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Canal mishap: PSEB ignored complaints?
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 19
The canal mishap in which six persons died due to electrocution could have been averted had the PSEB authorities responded immediately to the complaints about the ‘tilted’ pole made by certain shopkeepers a week before the incident.

While the PSEB authorities denied receiving any such complaint at the senior level, investigations by this correspondent revealed that kiosk owners doing business near the Dugri bridge had complained to the PSEB about the ‘tilted’ pole six days before the incident.

Jatinder Singh of Taneja meat shop said he had complained to the PSEB about the pole. “Some wires pass above our shop also. In case the wires fell on the shop, we might be electrocuted,” he feared.

Two persons, Kulwant Singh and Harbhajan Singh, who saved many lives, also corroborated his statement. They jumped into the canal along with Kalla and Jassa, who died while saving others.

“We had complained to the PSEB on June 9. A team of the PSEB inspected the pole and brought a new pole, saying they would replace it in a few days. But they did not return. But when the incident took place, they changed it within 15 minutes,” they said.

Mr Kuldip Singh, XEN, PSEB, said no such complaint was received or was in the notice of senior officials. He said the PSEB was not at fault as the Municipal Corporation pole had caused electrocution and the canal banks had weakened due to soil erosion.



Deaths fail to deter youngsters
Kulvir Singh

Ludhiana, June 19
No lessons seem to have been learnt from the recent tragic mishap at the Dugri bridge in which six persons were drowned after being electrocuted. Youngsters, especially children, flocked the canal today for swimming and bathing .

Just four days after the incident, they were seen enjoying a splash in the canal waters. Unmindful of the lurking danger and a ban imposed on swimming in the canal, youngsters seem to have forgotten the tragic incident.

The city police which was patrolling the banks of the canal since the June 15 evening incident also does not seem to bother now. A Tribune team spotted cops standing near the Ludhiana-Ferozepore railway line as well as the Dugri bridge but they did not stop anyone from having a dip in the canal.

The Irrigation Department had already expressed its helplessness. The notice boards announcing the ban and barbed wires erected as fence at key points have been stolen by miscreants. Only a couple of such boards are seen along the canal route from Lohara village to South City.

A senior official of the Irrigation Department, wishing not to be quoted, said it was the job of the police to prevent the youngsters. He said the district magistrate should promulgate ban orders for swimming in the canal to strengthen the hands of the police.

The youngsters, however, argued that the government should provide them a safe place to swim.

Sonu, a 15-year-old son of a farmer said they have no other means to beat the heat and the canal is their only respite, “We are poor people. We do not have the comfort of the ACs or the coolers. The ice cold water is only our saviour from the blistering heat’’

Another youngster Inderjit said the government should make a small distributary from the canal near the leisure valley where they all can swim safely. He suggested that divers or expert swimmers could be posted there to prevent any untoward incident.



Heroin worth Rs 2.5 crore seized; 2 arrested
Our Correspondent

Puran Singh and Jarnail Singh with heroin recovered from their possession
Puran Singh (right) and Jarnail Singh with heroin recovered from their possession. — A Tribune Photograph 

Khanna, June 19
Police will extend supervision near religious palaces in the area as the smugglers have increased their activities near mandirs and gurudwaras. Police claimed that two heroin smugglers were arrested today from two different religious places and 2.5 kg of heroin worth Rs 2.5 crore was recovered.

SSP, Khanna, Naunihal Singh, said in a press conference that one smuggler was arrested on Saturday while the other was arrested today. He said the smugglers had connections in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.

The SSP said that following the complaints of increasing drug addiction in the area a special campaign was launched to nab the smugglers.

Police received information that a big haul of drugs was expected to reach near Gurudwara Manji Sahib Kotan in Khanna sub-division. Following the information a police party, including DSP Khanna Rajeshwar Singh Sidhu and SHO Sadar Police station, reached at Gurudwara Manji Sahib. The police officials surrounded the area. One person was noticed coming on the wrong side at G T Road near gurudwara. When police signalled him to stop he tried to escape but was arrested.

During search, 2 kg of heroin was recovered from his possession. The accused, identified as Puran Singh, told police that the drugs were being supplied to India from countries like Afghanistan. He was distributing the heroin to the small smugglers. He revealed that he had supplied half kg of heroin to Jarnail Singh a resident Lalheri Road Khanna today. A case under N D P C act has been registered against him.

