Saturday, June 25, 2005

Karuna Goswamy


1. Muslim festival

5. Egg mass of the female fish

7. Short snatch of sleep

8. Great court poet of King Harsha

10. Sway under a blow

13. A form of trapshooting

14. The official language of Pakistan

16. Indian national body dealing with culture (inits.)

18. Tract of open ground

20. "___ is long, and time is fleeting"

21. ___ West, Hollywood siren


1. Temple city in South India

2. Indian body in charge of Olympics (inits)

3. Run down; belittle

4. The snake that constricts

6. Gets you a run in cricket

8. The University at Varanasi (inits.)

9. Indiaís premier theatre school (inits.)

11. And others, and so forth, in short

12. Abrahamís nephew in the Testament

15. A Communist, by another name

17. Carpet; floor-spread

19. Age; period