Force officer 28/172 from
beautiful cultured and professionally qualified girl from in and around Chandigarh. Contact: 01762-271110 or 09434262915. BHP. E-mail:  C5-23487

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