Following the information given by Puran Singh police party started looking for Jarnail Singh. He was later arrested near a temple situated in Army camping ground. Half kg of heroin was recovered from his possession. During interrogation he told the police that he was waiting for a customer from Delhi. Police claimed that Jarnail Singh was a known smuggler and many case of opium smuggling had been registered against him in Ferozepur district.

SSP stated that Major Singh, a resident of Sirssa in Haryana, supplied that heroin to Puran Singh. He said that police parties were being dispatched to Sirsa and Delhi.



It’s vote-bank politics: Janata Yuva Morcha
Amarjit Thind
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 19
The decision of Andhra Pradesh Cabinet regarding the grant of 5 per cent reservation for Muslims in government jobs and educational institutions has drawn criticism from the Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

“Terming the yesterday’s decision as violative of the letter and spirit of the constitution,” Mr Vineet Joshi, member, National Executive BJP (Youth wing), added that since the adoption of the constitution, religion has never been the basis of any category of reservations.

He further added that they were unable to find any logic on religion-based reservation that has already been rejected way back in 1947 by the Constituent Assembly’s Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights, Minorities and Tribal and Excluded Areas. This advisory body was headed by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and comprised of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, Dr S.P.Mukherjee, Maulana Azad, Dr K.M. Munshi, Mr Purshottam Das Tandon, Pandit Govind Vallabh Pant, Sh. Gopinath Bardoloi with Pandit Nehru as Special Invitee.

Mr Joshi further added that as the backward Muslims had already been covered under mandal commission recommendations then why this move under the title ‘reservation for Muslims’ by a party which has been principally associated with India’s freedom moment. “It is nothing but Congress party’s surrender to the politics of appeasement for the perpetuating its hold over the minority vote-bank,” he said.

He said that it was a retrograde move, which, if not immediately reverted will sow the poisonous seed for the growth of communal movement that led to the tragic partition of our motherland.

He stated that the present leadership of the Congress party neither knew and nor seemed to care for the history for India. However, one would expect it to know at least the history of congress party itself and be consistent with its own thinking on the issue of reservations. They must recall that Pt Nehru in a letter addressed to all CMs on June 27 1961 saying: “I have referred above to efficiency and to our getting out of our traditional ruts. This necessitates our getting out of the old habits of reservations and particular privileges being given to this cast or that group... I dislike any kind of reservation, more particular in services. I react strongly against anything which leads to inefficiency and second rate standards.... If we go in for reservations on communal and caste basis, we swamp the bright and able people and remain second-rate or third-rate. I want my country to be a first class country in every thing. The moment we encourage the second-rate or third-rate, we are lost. I am grieved to learn that how far the business of reservation has gone based on communal considerations..... This ways lie not only folly but disaster.”

Mr Joshi added: “BJP wish to make it categorically clear that we have not cited Nehru’s views to endorse them in their entirety.

The BJP believes that reservations are indeed needed to help SCs, STs, and OBCs to overcome their social and economic backwardness.

The point we wish to make is two-fold: Nehru was aware of the limitation of reservations as the sole instrumentality for the socio-economic uplift of those who are socially and economically backward. Secondly, and more relevant to our 
present context, he was totally opposed to reservations on communal considerations.



22 hurt as bus overturns 
Tribune News Service

Mullanpur Dakha, June 19
Twenty-two persons were injured, two of them seriously, when a private bus on its way to Bathinda from Jalandhar overturned near Hissowal village on the Mullanpur-Raikot road this afternoon. The injured included three children. Two injured, Dhobi Lal and Shanti Devi, were admitted to the Ludhiana Civil Hospital.

The bus (PB3H 6900) is owned by Roop Transport Company. The driver and the conductor absconded from the spot after the accident.

At the time of the accident 55 passengers were travelling in the bus. Those admitted to Premjit Hospital, Sudhar, were Amandeep Kaur of Threeke village, Paramjeet Kaur and Ravinder Singh, both of Bada Chak Kalan village, Anandjit of Boha village, Arshdeep Kaur of Gujjarwal village, Ranjit Singh of Mohammadpur village, Surinder Kaur of Bassian Alal village, Kundan Singh of Bassian Alal village, Surjit Singh of Mitthewal village and Kamaljeet Singh, Parminder Kaur and Arshdeep Singh, all of Aitiana village.

