ONCE again a splendid field was assembled for the Leaderer Memorial Trophy, played atLondon’s Young Chelsea Bridge Club. The appropriate named ‘Zia’s All Stars’ team (Zia, Andrew Robson, Gunnar Hallberg and Colin Simpson) won the event for the third year running. Hallberg and Simpson, who were calculated to be the second best pair in the whole of the recent Olympiad, have proved a valuable find for the England team. How would you play 3NT on this Ledrer deal played between President’s team and Norway? Victor Silverstone won Saelensminde’ spade jack lead with dummy’s of diamonds, casually throwing a club from his hand. Not expecting such distribution in the South hand, the Norwegian West player also discarded a club! Silverstone now returned to his hand with the ace of spades and ran six club tricks to make two overtricks. Every other declarer went down in this contract, except at one table where a top heart lead allowed him to set up the hearts.

What would you say now?


You should bid a simple IS. A double followed by a new suit shows a strong hand. That’s because a minimum take-out double will contain support for all the unbid suits and you would pass 1H with such a hand. If partner has three spades and five points or so, he will raise to 1S. If instead he has a bust, with no spade support, you will be glad to have kept the bidding low Awards: 1S-10, 2S-7, 2C-6, 2H-5.

— Knight Features