Saturday, June 25, 2005

Rhyme timE
Way to live

Be kind towards the aged and the old,

Raise your voice against every wrong ó be bold,

Be honest and humble,

Donít ever grumble.

At your home help your mother

In society, try to help one another,

Keep your surroundings neat and tidy,

That is the way to live in a society.


Anubhuti Vashyani,
St Lukeís Senior Secondary School, Solan


Biology blues

B for Biology,

B for boring,

Botany is irritating,

Zoology is not so amazing,

Organisms are not interesting,

Microorganisms have no mystery.

Plantsí structure makes me feel like a dunce

Human structure makes me forget maths sums.

Oh God, make our teachers understand,

That we donít want biology books in our hands.

Priya Sharma,
VIII-B, Kitchloo Public School,


Gift of life

Generous lord, in heaven You live,

And what we need You see and give.

We thank You for all You give,

Without Your blessings none in this world can live.

The gifts that we receive day by day,

Fill our life with pleasure and gay.


Bhumika Berry,
X-B, Sacred Heart Convent Senior Secondary School,