Those admitted to Pandori Nursing Home, Mullanpur, were Dhobi Lal of Raikot, Malkait Kaur of Ferozepore, Jaswinder Singh and Malkait Kaur, both of Ayali village, Paro of Barnala, and Shanti Devi and Darshan Singh, both of Halwara.

Those admitted to Sarn Hospital, Mullanpur, were Malkait Singh, Baljit Kaur and Jaspreet Singh, all of Hassanpur village.



Ludhiana Calling

Hapless PSEB linemen

It is generally said that defence personnel risk their lives to save the country from enemy. But nobody sings anything in the praise of linemen of Punjab State Electricity Board who brave all weathers and risk their lives while climbing up a pole for rectifying a snag. The other day sentinel witnessed a lineman carrying out repairs while climbing on a precariously hung wooden ladder. While many of them lose their lives during their routine work, the board should provide them required infrastructure so that their family do not have to lose a dear member.

Ban plastic bags

In Himachal Pradesh the govt with the cooperation of the people has been successful in banning the plastic bags which were degrading the environment. They have become so conscious that even the parshad from Vaishno Devi comes in cloth bags nicely sealed with valcrove which earlier came in plastic bags. Why cannot we all start cleanliness campaign in our city by carrying cloth bags when we go shopping and say firmly ‘no’ to plastic bags. Let each one take the responsibility of motivating 10 other people not to use plastic bags. We owe it to our coming generations to live in a cleaner environment .

Traffic chaos in Meena Bazaar

Parallel to Chaura Bazaar of the city runs a long narrow lane that runs through Meena Bazaar that sells all kinds of provisions, sweets, herbs, and even has jeweller’s shops. Yesterday, Sentinel in a rickshaw had to pass through that bazaar to reach basati bazaar . The traffic was chaotic even at 1.3pm when the heat was maximum. Cycles, scooters, rickshaws, carts all vied to overtake each other in the narrow lane with the result that the pedestrians have to walk on their own peril. Soon the rickshaw journey ended as three to four scooters were so parked that no rickshaw could pass either way. Rule of jungle prevailed i.e. ‘might is right’. Neither the shopkeepers nor the buyers seemed to be bothered about the unruly traffic. It is high time bottlenecks are removed from that narrow bazaar and the lane made safe for pedestrians. Ban the two and three wheelers and make it walkers’ zone only. Time we got civilized.

Is anybody listening?

If one happens to frequent the mini secretariat in Ludhiana, one finds several faces who have been making rounds of the Deputy Commissioner’s office for getting justice. Though several DCs have come and gone, these people’s work has not been done by anybody. Despite having documents supporting their cause, these persons, though covered extensively by mediapersons while highlighting their plights are only left to make rounds of these offices. Many of them are very old and are too frail to even walk properly are seen waiting outside his office. Is anybody going to listen to them?

Violators or enforcers

It is a common sight in the city to see zealous cops challaning motorists and two wheeler drivers for not obeying traffic signals and other violations. But are they obeying the rules themselves ? No, not really. ASI and SI level cops on motorcycles can be seen doing the rounds only wearing a cap and not the mandatory helmets. Similarly, many of them are seen jumping the red lights on their motorbikes while the public men are seen watching them on various traffic chowks. Do they think wearing uniform and wielding a stick means they can flout the rules?

Please value life

Life costs nothing in this part of the world if the recent deaths of drowning in canal after electrocution is any indication. While so many lives were lost, the departments who were responsible for this criminal negligence were passing the buck to each other and were not able to shoulder the responsibility of the incident. Despite the fact that it was a hair-raising incident and a loosely erected electric pole was responsible for the tragedy, no responsibility was fixed on the defaulters. When the mediapersons queried whether any action was taken against the officials responsible, the authorities were seen accusing each other. One wonders for how long will this happen? Please start valuing life!

Of magicians and astrologer

Astrologers and magicians seem to have a great market in the city. If one astrologer or a magician leaves the city another makes his grand entry and starts advertising in newspapers and other kinds of media. The city has already witnessed a number of astrologers, vastu consultants, tarot card readers, feng shui experts and palmists and at the same time magicians. After Shankar Samrat it was the turn of Jadugar Samraj, followed by O.P. Sharma. The pamphlets being circulated in the city of late have announced the arrival of a magician woman Chingli Phungli.

Heat wave

Soaring mercury is forcing the city residents to stay indoors most of the times. Even those persons, who depend on their daily wages and have to work in sun are preferring to stay indoors. The other day a colleagues rickshaw puller asked her to make her arrangements for reaching the office for some days. When she asked the reason he said that the heat wave was rendering him useless and he wanted to rest. But what would he do to earn his livelihood? he was asked and pat came the reply, ‘‘I will keep lying under a tree outside a temple and depend on alms for some days.’’

— Sentinel



Congress accused of supporting militants
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 19
A former Union Minister and senior BJP leader, Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, today charged the Congress government in Punjab with lending overt and covert support to militant groups for ulterior political motives.

Addressing mediapersons here, Mr Prasad said this border state had underwent the agony of terrorism for well over a decade and even the Congress have had a tough time in dealing with the menace. Many a precious human lives were lost during the period, the militants ruled the roost. He, however, maintained that circumstantial evidence pointed towards the Congress hand behind the recent spurt in terrorist activities in the region and the intelligence goof up behind reported moves to reorganise militant outfits in Punjab and elsewhere.

Mr Prasad, who was in the city to address a day-long media workshop organised by the party, remarked that the ruling Congress might be eyeing the general elections in the state which were less than two years away in its bid to create terror among the minds of the people for its own political compulsions.

“But the game Congress leaders are playing is a dangerous one and it can lead to a situation which will spell doom for the state and its people.”

He said the state could usher in peace and prosperity only if the anti-national forces were dealt with an iron hand and a ‘casual approach’ could prove disastrous.

Commenting on attempts by the UPA government in the Centre to improve bilateral relations with Pakistan, the BJP leader regretted that the entire process had become Kashmir centric. “There are several other core issues concerning the two countries which needed to be discussed and settled.”

He felt that a completely erroneous impression was sought to be created about the status of Hurriayat leaders, who were projected like the real representatives of the people of Kashmir during their recent visit to Pakistan. There was a lawfully elected government in place in Jammu and Kashmir and it should be the elected state government to talk about the future of the state and its people and not any self-styled pressure groups.



SOS call by NRI wife sends cops in a tizzy
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 19
An SOS call by a Canada-based NRI woman that her husband was getting remarried in a village near here, sent the Jagroan police in a tizzy as the latter had to rush to the village to intervene.

But the efforts of the dejected woman proved futile when the groom claimed to the police that he was a permanent resident of Canada and had divorced his former wife as per the Canadian rules.

The marriage was finally solemnised as Mr Rajiv Ahir, Senior Superintendent of Police, Jagraon, maintained that they could not stop the ceremony as the groom had claimed that he had legally divorced the complainant.

Ms Gagandeep Kaur, a native of Ghungrana village, now settled in Canada in a fax message to the police yesterday had urged the latter to intervene and save her marriage. In her complaint she had claimed that she had married this youth of Mohammadpura three years ago.

Ms Gaganpreet alleged that his husband started harassing her on one pretext or the other immediately after the marriage. After she became pregnant, instead of supporting her he started living separately and threatened to desert her in case she gave birth to a female child.

Gaganpreet lost all hopes of reunion when she gave birth to a daughter who is 33-month-old now. While talking to the Ludhiana Tribune on telephone from Canada Gaganpreet said: “My mother-in-law instigated my husband to desert me as she aspired to have a grandson and was not ready to accept the law of nature. She lodged a false complaint against me and my parents when we came to India last year,” she alleged.

When a few days earlier she came to know that her husband was going to marry a girl of Pherurai village near Raikot on Saturday through her relatives in India, she requested the SSP Jagraon to intervene and stop the marriage which was scheduled to take place today. But the police could not stop the same.

Mr Satpal Singh Zaildar, said his daughter Gaganpreet Kaur married Lakha of Mohamadpura village near Raikot on January 6, 2002.

Mr Ahir held that the marriage could not be stopped as the groom had claimed that he had already divorced the complainant. “As we did not have anything to support the claim lodged by the complainant, we were not in a position to interfere. But we would investigate the matter and proceed as per law,” said Mr Ahir.

Refuting the claim regarding divorce Ms Gaganpreet said: “Though we have been living separately for a long period, I received no intimation regarding such orders from any court in India or abroad. Otherwise also he has to return my istridhan, compensation and maintenance allowance for my daughter.”



Arrest of 3 leaders: unions to intensify stir
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 19
Activists of the Democratic Teachers Front of the district along with the Bharatiya Teachers' Front, the Technical Service Union, the Inqualbi Kender, Punjab, the Lok Morcha, Punjab, the Moulders and Steel Workers Union, the Lok Ekta Sangarsh , the Jan Adhikar Suraksha Samiti Bharat , the Punjab Students Union, the PAU Employees Union, the Maha Sabha ,the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, the Pendu Mazdoor Union and DMC&H Employee Union held a joint convention in Punjabi Bhavan here today.

Inqualabi Kender Secretary Kanwaljit Singh Khanna, Kasturi Lal, president of the Lok Bhalai Punjab, Iqbal Singh of the PSU addressed the convention.

Mr Kanwaljit Singh alleged that the police had falsely implicated three of their leaders namely Narain Dutt of the Punjab Students Union , Prem Kumar of the Democratic Teachers Front and Manjit Singh Dhaner of the Bharti Kisan Union Ekta Front in the Kiranjeet rape and murder case in Mahilan Kalan ( Barnala).

Mr Kanwaljit Singh alleged that they had been implicated on the basis of false evidence.He said ng a signature campaign would be strated to prove that these three were innocent.

Mr Bhajan Lal of the DTF said that they would send the signatures to the Governor . The campaign to get the three released would also be intensified. Yesterday these groups held a convention Rampura.on June 25 again, the meeting of these groups would be held in Chattar Singh Park to register their protest.



Welfare plan for SCs, weaker sections
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 19
The Punjab Government has chalked out a comprehensive plan for the welfare of weaker sections and Scheduled Castes in the state and a corpus fund of Rs 450 crore has been set up for regular payment of old age pensions and for other welfare measures for more than 14 lakh beneficiaries in the state.

This was stated by Choudhary Jagjit Singh, minister for Local Bodies, Labour and Employment, Punjab while addressing a well-attended function, organised jointly by All India Safai Mazdoor Congress and Dr Ambedkar Ekta Mission to mark the death anniversary of veteran Congress leaders and former minister Master Gurbanta Singh at Arya Senior Secondary School here today.

The minister indicated that the government had initiated steps to implement 85th amendment in the Constitution of India in a bid to dispense justice to scheduled caste government employees. He claimed that the Congress government was alive to the plight of Scheduled Castes and other weaker sections. The successive Congress governments, both in the Centre and States, had been allocating adequate funds for different welfare schemes.

He disclosed that the Punjab Government had recently released an amount of Rs 12 crore for disbursement of scholarship to deserving students belonging to Scheduled Castes in the state. The government had also launched an improved ‘shagun’ scheme under which a shagun (wedding gift) of Rs 6100 was being provided for two daughters of each scheduled caste family. Sufficient funds for regular disbursement of shagun had been earmarked under scheme by the government.

The minister announced a grant of Rs 1 lakh for Dr Ambedkar Ekta Mission.

Speaking at the occasion, Ms Santosh Choudhary, chairperson of National Commission for Safai Workers, maintained that the menace of lifting garbage on the head would soon be eliminated in the country and all the families of scavengers would be given liberal financial assistance for other gainful ventures. She said that the government had decided to provide free education to the children of scavengers to enable them become self-reliant.

Ms Choudhary informed that she would pay a three-day visit to the city in the second week of July to monitor the implementation of welfare measures for safai workers. The visit would include intensive interaction with representatives of safai workers, civic and other government officials and site visits.

Mr Surinder Dawar, Parliamentary Secretary for Power, Housing and Urban Development, Punjab and Mr Malkiat Singh Dakha, MLA, also addressed the function.

Prominent among others present at the occasion were city mayor Mr Nahar Singh Gill, Mr Prem Mittal, senior deputy mayor, Mr Ram Lubhaya, MLA, Mr Kala Hans, Mr Sudesh Gharu, Mr Rajinder Singh Basant, Mr Ramesh Joshi, Mr Surinder Pal Singh Bindra and Mr Shander Shekhar Sahota.



Seminar to mark birthday of Master Tara Singh
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 19
The Panth Ratan Master Tara Singh Yadgari Committee will observe the 121st birthday of legendary Akali leader Master Tara Singh at Gujranwala Guru Nanak Khalsa College in Ghumar Mandi here on June 24. A seminar on Sikh history and politics will also be organised on the occasion.

According to Mr Kulwant Singh Dukhia, president of the committee, Panthic leaders drawn from various fields and other dignitaries would pay tributes to Master Tara Singh and place on record his contribution towards providing a vision and farsightedness to the Akali Dal. Ms Kiranjot Kaur, granddaughter of Master Tara Singh, Ms Upinderjit Kaur and Mr Shjaranjit Singh Dhillon, MP, will be the guests of honour.

Mr Dukhia informed that Mr Charanjit Singh Atwal, Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha, would be honoured on the occasion following his election as vice president of the global body of parliamentarians.

He said the functionaries of yadgari committee, comprising Mr Pritpal Singh, Mr Amarjit Singh Bhatia, Mr Harcharan Singh Narula, Mr Gunwant Singh Dua, Mr Kasmir Singh Sheera and Mr Kuljit Singh, were overseeing the preparations for the function.



Magician honoured

Ludhiana, June 19
Magic Club of Ludhiana honoured the magician OP Sharma with a ‘gold crown’ on completion of his 100th show in the city here yesterday. Mr Satpal Gosain, former Deputy Speaker, Vidhan Sabha, crowned OP Sharma with a gold crown and presented him an appreciation certificate.

The function was attended by magicians of the city and outside the city.Magicians V.K. Samrat of Himachal Pradesh, Rambir of Saharanpur, Jogambo of Jammu, Mary Rana of Bhopal, Vaishali of Delhi, K. Lal of Rajasthan, Harbansh Kanpuri of Kanpur presented shawls to OP Sharma. Magician Amar Iqbal Singh of Ludhiana presented him a Sword of Honour.

The magicians of Ludhiana Magic Club Saggu Sardar, Prof. Ganguly,Mogambo, Raymond Passa, Lady Magician Chingli Fungli, Inderjit Singh, Paramjit Singh, Junior Saggu Sardar and Babblu Badshah were all present on the occasion.

Addrssing the gathering, Mr Gosain said that it indeed was a happy occasion an OP Sharma had completed his 100th show. OC



Tips given on hair care
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 19
“Fashion and advertising is witnessing a new age. People are becoming more beauty conscious. They are spending more money and time in health and beauty clinics”, said Ms Harpreet Kaur Grewal while answering a query during a seminar held at hotel here today. She said beauty clinics had now become a part of Indian Life.

She also demonstrated the latest techniques of hair styling and hair care, beauty and skin care. She also gave tips on domestic and commercial products in this regard.

She said in foreign countries beauty clinics come under the category of medical training and Indians were also now going to see a change in this regard. She claimed that if beauty culture was made part of daily life then many skin and hair diseases could be avoided and one can look more younger and healthy.



Book market closed from June 23 to 26
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 19
A general meeting of the Books Market Traders Association was held under the presidentship of Mr Inderjit Singh here today.
A decision was taken to close all shops of Book Market from June 23 to June 26 due to summer vacations.



INTUC unit’s plea to government
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 19
The block unit of Indian National Trade Union Congress has urged the state government to impress upon the managements of the private and public sector undertakings to start work at their respective units and provide employment to the starving labourers.

Addressing a meeting of the workers at Dehliz village near here Mr Parmeshwar Singh, president of the block, said that the units had been going sick allegedly due to faulty policies of the managements. He claimed that the mutual cooperation between employees and employers could bring better results for the both.

Prem Singh, vice-president, Raj Singh Chhanna district secretary SC/ST cell and Hazran Beghum, in-charge Congress Sewa Dal were presented their appointment letters at the meeting.


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